that cloud looks like a space ship

Sonic Skyline: Marine the Raccoon!

I’m still not quite sure.. but even when i tried making her a sailor outfit.. it didn’t look too much like herself.. so i did this! ^_^

she lives on Blaze’s kingdom; a city on the same dimention of Skyline Sonic but looks like its from another dimention because the clouds there are kinda strange.. clouds with other colors, shapes etc… (i still need to design) , Marine dreams with having a flying ship where she can travel through the sky and the stars!  ( on the highest distance when the clouds just ends, she wishes one day to go even further than that;  its something i had though for Sonic’s chilhood dream XD something like he wanted to scape to the space and to the stars, but the idea of being alone there on perhaps nothing its kinda creepy so dunno)

hope u like it!

Voltron Trailer thoughts

Keith is either on a ice world or a rocky world. It’s clear that he’s climbing out of a cave or something similar and looking out over the ground. This moment clearly is probably from when they were split up during the fall of the lions.

Hunk and Lance are under water. So this world is a water world of sorts. Should be duelly noted that season one we got both Hunk and Pidge’s elements out of the way when they found their lions: Ground for Hunk as he came up out of it so earth, and forest/wind for Pidge in where she found her lion. We haven’t seen Lance’s water, so I think this will be the part where Lance get’s something out of the Lion and we get more of the back story on why it ended up in a cage on earth over in a water location which was it’s element.

Ropes around the green lion, meaning that some other group is trying to capture her and the lion. This means that Katie was trying to get away from something or they tied her up before she woke up. Intersting to note she’s on a clay like planet, meaning we may be seeing some different area’s of space. Or at least we may be seeing non tech based people, something that Pidge has to come to learn about since she’s all about tech, yet her lion is nature/wind based. This could be a lesson to her about dealing with non tech and growing up with it.

Black lion is in the same location as the red lion, we can tell due to the wall on the right side of the lion (right relative to how we’re facing it) matching the walls and apperence when Keith comes out of the red lion and looks around him.

Keith is looking up at something, I’m guessing the red or black lion as we see the ground matching the same color as the opening shot of keith. Issue is where are both Keith and Shiro relative to this scene. (Actually I have a theory as to what we’re seeing and hearing but hold on till the end for that.)

Black, red, yellow, blue and green lion are together flying on a green planet with moutains heading for what looks like the castle in the distance. Honestly there’s two options here as to what this is. Either it’s a moment later in the series when the group is finding Allura and Coron and coming to get them. Or, and this is going to be wierd but I think it will work, it’s the back story about the original crew of Voltron. When our group flies, Hunk is usually in the back with Pidge, and Lance and Keith are in front at the side of Shiro, this group has the yellow lion beside the black, then the red blue and green. Very differnt formation makes me suspect this is the orignal group and we’re looking at Altea prior to the attack by the Galra, Haggar and Zarkon.

Lance and Hunk discovering an underwater kingdom. Given the design this could be an intro to some of the other species in this series. Although seeing as there’s no one out side I have to wonder if this might also be held captive by the Galran Empire.

Red lion going into a black hole? Hummm, either that’s how it got captured or that’s the transportation of the characters apart from one another. It also could be, given the whole rocks in space, Keith in a humm dinger of trouble and he’s getting pulled into a warp hole of some sort. although I can only guess given that there are floating rocks there, and it looks like space. Hard to really say for this one.

Nature energy restoring and upgrading Pidges lion. That’s what you’re seeing there. Nothing to be worried about, whole elements aspect coming into play here, remember that factor.

Hunk coming face to face with some sort of giant water ship thing.

Red lion being pushed up by Black lion. the back ground coloring seems to be indicating something “heavy” going on and there’s dust from above falling, so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there.

So Black lion leading the yellow, blue, and green lions. Red lion is no where to be found, betting anything the weird warp hole has some connection to this scene. They’re in some sort of floating yellow cauldron like place, and what makes it worse in this case is the surprising number of rocks floating around it. This isn’t a normal plane of space that we know, this is inside something or some other dimension or set up by Haggar. Scratch that, that might be a sun or some planet with similar properties.

What shows up next has me wondering because that is blue magic, not purple like the Galran, and that might be the ship/castle they’re trying to get to. We’re in a war zone, or former one with large, busted up ships. What’s interesting is that the light flashes then goes up like electricity, clearly similar to Haggar’s magic. Could there be a connection to the druids that Zarkon mentioned previously?  

Pidge flying through a worm hole to an ice area? Means that the group at least is a team right now and they can pair up with the princess at the moment. We can assume this since the only one that can make the worm holes is Allura’s castle.

Castle coming down in an area that looks to be colored the same as that weird cauldron thing we saw earlier. My guess is that the lighting strike we see is from them, and that the team is trying to get to them. Where’s the red lion though? That’s the weird thing in all this. We have the Black, yellow, green and blue. Where’s the red and why is it missing?

Who is the person standing before the star maps? We know that the energy is good since it’s the color of Voltron and Allura’s side, as purple is reflective of the Galran empire. So whoever this person is, they are at least as far as we can tell, working on the side of good. Is it Alfor, or some other member, or a good version of Zarkon before he fell. The person is large, and certainly looks more male like in their shape over a female. Unless I’m wrong and that’s the guy in the weird purple armor. Hard to tell because the image isn’t that great and it’s in shadow, clearly for a reason. (part of me wonders if that’s Lotor.)

So it looks like Haggar and Zarkon are at the same place that the other four lions are at, namely that weird space Calderon. My question is why and what’s going on? Are they there to get the lions or the castle?

Honestly it looks like Zarkon is trying to blow up a planet and there seems to be a hole in the clouds, this has me very worried as to what’s going on there and the connections to everything that we see in the other scenes. Given what’s happening I think the scene where the princesses ship is landing, the part where we see the four lions coming at the caldren, the scene with Zarkon and Haggar at the same location, this scene with the ship over the clouds and the loss of the red lion, makes me suspect that that’s all part of the same episode.

The red clay world where pidge was tied up we see a ship coming from Galran and clearly on the look out for her. This might be part of her stand alone episode.

Red sky where the men are marching. Seems like some sort of big fight is coming on, or again maybe back story here?

Alright Shiro crying, we see rock behind him. I think, and this is just me, that Keith got captured, not the other way around. But why? Shiro wouldn’t be crying unless something bad happened, so my only guess is that Keith or someone else got hurt, or that he think that Matt or Katie’s father is dead. Something big happens here to make him this upset. We’ve seen him freaked out but never in tears before now, so this is something really bad.

Thrace is listening in on things. I think he’s actually playing the part of the spy and probably is going to be the part of the rebelion that that the other two in season one mentioned. clearly he’s not happy with what’s going on so he’s playing the role as a loyalist and helping out, for what reason we don’t quiet know yet.

Planet sequence is also from the same one where you have the castle ship, the four lions, Haggar and Zarkon talking, the whole thing with the missing red lion, and the blue lighting bolt. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it seems that that planet is going to be a hot spot for the season and the over all story. Could that be the remains of Altea?

Lance attacking seems to be in the yellowish color of the planet, although it has a green glimmer, very different then the world we saw him and Hunk on earlier. This could be a huge battle where Lance is pulling a Sokka and managing to crash others into one another.

Zarkon and his ship is going to some place at super speed? Why? Perhaps it’s that same planet again?

Princess ship hitting a yellow sun, or something of the like. Space battle of some sort? or ar they opening up a hole for pidge? I’m not sure.

I think we have a scene of a new character bowing to the princess. We have a orange and white marking on the outfit around the top of the shirt. I’m not sure who this is supposed to be but there is a reason they’re hiding them. Also, what’s important here are the colors. They match very much Prince Lotor’s colors, and if anyone would be bowing to the princess and getting that reaction off her it would be Prince Lotor who probably is trying to be a gentleman but screwing this up terribly, if that is him, which we don’t know yet.

As for the knife wielder. I’m suspecting that that might be female. The cut of the costume makes me think it is due to the thigh high boots. However the color scheme also seems to match that of the lighter color’s in Lotor’s lighter blue and darker bak covering. So I’m not sure. This, plus the fact that he’s good with swords is something that caught my eye, but he could also be Merla in a new form, which would be interesting too. I’m not sure of this character but it seems that they are in a room set up in a fighting room. There’s clearly the grayish walls of rock that you see in caves, so this could be a cave and this might be where Shiro walks into at the end of the clip show, seeing as it’s set up in a balcony like state. I’m damn sure she’s a girl, the form of her body is definitely suggesting that as well as the thinner hands.

Hunk is using his blaster in a cave like set up with brownish rocks, I think this might be the same episode with them going to that planet for a huge battle, or them rescuing or helping pidge.

Lance on the other hand is on a ship, so that’s a rescue mission of some sort. Not sure who they’re going after but it’s clear that it’s on some sort of ship. Maybe the under water place they found? This one is harder then Hunks to figure.

Pidge is also on said ship and fighting something. You can see all the mechanical on the back, so that at least tells me that we’re looking at Lance and Pidge’s scene from the same scene.

Keith is in the black lion, the background of the ship matches shiro’s when he’s in the ship, although the color in the back instruments are not the same. Keith is either in the ice cave from very early in the trailer, or he’s in that weird floating rock area. It’s an interesting situation because you know he’s trying to go after something but you can’t see it.

Voltron hits a huge crystal and it explodes. Why?

We see shots of each character under the same yellow sky that we see Shiro and the weird army marching. I’m betting a lot of the scenes were getting cuts of is a rather big episode. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out, but I’m going to guess that it plays out with them planning on doing something to save Shiro. Which seems to be the case here.

Shiro walking into a gate that has light. I’m betting this is connected to that sequece earlier with the Assassin.

Okay so throwing this out there.

The above  scenes are grouped together:  This is where I think we have the Shiro line about Keith becoming the leader. It seems to me the lighing and coloring in these scenes are the same. and if what the production staff says is true, then this may have been the last episode of the season that they couldn’t do, so they left it as a cliff hanger instead. Shiro’s going to be okay, but recall that he was hurt from the battle with Haggar and they are kind of lost so there you go. that’s where the“Keith, If I don’t make it, I want you to lead voltron.”line comes from.

Next group above: Not sure why but to me the color schemes match here. I think Shiro get’s taken and they lose the red lion for a while. Not sure exactly what’s going on other then a Galran invasion. 

This group shows that: The colors and the images indicate that this is one big episode, though I’m not sure how it all fits together. But it looks like the crew is going to be in for one heck of a fight. 

Another one is this one: I think we’re going to meet Prince Lotor here. I’m not sure who the assassin swordsman/ woman is, but I think the person is probably female in nature. Color scheme seems to connect here. 

This is another one that I’m a bit unsure of but it seems to connect to one another: Pidge and her lion, I think this is from the same episode and it’s going to deal with tech vs nature. 

This is another that I’m sure is connected:  Colors seem to indicate that they’re from the same episode, again not sure of the order. 

This is pretty certainly part of the ice one as they fit from the colors again and the location. 

The water scenes are pretty obvious.  And I think that’s all of the connections in regard to the scenes. Now the question is, what order do they all go in? 

“You Are The Only One” // Cleon Soulmate AU

Title: You Are The Only One
Rating: T
Pairing: Leon/Cloud
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Word Count: 4.2k
[Part 1] [Part 2]
{Also on AO3}

Summary: When the worlds fall to darkness, when soul marks start scarring over by the hundreds, Squall Leonhart almost loses his mark too. Then and there he decides to become Leon, who has no soulmate and no weakness, vowing never to search for his soulmate. It nearly killed him when they’d never met; he can’t imagine how painful it could be without the distance of strangers. 

Until nearly a decade later when he meets a young boy with two doomed soul marks, and yet keeps fighting for them anyways.
(aka the Cleon Soulmate AU no one asked for)

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voltron, shiro & pidge // sleepless, on the upper deck

WARNING: Voltron spoilers for S1E4 and beyond!!

Sometimes, he dreams in black and white.

It’s a defense mechanism, he figures; or maybe something embedded deep in his subconscious, shiro, the Black Paladin, shiro, his memory wiped clean and white, a blank canvas, but all it takes is a scratch and then everything that’s dark beneath is bared in glaring light. White light.

They come in bits and pieces, jigsaw-like fragments with edges that don’t always fit. Long corridors in photo negatives, exposure turned up to a thousand. Shadows flitting across a barred door, a barred window, the backs of his eyelids -

And Shiro jolts awake, as he’s used to.

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More Voltron Season 2 Theories. Again from the Trailer.

So after thinking about it for a bit I decided to come back and have more theories on the next season of Voltron the Legendary Defender. Again this is all my postulating based on the images that I see, so if I’m right come next season, Yay for me. If I’m wrong, well then I’m wrong and we move forward, and all is well in the world.

So the first thing I want to cover is the connection between a monster the Red lion and the Black lion and where this might be going. Or at least what I’m suspecting about this episode.

First we have this monster here, he’s not much to look at, but if you pay attention to the background you many notice something interesting. The whole background is dark gray rocky terrain. This is rather interesting as the only two other characters that have that background are the shots we have of the black lion

And the Red lion

The difference though with Keith is that the lighting seems lighter, so I’m guessing the scenes take place at different times of day. In the case of Keith’s he’s managed to pull himself out of his lion and is wandering around looking for anyone and comes upon Shiro’s Black Lion.

We see him staring at either his own lion or the Black lion in this shot.

What’s also interesting is if the two lions are there, then which one lands the blow on the monster. We can clearly see the blue energy that is a signature mark of the lions vs the purple glows of the Galran energy in the monster. This could be where the whole line that Shiro says comes from. That Keith is going to have to pilot the black lion over him, which is why in this shot here

We don’t see any of the normal purple energy in the back. The Black Lion didn’t chose him it chose Shiro so that makes for an interesting situation and may be why Keith is struggling to control the lion in the scene that we have. If it’s Keith with the black lion knocking around the monster, we might be seeing a version of the larger sword that the Black Lion has on it show up. We’ll have to wait and see on that

Also if it’s true that this is a Keith and Shiro centric episode we may be getting some flash backs to understand their relationship better. There’s also the fact that we have the black lion pushing up the red lion and in that scene we can make out some steam rising up. Could they be in a volcano? This could very well be the connection between the volcanic eruption we see the red lion burst out of in the opening and the world we’re in. Remember Neither Keith, Shiro, nor Lance, got their lions in their elements. This might be a case of that happening here. We see the eyes of the Red lion now yellow, this could very well mean that the two lions fall into the lava, Shiro’s black Lion is pushing up the Red one and Keith’s gains power due to being in the vicinity of the element.

The flying ship is landing. As I said before there’s connections based on the colors of some of these scenes.

There’s certainly a type of gas or the like here. I’m not sure what world this is but the ship is landing down into the clouds. This could be Altea as it is now vs what it was then, or it’s a cover for the planet to protect it. Although it looks more like there’s something weird going on around this planet. More on that when we get to the shot of it.

The ship shooting at something. That energy beam is far more powerful and it looks like it’s firing into an explosion. Which has me worried somewhat. Given the size of it I think something very big blew up, resulting in a number of explosions, but that also means that it’s going to cause ripples in space. Not sure what to make of it yet, but I have to wonder exactly where this is placed in the story? It’s clear they’re moving fast, so they’re trying to get thorough something. The question is what and who is flying?

Now this is the picture that I have the most questions about. We see a giant open black hole in the middle of space. We know that the Red Lion is not scene in another sequence of events, so it’s clear it’s lost into this black hole. But then the question becomes when? Is this early in the series or later? What’s weird is that this isn’t connected to the ship landing, and I’m not sure if it’s connected to the ship firing either. So is this a later episode or an earlier one? What’s really interesting is the layers of rocks we see. This is clearly a hole created by something blowing up and then sucking in that energy. We can see the Red lion has some power left, as there’s a spot of blue on its back leg, but it also seems as if it’s not fighting the pull of the hole.

This has me wondering if Keith was taken by the Galran and they released the red lion so that it’s missing and thus Voltron can’t be formed, or it’s a case of the red and the black lion falling into where they end up on that bleak looking planet with the robeast. Whatever the case clearly the Red lion, and possibly it’s master, are going to be missing for a bit.

So the sword person. Important fact number one, they’re not Galran. Or at least not under Zarkon’s legion. In the show it’s expressly shown over and over that purple energy indicates Zarkon’s Galran empire, and that blue energy is the crystal that powers the ship of the Princess and Voltron’s forces. Now what I’d like to point out here is that the armor that the person is wearing has blue markings of energy, indicating that they are on the side of the Princess. While this doesn’t exactly mean glad tidings for the crew, it does mean, at the very least, that this person is not working for Zarkon.

We can also see that the energy is powering the room that they’re in and that got me thinking and wondering if this is some sort of area where the rebels are connecting, or is this something the Althen’s set up. Also are those the person’s hands or gloves?

I am surer/ less sure than ever that in this shot we are seeing a flash back and that it’s going to be Allura and Coran’s home. If it’s not a flash back then it’s at some point when all five of the lions are together and are landing near the castle. We can see the castle off in the distance in the trailer, so they’re going to that. Is this Altea? Is it not? It’s really hard to say as the only images we got were from Allura and her father in the holodeck room and even then that’s only made up of their memories. It’s hard to get the shot where we can see mountains from her memories.

After hunting it down, yes that is Altea, though what version that might be is up in the air.

This is another one that I’m wondering where it’s from. Is this part of a flash back or is this happening now. Given the feeling of the scene it seems like it’s part of a flash back moment. However this could be part of an invasion by the Galran forces on Altea. If that’s the case then Allura’s going to be losing a lot this season. However, I think this might be a flash back to the fall of Altea and how Zarkon started this whole mess.

Remember the ship landing? I think this might be the planet where it’s landing. However I’m not sure if those are enemy ships. Again they look like Galran but they seem to have the blue color to them. So might this be a group that’s defected from King Zarkon? If that’s the case then who are they? On top of that, there’s the strange yellow energy glowing in the center of the planet. That could be Quintessence or the heart of the planet. Again I’m not sure on this due to the glow of the planet and the lower rez version of the trailer and the shot I was able to take.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say this might be Altea and that a battle will be taking place here. Though I’m not sure who will win.

Okay so this one is the most interesting to me. Pidge’s green lion is clearly tied up in another shot and this is the same shot of said lion, only the ropes are glowing. That is cool, but not the best part of this. Nope, the best and more interesting part is the funny man sitting before the lion. That’s not Pidge, she doesn’t wear yellow. The color of the energy is blue, indicating at least an ally in this. So who is this guy and why is he possibly powering up or helping the green lion, and what part does Pidge play with him?

See same shot, only ropes around the green lion, so these two scenes are clearly from the same episodes.

Zarkon and Hagar talking. Or at least I presume it to be Hagar. That could also be another one of Zarkon’s men, we’ll have to see. What’s cool about this is that we have the same sort of yellow gas that we see in some other shots. This makes me think that all parties are converging around one space. But why? What’s important in there? I get the feeling that this is going to be a talking scene of some significance. Though what it’s about I can’t even begin to guess.

Hunk underground with his blaster. The ground in the background matches the ground we see by pidge and we also see by the ship blowing up the dirt. The thing is that there’s also that yellow green gas around him, so I’m wondering if the weird gas world, this scene and other scenes are related. It seems like there’s a fight going down, but without more context I’m going to have to leave this one be. 

Hunk again, only this time the light matches that of the scene with the five lions. I’m taking a huge guess here and slightly altering my first theory above. I said before I think it might be a flash back, however I’m also proposing that this might be the moment when the team has to save Shiro or go after the Galran. We can tell by the lighting that this is certainly very similar to the lighting in the mountain scene earlier. My guess here, Allura’s flying the Blue lion, at this moment Lance has the Red and Keith has the black. The fact that Hunk looks determined at least to me indicates that there’s something big happening and that they’re fighting back after being beaten down over something. Maybe losing Shiro? (as in kidnapped and not dead.)

Okay so this shot with Keith. He’s taking over the black lion. I’m sure of it now, he’s taking it over for some reason, I’m not sure why yet, but he’s in control of it. If you look at the stick you can see the red in it. This indicates that he has his Bayard in the Black Lion and it’s working with it. Now I’m wondering if he loses the red lion earlier. Hummmm….?

Same as above, you can see in this one he’s kind of struggling to control it.

And here’s the shot where I was thinking that he either is looking at his lion or the black one. You’ll notice the ground is the same as the ground around the Black lion and the monster. This to me tells me that all those parts are part of the same episode and probably the earliest one. Since we’re going to need to know what happens to those two right off the bat.  Also below shows Keith surveying things. So I think that the moment he’s looking up above is after he gets off the red lion.

Keith looking with the same grim face as Hunk. Makes me think that this might be the episode before the last two parts of the season. Keith’s face looks so determined that it’s clear that he and the others have made up their minds about something. And again the lighting at least says that they are in the same episode as the strange mountain place.

Water city with Hunk and Lance. As I said before and I will say it again, Hunk and Pidge have their elements basically. Lance, Keith and Shiro don’t. If Keith is dealing with Lava then Lance here is dealing with the blue lion’s water element. In this case again we have a city with blue energy, indicating at least that they’re not run by the Galran Empire. The design reminds me a bit of the gungan city in Star Wars, but it’s clear that this place is kinda big. Any bets Lance is going to hit on the mermaids that live there?

Hardest thing to tell in these two shots. After looking and relooking and double checking (and I really hate these two shots because of the fact that they tell me so little) these shots of lance come from the same episode where we only see four of the five lions. I’m not sure what’s going on there but it seems like Lance is carving into a war ship.

Shot of Lance and Shot of Pidge. It seems like, given the back grounds that they are on the same ship at the moment and probably are working together. Maybe they’re trying to rescue Shiro? I’m not sure, but is clear that Lance looks really ticked off.

Again like Hunk and Keith we have a really determined looking Lance here. I suspect this is the “Let’s save Shiro” moment.

Marching army out of the dust indicates to me that the laser blasting ship dropped these guys off and they are part of the same episode. Not sure exactly what’s happening but it might tie into Pidge’s due to the ground being the same color, and the scene with Hunk, but again, I’m not sure.

Crystal ice area. They’re warped in here, so someone is sending pidge out to this point. Unless this is where she was thrown. Although I think it’s going to connect to the crystals we see Voltron blow up later. I do find it odd that we have a sort of ship like thing frozen behind the green lion.

Pidge determined as well. The light is clearly the same for Hunk, Keith, and Lance. So these three shots are absolutely connected. I’m starting to think that they’re on Altea and are setting the course for how to save Shiro.

Something really weird is happening here. We see the wreckage of ships and a huge blue energy explosion that follows. Could that be the many explosions that we see the castle firing at? Again I’m not sure. The only thing I know that has that energy is the castle, so unless that’s the castle I don’t know what could send that sort of blast off.

Galran ship landing? Again, the color seems to be blue in certain shots not the pink purple. So I’m wondering if we’re meeting a new ally here and this is them landing?

Shiro walking into the light. I think this is connected to the sword wielder. The color indicates that this isn’t Galran again, so one may not have to worry about things. This could be a test for him as well.

Red coloring and so forth really have me thinking that this, the marching forces, and the ship blasting up dirt are all connected. This might be the case of Shiro failing on something or allowing himself to be captured, or finding out something about Matt and the Doctor. Or even worse would be that he’s the one that’s been leading the Galran to the group. Or at least he thinks he is. He clearly feels defeated by something, maybe a really bad memory coming back?

Thrace watching something. As you can see the color purple is clearly evident when on that sort of ship run by Zarkon. Not sure who he’s spying on, but he is spying on someone.

Underwater monster meets Hunk. I get the suspicious that Lance and Hunk are asked to beat this thing up but they find out that it’s really an ancient being that just needs to be cared for. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than it reminds me of an underwater lion turtle thing from Avatar, and that it seems to be a shell fish like creature that is huge!

Okay I just went through a few episodes of the first season and I can say that the person standing on a bridge is not on the main ship. So this is a new introduction to someone. We can see quiet clearly when zoomed in that their arms are crossed and that they are wearing boots. The background images show that they’re using the blue energy, but they’re in the crystal region that we see with the ice that pidge jumps out of. So I’m not sure who this is supposed to be. Lotor? The person with the sword? Certianly looks like they have a hood on, but the body is hard to make out. Or someone who’s new? Rebel leader? I’m not sure. One thing is clear though, the ship does have a similar display to the Galrans.

Whoever Allura is talking to she’s not happy. There’s some pink energy in the back so maybe she’s in trouble? I get the feeling that whoever this is, is very polite, and very different then our two former villains.

The weird yellow burst. Again as I said with the lance shots, I think that this probably is all connected. The one thing for sure is the fact that the green color matches with the explosion and the strange green rocks under the blue lion when it’s flying. The thing here is that the red lion is missing, So this must come after the others meet up but before they get the red lion to form Voltron and before Shiro goes awol.

Ice with pidge and this shot show the same thing. So this is Voltron going through things and he has out the shield now. I see red, black green and yellow, so Blue is in hiding? Also they just threw the sword into the ice chunk and blew it up.

Voltron shot matching the color set up for the other determined looking team members. I’m sure this is the last shot of an episode where they’ve decided to go after Shiro. This is the “We’ve got this” moment of the four team mates, or five if Allura’s taken on the Blue lion or the red one.

Underwater shot of Hunk and Lance landing, so we know for sure that those two will be working together to get out of their mess.

I want to know why the flying Zarkon in such a way. Showing he’s coming or that he intends to land somewhere. I think he shows up at the same location as the castle at a later time or earlier. I’m again not sure. (not having the video any more doesn’t help either.)

So there’s the few things I can draw out from the pictures I do have. Any thoughts on any of these shots or anyone catching anymore screen shots from the trailer, please let me know.

the prototype image for the SU Monopoly is pretty low-res so its hard to make everything out, but I think I can figure out what some of the spaces are

The streets seem to be actual gemstones, with pictures of real gemstones on them

Community Chest is the Cheeseburger Backpack

Chance is a Cookie Cat

The Railroad spaces are ‘vehicles’ in the show, I can make out Lion and Greg’s Van. The one on the top right might be Peridot’s hand ship but I can’t make out the one on the top left, might be a warp pad?

Income Tax space is like a cloud with pink letters on it? Not sure what that is

The Electric Company space looks like some kind of tower in the dark. Either part of the temple or the Communication Hub from “Coach Steven” and “Cry for Help”

Water Works is too far and too dark for me to really see. Might be the ocean or it could be the Storm Geode from “House Guest”

The Luxury Tax space looks like it has the SU logo on it and its holographic?


At the same time he noticed Rey staring fixedly out the foreport. She seemed on the verge of tears. “Hey—y’okay?” “I didn’t know there was this much green in the whole galaxy,” she said in awe. He watched her for a moment longer, then sent the Falcon into a shallow dive, heading for a well-remembered location. Speed stripped away the clouds around them, revealing what looked like endless evergreen forest. As he slowed the ship to suborbital velocity, other features lingered in his passengers’ gaze: rolling hills, rivers, and lakes that glistened like sheets of silver foil.