that clears things up doesnt it

Soo my bro and I just spend a good few hrs last night talking about Gorillaz and here’s some of the hcs we came up with

- when noodle first arrived, the boys rushed to the nearest walgreens/gas station and bought “kid’s stuff” that they thought noodle would need including: kids movies, vodka (murdoc’s idea), a jump rope, and candy

- 2d accidentally ends up with a group of old women friends one day. They give him sweaters and sweets and they love that he smells like butterscotch and can reach high up things for them.

-one of the reasons murdoc doesnt physically hit 2d anymore is because Noodle made it clear she would hunt him down if he did

- russel eventually gets married and has/adopts some kids.

- Murdoc isnt allowed to be alone with them

- they leave them with 2d sometimes but 2d thinks they’re so precious he can’t ever say no to them. Russ comes home one day to find his kids smoking on the roof with candy wrappers scattered everywhere and 2ds just like “they gave me puppy eyes im sorry!”

-noodle is a gr8 aunt but she teaches them how to fight which they take advantage of constantly

-2d’s leg joins are always hurting bc he has to crunch up his legs to sit down anywhere

- They all go to see the superhero movies together. 2d always cries at some point

-but they all cried when they went to see Logan (Murdoc denies this but he was sniffling)

- Russel and Noodle always complain about the forced romantic subplots

- Noodle and 2D once got into a fight and 2D ran away from home bc he assumed that if noodle was angry at him he really fucked up

- he spends the night sitting in an alleyway and he probably calls his mom bc he thinks he can’t go home

-his mom calls russel or noodle like “guys hes hysterical he thinks you all hate him”

- they find him the next morning asleep next to a dumpster

- they reassure him that he’s still in the band and take his frozen ass home. He probably caught a cold too

- murdoc discoveres Amazon and then buys random shit in the middle of the night

- some of these things include a figet spinner and a bowie knife for Noodle’s birthday

- noodle gives the fidget spinner to 2D and he l o v e s it

- he just sits in his room watching it spin for hours

- tbh it really calms his nerves and so the other band members get him a bunch more

bughead 1x04

asks for ‘betts’ opinion 

the movie betty picks makes jughead smile 

its a two parter

knows what shes thinking when they see archie and the teach together

she finds out jughead already knew about archie and grundy

hes eatigns betty’s sahake strawberry knowing this is going to be a pain

jughead wanted to remain loyal to both and not tell either the other knew 

when archie is scared betty might write about him and grundy in the paper, it makes jughead stop and look at his body language hes in disbelief

pulls archie aside jughead makes it clear betty wouldnt hurt him like that 

i read an article saying betty might be drawn to jughead since he’s darker and doesnt give a crap, things she would like to be and is. shes dark inside too, thats why they get along naturally

also ive said it before with him she doesnt have to pretend to be perfect not because hes not. but the fact is he doesnt put that expectation on her, he could care less. they’ve grown up together as well, archie might be the sun but hes the moon. With him she doesnt have to be cautious

Clay Jensen rant

Did ??? People even read the book??? Listen I hate being one of those “if u dont read the book u cant even comment” bc thats bs but series Clay isnt much different anyways. If anything more attached to Hannah but…. he didnt do anything wrong??? Like he did (the picture he leaked of the stalker and all bc of his anger) but not to Hannah. This is a guy who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and whose best friend just fucking died and to some extent I bet he blamed himself when he thought he allowed his friend to drive drunk. Obviously when Hannah said leave he would leave bc SURPRISE people with anxiety fucking hate confrontation and if someone u really care about screams to you “GT THE FUCK OUT” his reaction was obviously gonna be to leave, let her cool, and try to talk later. Bonus points for him if he tried to avoid the screaming afterwards and at least try to pretend things were better with her because thats REALISTIC FOR PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM REALLY BAD ANXIETY. All he did was never truly confess his feelings because damn she was never just a friend. He always liked her. And confessing feelings is never easy especially for people who suffer from anxiety. Hence why he would push her away from time to time and doubt whether she wanted her to be with him. Not because “Hannah’s fault” or anything but because people with anxiety are constantly doubting people’s love and intentions for them. Always doubting whether others actually care or if they got bored with them. So yeah. Maybe Clay could have stand up for her and take more action. But from his PoV things werent that bad for her atm and he couldnt mentally do it. So many of you say “he redeemed himself” no he didnt. Theres nothing to redeem for tf?? Him feeling guilty is the fucking worst bc he truly does not deserve to feel guilty when hes mot guilty of shit. Yes the sings are clear but that doesnt mean people are always able to do. From someone who has been depressed and has dealt with depressed people around her, sometimes we just dont know what to do and the only person able to save themselves once depression hits you is the person itself. Once Hannah was bad because of all the things that happened to her, Clay or anyone noticing might have call a professional but the only person who would truly convince her to live would be herself. Stop. Blaming. Clay. Depression and suicide isnt black and white and isnt always someone’s fault. The whole point of this show and book is to show that is a bunch of stuff accumulated and how we deal with them.

Clay not noticing she was depressed doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not going against her wishes of being alone doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not wanting to talk about his best friend’s death (something he prob feels partially guilty for until he found out the truth) (plus also lad at the memory of him) and lashing out on her doesnt mean he killed her. Him not noticing doesnt mean he killed her. It means he liked her so much, even loved her. But he was also going through his own shit. And if hannah never talked directly to him how was he supposed to know?? A best friend’s death isnt a little deal. Is a big fucking deal. He suffers from anxiety and panic attacks (mental disorders my people) and his best friend fucking died. Thats traumatic af he saw his body there. And even before that, he was getting to know Hannah so is not like he would not whats her usual behavior and whats not. Yes he could have done something if he had realized. But him not realizing didnt kill her. Hannah even said so herself.

So stop saying he redeemed himself or that he did take part into her decision of killing herself or he was also at fault. He wasnt. Even Hannah knew that. Stop romanticizing his anxiety and self-blamed behavior bc if anything all this unjustified guilt was driving to the place Hannah was. So liking or thinking he deserved all that guilt is literally 1) not getting the show/book and 2) romanticizing his bad mental health and paranoia

w hat fucking the crew would really be like. probably

edd: dinner and a movie first, things seem to be going smoothly and normal but then he straight up pours ice cold cola down your waist and just . doesn’t stop. like this is commonplace he doesnt see anything wrong. he smells like newborn kittens and like he had been rooting around in the garbage, expect the garbage was cola. seriously does he bathe at all…

matt: he told u he was gonna take off his pants like an hour ago but its pretty clear that he forgot because hes been sitting there talking about himself and the mood has passed and everything is hell. also the room is on fire. just. explicitly on fire 

tom: you cant feel good at all right now. his eyes. he doesnt have any fucking ears. he smells a mix of alcohol, pineapple, and strangely, shoe polish. the entire experience is extremely cryptic and afterwards you wake up behind a dennys without your left shoe, and thats only if it was good

tord: no. what are you doing. stop before you start. why would you fuck tord. go away.

BTS reacts to you being stressed

Hiya *waves* ^^

Hopefully you didn’t have to wait so long and you will like this reaction. This is slighty different right? Oh well I think it is so it is okay hahaha. Thank you for requesting my dear :) Btw it was so hot outside today like I’m not used to it and now I had to show everyone my milky legs :( But hey I’m not going to complain because it felt like it was summer. Oh I’m rambling on. 

Stay healthy okay? Bangtan loves you, I love you, lots of people love you. 



He would definitely cook for you. Making a 10 course meal if he must as long as his sweetheart won’t feel pressured and stressed. He had seen you working on those papers after he came home from a photoshoot since you had left the door open and could see the stack of papers laying on the desk as you massaged your temples, a sign that you clearly didn’t feel well so the good boyfriend he is, he went to the kitchen and prepared some healthy dishes. Setting the food on the tray he carried himself to the room and sat down the plate on the paper you were working on. You being confused of course looked up and gave him an questioning look.

‘‘Babe please don’t overwork yourself. These papers can wait and after you’re done eating, take a shower and sit down with me in the kitchen to drink some well deserved tea.’’

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Yoongi would definitely be worried when you did not response to any of his words. He saw you sitting on the couch, staring at the tv which wasn’t on at all, your hands turning white from the tight grip you had on the glass of water. Normally he would already be greeted with your lips against his cheek. Knowing you were stressed, he sighed and walked over to you and crouched down infront of you as he gently placed his hands on your knees. You snapped out of your thoughts, jumped from the sudden touch but calmed down when your eyes fell on the familiar face and smiled at him. Giving you a tiny smile back, he grabbed the glass from your hands, placed it down on the table and laced his fingers with yours. 

‘‘Let’s take a nap honey. Stressing is not good for your health and to be by my side longer we need you healthy right?’’ 

Yoongi would say, kissing your hand before pulling you up and guiding you to the bedroom. 

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Oh heck no.. this boy wouldn’t even let you feel the tiniest bit of stress. Hoseok ran when he heard your sigh of frustation, throwing the door open and lifted you in the air. He would spin you round and round in the air, your hands digging in his shoulders as you laughed, trying to ask him to put you down but seeing the twinkle in his eyes as you looked at him, you could feel any sign of stress slipping away and instead a warm feeling covered your heart. After the both of you got dizzy, he sat you down on the ground and began to wildly wave with his hands around you.

‘‘No stress! Go away! you aren’t allowed to come near my baby. She is too good for you. Shoo shoo we don’t need you here. Go away!’’

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Namjoon would throw the jacket in your lap covering your laptop and soon your shoes would join you too. Turning your head where the jacket and shoes came flying from you say him standing there all ready and set to go out. Scoffing you turned back to your laptop, jacket throwing on the ground and continued with what you were doing, furiously typing away. Hearing a loud sigh and soon footsteps who got louder as he came closer, you sprung up and ran away with your laptop in your hands. However Namjoon wouldn’t have any of it, snatching it out of your hands, setting it down on the kitchen table and dragged you back to the couch where your shoes and jacket were laying discarded on the floor. With a pout on your face you sat down as Namjoon put the shoes on for you. 

‘‘Y/n.. I know you need to finish it but don’t you think that if your mind has been cleared that you will think better and thus finishing it sooner with much more inspiration. A walk outside into the fresh air will do you good. I promise.’’

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(is it me or does it looks like he actually says ‘I promise?)


Let’s be honest here. The only thing he has to do is smile and you will be cured and that’s exactly what he is going to do. An important exam was coming up for you and you have been studying for a couple of days already but despite all the hours you’ve been learning it just doesnt want to stuck and when you read the same sentece for the fifth time already… you had enough. With a loud groan you threw the book against the wall as you dropped your head on the desk, tears filling your eyes. 

His heart broke seeing you like this and so he made his mission to make you smile, not leaving until the mission was a succes so he walked over to you silently, stood beside you and lowered his head facing the back of your head. Poking your shoulder, he put on his best smile and waited for you to turn and when you did, you began to laugh and pushed his head away as it was a bit to close. Quickly grabbing your face to hold you still he came closer trying to playfully bite you

‘‘Yah sweets! Don’t push my head away. How can you push my handsome face away!? Now I have to punish you!’’

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This energetic guy would also try to help you ofcourse but when you were stressed you just couldn’t handle his constant running and bouncing around and you snapped. Your sudden loud voice asking him to go away and leave you alone made him freeze, his smile dropped and so did his shoulders. You instantly regretted your outburst, stuttering apologies. Just when you were about to get up from the bed to pull him into a hug, the sudden weight on your body caused you to smack back against the matress. Taehyung had jumped onto you, it was him who decided to pull your body close. He looked up at you smirking and before you knew it you were trying to get away from him, laughing so hard you had trouble breathing. Begging him to stop, trying to pry his fingers away from your waist and tummy because tickling was torture. 

‘‘Well well well.. you have won the ticket to tickle land, be prepared for these hands.’’

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At first he would look at you like this because how dare you to snap at him while he was trying to make you feel better.

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But then he would laugh at you aswell, seeing you squirming around trying to get out of this grasp. He was happy you laughed again but it was also some kind of punishment for yelling at him. 


Jungkook would leave you alone for awhile but when you didn’t even leave the room to eat some dinner since it was already 9 p.m. he got a bit concerned and decided to check on you.  Knocking on the door he waited until he heard your soft ‘yes’ and entered the dimlit room. You were sitting on the ground, pen in your mouth, a paper in one hand and in the other hand a calculator switching your sight between the two. Jungkook could see how tired you were, your eyes were drooping and kept blinking trying to stay awake. Plucking away the pen between your lips he sat down next to you and pulled you closer to his side, his arm draping over your shoulder before his angelic voice filled the room. There was one thing Jungkook knew that would help you relax and that was his singing. Everytime he would sing to you, you couldn’t keep your eyes open and would drift off to dream land. When he felt your head falling on his shoulder he stopped, picked you up and carried you to bed, laying you gentle down on the soft material before cleaning up the mess on the floor.

(Just imagine him singing your favourite song)

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A/N: I haven’t read it over yet for any mistake so if there any please bare with me. I probably will fix them the next morning. 

If its been done before great. Im just gonna analyze this for a min. Page 554 ACOMAF In the room is Mor, Feyre, Elain and Nesta. (&Rhyse)
Life and death and rebirth. Thats what has happened essentially to all 3 Archeron sisters
It could also be calling to them individually.
Elain is life, Nesta is death, Feyre is rebirth.
Next line.
Sun/Elain and moon/Feyre and dark/Nesta
Rot/Nesta(?) and Bloom/Elain and Bones/Feyre(?)
Hello,sweet thing. MOR
Hello,lady of night, princess of decay. FEYRE
Hello, fanged beast and trembling fawn
Nesta and Elain.
Illyrian’s dont have fangs. Nesta is not going to be Illyrian and just to clear something up it does not say her ears are round, it says “her ears…” and trails off. Doesnt say pointed or round. She is going to be a fanged beast of somesort.
Now let the real speculation begin.

dinobuttz  asked:

Lmao I have to ask if you've heard JonTron's interview with Destiny on YouTube holy shit this guy


ive had a number of asks like this on top of a posting backlog i want to get to.. i mean


OK so i went to check it out and:

this horsehit is 2 hours long…

i was gluing manga to a wall and cutting out lil jebs and gabs to hide on it while i listened to it because fuck (below is the cut out sheet i made lol)

so i had my email open to write notes for later and this is what i wrote, no fixes or anything:

destiny is wrong -> 14 mins -14:30

both dumb at 16 mins for the commies and nazis statement. destiny is compared to commies for noooo reason?? I dont think destiny is backed up by communists???? as a bizarre kneejerk TU QUO QUe when jon tron is thrown a guilt by association argument from destiny because of the neo nazi followers of his. destiny says nazism is a race ideology while communism is an economic thing, i cant wrap my miand  around thisis. he has no idea what hes talking about. jon tron dumb cant adequently adders it either

none of them are using gaslighting right

jon tron loves saying tribalism

at 18:40 desitiny is ignorant as fuck with regards to riots. because he hasnt heard about it, therefore it doesnt exist, which is is about one of the most frustrating fucking things about this shitty clusterfuck of a debate besides jon tron asserting random made up facts and imploring destiny to look it up. Jon tron laughs and references the boiling frog analogy fittingly.

Jon tron continues to bring in international examples while dentiny tries to reel it back to the USA and the USA alone. This is annoying on two fronts:

1. Jontron is merely refering to situations rather than go in depth, such as compare tibet to “displacing white perople” when what ttibet is experiencing is hardly comparable to american white flight since the chinese are engaging in conquest/imperialism/ethnic cleansing and the west just simply isnt replacing their own population enough on their own for their corporate overlords tastes, so immigration fills the economic growth hole for better or for worse in their super simplified concept of economy (see: economies stop growing when ethnic civil strife brings it to ruin). but destiny doesnt have a clue what happens outside of his boiases. ;et alone the country, to even call him out, howeever when destiny has the proper misinformation, he will assert things like how japan is dying off or worse off for its homogenity without backing up his argument as well. which is a sign of liberals generally being ignorant to world issues unless their favoured media makes it a big deal ie with japan needing immigration. It’s clear both jon tron and destiny are parroting shit in hilariously broken, scatter shot fasihion

destiny thinks america is the most diverse country in the world, which is fucking wrong. Both of these asshoelss are throwing out garbage statements that are flat wrong that benefit their respective close minded, unresearched biases. Niether of them know any better so they cant even properly dismantle eachother’s argument. Clearly jon tron, nor destiny showed up to the debate with notes or preparation, which is a given considering they are both hot headed gamer shithead youtuber Know-It-Alls becuase they heard something in passing before and just throw out the garbled memory of that soething in debate.

jon tron thinks white people are more libertarian?? for some reason? destiny throws out a garbled statement akin to that MY THING WAS MADE IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH HAD PARTS IN THAT COUNTRY DESIGNED BY THAT COUNTRY YADDA YADDA DIVERSITY IS AMAZING when all these components werent built by americans but by different nation states engaging with others/.

at 37 minutes jontron says rich blacks commit more crime than whites, with no source but smugly tells destiny to look it up, confounding the shit out of destiny and the chatroom becuase hes put the burden of researching a fact that doesnt exist on his opponent.

destiny has

at 42, destiny is called a virtue signaller by jon tron, who is running through a list of things he learned a week ago on a mr metokur video to call destiny, which is every bit as cringe and awful to watch as the australian mp who called another sitting member of government out for man splaining

desinty throws back a solid rebuttal that jontron side steps going “what im saying is…” and totally fuckign forgets what destiny even said 10 seconds later because jon tron is running through his recently learned, stupid diluted “”facts”” rather than listen and speak to any argument of destiny’s, especially in cases like this when destiny lands a solid question

at 45, destiny gussies globalization with how its great and necessary it is and how cutting off bringing in workers to make stuff in the usa (spoilers: jobs leave the USA, not come in) and trade would lower american standard of living since iiphones will be worth $3000 which is the most liberal, whitest fucking statement of argument because, while yes, iphones would get more expensive, but at least they arent being made in slave labour assembly plants where workers commit mass suicide in protest to their working conditions and that the west isnt pilfering the future leaders and skilled workers from these societies that need them most.

destiny, true to his ignorance, thinks cheap shit is awesome because its made elsewhere, unaware that it’s only so cheap because people die and get crippled in hot, unregulated slave labour factorys making his shitty overpriced electronics

desinty is right though that the american identity goes beyond just being white, because american culture is informed by its various ethnic gorups and peoples, for example it’s black community that does a disproportionately great job of establishing culure, music, activism and art for america as a whole

jon tron again doubles back, shifts the subject to other shit and starts talking about balkanization upon facing a solid argument

at 48 i start to lose my fucking mind because they are talking at eachother and jontron accuses destiny of deflecting when it is jon tron doing all the deflecting. jon trons smug laughter is grating

jon tron has to rely on telephone game “MUH EUROPE” over and over because he cant acknowledge that america is exceptional in how it assimilates and functionas as a melting pot in a way that europe fucking cant, which is creating the situations jon tron fumbless at with greasy game controller fingers to conflate with the USA in the first place.

desinty then claims that germany’s economy is doing great because of taking in refugees, here again he is talking out of his rose tinted ass because not only is it too early to tell if they are mkaing germany money or not, but that the reality is that they are likely a net drain on the germany given other countries and historic precedent

at 50 mins destiny thinks anti-abortion is a white christian thing, further enshrinign his white, middle class, youtuber ignorance. i guess catholic latinx or muslims are pro-choice

at 1 hour desinty says “its ok to keep a country frfom progressing as much as it can in order to maintain a rcaial identity"destiny clarifies it as “stifling growth” which is exactly what jon tron was asserting, to which he goes yeah dude, japan etc and this fucking knob destiny asks jon tron why he came to america instead of japan then, thinking his strawman homerun is about to take off - until jon tron says he was born in amerca.. destiny goes “oh… well…  y-your parents/// ijjuhhhUHH FUCK IM NOT TALKING ABOUT JAPAN IM TALKING ABOUT TEH UNITED STATES!!! which is about the best backfire ive seen all debate long considering the smug setup for it destiny had. furhtemore, what the fuck does “progressing” entail?? Neve raxplained

which is funny because when it isnt a country desinty can use as an argument against jon tron, destiny shrieks IM TALKING ABOUT AMERICA to disguise his ignorance unless it befits him (japan)

soon after though, destiny catches jontron on his shit about slowing immigration down so they can “enter the gene pool”

jontron couldve articulated around this but jontron is a moron, so, he just stutters and gets walked all over

i want to stab jon tron. laughing nervously is anot a good cubstitute for a credible argument

destiny stinks, though he fucking is destroying jon tron because jon tron is regurgitating even more  regurgitated shit arguments gleaned from someone else than destiny, who at points is arguing from his own values.

i have stopped paying attention rea

“that is what im talkibg about” -jon tron, who cant articulate what the fuck hes trying to verbal diarrhea for himself

“my oral ulterior motive is to maximize economic growth, and to maximize the slice of the pie for everybody in the united states” -destiny

destiny’s disposition is clearly and decisively about maximizing economic growth, but it rests upon ignorant hopefulness that these immigrants will arrive and abandon their cultures and become “american"this simultaneously exposes destinys humanitarianism as self serving (so long as it leads to economic growht:) ) which is partly why the immigration model in countries like sweden have completely collapsed (jontron touches on sweden but clearly has no fucking clue besides MUH RIIOTS) beause they took on an ABSURD amount of migrants and immigrants thinking it will pay for itself and transform sweden into a post-ethnic nascent economic power like a jr. america, except what the swedes have done is import a shit ton of people to be a “humanitarian superpower” and threw the lot of them into commie block ghettos and stopped caring about them, assuming they would naturally become swedes, permitting the transformation of these immigrant slums and neighbourhoods into economic and cultural parallel societies that frequently are violent toward swedish authorities and outsiders visiting their area, hence the term “no go zones” where police are instantly attacked and services like ambulances require escort.

“how do you grow an economy if the populatio n is dying off” says destiny, unaware that people can reproduce and will do so the moment people die off enough for real estate prices to collapse from housing supply outpacing demand and wages to skyrocket and make living costs manageable to have enough children to make replacement rate. You know. Naturally rise and fall and rise again. as humanity has done naturally for fucking ever and has fared PRETTY WELL without having to drive the environment and civil stability into the shitter for the ponzi scheme INFINITE GROWTH meme. Destiny argues this yet has no fucking clue what he’s arguing for. fuck destiny, fuck this argument, fuck “economic growth” that means demand from immigration and globalization that makes 600 square foot apartments cost $750,000 and ramshackle crackhouses cost $2million in vancouver. wow, im really feeling the economic growth, fucker.

jon tron brings up the disproportionate violence of black youths, but when asked to explain that, jon tron backs out and laughs about how destiny asking jontron to clarify that point is just like those shows on CNN where people are trying to “TRAP YAH”

Yah, jon tron, it’s called backing up your argument

jon tron jesterly mentions crime rates being consistent across africa when destiny addresses the court systems in america, as if jon tron’s hints toward his earnest views on race were subtle enough

destiny asks jon tron to name 5 african countries


who cares

i am finding myself wishing i were arguing in place of eachotehr, because i see where they are both coming from but are too busy screwin g up their delivery to actually win a point over eachother

they are literally just talking at eachother and calling it a debate

Jon tron accuses destiny of bringing up irish and italians when its convenient

…as if jon tron doesnt bring up MUH YUROP and other whatevers when it’s convenient.

i hate this

they both suck t this. Jon tron has dug a hole through the earth and is now reaching escape velocity with his shovel and is soon to break earths orbit

jon tron brings up turks and iranians being able to assimilate into a culture than a romanian and hungarian would. If jon tron were knowledgeable to pursue this point, he couldve described how Kurds (an iranian people) and turks often fight and engage in conflict with each other in say, Germany to the dismay of germans who expected these groups to assimilate, forget their animosities from their homeland and become good forklift simulator playing germans.

i ahve wasted my hour

i like how i stopped keeping track of time on the video and just started ranting, rambling at the halfway point

I loved it for moments like this tho:


i feel jon tron is going through a PHILOSOPHICAL AND INFORMATIONAL BLOSSOMING which i guess is taking the red pill for some people. So he is on the same tier as a 16 year old who just discovered holohoax and bell curve graphs for the first time on a 4chan thread loaded with A. Wyatt Man drawings.

He will eventually (hopefully) research for himself these positions if only because he’s constantly being stomped and fighting people over these regurgitated opinions. Which means he is going to try and read up on them to better argue them. Which means he is going to have a hangover of sorts when he realizes what he’s done lol

sweetchildhooddreams  asked:

it's a middle of the night, and my brain produced a new kaaron (kevaaron??) hc, so I decided I could share it with you?... because I want to talk about andreil going on a vacation and leaving kevin to look after sir and king, and it turns into the real hell. kevin has no clue what to do with these furry balls (they're not the exy balls, sorry), therefore he asks aaron for help. AND AARON COMES TO AN ANDREIL'S FLAT WITH A <b>BOOK</b> ABOUT CATS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION.

thank you,,, im so happy feel free to send all your kevaaron thoughts my way this is so cute im dying oK,,

  • ok so andrew and neil both have a tournament because theyre on the same team now but kevin is playing in a different region so he’s got some time off 
  • aaron is going to med school in the area near kevin and he dorms at school but he spends a lot of time at kevin’s
    • because its close to his internship. obviously.
    • no other reason at all. 
    • :)
  • so he’s there when kevin gets a call from neil asking him to watch their cats, and agrees to watch kevin’s apartment while he’s gone for the next week or so
  • so aaron drops kevin off at the airport (they didn’t hug but kevin squeezed aaron’s hand just before he boarded and if aaron thinks about it the whole drive home can anybody really blame him??)
  • all is well for…like a day
  • aaron is checking kevin’s plants and eating his leftovers before heading to his internship for the evening when the apartment gets a call, and he’s gonna just leave the machine to get it until he’s taking his phone off silent since he’s been lectures all day
  • his phone literally vibrates for a minute straight and shuts down he’s got so many messages. before it does, though, he sees theyre all from kevin so he grabs the house phone and dials kevin, expecting the worst
  • nah poor kevin’s just a mess
    • aaron: …………excuse me
  • turns out kevin has not one fucking clue what to do with cats
  • they’re squirmy and they yell. they fucking yell and he doesn’t know why.
  • aaron’s just on the phone with kevin grinning his ass off because no one can see him and he’s so glad bc dammit his distress should not be this endearing
  • so aaron’s boss is pretty cool and lets him take some days off to go help kevin
  • but see….aaron’s a dog person (gasp)
  • he actually doesn’t know any more than kevin about how to watch to cats or like. what to do with them. 
  • so………..he buys a book
  • and he reads it on the couple hour plane ride over there
  • poor kevin honestly he’s picking up aaron with his hair and clothes a mess, he’s got red marks all over where the cats swiped at him
    • aaron hasn’t had to fight this hard against a smile in a while honestly how does kevin still look like a model in such a state
  • they get back to the apartment and aaron can tell the cats ripped up the instruction sheet neil left, their toys are all over the place, and he suspects the blankets on the couch mean they took over the guest bedroom and kevin was too scared of getting scratched to move them (he’s right)
  • aaron sighs and feeds the cats, clears the litter, does,, other cat owner things,,, idk man im allergic to cats im as helpless as kevin watching aaron in awe in this moment ok
  • “You’re a cat whisperer”
  • aaron’s smug
  • but it doesnt last because they order pizza
  • and aaron, not thinking, is like, “just grab my wallet out of my bag i have a 5 i think” when kevin’s looking for cash to tip the delivery kid
  • and lo and behold………….he discovers the cat book
  • “………hey aaron”
  • aaron is no longer smug and now quite pink
  • kevin’s laughing at his dumb boyf- FRIEND. just friend. yea. 
  • kevin: it’s fine we’ll just get dogs
  • aaron: *now very pink, smirking* ……..”we’ll”?
  • kevin: *chokes on his pizza*
  • they most definitely go to the shelter back home once the week is done and pick out a puppy

yall, i normally dont post about this and feel free to ignore me but me and my friend were replaying chapter 2 and we stumbled across this thing (and im not sure if its new or not) but 

this??? was really fucking scary because the ink in the center is moving which clearing indicates that the ink is alive. its fucking breathing bro. 

it doesnt do anything if you walk up to it, but its really kinda spooky to look at. but this gives a huge clue to the theory about the ink being alive! it may or may not be that the ink had become corrupted with the uprise of satanic rituals? im not sure! hmu if you have any ideas!

Last Post On The Topic

Hi all!

Just going to make one big ass post going through everything that I have seen over the last few days.

Yeah….probably shouldn’t have deleted Tumblr but whenever you see all your families personal information in a private message, your brain panics a bit. If youre wondering why I did delete tumblr, people were threatening my family and I by posting all my families info and to be honest, my families security is wayyy more important than a post on a social media.

From what it like, a main talking point is ‘Why do you not want to be associated with Vanoss?’ and its not that at all. We grew our channels together and ive played with him for years! Just because we dont play together anymore doesnt mean we arent still good friends. We make music and whenever i’m in LA, we always hang out. I feel like a lot of you alerted to HE DOESNT LIKE EVAN which is 100% false.

From what i’ve learned, the fandom doesnt see Evan as being a leader but outside the fandom, its something I get slapped in the face with everyday and after a while and after tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people saying that I am is what bugged me.

For my friends and I, we have always seen eachother as individual channels and thats why a lot of us make solo videos and videos with everyone and anyone. The ‘BBS’ as its known is only made up of whoever Evan only plays with and thats why I said it quote on quote ‘doesnt exist’ because we all do our own thing bar Evan who only sticks to a core group. From what i’ve learned during this whole thing is the BBS is a thing because people who makes fanart and people who are a fan of what we do needed a name to go to and if anything, that makes sense now and I want to thank the people who have came up to me and help clear things up. For me, I always saw the ‘Vanoss Crew’ and ‘Vanoss and Friends’ and those names is what triggered this whole thing because we all put so much time and effort into all of our videos and to be categorized as a ‘friend’ of another channel is demoralizing but what I wrongly did was categorize BBS under names like that and from which I see, people in the BBS fandom know Evan isnt the leader and we are all equal which brings me peace of mind and I can only apologize for thinking they were the same thing. For me, I couldnt get my head around BBS but after seeing such a strong, passionate fanbase, it made me realize that even though im apart of it, the whole thing is a lot bigger than me and to those who I have offended during this whole thing, I want to say i’m sorry.

I love you guys so before jumping to conclusion, if you have a question or problem, talk to me instead of attacking me.

I feel like no matter what I say, people will take it in a bad light when the original post was meant to be a good thing but hey, thats life! Regardless, ill be over here making videos for the people who want to watch :D

anonymous asked:

I hate to ask, as im sure there have been questions and posts and such about this before, but are there any specific rules about what i can submit?

There aren’t really any official rules for submitting anything. All you have to do is find a quote and send it to us with the source (at this point if you send it to us without a source I’ll delete it btw) But if I were you I’d try to stay away from things that could start a problem certain ships /cough/ and try to stay as safe and platonic as you can.


- Mod Keith

snapped-taro-and-admin  asked:

To Love the Game and Hate the Creator, that logic comes from the fact Dev is the one making the game. So it's kinda contradicting and hypocritical to love the game and despise him. The game came from the creator's mind. Unfortunately I'm on Mobile, I can't see your receipts section you have, but I would gladly look at it if you linked it to me, because I honestly bet most of it would relate to news that Dev already cleared up. (Part 1/2)

(Part 2/2) That last part honestly makes me sick because it just shows how careless and selfish your are. I’m sorry, but I don’t ever recall Dev mentioning you specifically in multiple posts? He might of mentioned you once, but otherwise that’s it? If you can prove me otherwise, then go ahead.

alright, heres a link to the receipts. our blog is entirely submission based so its not even US digging for them.

people love the game because its a really cool concept. that’s why so many other yandere games have popped up in such a short amount of time. its a COOl game but its not a GOOD game. and the reason why people can hate the dev is because the things hes said havent been related to the game for the most part.

the fact that he needs 8 clearing up misunderstandings (including the art theft one, which was already debunked) is a red flag. sorry if you cant see that but shrug emoji i guess. he constantly references us. if you didnt know, we’re those dumb tumblr kids he’s always talking about. 

ok this last bit got me a little mad so im gonna be a little more serious yall i know that doesnt usually happen but hey you know lol

im careless and selfish for caring about myself and my friends and family?? he’s said disgusting things that i will NOT forgive until he gives a clear apology that DOESNT include him saying “context! context! they took it out of context!” when theres no contex to begin with, and where context doesnt MATTER with what he says. 

im gonna post some of the things he said since god knows youll probably miss them and say we’re wrong.

this post is already long enough but way to piss me the fuck Off by saying im careless and selfish for hating this piss stain. next time you wanna send dumbass asks like this, read the damn blog before you look like a fool


sunburntkeith  asked:

Keith or shiro? :)

seeing as i just did keith lets talk shiro:

first impression: oH BOY IM SO SORRY I REALLY AM….I…i was such a Fool…but at first i didnt like shiro, and through literally no fault of his own. I was just like 300% convinced the galra had let him escape and were using him as a sleeper agent and i just,,, did not want to get Attached and be hurt like that. in terms of personality i was also wayyy off caus i thought he was stoic and harsh and a tough love kind of leader. also everything id seen other people say about him before watching made him out to be the Greatest Thing and i was like “theres no way. he cant be that good, no one can be that good” but he is. he is that good and i would die for him 

impression now: MY FAVORITE,,, i love him,,, hes perfect,,, also like keith i was really happy that he was a lot softer than i thought hed be. its not like he coddles his team, but he is always very attentive to their needs, and tries his best to help everyone else get by even when arguably he’s the one struggling with his trauma the most–helping pidge cope with the loss of her family, reassuring hunk that they’ll save shay, complimenting lance to boost his confidence, telling the princess to get some rest even when hes so exhausted himself, comforting keith and checking in with him during the whole galra thing, ect. i also think that he’s a curiously private kind of person. the first episode of season 2 makes it pretty clear to me that a lot of his leader persona is just a front that he keeps up in front of the others, because when he’s with keith he acts very different. he also doesnt talk about his family–ever?? or missing earth, despite being gone for a year?? i think hes the kind of person who other people tell their life story and he gives you advice and listens attentively, but his own feelings often get suppressed and bottle up until they burst (hello crystal venom and kuro)

favorite moment: i talked about this already with keith but the part in bom where shiro sees keith’s hologram of him. it’s like keith’s soul is literally right out there on display and shiro is furious to see his friend hurt like this, to see his image used to kill keith–becuase he does scream that it’s killing him, and then the way shiro runs in to save him, becuase like hell is he going to let the galra use him to murder his closest friend 

idea for a story: i really like the idea that hes trapped in an alternate universe after Blackout. preferably one where he isnt chosen for the trip to kerberos, and he has a nice comfy life ahead of him–none of the physical or emotional pain that came with his mission. bonus points if hes in a happy relationship with keith and they both have their dream jobs and basically shiro is living the perfect life but he realizes if he wants to save the team voltron in his universe then he needs to give all that up. ive seen a bunch of people write or draw for this idea already, but i still love it. shiro is probably haunted daily by all the what if’s and i think confronting that–facing that reality and walking away from it–would be really good catharsis and closure for kerberos. 

unpopular opinion: i think the space dad thing was taken a little too far. people need to realize that hes not actually the other paladins’ dad, and that he’s someone younger who’s been forced to act older becuase of the situation hes in, as his summary on the official site says. anyway, i think its kinda sad when people get so wrapped up in the space dad thing that they dont let shiro really be part of the team so much as someone chaperoning the team. he makes the silly laser gun sounds. he gets really into the “snowball” (space spore?) fight. hes been through so much already and its so obviously aged him, i think he deserves some downtime to have fun with his friends (and shouldnt be required to micromanage everyone else’s emotional needs 24/7) 

favorite relationship: long answer: see keith. short answer: sheith is the sun and stars and just so very good and i am 100% here for it. i like how soft and careful they always are with each other and i really wanna unlock that hidden backstory 

favorite headcanon: i know hes like the garrison golden boy, but i also like to think he wasnt a complete stickler for rules and liked to have fun. maybe the red hoverbike was even his and he used to take keith out on late night runs into town when he was stressed out. also, a lot sadder, but: i headcanon he met keith’s dad in space prison and fought him in the arena 

ashiamaru  asked:

So to clear thing up. Yes, all of you are not so clever, because you call people who don't think like you, a nazi. Read some history books form WWII and maybe then you would get grasp on what real nazi is. Good luck, maybe someday you would grow up.

ok im answering this so people see you’re gross, but:

  • nazis arent just old folks 
  • there’s people who believe in their ideologies today
  • just because they dont belong to the wwii party or whatever, that doesnt mean that they dont perpetuate those beliefs. they do, and that makes them nazis, like the alt right

anyway. educate yourself, dont talk to me ever again, in fact dont talk to anyone ever, and learn to read and interpret my answer.

on that note:

no white supremacists, nazis, alt-righters, or any of the sort allowed on this blog. 


Best Friend: You two have been inseparable since you first met. You always get in trouble together but you wouldnt have it any other way. He understands you on the deepest level and is always there for you.

Secret Boyfriend: It started off as talking but then he made a move. Now your stuck with make out sessions at his house when his parents are out. You both try to keep it a secret but little do you know…

Likes you…: He knows about you and {secret boyfriend}. He is the only one that does and boy does he wish he didnt. He loves you, hes in love with everything you do. From the way you laugh to how your hair looks when its put in a messy bun, hes crazy about you. However things came to a crashing end when he noticed how you would always look at {secret boyfriend} and his assumption were confirmed when he watched {secret boyfriend} pull you into his house ({secret boyfriend}’s house if thats not clear)

Makes a fool…: Honestly he doesnt know why he becomes this way around you. Its just when he sees you he tenses up and makes a fool of himself. The amount of times hes done it too are far too many to count, one time he literally fell head over heels for you (in his defense he was getting you water and the floor was wet). He has no clue why but he always gets this weird fuzzy/knotting feeling in his stomach whenever he look/thinks about you (which is a lot).

Walks you to Class: You two dont have any classes together yet he always seems to find you in the hall and insists on walking you to class. You arent annoyed by thins but actually its kind of nice. You two have deep discussions on the way to class and if you dont have time to finish them you pick them up the next day.

Buys You Stuff: Lets just say this boy is well off. Whenever he takes you shopping he always ends up paying, you try to pay but he always manages to pay without you noticing. You feel indebted to him but he always says that you can make it up to him by giving him a secret fashion show, which you do. These fashion shows always end with you both laughing on the floor and clothes everywhere.

Shows up Randomly…: Sometimes he has no reason to come over, he just does. but your happy he does because he always entertains you. He just wants to spend time with you because, in his eyes, your the best thing to have ever walked the earth. Your so beautiful, funny and just all around amazing. He could listen to you talk about nothing for eternity and he does when you go on a rant, until you look over at him and ask “what?” with a cute confused look on your face. Oh does he adore that face so much.

Takes care of you: He dosnt know why but theres this feeling inside him compelling him to protect you. When your sick he’ll make you soup and pick up your gross tissues, when your sad he’ll cheer you up, hes always there for you.

Writes songs about you: He dosnt share them with everyone. He hopes to one day get up the courage to share them with you and tell you how much of an inspiration you are. He also feels like the songs are a special thing that just the two of you have and dosnt want to loose that.

A/N: When it says {Secret Thing} put in the name of who you got for Secret Boyfriend also the last few (if you take a screenshot) will be the same because i forgot to mix up the order because i was so excited to post this and do it myself !!! ALSO IM SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING FOR MY APEL EXAM TOMORROW WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE

Last thing I love reading your comments on who you got in the the tags it makes me so happy see your reaction :) (PS you can delete all the text if you wish but please give me credit)

kirishimatoukaa  asked:

Hey, can i what color do you use for shading? and how do you pick colors in general?

OK I GET THESE QUESTIONS PRETTY OFTEN so im gonna try and explain it a bit!!! (i wanna say that this “explanation” is probably very badly worded and confusing since 1) english is not my first language and 2) im rly awful at explaining things i do that are based on my own feelings)

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forbidden love chapter six {demi lovato fanfiction}

“what did you get?” jace ask as we both make our way back to the table where demi sits poking at her ice cream. i take the seat next to hers. “strawberry.” i inform him watching as he tries to get comfortable on the metal chair. they both make a face disapproving my choice in dessert favor. “whats wrong with strawberry?!” i say a little too defensive. “the strawberries are always way too frozen.” demi smiles watching me nearly bend my spoon in the frozen fruit. jace joins in saying,” you could chip a tooth.”  demi just stares at him realizing they agree on something for the first time in weeks. jace looks at demi to agree but she ignores him. “i still love it despite its critics.” i reply taking a spoonful into my mouth looking at both of them, trying to bite into the very frozen piece.

“what time did they say to be home?” i ask while checking the time on my phone. “7.” she sighs. i glance down to “5:45″ shining back at me. both pair of parents are preparing dinner for tonight, they all thought it would be a amazing idea to have the three of us go out for “bonding time” with each other. i imagine the four of them sitting in the living room with wine glasses talking about the most boring of topics laughing at the fact this “bonding time” is just an excuse for the adults to have adult time. jace had the idea of ice cream since demi suggested digging our graves rather then spending time with him. “what now?” demi says swirling her plastic spoon into the melted colored ice cream. “arcade?” jace suggests. “ill go get the shovel now.” demi shoots back. jace laughs but we both know shes slightly serious. “the arcade sounds fine.” i reply picking up my cup along with demis. “if were twelve.” demi mutters. i push my hips against her reaching for jaces cup. i feel demis hand on my ass as i reach forward. i can only imagine what shes thinking.

the arcade has way too many people if anyone else enters the walls might burst. “oh look!!.” demi shouts over the loud music. i give her a confused look. “a twelve year old!” she sarcastically says. “oh look another one and another!!” demi says pointing to random people not paying attention to age at this point. “we get it!” i shout loudly pushing her hand down. jace stops at a shooting game jamming four coins into the slit not giving attention to either of us. demi spots something near the back, she guides me towards it. “look.” she says softly. “if you say another twelve yea-” “no.” she smiles interrupting me. our hands lock together as we enter the small photo booth. “this isnt going to work.” i say looking at the small seat meant for a child. “sit on mamas lap.” demi jokes pulling me on top of her. my ass is directly on her crotch. “mama likes.” she whispers pulling my dress up my legs. “demi.” i whisper pulling the hideous red curtain across giving us some privacy. “i only have enough for one strip.” demi tells me pulling out the right amount leaning forward pushing the coins in the slot. “lets make it count.” she smiles. the countdown begins the first photo is us looking at each other our eyes full of lust our faces only inches apart. she leans forward pushing her warm lips on mine, i cup her face wanting more. with the second snap of the camera i quickly pull one leg over her lap straddling her, my arms wrap around her neck her hands travel to my waist dragging me forward. third snap goes off. my arms lift to the roof of the small booth. demi pulls down my dress exposing my breasts. she licks my nipples, wrapping her lips around my breasts. i let go of a loud moan feeling her teeth bite down. the fourth and final snap goes off. the machine sings robotic noises printing our filthy pictures. “we both know which pair i want.” demi laughs pulling up my dress. when we make our way out i grab the strip tearing right down the middle. i purposely give her the first two. “nice try.” she smiles snatching the other half from my hand. 

by 7 we are back at jaces house gathering around the dinner table as nina rushes to get the forks. “so sorry for the mess.” nina apologizes passing her husband reaching to the drawer. the only “messy” thing i see is the pile of dish towels near the sink.  “nonsense.” my mom smiles taking a seat next to eric. “please take those dear.” nina tells jace pointing towards the napkins. he places them in the middle of the table then takes the seat in front of me. 

“are you excited for school?” nina asks me while scooping a large portion of peas from the light blue bowl. just before i answer demis hand slithers into my lap. i grab her wrist holding it in place as i try my best to focus on nina. “umm yes.” i say feeling her fingertips tracing my skin. “iam sure jace will be a gentleman by showing you around willow high.” nina smiles looking to her son, jace forces a small smile while poking at his pot roast. “oh and of course you as well demi.” she goes on realizing she left her out.“ “ill be just fine but thanks.” demi shoots back in her sarcastic tone we all know well. minutes go by while eric and charlie absorb into conversation about some kind of new model airplane being released. charlie although a soft spoken man who never really speaks much was very chatty when it came to the things he was passionate about. erics tone filled with joy as they go on and on about the details in the new model that is said to be out during the winter months. “y/n jace never told me how the date went.” nina brings up suddenly creating an awkward friction between me and demi. her hand slides away from my lap slowly. i look over towards her but she doesnt return a glance. “its was really nice.” i reply clearing my throat. “where did he take you?” nina asks ignoring jace as he makes a remark telling his mother to stop. “the diner.” i say softly watching her joyful mood change. she looks towards jace, giving him a soft smile. i catch demi roll her eyes. i lay my hand on hers but she soon retracts. “you must be very special.” nina softly whispers leaning towards me. jace tries his hardest not to make eye contact with me. “please tell me there is going to be a second date.” nina laughs. “thats up to jace.” i smile making my heart hurt watching demi. “oh he will be happy to a second date…. wont you jace?” she pushes the question on him. “yeah of course.” he agrees probably wishing his mom would stop.

demi sighs loudly getting ninas attention immediately.  “is something wrong with the meal?” nina asks which makes my insides twist together nervous of what demi might say next. she shakes her head slowly. “its just the conversations.” demi sighs swirling her fork in her mash potatoes. “oh honey i know model planes can be very boring in my opinion.” nina smiles crinkling her nose at eric and charlie at the other end of the table. eric and charlie give no attention to nina as they fanboy on. “thats not the conversation i was talking about.” demi replies not looking at anyone. nina gives a quick look between me and jace before saying,” oh sweetheart. its okay to feel envious. not everyone can have the y/n looks honey some arent as blessed as others.”  “nina!” my mom shouts which makes the men stop their chattering. the looks on their faces tell me they heard ninas comment. “what?” she says innocently. “everyone understands her jealously at this. but the fact is y/n has the looks in this duo and jace likes her very much.” nina nods looking to everyone as if everyone here has the same opinion as hers. jace looks horrified at his mothers words.  “jealous.” demi nearly laughs. “i would never be jealous of this.” demi snaps standing pointing between us. “its just an act… at least i hope.” she whispers in the most softest tone ive ever heard from her. demi disappears through the kitchen and i follow her without hesitation. as i reach the door i hear my mom begin to protest defending demi. 

she is pacing the room when i enter. “who the hell does she think she is?!” demi shouts. i close the door softly locking it. “demi.” i say softly. “she actually thinks iam jealous!” she laughs stopping in front of me then going back to her pacing. “demi!” i say loudly grabbing her wrist. “i am not jealous of jace!” she goes on trying to make her point. “i didnt say you were.”  “well someone thinks i am.” demi sighs walking towards the medium size window. i stand behind her running my hands up to her chest. “you know what might make you feel better?” i ask leaning my head against her back. “naughty girl.” she whispers pulling me around her roughly pushing me against the wall. her lips crash against mine while she reaches for her desk drawer yanking it open. her hands grab my favorite toy getting rid of any clothes she begins tightening it around her waist. “take them off.” she mutters tugging on my shorts. lifting my shirt i slip my shorts off kicking them behind her. “jump.” she smiles i do as told as she slams into me.  “baby please wait!!” i scream holding onto demi so i wont slip off her. she has me pinned against the wall with my legs wrapped tightly around her waist as the massive strap on is rammed into me. “who. does. she. think. she. is!!” demi mutters each word equals one hard thrust deep inside me. i let out a loud moan throwing my head back. “and you!” she barely screams grabbing my ass. “demi baby i told you nothing is …. fuckkkk please keep going!!” i beg as she hits my favorite spot. “why should i your being a slut.” demi says pulling out an inch. “pleasee!” i beg craving my high. “no.” she spits letting her grip go. “demi!” i nag she pushes me down on my knees. “suck slut.” she demands pushing my face towards the dildo standing tall from her waist. my lips wrap around the toy i instantly taste my juices. i suck hard not like she can feel it or anything but she enjoys the view so might as well give her one. “look at you slut tasting yourself you like that dont you?” demi smiles thrusting into my mouth causing an involuntary gag. “stand up.” i do as told wiping my lower lip. she pins me against the wall again, our naked bodies smash together i feel the toy against my pussy lips never entering me. demis lips are on mine our tongues slide into each others mouth. she begins to rock her hips making the cock toy slide slowly into me then pulling out. i whimper trying to push down onto it. “no no no.” she whispers into my ear. “you have to work for it.” demi smiles sucking on my neck. she moves over to the bed motioning me to lay down. i follow her orders laying with my legs hanging off the bed a little. she pulls me down to where it is only my upper body on the lavender throw blanket. she says nothing while she lifts my legs in the air thrusting into me with an intense amount of force. i scream out grabbing onto her. she smiles watching my reaction as i take the whole toy inside me nice and slow. “mmmmm fuck demi yesss baby.” i whimper once again wrapping my legs around her wanting her closer than ever. she lays on top of me thrusting deep inside me hitting the spot she knows all too well. before i moan out her lips are on mine and we both make moaning noise together. she must feel it too with the toy inside her. both of our hands intertwine with each others as we feel our favorite feeling about to take over. “oh my god! “ demi mumbles into my mouth. thats when i feel my high hit i scream into our kiss while the juices mix together as demi still thrusts into me. i pull away heavily breathing not letting her go just yet. “demi…. iam yours.” i whisper moving her hair that has fallen in between us. “i know babe i know…. i want you all to myself i dont like sharing.” she mutters pecking my lips. i say nothing as we hear the front door open along with our parents voices. “this second date is never happening.” demi smiles. “agreed.” i laugh pulling her in for another kiss. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

hope you all like it!! tell me what you think!!  😊 thanks for reading ! && let me know if you want a chapter seven!!  😀 😀  ❤xxx

summer study challenge 12/30: spring cleaning masterpost

cleaning is a really good way to feel organised and fresh but it can also feel super tedious and it’s hard to find the motivation to start so here are some tips that will hopefully help

before you start:

  • make sure you have plenty of time to clean
  • wear comfy clothes (preferably layers you can take off if you get warm)
  • have some food or a snack so that you have enough energy
  • fill up a waterbottle to keep with you because you’ll probably get thirsty and this will save you having to stop what you’re doing to get a drink
  • put on a playlist of upbeat music


  • clear all of your surfaces. this includes the floor, desks, tables and your bed. take everything off and put it in one place out of the way.
  • wipe down and dust surfaces. make sure you clean everywhere, especially places that you dont normally think about such as the top of bookshelves and behind furniture.
  • clean windows, doors and mirrors and inside any drawers, cupboards and wardrobes.
  • vacuum the floor and clean any carpets and rugs.
  • if the place where you put everything earlier wasn’t your bed, go ahead and make it by putting on fresh sheets. but dont worry if you put everything on it because you can just do this at the end instead.


  • sort everything into piles: keep, throw away, relocate
  • for clothes separate clean from dirty. this is also a good time to clear your wardrobe of clothes that are too small or you dont wear anymore.
  • once this is done, put everything in the keep pile where it should go in your room along with your clean clothes
  • sort things in the throw away pile into trash, recycling and donating and take these out
  • put everything in the relocate pile where it needs to go in a different room.

other tips:

  • while you’re sorting our your things it’s also a good time to replace anything old or used up such as makeup or stationery.
  • open all of your windows while cleaning do that dust doesnt get trapped in your room and it will also keep it feeling fresh

and yay you’re finished!! time to relax. i hope this was helpful and feel free to message me about anything :)

current verdict on pll since i recently started watching from the beginning again:

• hanna used to be very likable but she’s horrible where the show is at now and she became annoying around season 4 or whenever that weird ass dance to bang bang happened
• spencer was a great character early on but after the dollhouse charles anagramming that literally no fucking person would ever figure out ever she became insufferable and then spaleb happened oh my askskfjgnak
• shay mitchell has not only always had the weakest character (not in my terms per se, they literally call emily the weakest link) but she’s also the weakest actress by far. i know she’s hot, but she’s a terrible actress. she hasn’t improved at all since season one.
• to be honest, and i think this is probably at fault of either direction or writing or both, all the main cast seems like worse actors now.
• aria has always been my least favorite because she can’t go five minutes without doing ezra but honestly i’m interested in her storyline for once. oddly enough, my least favorite has become my favorite. i truly only care about aria’s storyline.
• i don’t give a rat’s ass about cece/charlotte or mary fucking drake. i. do. not. give. a. rat’s. ass. about. mother. fucking. mary. drake.
• i am completely bored with spencer’s detective boyfriend. please, we all know she’s not gonna get caught for murder. these girls are way too damn lucky for that.
• i hate caleb and i hate hanna and i hate them together.
• i don’t love mona as much as everyone else seems to and even i think she deserves better what the fuck is wrong with these girls
• i still love sasha pieterse (again, snaps for a girl actually playing her damn age) but they really couldn’t decide what they wanted to do with alison after deciding she’s alive so they have the most scattered characterization and poor sasha is doing all she can.
• this show is only enjoyable as a hilarious over dramatic extra soap opera
• ezra was supposed to be A and the ONLY reason he wasn’t is because ezria fans are batshit and probs started sending marlene death threats (though tbh wouldn’t that be ironic)
• i bet marlene has a long list of things she does in the 5 episodes leading to a reveal because she’s done them every time: accuse lucas, accuse alison, accuse someone within the group, accuse a totally random ass character and stay stuck on that for a long time (usually noel kahn except he’s no longer an option)
• i wonder if marlene knows she wrote a shitty show or if she even cares because hey if that abc freeform check clears

thehibiscusthief  asked:

you said you liked a couple words bc they sounded like what they meant--have you ever read the tiffany aching books by terry pratchett? in one of them, that comes up

I have not! I do love that sensation of words sounding like what they mean though

like, the word ‘obnoxious’ is kinda obnoxious isnt it? like its an annoying sounding word for an annoying thing. 

Or how ‘clarity’ sounds smooth and clear

‘Elegant’ sounds elegant. of course it could all come down to association, but i think its a little more than that too because when a word doesnt match what it means you can tell and it feels odd