that cigar too


older!Corvo and older!Daud meeting someplace out-of-the-way for a smoke for @yellowcandy

big wip sketch bc my art program isn’t letting me save in the proper format and I don’t want to waste work on anything on separate layers

so u know how ppl bring stuff to andromeda to keep from being homesick? well i hc that’s what cigars are to reyes. he doesn’t even like em - they just remind him of home. 

they’re also rare as fuck so u best bet he killed someone for that shit.

Okay this is probably just me being paranoid but.

So all of Marks new vlogs are in the video style of A Date With Markiplier and Who Killed Markiplier where WE as the audience are a “character” following in his adventure.
I would normally take that as Mark having fun with the camera, until he had the camera person carve a pumpkin and acknowleged it as OUR creation. And it is October…..So he just starts some daily first person vlogs out of nowhere and hes totally doing no spooky things at ALL? Why wouldnt he have released the end of Who Killed Markiplier on halloween if that was the intended holiday spook?

Im kinda keeping my guard up that something is going to happen on the halloween vlog that explains our sudden involvement and POV

….or he just coincidentally thought of doing very creative vlogs in october that include us to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, who knows? I’m happy either way.


◇ Taeil begins to get more protective, and you have no idea why.

◇ Taeil x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ requested by anon; mate vamp au with NCT taeil?

◇ asdfghjkl for some reason I’m not that happy with this one… Taeil is so hard to write for!! I hope this is enjoyable anyway!


It wasn’t often that you’d have the pleasure of waking up next to Moon Taeil — and that’s the first sign that something’s off.

He usually awoke in the very early hours of the morning to begin business with his brothers (he was very fond of the whole early bird catches the best worm phrase, too), the only trace of his existence the ghost of a kiss on your forehead and — normally — a note explaining his absence and wishing you a wonderful day.

You weren’t sure what made this day different than any other, but when your eyes opened at 8AM Taeil was still laying behind you — and fully awake, too.

“Taeil?” You murmur in disbelief, eyes groggy and voice murky with sleep. Your eyebrows furrow in confusion, taking in how he had his arms around your form, a hand laying on your stomach — he never usually spooned you, he much preferred having you lay on his chest.

You brush that minor detail off, rolling over to face him. He smiles in greeting, brushing his thumb over your cheek fondly. “You’re… still here?”

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I couldn’t get my hair into a mohawk, so I went with the Biker Invention hairstyle.

Not too shabby.

Watchu lookin at?

Whoa, what the-


Wait, hang on. I gotta get into character.

Ugh. I’m manly. I hate bright colors. I need some beer. Where’s my cigar?

Not too bad, but something’s missing…

Lemme just…


There we go.



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Bendy 22

What’s the most hopeless you’ve ever felt?

Bendy looks far off, into a distant nothing, smoking his cigar pensively. “not too long ago, actually.” He taps off some ash and shuffles to get more comfortable before adding  “Things have rally turned around for me. So much so that I’m rethinking some plans.” He chose not to elaborate. 

If you haven’t heard of it, Venmo is an app for paying people. It’s not conceptually different from Paypal or just writing a check, but it’s sort of tied into social media and tries to be “fun” in that way. When you pay someone with Venmo, it requires you to type in a reason you’re paying them (and tries to convert it to emoji) and then it displays that on a feed for all your Venmo friends to see. I got the app because my old roommates wanted to use it to pay rent and now it just seems to be the default that everyone expects when they owe people money.

I thought the idea of “display an amount of money and the reason you’re paying it to everyone in your feed” was creepy, and I also thought typing “rent” or “water bill” was boring, so when I was venmoing my old roommates I’d type things like “crack cocaine” or “black market arms trade” or “assassins for hire”. Nothing bad happened. Anyone who bothered to look at the feed probably thought I was bored and/or had a morbid sense of humor.

Earlier today, I got dinner with my friend. She picked up the bill and I venmoed her my portion of it. When it asked for a reason, I typed “Cuban cigars” because it was habit.

Although “assassins” and “crack cocaine” never triggered Venmo’s alert button, “Cuban cigars” was too much.


Day 19: ACME-style shenanigans

I drew a blank here’s this

Day 20: Cuphead/Mugman in different outfits

Spelunky Cup and Zero Suit Mug

Day 21: Taking a little rest after a long battle

Banged up  but victorious

Day 22: Boss you’re excited to see more of

Saw her in when the new E3 trailer came out, looked like a really cool and creepy stage! Also the cigar boss too, definitely that guy.

I still can’t believe Cuphead is coming out next Friday!!!


Escort [PV] - Kato Shigeaki

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Secret Santa! who gets who and what do they get them?

Everyone buys a little something for Dogmeat. Not Including Sole as everyone’s Sole is different.

Ada: Preston, she finds a new hat on her travels and gifts that to him, also some energy cells for his musket including a surprise crank modification

Cait: Gage, she gets him a modded combat knife, some 7.62 ammo and a bottle of whiskey

Codsworth: Danse, he finds some brand new paint and some material for Danse to mod his armour and weapons

Curie: Nick, she sews his jacket to make it look as good as new and provides Nick with some new reading material for in his spare time

Danse: Curie, Danse gets Curie some research and scientific reading material both what he finds on his travels and some courtesy of Scribe Haylen

Deacon: Strong, he gets strong an aviator cap, sunglasses and empty milk bottles

Gage: Piper, he gets her a crate of Nuka Cola, courtesy of the gangs of Nuka World and some sweet rolls

Hancock: X6-88, some flashy red boots and a new coat to replace his ghastly courser uniform. X6 is unimpressed by this but welcomes the spare energy cells and polished combat knife. Though why Hancock included the lieutenants hat is beyond him

MacCready: Deacon, he gets Deacon a box full of pompadour wigs and hair dye to “Fix those eyebrows”

Nick: Old Longfellow. Nick is able to sweet talk his way into getting a now 400 year old bottle of whiskey off Vadim and some vintage cigars, which he wraps up and gifts to the old sea dog

Old Longfellow: Cait, he manages to find some vintage Whiskey and Bourbon, with a few shotgun shells thrown into the mix

Piper: Hancock, refrains from getting him any sort of drugs, but a few beers can’t hurt, some sugar bombs, sweet rolls and that slice of preserved pie that he’s had his eye one for a while.

Preston: Maxson. With Danse’s advice, Preston gets Maxson a bottle of red wine and some cigars, nothing too revolutionary, but nothing that will ensue the wrath of the Brotherhood either

Strong: MacCready, he gets him an assorted pile of scrap ammunition, some bones and pieces of radstag hide. Mac is not too impressed

X6-88: Ada, using his charming charisma, he is able to rustle up some improvements and modifications to gift to Ada

Maxson: Codsworth, military upgrades found on most Mr Gutsy models, saying it will improve efficiency and fighting capability instead of a standard Mr Handy

Some mer like fish, or shiny baubels. The old one, though…he likes whisky, and cigars, and someone to listen to him.

Mer!Kup is done. Oh god I can’t believe this actually turned out half-decent????? I’M SO HYPE THOUGH I really like how his design turned out! Pretty sure I messed up the coelacanth anatomy (oh god how many fins do they have???) but I’m so happy with what I got right. Kup is a coelacanth because why not? They’re old, gorgeous, and look pretty storied to me.

His torso and head are semi-armored, like a coelocanth’s plating, and bares plenty of scars from a long, long life. His actual lifespan is unknown, but estimates ranger from high eighties to five-hundred years old! He won’t say how old he is, but he seems to have firsthand experiance of a lot of events over the past few centuaries, provided his tales are true.

Also, yeah, he’s smokin’ a cigar. He’s like…got his upper part out of the water, leaning on a dock or something, while he enjoys it. Otherwise he’ll just swim around, chewing on soggy cigars. Nobody’s sure where he acquired the taste for certain human things, but they make for good bribing material, if you want him to tell a story.

Also holy fuck look at that cute old man(mer?) pudge I just


das’ the shit I like to draw.

Not sure if I want to color this. I’m not great at coloring? I do really like how it turned out, tho. I’ve been absorbed into merformer hell. Oops.

Player - Bobby scenario (angst)

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A/N: Something for you all simce I have some free time! Enjoy 

Members: Bobby x You
Genre: angst
Warnings: cussing, drinking, yelling
Word count: 2167

“Don’t do it“ your friend looks at you , you nervously bit your lip and look away
“I won’t let him fool me twice” 
“He actually did it twice and you went back to him” she laughs 
“Tonight is a game changer” you smiled and looked at Bobby. Boy who got into your head, made you catch feelings.

It was a drunk night when you fell for his actions and words. He took you home. He made “Love to you“. Next morning you knew what you done.
He was sleeping, sheets over his lower back, arm over your waist, his face almost in back of your neck.
You slowly moved his hand away and sat up, grabbing your clothes on the floor, putting them on. Lastly you took your phone and looked back at a beautiful guy sleeping.
Smiling you looked away and walked out of the room and his home.

Both of you never saw each other again.
Friend called you at night to come and hang out with her and few more people, you said yes.
You got on a black crop top, skinny ripped jeans on and converse. You walked out and to the place where you all will meet.

“Y/N!” she shouted as you approached all of them, she runs forwards and hugs you. You smiled widely and looked at the crew, you knew few people and two of them you didn’t.
Two guys turn around, it was him. His curly/ wavy hair, pouty lips, jawline, eyes. You could barely see his eye clearly because of his hair. But you knew it was him. Two of you stared up and down at each other.
“Y/N, Mike and Bobby… Guys Y/N” she smiled
You awkwardly smiled and shaked their hands.

Walking down the street, everyone was enjoying and laughing.
“Damnnn I wanna party!” Mike takes a deep breath
“We could’ve just bought drinks and go to kids park and sit around on swings and whatever” one of them said

Everyone looked at each other. All of agreed and walked to the nearest shop.
You stayed outside to smoke a cigar. You leaned against the wall, lighting up the cigar. Bobby stayed outside too, so he walked up to you slowly.
You look at him and cross your arm on your stomach and lean your elbow on you hand as you inhale the smoke.
Bobby kept looking around with his hands in his pockets.
Silence filled up the lonely air. How did you guys get here. Met up again after a while? It was weird, but also a good type of a feeling for it. You liked it.
You throw the cigar on the ground and step on it.

You look to the side, and Bobby does too and you two look at each other.
“This is funny” you said and smiled
Bobby licks his lips and shrugs his shoulders.
“You left” he said
“What was I supposed to do? It was just one time” you look at him, being actually surprised on his words
“Maybe I wanted your number or something”
“Oh shut up” you laugh and shake your head
“So you could fuck me again?” you added and looked to the side at him
“Maybe…” Bobby said in his raspy voice, looking at you
You just shaked your head smiling and walked away as you saw everyone walking out of the store.

As said, you walked to the kids park and raced to the swings, because there was only three of those.
You managed to run as fast and catch one. Your friend and one more sat down, only boys were standing in front of you.
You smiled and took a bottle of strong alcohol and drank. You passed the bottle to the next person and it went on like that.

“Mike, come!” you smiled and held your phone in the air

He stood next to you and put his chin on your shoulder, and you took a picture.
Everyone then gathered around you and you took a group photo.
You smiled and stood up and started to dance around and spin laughing. Alcohol was getting you.
“Here” Mike passed you the bottle and there was not many left so you finished it.

“You definitely know how to drink” Bobby looks at you
“I am the expert” you smiled and put your arm on his shoulder

Bobby walked over to Mike and made him stand up so he could sit down for a bit.
He kept looking at you dancing, fooling around, laughing. You had sparks in your eyes because of the light, your were pretty. He licked his lips smiling.
He remembered your naked body against his, your voice, moans. Slowly he bit his lip, wanting you again.

“I can’t stand anymore” you said putting your hand on your forehead
“Come here” Bobby said and you walked over to him, sat on his thigh, putting your arm around his shoulders.
His hand slid around your back and waist, holding you.
“Two of you are so cute” your friend smiled
“Awww” you laughed

She took a picture of you two, you hid your face with your hand.
“Let me see it” you said and she showed you the picture
“Nice” you smiled looking up at her

Something got into you. Maybe it was alcohol, maybe not. But you wanted to be with Bobby, be held by him forever. You wanted to kiss those lips non stop. Have his body as yours, that your body is his and that he knows it. Knows that he has you.
“What you staring at me for?” he whispers looking at you
“I don’t know. I want to” you smiled and ran your index finger down his jaw, your eyes falling down on his lips.
Bobby had a half smile on his lips and looked up and down at your eyes, lips.
“LET’S GO GUYSS!” Mike shouts walking but almost tripping
“I want you.” Bobby whispers and you smiled biting your lip, standing up

You took his hand in his, didn’t let go of it.
“Y/N are you gonna go home or?” your friend asked
“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow or whatever” you smiled and waved at everyone, letting go of Bobby’s hand.
“Bye!” you shout and throw your hands in the air walking away

You had a feeling that Bobby will follow you. You just felt it, you didn’t want to turn around and see if he’s walking behind you. But you hoped he did.

“Y/N” you smiled and turned around
“What are you doing?” you asked, acting like you didn’t know he’ll stop you
“My home is that way too” Bobby points
“Are you lying?” you raised an eyebrow
“Yes” he smiled, you shaked your head and continued to walk

As you unlocked the front door, you let Bobby inside. Closing the door and turning around, Bobby pushes you against the door and kisses you hard.
You smiled under the kiss and just let him do everything.
His hand falls down on your ass and Bobby lifts you up, you wrapped your legs around his waist, holding his face, kissing him.

He walked to the living room, and put you down on the couch. Taking off his T-shirt and climbing on top of you.

You took the pleasure, took it with pain.
Your voice filled up the room, both of you felt fire, heat in your bodies.

After some time, he stood up, putting that black T-shirt over his head again. You watched him getting dressed up again as you layed.
Bobby walked over to you and placed a kiss on your lips and finally took his jacket and just walked out of the house.

You sigh and sit up, walking to the bathroom and taking a shower.

Next morning you then realized what you done again. But you didn’t mind at all. In a way you felt attracted to him, wanted to see him again. He is so good.

You thought it happened, you were drunk. But he kept talking to you, texting you. 

On the end you end up being friends with benefits. Every week on same day you meet up.
It was like love, but you both actually pretended to be in it. 
Especially him. 
You knew he used you that night, and the second one. Rest of the nights.

Laying in bed alone, you could smell his perfume on your pillow, sheets. Imagine his face on your pillow.

Finding out, listening to stories of him getting with other girls made you mad.
You thought that If he’s your friend with benefits, it’s only just you two. No one doesn’t get with other people.

That proves, all the nights he said he liked you a lot, he lied. Only played. You knew he did, but you didn’t know he’s such a player.

You weren’t supposed to fall for him. But you did. As every girl would. But why him, why Bobby. Why did he walked into your life.

You looked away from Bobby and watched the crowd. Trying to find the best looking guy you could. Smiling you stood up, leaving your drink on the table and walked over to the guy you spotted.
You didn’t approach him. You just started to dance near by. You shaked your ass, kept swinging your hips, moving.
The guy walked behind you, and as a dirty girl you kept swinging your hips on his waist, going down and up.
He threw his head back, biting on his lip. Taking your hands he turns you around and places a kiss on your lips right away. Your hands wrap around his neck and kiss back.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Bobby shouts looking at you, standing next to your friend
“IS SHE FUCKING FOR REAL?!” he shouts again looking at her
“YOU DID THE FUCKING SAME THING” she shouts at him and Bobby looks at her
“What you gonna say now?” she added
“I.. Can’t. Stay. Away. From Y/N” he points at himself
“I am attracted to her” he added
Your friend looks at him in shock
“Then why do all the stuff? I mean you two were friends with benefits” she looks at him
“AND you KNOW she had feelings for you” she added
“I know she did. Since day one.”
“You fucked her up so bad Bobby. You shouldn’t fucked her that night” she sighs
“Well, that is what player’s do. Right?” Bobby smiled
“But you know yourself, you are so fucking jealous right now”

Bobby looks in your way and you were smiling at the guy.
“Let’s bet she’ll be with me tonight” he looks back at her and your friend just nods her head

Bobby smiled and walked through the crowd and puts his hand around some girl’s waist and pulls her close towards him.
You noticed Bobby with a girl. But you wanted to keep on focusing on guy, so you kissed him.
Looking again, Bobby’s tongue was already in her mouth. His strong arms going around her body. Her hand falling on his pants.

You didn’t want to be jealous, but you were. You thought your plan will work, but you just realized it won’t. You walked away from the guy and went to stand with your friend.
“Whats wrong?” she asked
“Nothing” you said biting on your lip as you watched Bobby still enjoying his time with the girl.

You couldn’t look anymore, so you looked everywhere but him.
Minutes later Bobby walked to both of you. He leans against the wall, noticing you not even trying to look at him.
“Someone’s mad?” he said looking at you
“Who’s mad? I am sure not” you said
“No, I said a wrong word. Jealous”
“What?” you shake your head
“Someone tried to make me jealous” Bobby whispers looking at you, and you just look at him

“See? I am telling the truth” he said and you got annoyed
“You already did same thing like thousands of times” you look at him and face him
“Well sorry bout’ that” he laughs
“SO you basically used me?”

Bobby gets close to your face, like was about to kiss you but puts his lips on your ear.
“You like it. You know you do” he whispers and you get chills all over your body
You close your eyes and sigh. Bobby smiles and lifts his shoulders up.
“I knew you will do that. I was actually shocked you did. But damn, he doesn’t touch you like I do…” he said putting his hand on your waist

Your friend just walked away so she leaves you two to be alone.

“Fuck you, like I do” he said to your ear and look at your eyes
“Or kiss you like I do” he smiled and pressed his lips against yours.

You couldn’t resist. Couldn’t back off or push him away. It was just him. Bobby.
Player, a player who got you and has your heart.