that carries him in a cart

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Is there some Summer Vibe fics? 😊☀️


Oh yes :) Here’s some fun fics.

 There’s a few summer camp fics here and some baseball fics here 

Past The Breakers by  thepsychicclam | 40.7K

Stiles and Scott get summer jobs at the exclusive Seawolf Beach Resort, and the last thing Stiles expects is to start taking surf lessons from the hot lifeguard.

Move A Mountain by  ZainClaw | 69K

Stiles goes camping with his friends in New Mexico after graduation where they befriend a biker gang led by Derek: a guy whom Stiles can’t decide if he will be either relieved or devastated to never see again once their week is up.

To Navigate Your Seas by  alisvolatpropiis | 26K

Derek is a beach bum/surfer; Stiles is his new neighbor. Feels ensue.

untitled | tumblr ficlet

Cutback by  WonderWolf | 19.3K

Scott and Stiles are pro surfers in need of a place to stay for their upcoming competition. Out of all the things Derek expected this summer, being asked to house his brother and ex-boyfriend for one week wasn’t on the list.

Burn It Out by  Omni | 6.3K

Derek gets magical amnesia as part of a pact with a dark creature, and Stiles can save him by way of Once Upon a Time rules.

We’ll Still Have The Summer by  allyasavedtheday | 32.3K

He’s too busy waxing poetic in his own head about the surly – dreamy – dude holding the sign for the hotel to notice Scott already making his way over. He pauses halfway when he realises Stiles isn’t following him, turning around and eyeing Stiles curiously, “Dude, come on, the guy’s waiting.”

Stiles snaps himself into action and pushes his cart carrying his suitcases over to where Scott’s introducing himself to Stiles’ future husband.

The Lawn Ranger by  Snowjob | 47.8K

In which Derek is an adolescent werewolf with a penchant for chocolate bunnies, and instead of the dream summer of lazing around the house playing video games and nibbling on his hoarded supply of easter candy his mother makes him get a job.

In which Stiles is a showoff jock with a broken arm and an embarrassing crush who can no longer push the lawn mower around the yard.

Find Me Sitting Poolside by  TroubleIWant | 14.2K

“Oh, and you’re the Hales!” the host exclaims when Stiles slides the sign-up sheet back. “Or, Hale and Stilinski, I guess. For now.” She gives them a conspiratorial wink. “I have to say, we are just pleased as punch to see an adorable couple like you attending!”

Stiles tosses an arm familiarly around Derek’s shoulders despite all the bags hanging off them, and gives him a squeeze. “I know! We’re pretty much the cutest. Right, honey?” He shoots his Alpha a shit-eating grin.

Derek bares his teeth in what’s probably supposed to be a smile, except that it isn’t, in much the same way that they are supposed to be a couple, but aren’t.

Brick by Brick by  bleep0bleep | 3K

Stiles eats his hot dog slowly, mesmerized by the incredible detail, and also in particular, there’s a hot bearded guy adding more Legos to the scene, including a crowd of Lego people at a train stop. Now Lego Hottie is adding what looks to be a custom built space ship to the train scene, and is affixing it to the ceiling with wire so it is flying above the train– oh my God, Lego Hottie is building a scene from Firefly.

You’re Drowning (No I’m Not!) by  KuriKuri | 6.5K

In which Derek is a lifeguard and Stiles goes to the pool way too often.

shopping with jk

- never remembering what you guys really need bc you two are always wandering into the junk food section 

- “dont buy those donuts” “you can’t stop me” “you can’t eat those” “i’m not the one that has to be on a diet” “coME FIGHT ME” “im buying these, kook” “im breaking up with you” “good, then i can buy my donuts in peace” 

- him taking out all the junk food that you put into the shopping cart and you wanting to beat him up bc of it 

- giving him a dirty look bc he just has to whip out his credit card to pay for like $10 groceries “it’s okay, i got it this time” “just give them the bills” “no, no, no, no” 

- leaving the store while carrying the groceries in one arm and the other arm carrying you over his back “when will you put me down” “never” 

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ah okay can u do one where tyler is the reader's upstairs neighbor and he plays the piano every night and it puts the reader to sleep, but then one night he stops and the reader can't sleep so she goes up and knocks on his door??


As soon as you sit down to eat, it starts.  But you planned it that way, so you smile to yourself.  You feel your entire body relax, as you inhale deeply, picking up your fork once your shoulders had fallen.  Your foot starts tapping as you try to follow the same rhythm as the keys playing above.

It’s a beautiful piece tonight. Yesterday was much faster and upbeat, but tonight it’s slow and almost sort of sad. You try to hum along.

You moved in about three months ago, your last place was just too far from your school, and it’s been incredible. You love it.   It’s a good size, rent is cheap, and there’s also your upstairs neighbor who, every night at 7:30, without falter or fail, plays the piano beautifully for hours until you’re in bed, the rhythmic melody helping you fall asleep.

You never really spent a lot of time thinking about who was playing upstairs.  Probably some old man or lady, you didn’t see how anyone below the age of 30 would have enough time to play a piano for hours on end.

That night, much like many others, you finished your dinner and fell asleep to the sound of your neighbor and their piano.

You can’t sleep, you’ve been tossing and turning since your head hit the pillow.  This was the fourth night the piano hadn’t been played.

You’d just gotten so accustomed to listening to the notes every evening, you didn’t realize how much you had grown to depend on it until now. You knew you were going to wake up exhausted and grouchy. This is all your neighbor’s fault.

It’s 7:34 PM on a Thursday night and you’ve found yourself standing in front of your upstairs neighbor’s door. You honestly didn’t know what you were going to say, but you were feeling reckless and impulsive after running on hardly any sleep this week.  Frankly, at this point, you didn’t really care. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Before you knew it, you’re knocking on the door, eyes looking to the crack in the bottom of the door where you can see a small peak of a shadow.

“Who is it?” The person asks, his voice is muffled but it’s definitely a guy.

“Uh-your downstairs neighbor?” you try to say but it comes out as a question, this isn’t weird, right? Neighbors knock on their neighbors doors asking them to keep playing their piano, right? Right.

“Anne? Are you sick-Oh.” And what.

He’s not old, is the thing. The first thing you see is feet covered in speckled, gray socks, followed by black jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and a hand holding a bitten slice of pizza with a bandage. Uhh—

“You’re not Anne.” The boy says, his voice light, yet raspy.

“Anne-um. Moved. Sorry, am I in the right place? 34 B?” you ask because this pretty brown eyed, soft haired, boy cannot possibly be the anonymous piano player.

“Yeah…Can I help you?…” He asks, his unoccupied hand coming to rest on the open door and holy shit you can see a glimpse of a grand piano right behind him in his living room. What the hell?

“Piano?” you stupidly say, like that makes any sense. The boy turns around to look at his instrument and looks back at you, eyebrows furrowed.

“What?” He asks, one of his eyebrows raising, expecting an answer. God, he’s gorgeous.

“You stopped playing— I used to hear you? Downstairs?” you say and this is why you need to figure out what the hell you’re doing before going and actually doing it.

“Oh my piano.. yeah, I’m kinda taking a break from playing, sorry if it’s annoying or whatever, but I pay extra for this place to let me to play—"

“No, no! I love it!” you say, almost desperately, “I just-“ you stop to bite your lip and think for a second, “this is weird, but—“ you stop before disclosing the fact that the man’s music helps you sleep. “I actually miss it,” you say instead.

“Oh!” he says, almost surprised, “my hand though… see?” The boy huffs out a laugh as he raises his right bandaged hand that’s holding the pizza.

“Is that from playing too much?” you ask.

“The cost of playing an instrument, you know? I’m Tyler.” He extends his good hand for a shake and you can’t believe this. The mysterious piano player is a young, hot dude. What?

“I’m Y/N!” you reply, shaking his hand.  You can’t help but notice how well your hands fit together so nicely.

“Y/N,” He starts, biting off a piece of pizza and continuing with his mouth full, “Do you want a slice of pizza?”

And, come on. It’s free pizza, You’re not going to say no.

You hit it off after that night. You kept having excuses to go back to see Tyler, the first time you brought Tyler a batch of your home made cookies, “a repayment for the pizza,” you had said and Tyler grinned and pulled you inside, grabbing two cups and filling them up with milk.

You learned more about Tyler every time you hung out, too. You found out Tyler is hilarious, he’s also sarcastic, he’s only been playing the piano since he was nineteen and has a band with his friend. That one you couldn’t believe at first, the way Tyler had said it so casually was surprising.  

The next time you’re knocking, there seems to be a lot of commotion going on in Tyler’s apartment.  But he answers, nonetheless.

“Y/N!” he greets with a smile.  

“Hey,” you say, apprehensively.  You hear the voices of at least two or three other people in the apartment.  

“I just thought I’d say hi— didn’t know you had people over-“

“No, no, no! Come in! Meet my friends!” he says, opening the way for you to walk inside.  

You’re uncomfortable.

The thing is; you don’t do this kinda thing very often. Your only friend is a girl from school, but even then, you only hang out at school.

When you entered Tyler’s apartment, you see three other guys standing around.  

“Y/N, this is Mark,” he points to a sandy-haired boy with a goofy grin, “Michael,” there’s a buff man holding a beer, “and Josh,” the yellow hair and bright smile gave away his identity as the other half to Tyler’s band.

You smile nervously and wave, feeling awkward just standing around. But soon after introductions, they carry on with whatever video game they were playing.  

“Come on in, Y/N. Don’t be shy!” Tyler says softly. He goes and sits on the soft, patting on the spot next to him. “Come sit, there’s enough space!”

There isn’t space enough. Well, not really at least. The sofa is more of a love-seat, and you end up pressed right against Tyler. He doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest, and when he casually  throws his arm around your waist after a few minutes, you start to relax.

It ends up being a really good night. You try a few rounds of Mario-Cart but stop, because you end up being so horrible. You don’t mind though.  You’re perfectly content with just watching the other guys play while you’re cuddled close to Tyler. You can’t really remember the last time you’ve had so much fun. They’re all constantly making jokes and telling stories and laughing, and you feel so carefree, almost like you’re floating.

At some point, you must have fallen asleep, cause when you open your eyes, it’s to Tyler slowly caressing your cheek. “Wakey, wakey,” he says softly with a chuckle.

You slowly blink and then move to sit up straight. “Oh,” you say, slightly dazed. “Did I fall asleep?”

Tyler nods. “Yeah, about an hour ago. The guys just left though, so I figured it was about time I woke you up. I’m sorry though.. You looked really peaceful, sleeping.”

You look at how your legs are strangling Tyler’s and notice how you’re perfectly curled into his side. You blush, but are too sleepy to be embarrassed about it. “’m sorry,” you mumble. “Didn’t mean to fall asleep on you. I’ll- uh..” you yawn. “I’ll go home then.”

Tyler smiles. “I didn’t mind. It was quite comfy, actually.  Come on,” he says. “I’ll walk you out.”

You make your way to the front door. When Tyler opens the door, you turn around to thank him.

“Thank you for letting me hang out. And like, letting me sleep on you, I guess. I had a really good night,” you say, still slightly blushing.

Tyler either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care about embarrassment. “No problem. I had a really good night too.” He bites his lip and then raises his hand to touch yours. It’s a light brush, but you feel sparks of electricity spike through you.

You’re about to start nodding, when Tyler leans forward and presses a soft kiss to your cheek. “See you soon?”

You’re baffled, but somehow you manages to mutter out a “yes” before walking away.

Later, when you’re alone in your own bed, you replay the kiss in your head so many times you start getting dizzy. And yes, you think, you could totally get used to this.

The next day, Tyler’s the one knocking on your door.  You’re surprised, but even more so when he asks you out for coffee with him.  

After ten minutes of scrambling around looking for shoes and your wallet, you’re out the door, heading down the street.  There’s a cozy cafe on the corner and Tyler holds the door for you.  You let out a sigh of relief after getting shelter from the cold.

You sit in a small booth near the front window and cradle your cup of hot chocolate between your fingers as you watch people walk by.

Tyler makes sure to keep the conversation going, and there’s never really a dull moment.

You’re laughing loudly when Tyler reaches out at your face. You freeze in your seat as you feel his thumb sweep softly over your lip.

Tyler smiles and pulls his hand back. “You had a little chocolate-moustache, sorry.”

You smile back, but look down, blushing hard.

Tyler takes a breath. “Okay, look at me for a second please.”

You raise your head and carefully stare at Tyler, trying not to get lost in his breathtaking brown eyes.

“I like you,” Tyler then says.

Your breath hitches in your throat and your hands freeze where they’re laying near Tyler’s. “You…” you mumble, but it sounds more like a question.

Tyler’s eyebrows climb high on his forehead. “Like you, yes.” He says, nodding in affirmation, eyes widened with anticipation.

Tyler smiles again, “Man, I thought I was being obvious. I like you, and I’m not afraid to admit that to anyone.” He laughed softly. “I’m sorry for springing this on you like this, because I have no idea how you even feel about me, but-“

You interrupt him, “Seriously?” The surprise is clear in your eyes. “I have a huge crush, I mean the size of Everest on you, Tyler.”

For the first time that day, Tyler seems taken back a bit. “Well, I mean- I guess I didn’t want to assume anything?”

You laugh, “Can I tell you something?” you ask, fixing your eyes back on Tyler.

He nods carefully.

“Your piano playing helps me sleep,” you sigh, “I used to curl up in bed and listen every night, it soothed me.  When you stopped, I couldn’t fall asleep, I just tossed and turned.  That’s why I came up that night— to see why you stopped.”

Tyler just stared at you with a fond look on his face. “It put you to sleep?” He says smiling.

You’re suddenly hit by a wave of shyness, “Yeah…” you mumble, it sounded stupid.  

“Y/N?” Tyler says softly, and you look up at him again. “Can I kiss you?” he continues, voice barely more than a whisper.

Your heart stops for a second, before you slowly nod. “Honestly? I’d be really disappointed if you didn’t.”

Tyler leans forward and softly presses your lips together. He tastes like mocha and every wonderful thing in the world, and you think that this is probably the best first kiss someone could ever have.

Later that night you’re curled up into Tyler’s side, listening to the rise and fall of his chest.  You sigh in frustration, finding that you, once again, cannot sleep.

“I really wish your hand wasn’t hurt— then you could play for me,” you pout, poking your lip out and looking up at him.

He chuckles, giving you a small squeeze before disclosing, “You know I can sing, right?”

You furrow your eyebrows, racking your brain for the conversation where he told you that… But you can’t recall.  You would’ve remembered.  You would’ve made him demonstrate.

“You never told me that—“

“Would you like me to sing to you?  Then maybe you could fall asleep?”

You nod into his chest, burying your face into the fabric of his shirt before saying, “Yes, please.”

Tyler clears his throat lightly before starting to sing— and it’s beautiful.  At first, your chest fills up with so much admiration for Tyler that sleep is the last thing on your mind.  But he continues and his soft tune mixed with the feeling of his hand running up and down your back softly, has you calming down.  Your eyes soon grow heavy and after only a couple of verses, you’ve drifted off into a deep, sleep.  

Zach Imagine #5: Part 2

“Hey, Mrs. Y/L/N! Do you know where Y/N is?”

Your mom looks at Zach confused. “I thought she was with you?”

“She was, but she went home after dropping me off.”

“Zach. She never came home.”


“Y/N? Please pick up.”



“Gotcha! I’m not able to answer right now so leave a message after the tone!”

“God damn it. Y/N, where are you?” Zach questions himself.


“Oh.. oh god. Ok, thank you,” she says, then puts her phone down.

“What’s wrong?” 

“She’s in the hospital,” your mom cries.


“Jensen? What the hell happened?” Zach yells.

“I-I don’t know. I was walking home from the party when I saw a car flipped over and it was your car, so I went over and she was in the driver’s seat. Her eyes were closed, she was bleeding. I called 911 as fast as I could.”

Zach retraces her steps. What if she was drank, after she drove me home. She was pretty upset, and it’s my fault.

“It’s all my fault, I let her drive home,” Zach cried.


“Zach, Honey? Do you want to see her?” Zach nodded, got up and went into her room. The doctors had said she was in a really bad condition and that if she lived it would be a miracle. They told us to say our goodbyes now. 

Zach looked at his best friend. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have let you go. I should have made you stay. You are my best friend and I love you. I realize that now. I can live without Carrie, but I can’t live without you. You’re my best friend, and I’m in love with you. You can’t die, I have to tell you. I love you, Y/N.” Just then the machine started erratically beeping. 


“Y/N!” He cried.

“Sir, you have to leave.” “Sir.” “Sir, you can’t be in here.”

Zach couldn’t move.

“SOMEBODY GET THIS KID OUT OF HERE!” The nurse then grabbed Zach’s arm and lead him outside.


“Time of death, 13:27.”


Zach stood in front of your grave. “I loved you too.” 


3 days ago Zach had gotten tapes, explaining why he was a reason why Hannah Baker had taken her life. A day ago, he found out who had caused his best friend’s death. Sherri Holland.


“You were selfish. You were so selfish. You were scared that your parents would be so disappointed in you for drinking, because you’re the perfect girl, the cheerleader, the nice one, that gets straight A’s and everything. Then you knocked down the stop sign and while Hannah was telling you to tell someone, you left her there. You killed my best friend. I loved her. And I’ll never be able to tell her that I love her back, because of you.”


Summary: You and your boyfriend have just moved in together, calling for an immediate shopping trip to update your apartment. 

A/N: This is an idea I got because I went to Target to get one thing and ended up spending like $200 on pretty stuff. Also, it kind of sucks, but it was a cute idea and I really wanted to write it. 

As usual, shoutout to @hamilbye for reading this when it was halfway done for me and telling me it was an adorable idea. 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

Warnings: All fluff, all the time (would I ever write anything else?) 

Words: 2,381 (I can’t even try to keep my word count low. Sorry.) 

Maneuvering your car into a tight parking space had taken ten minutes. Finding the parking space had taken half an hour. From where you sat, it almost wasn’t worth it. But then you glanced at the smiling being sitting next to you in the car and grinned. Lin was a toddler, already straining against his seat belt, trying to wrestle himself out of the car and into the store. You reacted immediately when he placed a hand on the door handle, reaching your hand out to grab his wrist, your body leaning over the center console. You laughed before growing stern, the look on his face just barely contained the excitement.

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Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader is best friends with Roman, traveling with him and valeting him to the ring. The two were inseparable. What happens when everything changes?

**A/N: ** Shout-out to @lclb13 because this fic is written based on a request from her imagination. I made this as true to the request as possible. Protective Roman is pretty cute. The song choice for this one: “Hold Back the River” by James Bay.

**S/B: ** Check out @thiickreigns for version two!


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“Tried to keep you close to me

But life got in between

Tried to square not being there        

But think that I should have been…”

           It was a long day, a really long and tiring day. The flights, the interviews, the training: long, tedious and tiring and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. Instead, I was here in Orlando, Florida, sitting quietly in the stands of the arena an hour and a half before Monday night Raw began.

           “Hey, baby girl. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

          Roman’s deep, soothing voice from behind my row of seats caused me to jump up in shear surprise. I turned around with a scowl planted firmly on my face, trying my best not to smile at his apologizing pout. We’ve been best friends since we started out in NXT five years earlier. Now, we worked together for the same company and traveled together all the time. When I say I loved this adorable Samoan to death, I truly meant it.

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yorktown s/o headcanons

could you do some more poly!yorktown + reader headcanons, please??? it could be about anything!! (i.e. All going to one store&shaving to keep track, how dates go, fluff, going to the beach, etc) !!!! THANKSM

boss’ memo : yes, i can ! i hope you guys find these okay ! :0

  • the most interesting thing all of you could do is go to the store together, being honest,
    • alex has fifty coupons and is extremely specific about what food items he wants,, ”no it’s gotta be the third milk from the bottom”
      “alex please”
      • half way through the trip, alex is going to be filled with a desire to ride in the grocery cart. do not let him, because he won’t know how to climb out without tipping the cart over and one of the other boys will have to pick him up and carry him out
      • he will get grumpy as a result and will probably go to you,, he’ll sulk, for a bit, but while he does, he’ll hold your hand as you walk around
      • (and he’ll likely suggest stuff that you could maybe buy? please?)
    • john’s doing his best to parse george’s handwriting on the list (because you all need a list, being honest) while hercules pushes the cart and sneaks other stuff in (and lafayette removes stuff because he thinks they’re going to go over budget)
      • speaking of lafayette, keep an eye on him as he may start snacking on dry cereal
        • (or just ask herc to keep an eye on him)
    • george disappears the first few minutes and suddenly returns holding his own bag with nearly every item on the list john has–of which he places in the cart and after emptying the bag, he will go off again to find more stuff,,,
      • if you guys decide to go off the list and he’s already technically collected the Essential Ingredients, he’s gonna hang around. might try and convince you to get some sort of baked goods…
      • at this point you’ll essentially have alex and george trying to coax you into taking their sides, so when they start that up, leaving is suggested
    • john will want to carry all the bags
      • don’t let him but also don’t fight him, either
      • hercules may end up carrying john + his groceries
  • and here’s how this polyam squad came to be–
    • you meet hercules one early morning in the park,, he’s relaxing on the grass and knitting and he compliments you on your clothes, causing the two of you to get into a conversation. he also walks you home, as you mention to him that you think someone might be following you and he nods, ready to do anything if it’ll help you feel safer. this becomes a routine of sorts for the two of you. one day, while the two of you are sitting down together, he kinda blurts out that he may or may not adore you? and you’re quiet, for a moment (as people who have been suddenly confessed to tend to be) and this causes a panic in him, so he puts his needles down and starts trying to explain himself. he tells you that he’s also with two people and he understands if this bothers you or makes you uncomfortable and when he’s mostly done talking (more so rambling at this point) you end up pretty much climbing into his lap and smothering him with kisses.
    • honestly lafayette takes one look at you–wearing a scarf from hercules to hide the marks on your neck, all flustered to meet him–and then eyes hercules’ expression of, ‘aren’t they the most adorable person you’ve ever seen?’ and he can’t help but let out a sigh and cover his mouth with one hand to hide his smile. herc is right. you’re absolutely precious, and he kind of sort of really wants you, oops. he’s half laughing at himself for falling so quickly for you as he tells hercules… all while unaware that you can hear him.
    • john’s already aware of what’s going to happen, he’s just unsure of how or when it’s gonna happen. he’s a pretty self aware guy and he’s not going to deny that when he starts noticing himself looking at you to see if you’ll give him one of your incredible smiles after he cracks a joke, he gets the idea of what’s going on. one of the things that the two of you enjoy doing is telling each other, “fight me”, and you’re going back and forth on it together before the following exchange happens:
      “fight me”
      “fight me
      “fight me”
      “fight me
      “kiss me”
    • alex, for the most part, isn’t the best actor at pretending that he’s not jealous that four of his friends are in a relationship and he isn’t. he knows that you can’t really control attraction, but it still causes him frustration until he can’t take it anymore and asks for all of you to meet him at a cafe / bar. alex arrives after you all do, and looking more nervous than you’ve ever seen him, he puffs up his chest and finally admits that he adores all four of you with every fiber of his being and he understands if you don’t return his affections but every second where he doesn’t confess is destroying him. … needless to say, he’s never received so many smooches in such a short amount of time.
    • you’ve actually known george longer than you’ve known herc, and the two of you aren’t super close, but he’s always kind of standoffish around you? he’s never in the room with you for long, and there’s times where he trips over his words and then makes eye contact with you and promptly leaves. you’re quite surprised when lafayette and alex inform you of how they feel towards him, and if they could start a relationship with him? provided you and the others don’t mind,,
      • george loves you. he’s kinda always loved you, but he’s okay with just leaving this at pining,, he’s too shy to express his feelings, though. you’re the last person he gets into a relationship with and it just happens that he calls you into his office and won’t look at you the entire time as he tries to articulate how he feels,, (the others assured him you share his feelings. give him smooches and make sure by the time you’re done, there’s no doubt in his mind at all)
Jerem! Au

Jeremy can’t exactly pinpoint when the crew started to feel less like a crew and more like a familly.

He starts off avoiding the penthouse whenever possible. Geoff is intimidating, Vagabond is insane and he can’t read Jack for the life of him. (Does she want to thank him or shank him? Who knows? Not Jeremy)

Gavin is an asshole. He seems to have it out for Jeremy and he cant decide if the man is genuinely just this fucking annoying at all times or if its just for Jeremy and he ups the anti.

Within the first few weeks of him officially being in the crew the overly pretentious hacker has made it a point to draw penises on every-fucking-thing he owns and Jeremy never sees him do it. Not once.

Ryan only has to stare at him intidmidatingly once for Jeremy to be completely fine with avoiding him.

Things change so slowly that he barely notices it.

The transition from driving himself home after heists and having Jack drive him and the others back to the penthouse is something that completely skips his attention.

He only had to start once conversation with Ryan about house plant upkeep before its a daily thing. (Ryan’s cactus Jon has become a permanent fixture in these conversations, which is fucking weird according to Michael but whatever)

Geoff doesnt seem nearly as intimidating after his first breakdown. Not that he seems weak, Jeremy doesnt think he could ever see the other man as weak. Geoff avoids him for almost a week after Jeremy had caught him drinking himself into a stupour and practically wrestled the bottle from him, forced him to drink some water and carried him up to bed. Refusing to leave until he was asleep.

He gets a bottle of whiskey in the mail and he knows its an apology and a thankyou wrapped into one.

Gavin’s made it his mission to beat him in Mario cart and Jeremy is now invited to everyone of Michaels ‘Raising hell’ trips. (Nothing more that driving around Ls and causing as much trouble as possible)

Point is, Jeremy isnt Dooley any more. He isn’t the temp, or the new hire.

He’s Jeremy. The sharpshooter of the Fakes and he fucking loves it.

Baby Liam| Scott McCall x Reader x Liam Dunbar


Part 3| Series

Grocery Shopping Trip

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You hummed as you rolled the shopping cart through the aisle in the grocery store. You came to a stop and grabbed two zippy cups for toddlers, reading the labels to yourself. You heard Scott following behind you, having trouble carrying baby Liam. You looked up to find baby Liam pushing at his chest and turning his head towards yours, catching your eyes before smiling. “God, even as a little baby, he still follows your around like a lost puppy.” Scott scoffs feeling a little betrayed at his beta.

You put both cups in the cart before making your way over to Liam, stretching out your arms, “Does little Liam want to get away from the big bad ugly monster?” You asked before grabbing him, a little giggle coming out from his mouth. “Yes you do!” You cooed making Scott roll his eyes, “I told you I’m sorry.” He whispered, hugging you from behind. Sighing, you smirked up at him, “You’re on diaper duty.”


You made your way to the toy aisle in the baby section, your eyes skimming over the many different toys, while carrying Liam on your hip. Liam pushed himself forward, his arm stretching towards one of the many toys. You eyes them not knowing which one he wanted, which made him believe he wasn’t going to get the toy he wanted. He started crying making Scott you panic handing Liam to Scott which only made him cry more. You started grabbing toys of the shelves, while Scott managed to, surprisingly, calm down Liam’s wailing cries to soft whimpers. You showed Liam the toys one by one, until he smiled at a certain stuffed wolf making Scott laugh at the irony.

His laugh was cut off short by Liam calling you, “…mama.” You looked at him shocked because even though he was two years old, capable of speaking, he hadn’t uttered a single word. “Did..he just..” You whispered in shocked, eyes wide staring at Scott. He looked in awe before shaking his head, “I’ve been teaching him ‘dada’ since we found him…little mommy attention seeker.” He pouted.

You smiled before kissing him, Liam interrupting by crying and pushing you both away and leaping over to hug you, stopping you from getting close to Scott. “He hates me.” Scott states.

An elder lady approach you both, smiling adoringly at the young couple. “You guys are adorable. This is the type of relationship every teenager should have. Don’t let anyone stop you from happiness.” The elder lady said while she observed the interaction. “Oh, no…it’s not..we’re not, you see…” You tried explaining but couldn’t seem to figure how to sentence it. Scott smiled proudly, “Thank you ma'am. My family and I appreciate it.”


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What about the foxes on a midnight snack run


  • Okay so it’s like around semifinals or something and 2am because Kevin made everyone practice until they were at the gates of hell so everyone is tired and sleep deprived and exhausted and hates Kevin
  • Except Kevin he’s still going
  • But Nicky is having none of that because Kevin tried to throw out all of the junk in everyone’s fridges but now all that’s left are like a pack of peanuts and an avocado so he throws everyone into the 24 hour Target parking lot
  • Matt drove everyone there too because he saw the avocado and cried
  • So everyone is in Target at like ass o clock in the morning, running around looking for food and Andrew
  • God Andrew’s just
  • He’s got circles under his eyes that make him look like the spawn of death itself
  • Dan is a fucking nightmare
  • She’s tired and hungry and ready to fight like twenty people and she’s throwing literally anything into the cart.
  • Pizza?? Can’t get enough frozen pizza. There’s like twenty different kids of cereal. Cheese stuffed jalepenos! Great! Let’s get three bags! Can’t have enough salami! A pumpkin?? Someone knows how to cook that right??
  • Matt is trying to be ground control but he’s so tired and sleepy that at some point he falls asleep trying to pick things out of the cart and they have to stuff the rest of him in there and cart him around while they throw food on top of him.
  • Andrew just bitterly. Puts a giant store-bought cake on top of Matt. He doesn’t remove it and nobody can make him.
  • Nicky has disappeared at this point but he comes back with like thirty different outfits but they’re all for Neil
  • NEIL
  • Nicky it’s three int he morning- NEIL PLEASE
  • Aaron is off by the aisle with the bean bags and has just sort of curled up in one to sleep and not left. Renee finds him in the middle of the aisle and puts him and the bean bag back on the shelf where less people can find him because she feels bad.
  • She also covers him in pillows.
  • And towels because she can’t unpack the blankets.
  • And she ends up falling asleep on the floor next by accident on top of a bunch of towels and pillows because Aaron just looks so comfortable and peaceful it made her sleepy and peaceful.
  • Kevin has grumpily been banished in the Starbucks for a long time. He just sits there as Allison is his guardwoman, using Kevin’s credit card to buy herself like fifteen cups of coffee as she angrily glares at him in silence.
  • Dan finds them eventually with a cart full of boyfriend and random food items.
  • “I want Kevin to buy all of this” “Dan you can’t buy a human” “Fucking watch me”
  • Nicky got distracted when he found Renee and Aaron in the bean bag aisle and is taking like forty million pictures.
  • And Andrew just shoves a half-awake Neil into a changing room so they can make out.
  • They come back with flushed faces and mussed hair and Allison takes more money from Kevin’s wallet.
  • It takes like three people to pull Matt out of the cart and carry him into the backseat.
  • They all eventually get back home with Neil asleep on Andrew, Aaron five times grouchier than normal, Renee buying all of the towels out of guilt, six bags of frozen chicken nuggets, and evidence of all of their misdeeds on Nicky’s instagram.
  • Wymack almost bans late night practices.

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So glad the ask box is open again ^_^ Could you do HCs of the Chocobros grocery shopping with their s/o? Like I can totally see Gladio getting items from high shelves and Noct admiring the booty when your digging through freezer bins lol. Maybe a little nsfw action when they get home. ;) Thanks! <3

Aww, this is so cute!


- Tries to steer the cart away from the produce section. That’s where the veggies are

- Will pile half of the cart full of junk food. You’re pretty sure he’s got every chip flavor imaginable in there.

- Will reluctantly go back to the produce section if you whine. He’s fine with fruit, but the second he sees you pick up a broccoli crown, he’s got a disgusted look on his face.

- The bulk section is his favorite if they’ve got candy.

- “I can get two pounds of gummy bears?”

- “Noct, you don’t need that many gummy bears –“

- “…But they’re on sale. And there’s gummy worms.”

- “Sold.”

- Will try to pay for everything at checkout. He’s a prince, he’s got money. …Also you tolerated him whining over candy and veggies at the store.


- Shops on a budget. Has coupons!

- Will try to talk you into hopping into the cart while he pushes it around. He thinks it’d be hilarious and he wants pictures. He also wants to ride in the cart once too.

- Beelines for the produce section first. He likes junk food, but he prioritizes healthy stuff first. – He’ll try to get you to try healthier stuff too if you’re not a fan of it.

- Pineapples. Expect a lot of eyebrow waggling at you when he puts them in the cart. ;)

- Will toss into the cart something he’s never tried before if it catches his eye. He’ll text Ignis about it before he buys it since Iggy probably has a better idea of whatever the new thing is, and whether or not Prompto will like it.


- Gets the spiciest hot sauce he can find.

- “We gotta get the orange-scented soap. IT’S MY FAVORITE”

- When the two of you get home, he’ll try to carry every grocery bag in one trip. Has like ten bags on each arm and it’s hilarious.


- Has two shopping lists. One for his place, one for Noctis to make sure the boy eats on things other than junk food.

- Can eyeball the weight of things sold by weight pretty well. He’s slightly off every time, but he’s pretty damn close.

- When you’re shopping with him, he’ll adhere to his lists, but he’ll let you pick random things off the shelves if you want to.

- Too short to reach something? He’ll get it for you, smiling all the way. He’s thinking about calling you short, but he bites his tongue when he sees you blushing.

- EBONY. A quarter of the cart has Ebony in it. There’s also a mountain of cleaning supplies.

-  Will probably spend a lot of time in front of the frozen food section debating on what ice cream he wants.

- Sneak some chocolate and/or strawberry ice cream into the cart. He loves those.

- If the grocery store has a floral section, don’t be surprised if you notice him sneak a bouquet of flowers in with your items at checkout.

- Buys candles and incense to help him relax in the tub if it’s been a particularly stressful day.


- LIGHTER FLUID. STEAK. PROTEIN POWDER. At the top of every list. He’s gotta grill, gotta have steak, gotta have protein powder. No questions asked.

- The employees at the store know him as the Cup Noodle Guy. They’ve got a case for him when he’s run out. It’s in the back, he’s just gotta find the manager to get it for him.

- Thinks it’s hysterical when you try to jump up and reach something off a high shelf. He’ll eventually step in to help after watching you struggle a little bit.

- Finds the book/magazine section and piles up on anything that has an eye-catching title or book cover. Will buy erotic novels. Several of them.

- “What are those for, Gladdy?”

- “Dramatic reading night when the guys and I are camping.”

- Playfully argues with you over what flavor of chips is better, then settle for pretzels. The chocolate covered ones. They’re his favorite.

- Thinks it’s cute when you take over the shopping cart and make him follow you around instead of the reverse. He mostly does this so he can check out your backside. ;)

- Like Prompto, he’ll try to get every single grocery bag on his arms and carry them all into the house at once. He hates making multiple trips.

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i heard s2 is 12eps long and adapts only one arc and im so dissapointed! because there arent many ereri moments on that part right? after all this wait and we wont see them together this season :(

There really is a lack of Eren and Levi moments during the Clash arc (⋟﹏⋞). There’s a lack of Levi in general, since he’s still injured and can’t join the fight.

There is only one significant moment between them on this arc, and we will probably see it animated very soon (maybe even next saturday?), since it happens on Chapter 37.

Warning: Manga spoilers from here on, remember that they’re always tagged as “snk spoilers” in case you want to blacklist them.

Eren and Levi share a cart, along with Mikasa, Armin, Hange, and Pastor Nick. During the ride, a few important conversations take place. 

Hange explains to them that Pastor Nick and his cult knew about the titans inside the walls. They also share the theory that Eren might be able to seal the hole in the wall by using crystalizing abilities with his titan like the female titan did. Armin comes up with the idea of doing a night operation, in which a small group of people could quickly run to wall Maria while the titans are inactive, and so Eren would seal the wall this way.

But of course all depends on Eren actually being able to crystalize, and seal the hole. Armin says this and Hange asks Eren if he is going to be capable to do it.

We can see Eren’s face and how he is basically put on the spot and not knowing what to say. Because he really doesn’t know if he’s capable of doing that, he has never done it before, and he has already enough pressure on his shoulders as it is. And now suddenly, there’s this new possibility, a mission that could solve one of their biggest problems once and for all, and by the way they have explained it, it could be done so easily… but it all depends on him, he’s again the key for the mission to be successful, and if he isn’t capable of doing it, then it obviously would be a disaster. His hesitation is understandable.

There’s an uncomfortable silence, and everyone is waiting for Eren to say something, but he can’t. And then Levi speaks:

Levi has noticed how uncomfortable and unsure Eren was and so he speaks to him and says just the right words. There is no other acceptable outcome than succeeding. And to do that Eren must seal the hole. Eren is the only one who can do this, their only chance. He motivates and encourages him, and it’s obvious that his words have a great effect on him.

Eren might still not be fully sure of being able to seal the hole, but his change of attitude is clear: there is no hesitation, he’s ready to try anything and do whatever it takes to succeed on their mission.

But that’s not the only important scene during the cart ride. Before they separate, Levi has a few words for Mikasa regarding Eren.

Protecting Eren is Levi’s responsibility, but he can’t be there this time. So he tells Mikasa it’s up to her now to keep Eren safe, no matter what. It makes sense that Levi entrusts Mikasa with this task since she’s the second strongest after him. But he thinks her attachment to Eren can actually put him at risk if she lets herself be carried away by her emotions.

When he tells her to not mess up again, he is refering to the incident in the forest. Levi told her to not try to fight the female titan, rescuing Eren was their priority. But she did not listen to him, and this was the cause of Levi’s injury. By Eren’s reaction, he doesn’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

After this, they separate and go different ways, and I believe they don’t share any more scenes for the rest of the arc. We actually almost don’t see Levi at all anymore…

He briefly appears on Chapter 45 along with Jean, Erwin and Pixis. And the next time we see him is on Chapter 51 already, which can be considered Uprising arc. We don’t know exactly how many chapters they will adapt, so some parts of Chapter 51 might be covered during this season. But the next time Eren and Levi are together is on Chapter 52, which is definitely part of the Uprising arc, and very unlikely to be adapted right now.

So, well, resuming… we will have a small but significant scene soon, but after that there’s really nothing else. However, don’t get discouraged by this! The possibility of them adapting the next arc soon is still there. It might be announced later, it might be a split cour, or they might be doing only 12 episodes to be able to do the next season sooner, maybe next year. And there will be additional scenes that are original to the anime, and not shown in the manga. Although unlikely, some of them might be about Eren and Levi.

I understand your dissapointment though, I too wish we would have more scenes of them animated… but what can we do! We have to be patient and wait for the rest to come. Until then, we can focus on fan content. Our ship is still the most popular and the one with more fanworks, so at least we are very lucky on that aspect and I’m sure that will make the wait easier (*^∀゚)ъ.


Sam Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Request: Congratulations on your900followers!Could I possibly request something with Sam Winchester?Like pregnant!reader,and she has her babies?Two boys, one girl?Basically it’s her having them and taking them home to the bunker,Cas,Dean,&Mary meeting them?:) by @marygracewinchester

Warnings: Labor. 

Notes: I’m so soooo sorry for just posting this now… i’m trying to write all the thing i have to write but i have no inspiration. I’m really sorry guys. Oh and sorry about the small gif, was the only one i found. I hope you like the story though :)

“Okay, they will probably be home in two days.” Sam said after hanging up the phone. Dean, Cas and - strange as it may seem - Mary, went to solve an important case a few towns away and you and Sam didn’t go because…well you were 9 months pregnant, and you could go into labor any moment now.  

“Great.” You said. “Look, this is super cute.” You pointed at the matching Disney jumpsuits. You two were at the mall, seeing some more baby clothes for the twins you were expecting. One boy and one girl. 

“Mickey and Minnie? A little cliché, don’t you think?” He said frowning and you rolled your eyes. He laughed, giving away that he was messing with you. “Adorable, we are taking it.” He said taking the jumpsuits and putting them in the shopping cart. “Oh, look at this.” He said and you laughed when you saw that he was talking about jumpers with little wings in the back.

“Cas would be happy if we took those.” You said with a small smile and he agreed. After a while, you finally went in line to pay, with quite a few clothes, cute toys and stuff like that. Sam always imagined himself in those situations, but never really thought that would actually happen. He was incredibly happy with all of this. With his mother back, you pregnant with twins and especially… with you. He was a better man with you, he knew that. 

“Hm…excuse me?” An old lady touched your arm, and you turned and smiled to her. “Sweetie, this is super normal in pregnancy but… your pants are wet.” 

“What?” You asked shocked and embarrassed, putting your hands in your tights and noticing that they were in fact humid. What the hell….? Sam suppressed a laugh but immediately positioned himself behind you to cover you. But before you could say anything else, you groaned in pain, putting your hands in your belly.

What. The. Hell.

“(Y/N)?” Sam asked in worry, looking at you a little confused. “What is it?” 

“Oh no…” The old woman said and Sam looked at her, already desesperate at this point.

“Oh no what?” He said a little louder than he intented.

“She’s in labor.” She said, and you and him looked at each other with terrified faces. 

This was definitely a big ‘OH NO’


“Sammy!” You cried grinding your teeth, feeling like your back was breaking apart. 

“Shh, you’re gonna be okay.” He said trying to walk through the hospital along with the stretcher that you were laying down on, which the doctors were quickly pushing towards the labor room. “Just breathe.” 

“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” You cried before you screamed louder because of another contration. His eyes widened and he looked at the doctor not knowing what to do, and the doctor just struggled. They finally got to the labor room so you could lie in another bed, and immediately Sam went to your side, holding your hand. 

“Hey (Y/N)” He said seeing you with tears in your eyes, and sweat in your forehead.

“I’m not going to handle it, oh god…” You said hyperventilating and crying hard.

“Hey, hey, sweetheart, look at me.”He said squeezing your hand harder, and you finally looked into his eyes. He put a strand of your hair behind your ear, gently rubbing your cheek with his thumb. “You can do this, okay? We can do it. We’re having a baby, just relax, I will be here by your side the entire time. You’re so strong (Y/N)…” He said with heart eyes and you smiled a little bit. He bent down whispering this part in your ear. “You can fight monsters, demons, the devil himself. Twins? It gonna be easy.” He said and you smiled more. “I love you.”

And you wanted to answer that with words. You really did. But another contraction started and Sam understood your loud scream as an “I love you too.” 

“Okay, push!” The doctor ordered.


You were crying, sweating and incredibly tired. Two and a half hours. You’d been in labor work for two and a half hours already. The boy, Ash, was already clean and wrapped in a blanket, but the girl… well, she insisted in not getting out. Sam was crying too, mostly because of the emotion of the birth of his first child, but also because of all the emotions of the situation. He was in so much anguish from seeing you in so much pain, and this time, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Okay and she’s….” The doctor said and they waited for another cry. “…Out, okay here she is daddy” The doctor said handing Jo in Sam’s arm. Of course you two agreed on those names in honor of your loving friends that unfortunaly weren’t around anymore. He smiled looking at his little girl, and showed her to you making you smile and cry hard.

“We did it sweetie.” He said giving you a chaste kiss when a nurse got Jo from Sam’s arms. 

“Okay, prepare yourself (Y/N), the other boy is coming.” The doctor said and you and Sam looked at each other with wide eyes.

Wait, what?

“Wait, what?” You mentally thanked Sam for saying it out loud for you. The doctor slowly looked up to you and frowned when he saw your desesperate faces.

“Hm…. You know you’re having triplets right?” The doctor said and you gasped. Sam looked about to pass out and you… you just didn’t process that information. 

“Excuse me? She’s expecting twins.” Sam said with a nervous laugh. When you discovered it was going to be two, you freaked out but figured you’d have to make it work. But now… with three?? Three kids?

“Two babies! Just two…AHH” You started but was interrupted when another contraction hit you. 


It was triplets.


"This is your fault you know.” You said looking with a sweet smile at your three babies sleeping in the cribs next to your bed and Sam huffed looking at you with a small smile.

“How this is my fault?” He said looking back to the triplets still hypnotized with them.

“It was your sperm.” You said and he laughed as loudly as he could without waking them up. 

“Shhh don’t say that in front of the kids.” He said messing with you and you rolled your eyes. He was sitting in the bed you were resting, holding your hand. “We still need a name though." 

"We could call him Kevin…” You suggested remembering the small guy you all missed so much. 

“I would like that, but… I’d feel strange calling a baby Kevin.” He said and you sighed relieved.

“I’m glad you think the same way.” You said with a small laugh and he laughed too.

“I like the name Tom.” He said with a smile looking at the third boy and you raised your eyebrows.

“I like that. Like, a lot.” You said to him and he smiled.

“Tom is it.” He said squeezing your hand and giving you a chaste kiss. “Ash, Jo and Tom. Our kids….”

“A little surreal right?” You said and he nodded. “I’m fucking happy Sam.”

“Okay, we will really need to work on your vocabulary around the kids.” He said and you both laughed. 


Sam pushed your wheelchair through the hospital with his right hand, and with his left one carried Jo in a hand baby carriage while a nurse pushed the twins’ baby cart with Tom and Ash. Unfortunately, Dean, Cas and Mary couldn’t arrive in time. They were driving back to the bunker non stop, but they were still a day away. A shame, because they were the most important people on both of your lives and they weren’t there, and of course, help would be more than welcome now that you had… Three babies to take care of. Although they thought it was only two, you and Sam agreed that it would be fun to make a little surprise for them. 

“Finally home.” You said sighing relieved when you got out of the garage and Sam agreed. You were both really tired, you just needed a hot shower. With Sam’s help, you slowly walked towards your room, while he went to the babies’ room to put them on their cribs. For your luck, non of them woke up. 

“Hey…” He said with a small smile laying down on the bed next to you with the electronic nanny in his hands.  

“Hey there.” You said lazily putting your hand in his cheek while he circled your waist with his arm. Although your belly was still a little swollen, it was nice to be in Sam’s arms without a giant belly separating you two. 

“Want to take a shower?” He asked giving you a chaste kiss and you sighed tiredly.

“I really do, but I will wait until Dean arrives. I can’t leave you alone with those three.” You said with a small laugh and he agreed closing his eyes. 

“Try to sleep babe, if I need you I’ll wake you up.” He said kissing your forehead and getting out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” You asked already sleepy and fighting to keep your eyes open. 

“I will watch TV to keep me awake. Sleep darling, you need to rest.” He said and you agreed already entering a deep sleep.


“(Y/N)…” You heard Sam’s voice and felt his hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N)…” You slowly opened your eyes and saw him with Tom in his arms. A crying Tom. Okay, you had to get used to it. You sat up and he put Tom in your arms for you to feed him. 

“The others didn’t wake up?” You asked looking at the small person in your arms. 

“No…” He was interrupted by a loud noise, the bunker door. “Dean arrived.”

“Go greet them, they must be excited to see us.” You said and Sam agreed going out of the room. 

“What the heck…?” Sam whispered when he saw his brother, his mom and Cas walking down the stairs with giant bags of the baby store where your water broke. “What is all of this guys?” Sam asked laughing a little taking one bag from his mother arms. 

“I could ask you the same thing Sammy!” Dean exclaimed when he got down the stairs, throwing the bags on the table. “We got here and a truck was parked in front of the Bunker and they said this was all a present for you and (Y/N) because of what happened!” Dean said going up the stairs again to get more bags from the trunk.

“Holy crap.” Sam said laughing a little while Mary and Cas hugged him. 

“What happened in that store?” Mary asked.

“Oh, about that…” Sam said realizing that he just forgot to tell that detail. “(Y/N)’s water broke in the middle of the store.”

“Oh god” Mary said shocked.

“Yeah…” Sam said. “But now we got one hundred clothes from there, apparently.” 

“Where’s (Y/N)? I wanna see her.” Cas asked anxiously.

“In the room, Tom just woke up.” 

“Congratulations bro.” Dean said finally hugging Sam after he finished taking the others bags from the truck and Sam smiled. “But wait… Tom? I thought that you agreed on Jo and Ash.” 

Sam didn’t say anything, just smiled and lead his family to where you and Tom were. 

“They’re here.” Sam said to you when he entered and you smiled to everybody.

“Hey sweetheart….” Dean said entering your room, giving you a kiss on the forehead and running his finger through Tom’s head. “He’s beautiful…”

“So small…” Mary said hyptonized with her nephew in your arms. “Are you okay (Y/N)? The labor was rough?” 

“A little bit…” You said exchanging funny looks with your husband, they still didn’t know about the triplets. “But I’m okay now.” 

“He’s blessed (Y/N)” Cas said touching Tom’s head and giving you a sweet smile. “I’m glad we finally got to meet the babies.” 

“You want to meet Jo?” Sam asked and everybody nooded. “Let’s go then.”

“Give me Tom (Y/N), so you can take a shower.” Sam continued and you smiled putting your son in his arms, and Dean helped you to get up. They went to the babies room and Dean slowly opened the door. 

“Sam… why are there three cribs?” Cas asked confused and Sam opened a smile.

“Surprise!” You said appearing behind Sam, putting your hand in his back, and the three of them looked with eyes and mouth wide open towards you. 

“You’re kidding right?” Dean asked, slowly opening a smile. “Triplets?!” 

“We didn’t know either until labor.” You said struggling.

“And we decided to make a surprise for you guys.” Sam said and Mary started laughing looking with heart eyes at Ash and Jo.

“Three kids? Oh god, it’s going to be hard work.” Mary said. “And we’re going to help you guys in everything you need.” 

“They are adorable.” Dean said picking up Jo in his arms when she opened her eyes. Dean, as much as he denied it, was father material and everyone that saw him with a baby could see this. 

“Can I pick Ash?” Cas said and you nodded with a smile, showing him the right way to do it. But seconds later, he made a strange face leaving all of you confused.

“What’s up man?” Sam asked and he looked up at the both of you.

“I think he needs a new diaper.” Cas said and you all laughed. Yeah, he and the boys will need to learn how to change one diaper for now on. 

Or a lot of them.

Auston Matthews - Part 25

Though I’m not entirely sure he wants to, Auston spends the rest of the afternoon helping me put together my bedroom, closet and bathroom. I let him take a break after he makes a small noise in the back of his throat when I ask him to move the shelf he just finished organizing to the other side of my closet. He’s currently napping on my bed with both my dogs sprawled out beside him, the traitors. I eye them a moment, Auston has his sweatshirt back on and the hood pulled up over his eyes though I can see his lips parting slightly every time he breathes.

My stomach growls and I still need to get groceries before the day is over. I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly seven already. I quietly wake the two dogs and usher them out of my room before going back to my bed, climbing on it gently so I don’t wake him that way.

“Auston,” I murmur, putting my hand on his stomach and pressing slightly. “Wake up,” I whisper but I know I’m being too quiet and gentle.

“Hey,” I say a little louder this time and he twitches though he doesn’t wake. I sigh and curse how cute he looks sleeping and I don’t have it in my heart to shake him awake. I sit back on my heels and eye him a moment, straying down to his pants and a wicked idea comes to mind. I lay beside him on my side and place my hand on his thigh, not bothering to being so gentle this time, his eyes remain closed. Slowly running my hand along his thigh I kiss his lips softly, he stirs slightly beneath me, no, beneath my hand.

“Auston,” I whisper again, my lips brushing his jaw. I push down a bit harder with my hand and make quick work of his button and zipper just as he had me. This time when he moves below me his hood tips back and reveals his brown eyes fluttering open lazily. “Hi,” I grin down at me him and he eyes me a moment before rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

“What do you want now,” he mutters though he smirks up at me.

“I want a lot of things,” I reply, my fingers resting just inside his jeans.

“Name one thing in particular right now,” Auston says, putting his hands back behind his head.

“Ben and Jerry’s,” I say, giving him a serious look.

“I don’t think that’s the top of your list right now…”

“You didn’t say top, you just said ‘one thing’” I remind him and flex my fingers, his body responds automatically and I smirk.

Auston doesn’t say anything more though his eyes narrow and he breathes in deeply. I stop my movements and my breathing comes to a halt. That look… In a split second I’m suddenly beneath him and his mouth is on mine. Though I don’t think Auston realized how close to the end of the bed I was because the moment he shifts his weight over me, we tumble to the floor. We stare at each other in shock for a moment, a tangle of limbs and burst out laughing.

“Suppose there are worse ways to wake up,” Auston says, and I remember one of the first nights I spent in Toronto and saying those exact words to him.

I laugh again and climb off of him, helping him back to his feet.

“You can stay here if you want but I need to get myself some groceries,” I move to my closet and drag out a clean set of clothes. I hesitate a moment, eyeing Auston who is still watching me. “Turn around or go out in the hallway,” I shoo him with my hands.

“Really?” Auston asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, really!” I snap, my cheeks flushing.

“Y/N, I’ve seen you in a bathing suit, I don’t see how this is much different,” he says seriously and I consider it for a moment.

“That’s different,” I start. “Bathing suits aren’t an intimate item of clothing.” I walk towards him, placing my hand on his chest and forcing him backwards out of my room and into the hallways. “Be down in a minute,” I blow him a kiss and close the door on his annoying smirk.

I meet him downstairs in the living room where Auston is being terrorized by my two dogs bouncing around him.

“Coming with?” I ask him, grabbing my coat and purse from the foyer.

“Of course,” he says and I grin.

Grocery shopping with Auston is much like taking a small child, I remind him on more than once occasion that I’m shopping for me, though he pouts enough when I tell him to put a thing of muffins back that I set it back in my cart, much to his excitement. By the time we get to the checkout line I think that over the half the items in my cart are what Auston convinced me to get. Although he does make up for it by loading everything into the trunk of my car, again by carrying everything inside for me as I get set on organizing.

I’m surprised at how easy and comfortable it is being with Auston all day. I pause at the sink, rinsing the plates we used for dinner before placing them in the dishwasher. Auston notices and eyes me warily.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“I just realized, I haven’t been sad or lonely for a second since my parents left me yesterday,” I say softly, turning and looking at him. “I was so sure that I wouldn’t even be able to function…” I smile up at Auston. “Maybe this was supposed to be my home all along.”

“Only one way to find out,” Auston says, nodding towards my backyard. “Ask your star.”

I blink at him, surprised he even remembered the conversation we had a week ago over the phone. I had been babbling about a meteor shower that was supposed to happen and somehow had gotten on the topic of the story my dad told me about Polaris. He gives me soft smile and takes the plate from my hand.

“Go on,” he pushes me gently towards the backdoor.

I listen and grab his sweatshirt that was still resting on the couch where I left it last night. Pulling it over my head and stuffing my feet into my boots, I step out into the bitter cold of a Toronto winter. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness, though when I can finally make out the stars in the distant sky my breath leaves my body. Being slightly away from the lights of the city had been high of my list of requirements for a home, standing here in the backyard I remembered why.

There’s thousands of twinkling lights above me, my trained eyes immediately fly across the sky, finding different sequences and constellations. When they finally fall upon Polaris I tilt my head slightly in consideration.

Auston looks up at me from the couch when I clamber back inside, kicking my boots to the side. He’s lying across my couch, head propped up on an armrest, watching the Habs and Bruins game.

“So?” He asks, watching me as I make my way over to the couch, perching on the edge by his hips.

“I learned one thing for sure,” I nod at him and he raises his eyebrows.

“What’s that?”

“To wear gloves when I go outside,” I say and before he can pull away or flinch, I put my hand against the sliver of his exposed stomach.

Auston lets out a hiss and tries to jerk away from me but his back is already against the couch. So he reaches down and pulls my hand free of his stomach while I erupt into a fit of giggles. Rolling his eyes at me he brings my hand to his mouth, kissing my knuckles.

“You aren’t going to tell me, are you?” Auston muses and I wink.


I go to stand back up but he holds my hand tight.

“Where are you going?” Auston asks, tugging me back down onto the couch.

“Um, I was going to go sit over there,” I nod my head at the chair beside the couch.

“No stay here, Mitch and the other’s will be here soon,” Auston says. Earlier Mitch had been snapping both me and Auston and yelling at me because Auston wasn’t playing COD with him. So to calm him down I told him he could come over, he then invited all the others who play COD online together.

“And when they get here, I can’t do this,” he pulls me down so I’m lying next to him and kisses me, his hand on my neck. I respond and hook my leg over his, though this isn’t one of our steamy make out sessions, I just don’t want to fall off the couch.

Almost immediately lights flash across the wall behind us and my dogs start barking that someone is here.

Auston lets out an annoyed sigh against my lips as I laugh.

“To be continued,” I wink at him and get to my feet, setting off to wrangle my hounds.

Thirty minutes later there’s boys everywhere and I have suddenly become the mother to seven grown men. They all brought their own food, and some for Auston and I wish we both already ate but we don’t tell them that, so there is a mess of food on my coffee table and one of my dogs already stole someone’s biscuit.

Morgan and Mitch are arguing over by the T.V, trying to get their game system that they decided my house needed set up. I had asked them why I would need it and they all had looked at me like I was an idiot.

“So we can play here…” Morgan had said slowly like I needed time to process his words.

“Did I say you could play here?” I had retorted and a silence had fallen over the room, they looked at each other like they hadn’t considered it. Auston then looked up at me from his place on the couch.

“Can we play here?” He asked and a wave of heads turned to look at me, my face flushed.

“Yes, you can play here,” I muttered and I had busied myself with forcing a paper towel into Mitch’s hand, he already have spilled something down the front of his shirt and he was sitting on my favorite rug. Like I said, literally a mother to seven man boys.

“And so Auston can play here when he’s shack-,“ Will starts and I throw a dagger look at him.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” I say to him and he smirks.

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” he says shoving a forkful of food into his mouth, all the while grinning at me.

I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly 10:30 already.

“Isn’t it past your bedtimes?’ I ask the room and Morgan pipes up.

“Hold up, I’m older than you. You adopted Mitch and Will when you started dating Auston so you can only boss them around.”

My face reddens at the word “dating” is that what we are doing? Auston and I hadn’t talked about it and it’s not like he asked me to be his girlfriend. Though we did say we were exclusive. My mind whirls a thousand miles an hour and Morgan frowns at me.

“Uh I was just kidding…” he says slowly and I realize I must look offended or something.

“Oh no, I was too, I just… uh…” I look anywhere but at Auston.

“Are you not dating? Did I make something awkward?” Morgan asks, his eyes flashing between Auston and I and I want to fall into the floor and disappear.

“I uh…” I stutter. “I’m going to take a…” I point to the stairs and back towards them, trying to keep my face calm and clear before turning and bolting up them. Feeling Auston’s eyes on me the entire way.

Mitch POV

Everyone stares at Y/N’s retreating back as she scrambles up the stairs.

“Nice one, Morgan,” I snap at him. “First time you meet her and you pissed her off already. New record,” I lean back against the couch as I finally get the system working on Y/N’s T.V.

“I didn’t mean to!” Morgan retorts and looks at Auston.

“Are you not dating? I honestly thought you were,” he tries to defend himself, his eyes flashing to the stairs again.

“Well, I mean… I think so,” Auston stammers, looking at me like it’s a question.

“What do you mean you think so?” I ask him, and the controller is ripped from my hands by Zach, who has little interest in the current conversation.

“I guess we never said it but I thought we were…”

“Dumbass,” Morgan says and I nod in agreement.

“Doesn’t look like she thinks that, Matts,” I say, taking the controller back from Zach while he isn’t looking.

Auston looks a little lost at what he’s supposed to do, his face clearly showing his confusion. I hear the water turn on upstairs, which I assume means Y/N is taking a shower.

“Good luck, buddy,” is all I say to him. Auston rubs his face with his hand which is what he usually does when he’s stressed.

Though he stands and makes his way to the stairs, but not before hitting Morgan over the head with the back of his hand as he passes by.


I take my time in the shower, letting all the hot water rinse away the stress and tears that I’ve shed the last few days while moving. By the time I turn off the water my bathroom is steamed up and my skin is a slight pink. I wrap myself in a towel and step out into my bedroom, I’m halfway to my closet before I realize there is someone sitting on my bed.

Squealing, I clutch the towel even tighter around myself. Auston looks up from where he had been staring at the floor and meets my eyes. To my surprise his gaze never falls down to my towel.

“What are you doing?” I finally manage to get out, my heart calming down against my ribs.

“I wanted to talk to you about what Morgan said,” he says simply, looking back down at his hands and I’m guessing it’s so he doesn’t let his gaze slip to my towel.

“While I’m naked?” I ask, one of my hands darting down to my leg to make sure the towel is actually covering all of me.

“That was an unexpected bonus,” Auston admits, his eyes flashing to me for just a moment and my cheeks warm.

I glance at my closet but I don’t want to wait Auston wait any longer to say what he wants, he looks like his head might explode. Hesitantly, I make my way to the bed and after being positive that I can sit modestly, I lower myself down next to him.

“So talk,” I say.

Auston shifts next to me, looking comfortable.

“I was under the impression that we were…” he starts and I think I hear embarrassment in his voice. “I thought that we were, you know… together…” he rubs the back of his head.

“I was under the impression that you can only say you’re with someone is if you actually ask them,” I say right back.

Auston shifts again next to me and looks at me at a loss of words. I wait, not saying anything.

“Right now?” He asks incredulously.

“Ask me,” I whisper.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?’ he asks awkwardly and I erupt into a fit of giggles.

“Mitch is going to hate me now,” I say through my giggles and he rolls his eyes at me.

“I’m taking that as a yes,” he says and then his eyes flash down to my legs and I realize my movement from laughing made my towel slide up, exposing the tops of my thighs. I quickly reach down and pull my towel back down.

“Look at that, I call you my girlfriend and you’re already naked,” he smirks at me and I swat his arm.

“I may be naked but your best friends are downstairs. So, you go back down there and I’ll be down in a few minutes,” I tap his nose with my finger and stand up.

“But…” Auston starts and I cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Later,” I whisper against his lips.

Auston pouts for a moment before standing and shuffling to the doorway, giving me one last longing look before closing the door behind him. I wait until I hear the top stair creak before jumping around my room like a giddy high school girl.


Imagine~ you tease Kai about his feelings for you even though you like him to.

Word Count: 1237 

“Kai, can you come to the shops with me to grab some groceries?” you said as you walked into the front room.

In the last 6 months of you and Kai being stuck in this prison world together he’d grown feelings towards you and he’d told you about them, well kind of. He was the flirty type and when he came up to you one day wondering why he had butterflies in his stomach whenever he was near you, you put 2 and 2 together.

“Can’t we go later I’m reading this book?” he groaned not even glancing over to you.

“Please.” you said as you walked in front of him, batting your eyelashes. His eyes which were glued to the book reluctantly looked up to you and he couldn’t resist.

“Ugh fine. But I’m driving.” he sighed standing up making you grin widely.

Both of you made it outside, hopping into the car and making your way to the supermarket. The ride was silent, a comfortable silence though like it was in most of your car rides.

After a while you’d arrived in the rather large supermarket, you knew sooner or later you’d run out of your favorite food in the store but right now it had more than enough.

You grabbed a shopping cart, leaning over the handle as Kai waited by the front door. “Okay so what do we need?” Kai said glancing over the isles.

“Oo lets get some pepperoni pizza!” you said, your eyes lighting up at the thought making Kai smile.

“Fine but only pork rinds as well.” he said glancing over at you. “Deal.” you giggled.

You slowly made your way through the supermarket, Kai throwing in a bag of pork rinds as you walked before grabbing another and opening them to eat.

After collecting all of your needed groceries,which mostly included junk and only a few necessities, you found your way into the frozen isle looking for pizza.

You spotted it but it was on the top shelf and you knew you wouldn’t be able to reach it. “Kai can you grab that pizza for me?” you asked smiling. The shelf was unusually high and you weren’t even sure if Kai could reach it.

Kai leaned over but was about an inch away from reaching it. It didn’t help there was another lower down freezer below which contained fries.

You groaned as Kai looked back at you in defeat before his eyes lit up and you could tell he had a lightbulb moment. He turned around bending his knees, his back to you, you stood there confused as to what he wanted you to do.

“Hop on.” he said and it was then you realizing he would be giving you a piggy back ride. You jumped on and Kai stood up slowly in an attempt to keep himself balanced.

The warmth of your body radiated off you onto him and it warmed his heart. He truly did like you but he didn’t know the right way to express his feelings towards you so he carried on acting the way he always had.

You finger tips gripped onto the pizza and you pulled it down, grabbing it before it fell on the floor. “Whew.” you sighed throwing the pizza into the cart. “Do you want me to get down or?” you asked looking down at Kai, who didn’t seem to mind.

“Nah it’s cool because then I wouldn’t be able to do this.” he said. But before he could even give you time to think he started jumping around and spinning. You screamed and laughed at the same time before he stopped and put you down.

“Don’t ever do that again.” you said, giggles still escaping your throat.

He chuckled before you both made your way out of the supermarket. Kai seemed really happy and that made you happy, he was usually quiet and when he spoke he was usually cocky and flirty but right now he was in a good mood.

Most of the ride home you caught Kai staring at you, which was really unsafe considering he should’ve been looking at the road. But whenever he did you couldn’t help but feel butterflies subtly flying around deep down within you.

“You do realize I can see you staring.” you said giggling as you turned to Kai. His face burned a bright red and he quickly darted his eyes onto the road.

After a while you finally reached the house and Kai went to unload the groceries from the back as you walked towards the porch of the house.

“Little help here?” he groaned as he heaved up the heavy bag. You sighed as you turned around walking towards the car to see his muscles flexing in an attempt to carry all the bags.

You stared for a minute, he looked good. “I know I’m masculine but no need to stare.” he smirked as you were snapped out of your trance.

“Who says I was staring.” you said as you approached him, “But I know you were staring at me in the car. Has the evil witch finally caught some feelings?”

You smirked slightly, returning the flirtatious and cocky comments he usually aims at you. His eyes almost went black as he swiftly walked past you and into the house.

Shocked, you stood there, not really sure what to do. You thought you must’ve hit a nerve so you simply grabbed the shopping from the back and made your way into the kitchen where Kai was.

“Sorry Kai, about what I said. I didn’t mean it in the wrong way.” you sighed, feelings were always something Kai struggled with and you were worried you’d brought something dark up.

Kai quickly turned around pressing himself against you as your back hit the counter. “I know exactly how you meant it.” he whispered, his breath fanning against your face making your breath hitch in your throat.

“K-Kai.” you stammered, you didn’t know what to say. Neither of you had been this close to each other and it kind of scared you but in a good way.

“You know I like you and you use it against me.” You were about to say something but before you could he started speaking again. “And it’s because I like you that I really need to do this.”

Before you could even think his lips connected with yours. You were stunned and butterflies erupted in your stomach and even though everything within you were telling you to kiss back you couldn’t.

He pulled away, his eyes full of despair. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry I-I just..” he trailed off, you could tell he was hurt and it hurt you to.

So you did the only thing you could do, you kissed him. As you did you could feel the smile he had on his face which made you smile to. Sparks went off and you both felt happy. The kiss was soft not intense. It was like a friendship kiss but with more love.

After a few moments you pulled away and the small smile turned into a massive grin and he pulled you into his embrace.

“Thank god.” he whispered.

(a/n) i hate this sm for some reason but I hope everyone else likes it. :)

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My Lover Smells Like Fish (4)

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Matthew’s looking between the two of them like a peeved parent.

“I don’t mind being a designated driver,” Alfred’s brother tells them, “but I don’t see the point when you’re already home.”

Alfred knows his brother well and he can see pretty clearly, despite the alcohol in his system, that Matthew’s obviously upset that they’re drunk at all. It’s going on seven now, so there are clear implications about when they started

“Sweetheart, you gotta help us,” Gilbert says, taking Matthew’s hand, seemingly not caring if this makes a scene in the parking lot. “We have to save Arthur’s balls—you don’t wanna see a good guy lose his nuts, do you?”

Matthew’s expression is one of perplexed disgust and he’s openly not buying into the needy ramblings of a man who reeks of beer.

“C'mon, honey, it’s important—,”

And then there’s some stuff Alfred doesn’t want to see, so he averts his eyes and just waits until they finish their negotiations. Looking into the back of the truck, he notes that it’s pretty filthy and coated with wood chippings.

“Get in, loser, we’re going shopping!” Gilbert hollers at him, now half-hanging out of the truck.

Alfred follows after him, pulling himself up and in on the passenger’s side. “Shopping?”

“We’re gonna get us a fish, dude,” he informs him.

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anonymous asked:

hi <3 just wanted to say that you don't have to write a whole fic for that cinderella au, but if you made just the iconic scenes like the garden one after the ball or the ending when they found ella in the attic I could die happily bc you're writing is gorgeous <3

this was supposed to be the ball scene and then it turned out to be….not quite that lol. but still! for you, anon 💖 (set in the same story as this scene)

When he was a boy, Isak’s mother talked about miracles. There was a book she had, bound in worn brown leather, so old and used that it creaked each time she opened it, and from it she would read him stories. Water turned to wine, a handful of loaves and fishes multiplied into a feast, a man walking upon the sea.

How could anyone do that? Isak would ask, incredulous and a little doubting, and she would purse her lips in thought.

Faith, she would say. That’s what miracles are. You must find faith and hold fast to it, my son, and you will know miracles.

It is no miracle, Isak knows, that carries him to the palace. Rather, it is the buggy Mahdi borrows from his father.

“Maybe not as nice as a coach,” he says, “but a fair sight better than the milk cart Magnus suggested we use.”

Mahdi looks across the room to Magnus, no doubt expecting some protest or other, but finds him too deep in complimenting one of Noora and Eva’s senior seamstresses to have noticed.

“Ah, well,” he shrugs, turning back to Isak. “It may be a little cramped, but it will carry us to the palace well enough. And as long as we’re back before my father returns with my sisters at one, no one will be the wiser for it.”

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Baby Please (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Based off of a prompt I found on tumblr: “you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you”
Word Count: 2,224
Warnings: Fluffiness.
A/N: I realize this is weird since they’re 17, but let’s just pretend they’re a bit older in most of my fics and it’ll all be fine! Haha, hope you like this. Your feedback is golden. xx also ETHAN WITH BABIES.

The day started out fine. Sure, you had woken up with the sun shining in your face and that had annoyed you a bit, but it was after all your fault. You had crashed as soon as you had put Ruth to sleep; she had been fussy and refused to sleep so you had stayed up until 2 a.m. And somehow you had forgotten to pull the drapes closed, hence why woke up feeling like you were bathing in Satan’s asscrack.

Ruth had been a bit fussy during breakfast, banging her tiny fists on the table whenever you tried to feed her the mushy babyfood. You tried everything, but apparently speaking gently, sounding like a train, a car or an airplane didn’t work. She had even proceeded to pull on your hair to which you had flinched a bit, trying to pry her little hands open so she would let go of your hair.

She had developed that weird habit out of nowhere. Whenever people got close enough to her, she would grab onto their hair and hang onto her dear life. It was weird, but you always made sure to put your hair up in a ponytail or a bun whenever you were near her.

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@kickingshoes - happy birthday!  All the best wishes for an excellent year for you both, success and happiness both!

Fic: The World’s Greatest Criminal Rat - Ao3 Link
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Leonard Snart/Mick Rory, Barry Allen/Iris West, Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart/Cindy Reynolds

Summary: Right now, Len is most annoyed by the fact that he leaves Mick alone for a few months (year) and his place at Mick’s side is replaced, not by another partner, which he could understand and compete with (…and/or murder and hide the body somewhere), but by - this.



The rat.

Warning: So much fluff your teeth may rot


Len really doesn’t like time travel.

It’s bad enough, dropping Mick off for less than two weeks and having him come back after months or worse of torture and brainwashing. It’s even worse to wake up, bewildered and alone and lost, feeling like maybe a day had passed, only to fall in with the wrong crowd and have to get rescued by a ship of heroes who thought he’d been dead for a whole year.

But right now, Len is most annoyed by the fact that he leaves Mick alone for a few months (year) and his place at Mick’s side is replaced, not by another partner, which he could understand and compete with (…and/or murder and hide the body somewhere), but by - this.



The rat.

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Divine Intervention

So this little plot bunny wouldn’t leave my head so I finally wrote it out. Some context is that this takes place two weeks after Jamie forced Claire to go through the stones before Culloden. The only catch is they didn’t work and Claire is at Lallybroch when Jamie arrives wounded from the battle. As always let me know what you think!

It had been two weeks since my heart was torn out of my chest. Two weeks since that fateful moment at the stones. On the eve of death and desperation, my heart had tried to be noble. My love tried to sacrifice, to send me away to ensure the safety of his wife and child unborn. To ensure he would live on in some form and all wouldn’t be completely lost to the darkness of war. And by god, I had listened to him. But I now found myself at Lallybroch, instead of the future where I came from three years before.

The stones hadn’t worked. They had swallowed me up and spit me back out. When I woke from the horrid noises of the lost, from the trapped souls trying to steal my own, I expected to be back in my own time, in the forties. But I found myself in the same war-torn world I had tried to flee to ensure the safety of the baby in my belly. 

But Jamie was gone. Gone to face his death on that dreadful field of Culloden. I had sobbed harder than I ever have upon not finding him on the hill, harder than even when I was a little girl finding out I would never see my parents again. I clutched the stones of the ruined cottage where we had spent our last night together, trying so desperately to tear a piece of each other off to patch onto our weeping hearts in order to keep them from shattering entirely.

If it had only been me, I would have laid down on the ground where we last loved one another and slowly drifted off to the darkness of death, where I hoped I could see my heart once more.

But it wasn’t only me. I carried a piece of Jamie inside me, the last piece of him always, and I needed to keep it safe. He had trusted me.

So, I summed up the courage and somehow found myself back at the farmhouse that I had grown so found of. But now it was a constant reminder of what had been lost.

Jenny and Ian watched me with pitiful eyes, while I gazed at the road everyday with a sad broken piece of hope I was clutching onto. I knew he was mostly likely dead and I knew that they wouldn’t bring his body home, that he would be laid to rest on that retched moor.

But to not watch, to not look at all, was all too final. It would be throwing myself off a cliff without the knowledge if there would be water to break the fall or if I would break into a million pieces of heartache, scattered until I disappeared. That would mean I would have to accept that my other half was gone and the constant gapping wound in my heart would forever bleed with want for its missing piece.

The days went by in a blur. I ate little and slept little. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep on the bed we had shared so many nights together, instead sleeping on the lumpy chair by the hearth each night. Jenny, god bless her, tried to get me to play with the little ones and to help with the gardens, but I didn’t have the state of mind to do anything but stare at that blasted, empty road.


I tore my gaze from the desolate, lonely road to see Jenny clutching a limp Mrs. Crook.

I ran over immediately to the kitchen and laid my hand on her throat, looking for a pulse. It was quite fast but beat strong enough against my fingers.

“Only a faint most likely,” I said, feeling her forehead for a fever.

“Let’s get her upstairs where she can rest for a bit.”

Jenny and I carried her weak form up to the servant’s room, laying her down on the small bed as her eyes fluttered with awareness once more.

“I’ll tend to her Jenny, don’t worry,” I said with a weak smile, reaching for a rag and wetting it in the basin to wipe the elder woman’s brow. Jenny looked me over and nodded slightly, then walked out the door.

Perhaps, I could still be of use here. Until the baby came, I could travel from house to house, tending to the sick or simply giving them advice for staying healthy. It would allow me to escape the memories that haunted me every minute I stayed in the main house, every item reminding me somehow of my lost husband.

I was still wiping Mrs. Crook’s forehead when I heard the wheels of a cart faintly from the distance, the wind carrying the sounds through the open window. I shook my head, damning myself for even thinking it could be any good news. My palms started to sweat and my heart thumped like jack rabbit in my chest.

It could be someone bringing his body back, or worse just informing us the news of his death and that he was buried on the dreadful field. Tears ran silently down my face as I thought of him being dragged through the blood-stained grass by a British solider that may have well been the one to stop his heart.

I pressed my hands hard against my head, trying desperately to stop thinking, to stop the images from flooding my mind. But I couldn’t stop them, pictures flashed without permission.

Jamie laying lifeless on the field, surrounded by his fellow slain country men. Jamie falling down after being shot. Jamie cold and pale.

Sobs tore through my chest, as I pressed even harder against my temples in despair. At least he would have been buried with his clan, with the Frasers. I felt the pressure of a hand lightly on mine and looked up to the sympathetic gaze of Mrs. Crook.

“Claire! Get out here!”

I heard Jenny yell from downstairs and my feet responded before my mind did, flying down the stairs at the tone of her voice. Not of despair, not yet. I raced through the house and out to the front door where Jenny stood, gazing anxiously at the cart coming down the road, manned by two red coats and what it appeared to be a person in the back.

Jenny reached out and clutched my hand hard. I gripped it just as firm back, both of us drawing strength for whatever news may come of the man that we both loved.

The cart slowly pulled into the arch of the front yard and I stood frozen as the British glanced at me and Jenny.

I pressed my finger hard against my silver ring, taking a deep breath to steady myself. And then I saw a flash of red in the cart and I was flying once more.

“Jamie!” I screamed, breath caught in my chest.

I ran over to the back of the cart, seeing a dirty and bloodied man with red hair in the back as I approached. I climbed into the cart, no mind of the solider who was glaring at me from his horse. I fought my way to the front and my heart stopped.

It was him. And he was alive.

A broken, strangled noise came from deep within my chest as I moved to where his head lie among the hay.

His eyes were closed and he was so still I would have thought him dead, but his chest rose and fell in a reassuring manner. He was filthy and covered in blood, his skin stained with sacrifice and endurance. His hair looked more brown then red from the dirt, but I thought he never looked more beautiful.

I continued to cry as I leaned down to kiss to forehead and brush the dirty hair away from his eyes, picking a piece of hay from his curls.

“Jamie, Jamie…love, can you hear me? I’m here, Jamie. I’m right here.”

His eyes fluttered open and if I had been standing, I would have fallen to my knees at the sight of his eyes, filled with despair and the haunting of war.

His breathing hitched as his face twitched up into a small attempt of a smile.

“I kent it woulnda be long, Sassenach. Thank ye, god,” he whispered as his hand tried to reach my face but fell back on the cart with not enough strength to find me.

I picked it up gently, as if he was a small child, and brought it to my cheek and held it there tightly.

He looked so weak and so frail, which finally set off alarms in my head to look for a wound. I gently ran my hands down his bruised body. Gently lifting his shirt to peek under it and to be met with nothing but a pattern of black and blue.

I faintly heard Jenny and Ian talking to the soldiers a few feet away as I continued to search.

Internal bleeding? I thought it could be a possibility and if so, there was nothing I could do. My hands shook as I moved down to search on his blood covered legs. I lightly ran my fingers under his kilt only to be met with sticky, congealed blood.

I held my breath as I carefully peeled the plaid from his thigh and was met with a nasty, bone deep wound in his upper thigh, inches away from the femoral artery.

I gently lowered the kilt and scooted back up to sit by his head, which was pressed against the hay once more. He was barley conscious and I could hardly blame him under the circumstances, the pain must be excruciating.

I brushed his cheek, rough with weeks of no shaving, and brought his head to look at me.

“Jamie, you’re home. You are safe.”

I patted his cheek gingerly, trying to bring him to me. “Jamie, I’m here. I love you and I’m here. It’s over now.”

His eyes rolled slightly, appraising her, blue eyes blinking into awareness. He moved his cheek so his lips rested against her palm.

“Sass…Sassenach? Claire…you…why are you here…you should be…”

Tears formed in his eyes and spilled over onto his cheeks, washing away some of the dirt and pain of the days past.

I sent a silent prayer to god and leaned down an inch away from his eyes, my tears mingling with his.

“They didn’t work, Jamie. The stones didn’t work and I thank god in heaven for making it so,” I whispered through a thick throat.

Jamie started to sob as he came to the realization I was really there and not lost to him. He shook his head slightly, shaking as I smoothed his hair.

“Love…my love. You’re here, you didna leave me,” he cried as he gathered the strength to move his hand to my heart.

“No, Jamie,” I wept, “I will never leave your side again.”

I leaned down to gently kiss his lips, the only part of him that wasn’t bruised. His lips pressed against mine with such little pressure, to weak to move but an inch.

I clutched onto him in that filthy cart for what seemed like an eternity, until someone coughed discreetly behind me. I reluctantly lifted my head from my husband’s chest as I looked at the solider leaning on the cart, the brightness of his scarlet uniform blinding my eyes.

“You’re his wife, I presume?”

I said nothing, simply glared at someone who was originally my fellow soldier now turned enemy.

He cleared his throat and took off his hat.

“Lucky man, he was about to be shot but someone saved him. He has a nasty wound as you can see, but my fellow soldier and I will help bring him into the house.”

I hesitated. I knew how badly it would hurt him to move but the was no other option.

I moved to kiss his brow. “Jamie, were going to move you, love. Alright?”

Jamie mumbled something under his breath and I took that as agreement.

It was a struggle, the two soldiers and one tenant, trying to navigate their way into the house with a large Scotsman in their arms. I hovered almost on top of them, watching Jamie’s face every agonizing step, cursing all the way.

His pain literally hurt me to see. With every grimace, I felt my heart squeeze.

At last, they got Jamie on to the bed where I could tend to him.

“Gooday, mum,” the soldier said, and turned on his heel and marched out the door.

“Good riddance,” I mumbled under my breath.

I sat on the bed as softly as I could beside Jamie, who immediately grabbed for my hand as if to reassure himself that I was real.

He cleared his throat. “The stones, the didna work ye said. I looked after…and ye werena there.”

I brushed his hand with my fingers. “No, I touched them and I went into them and it was even worse then the first time, but when I woke, I was still in this time.”

He closed his eyes in either exhaustion or relief, perhaps both.

“Jamie,” I started softly. “I’ll need to tend to your leg.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and sighed.  “I ken that, but before,” he licked his dried lips. “Kiss me once more, Claire.”

I moved over to him, careful not to jostle him and leaned down to meet my lips with his as his hand grazed my belly which held our future.

A kiss that told all the unspoken truths we didn’t have the words to say aloud.I don’t know what I would have done without you. You are the heart of my soul. The breath in my body.

 And so we were, two pieces of one divine creation. Ripped and torn with chunks of us missing from past demons, but stitched and sown back together into one imperfectly perfect soul.