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  • sorry this gif has a caption but i have to set The Mood and this v-live was all I could think of when i got this request
  • okay so apparently this is a series?? with mingyu??? where he has this imaginary girlfriend named younghee and honestly i died bc i was not ready when this vlive aired
  • but i got lots of inspiration :D
  • so mingyu has had a few relationships

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Sometimes I think about telling Henry he needs a vacation, but I don't know if Mr. Workaholic could be made to take one

“See a movie! Go out with Dianne! Catch up on all that sleep you’ve been putting off! Just take a break.”

((he rarely takes time off on his own, so he does indeed have to be forced into it sometimes :P))

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮

Hong Dabin • Contagious Chemistry

Like legit nobody asked but I’m feeling him right now and think he deserves more appreciation + he’s going to release a new song so why the hell not.

Y’all know the drill, don’t sleep on them and give them all the support and love they truly deserve.

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Genre Fluff - Mature
Word Count 3.5K


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Hello dear Mimi! I need help with something and I think you could throw me a hand?? I need the date when the Dope concept photos were released? Help me pls :c

They started teasing on June 14, 2015 with two photos:  An elevator button panel and a hand pressing the ‘Up’ button. You can find the tweet HERE. The caption said, “Come on in, it’s your first time in Bangtan, huh?” #BTS #Fire. Then Rapmon’s photos were revealed and they continued revealing one member at a time until all the members were in the elevator. 

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You can find Dope concept photos HERE

Moodboard Creators.

I’m currently in a situation where a user thought it’d be okay to add my moodboards to their masterlist/series without asking. It made me uncomfortable because honestly, they didn’t ask if it was okay. If it was a post named Moodboard Recs or Favorites. That’d be different. But they posted it under their masterlist, with a half-done disclaimer on top that said ”None of these belong to me unless specified. Credits to owners.”

They also reblogged one or two of my boards and posted their masterlist link underneath. The whole thing made me uncomfortable and just didn’t sit well with me. I reached out and explained it to the user and she deleted it. It was done and over with until I got a message from her this morning when I woke up. 

  • “Okay, the masterlist is my own personal post of moodboards” 
    • Yeah, okay, but with other people’s content. Call it something else.

  • “Owners of moodboards have no more right over my masterlist than the people who own the individual pictures in your moodboard”
    • That is correct, I don’t own those photos. However, I spent HOURS looking for photos to put together to create a bigger story. That’s not including how much time it takes to edit the coloring and making everything look uniform and complete. If it was just that easy to throw photos together, I wouldn’t be as upset. If you think it’s that easy,  then you attempt to come up with unique themes to make your own moodboards regularly. 
    • Also, if someone contacted me and was upset that I used their photos and didn’t feel uncomfortable. I would take it down instead of trying to justifying it. It’s not that hard.

  • “Those links do not belong to you.” 
    • Um, I was confused by this because I’m pretty sure when I click on the moodboard on said masterlist, my Tumblr is at the top right there in the URL bar. So technically, they do belong to me. I created the moodboard. It’s my link. It’s literally right there.

  • “I will be deleting them anyway later on because they will clog up my masterlist”
    • If they are clogging up your masterlist then why are you so butt hurt? 

At the end of the day, just ask. This could have been all avoided and dealt with. If you want to use moodboards for a compilation. Just ask. It’s as simple as that. This goes for everyone, if you want to use ANYONE’S content as inspiration – whether it’s for a story, or you had an idea of a different moodboard series based off theirs. Just ask. Then give correct credit. Also, never remove the captions that it comes along with. I know myself along with other people have had this problem and its completely frustrating.  

With all that being said, I’m in a moodboard  network and I know I have other moodboard creator mutuals who would feel my exact sentiments. Please go check out @maknaewishes list to see if your work is posted on there. Thank YOU for your consideration.

SF9 Reaction ft. PENTAGON: Idol crush being with them on a show for a whole season

A new variety show gathers idols from different groups to stay at a ‘Healing House’, a place for the (mostly) rookie idols get to know each other more for a month. A new show that seems crazy, but is packed with fun and rare interactions.

Inseong: He’d try to play it cool, act like everything would be okay. Really, he’d be such a small bean, being nervous about what to say and what to do in front of his crush. He’d get so worked up but then once he sees her, he’s completely lost it inside. When she greets him, he’ll be a bit flustered and would shyly bow while freaking out inside, not saying anything and just waving a bit. When she leaves, he’ll be dying inside; sulking to Jinho.

“I just made a complete fool of myself~”

Youngbin: He’d be so surprised and would mentally get himself prepared to meet you. He wouldn’t realize how nervous he really was until he actually sees his crush on the set of the show and he’d start mentally breaking down while greeting her, forgetting about his “mental preparation”. When she’s out of earshot, he’ll whisper to Hui.

“How was that?”

“Could’ve done better. She’ll like you, though.”

Jaeyoon: He’d be so thrilled. Seeing his celebrity crush in real life is his dream, and being on a show with his crush for a whole entire season where he and his crush get to know each other more is what makes him so excited. He gets to see his crush every day. When his crush greets him, he happily greets back with a cute smile, making sure she saw it. He’d turn to Hongseok.

“Did you just see that? Did you?”

“Yeah, I saw what happened.” *insert smirk* “But you never know, I could come in and swoop her off of her feet.”


Dawon: He’d be just like Jaeyoon, but even more excited. He’d be so thrilled and would brag about it. On the set, when he finally greets his crush, he’d crack a few jokes to make her laugh. He’d be so so happy to see his crush laughing at his humor. He’d swiftly ask for her number and things continue from there. Then, he’d hold his hand out to Hyojong (E’Dawn), who hands him five dollars.

“Told you I’d get to her first.”

Zuho: It would take a few moments for him to process it all. He seems like he wouldn’t freak out too much, but he’d be a bit nervous on the day it comes to filming. When greeting her, he’d bow and do a formal greeting while his crush insists not to speak like that and to speak casually. He’d just nod and she would smile while saying bye to go and get her make-up touched up. Yuto would look at him. 

(ignore caption) “Wow, even I could have done better.”

“You know what, we have another month, Yuto.”

Rowoon: Rowoon would be so freaking shy and embarrassed just thinking about it, but throughout the time from when he found out to when he finally shoots the show, he would be confident in wooing his crush’s’ heart. He’s on the show with Shinwon, who tells him he’ll woo her heart first. She greets Shinwon first, but when she gets to Rowoon, he smile his charming smile and greets her sweetly, telling her how pretty she looks. She’d become flustered and blush while thanking him and walking away to start filming. He’d look at Shinwon triumphantly. 

“I won her heart~”

“For now.”

Taeyang: Sunshine would be a bright boy. He’d be excited but wouldn’t show it much. When the day came to meet you, he’d try to stay cool. He’d make sure to see where his crush is, admiring her from afar. If she comes over to greet him, he’ll dart his eyes away and mentally prepare himself about what to say, what to do, etc. Once she greets him, he’ll be all smiley and cute unintentionally, and then she would greet YeoOne, then leave. 

“We made eye contact with each other.”

“Nice job, Taeyang.”

Hwiyoung: A cute little fluffball. He’d be so embarrassed, not knowing what to do. He would ask his hyungs for advice, getting teased in turn and getting some hopeful advice from Rowoon, Jaeyoon, Inseong, and Youngbin. When going to shoot the episodes, he’d get shy and aware of his surroundings to see if his crush was around. When she comes to greet him and his show partner, Wooseok, she’ll smile sweetly and Hwiyoung would greet her and tell her how much he admired her. She’d thank him and tell him he was cute, running off to her show partners as Wooseok chuckled.

“I think she likes you.”

“I… I think so, too.”

Chani: Like Hwiyoung, he’d be embarrassed, except he’d be able to handle it a bit better. He’d be fine without advice, but would get it anyways. Youngbin would pester him about how to act. At the filming, Chani would only be a little nervous. He’d take a few glances at her, wondering what she was doing. If he found her looking at him, he’d just innocently smile and wave and she would let out a laugh while waving back. If she came to greet him, he would smile and greet her back. When he looks at Kino, though, he loses it and starts talking about you whenever you’re out of earshot, fanboying like a little boy he is. 


“I saw, I saw.”

Gifs are not mine. Credits to owners. 

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed and keep on requesting! I wish a show like this existed T^T

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I love all your HP prompts but what about herbology professor Sid who is rumored to be married to pro quidditch player Evgeni Malkin. All of his students think it's fakes because he's such a nerd there's no way he's married to someone that cool. But over the summer a picture of Sid and G is plastered in the news of them kissing at the World Cup and his students are shook

this is the best idea in the world!!!!

The students all love their herbology Professor. Crosby’s nice, young, attractive (even though sometimes he dresses like he just rolled out of bed), and students aren’t going to lie to themselves and say that Crosby’s ass isn’t spectacular. But the guy is boring. He gets excited talking about greenery and flowers that can cure your soul or whatever. The kids are sure that if they lose a limb one day and there’s only one leaf that grows in the middle of the Himalayas that can grow the arm back, then that would be useful knowledge. Otherwise, it’s mostly theoretical. 

But of course, there’s rumors that the very same boring Sidney Crosby is married to the greatest Quidditch player in the world, Evgeni Malkin. No one believes it. There’s a newspaper article that comes out the day after the World Cup, captioned “Evgeni Malkin shares a kiss with his husband after a stunning win,” but the husband’s face is blurry.

Some students argue, “I heard Professor Crosby talking to Professor Ovechkin about his husband. Professor Ovechkin asked what his husband is doing after the Quidditch win, and Crosby said ‘Oh, he’s exhausted. He’s resting a lot, and he deserves it.’”

“That could mean anything,” a Slytherin student pipes up. “My dad nearly passed out watching the game.”

It’s all speculation, until one day, during class, Evgeni fucking Malkin pops into the greenhouse with the biggest bouquet of roses ever.

“Geno!” Sidney exclaims. His students have never seen him this red. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m–I thought you had break,” Evgeni–no, Geno, says, like an overgrown puppy. “Just want to say hi. I’m sorry for interrupt–”

It’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever seen. Evgeni, the legendary player, being flustered over their herbology teacher.

“Oh, no, no.” Sidney moves in, taking the bouquet and kissing Geno on the lips quickly. A girl in the back gasps in elation. “Thank you for coming. I love you.” Sidney looks back at his wide-eye students, as if he knows what’s on their mind. He turns back to his husband, “Geno, do you mind–”

“Of course not.”

“Okay.” Sidney then says to the students, “Sorry about the interruption. Class, this is my husband, Geno. He plays for the–”

“Can we get an autograph?” a boy squeaks out, before he gets shushed. He tries again, “Maybe a photo?”

“Yes, no proble–”

Geno doesn’t even finish his sentence before the kids swarm around him excitedly, pushing their quills and notebooks at Geno’s face.

First Impressions (Part 7)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and drama (later on in the fic)

Word Count: 1541

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

Forever Tags: @amarvelouswritings @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejulesworld @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis  @bubblyanarocks3@thefridgeismybestie

Sebastian Stan Tag: @nedthegay @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @buenostardissherlock  @lenawiinchester@the-red-world-of-jess-chibi

Chris Evans Tag (Normally wouldn’t, but he’s featured a lot): @nedthegay@camigt1999​  @lostinspace33​​ @alwayshave-faith@elleatrixlestrange

First Impressions Tag: @goodnightwife​​ @spacemarkimoo@masha-meow01@axelinchen @smuoooshie​


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A few days later you and Sebastian were out grabbing lunch, things seemingly back to normal between you two. The only difference now was that instead of flirting or heavy conversation, you treated him like you would any other friend.

You ordered your sandwich at the deli and stood back with Seb while you to waited on your order. Suddenly, he grunted and shoved his phone in his pocket before he muttered, “Son of a bitch.”

“You okay?” you asked.

“Yeah….I guess…”

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Instagram Aesthetic
Descendants Main Five + Auradon Students


they hear the beat but they don’t know the words / this is the saddest song I’ve ever heard

{image: eight gifs of Mika from the music video for ‘Last Party’. the gifs are in black and white and Mika is wearing a button up white shirt as he sings. the gifs are captioned with the lyrics “If you could look into the future, would ya? / If you could see it, would you even want to? / got a feeling that there’s bad news coming / But I don’t want to find it out / If it’s the end of the world, let’s party / Like it’s the end of the world, let’s party / Wrap your arms around everybody / If we’re all gonna die let’s party”}

Distance That Took You Away

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Premise: A crumbling long distance relationship is really held up by one thing, you.

Word count/genre: 1630 / angst

SONG: The Distance That Took You Away by SayWeCanFly


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Liam's beard grew a freaking lot in 24 hours since cheriam photo. And landscape is like in LA.

Hi Anon,

Yeah lol - you’re not the only one to say this @zeauty pointed this out too.



It’s more the moustache part of the beard than anything though it was darkened (have now lightened it)  - his hair looks like it currently is cut..

I certainly think either the pic yesterday was photoshopped or it’s old and yeah it could well be La, I certainly think the hills behind look like LA, or anywhere with hills or he could be on a little holiday ahead of his birthday, remains to be seen whether we’ll see any more of him in the coming days and if he’s in LA then there’s the awards on Sunday but we’ll have to see about that. 

He usually goes MIA for his birthday but that’s not till Tuesday. 

PS. the caption ‘lost in paradise’  I wonder whether that could be a hint of stuff cos he doesn’t look overly happy tho he may have just woken up or implying something I dunno that may not be so positive about all this -  anyway all guesswork so let’s wait and see. 

Mark and Jack's Alter Egos

October is around the corner and this got me thinking plus with all the “hints” being throw out by both Mark and Jack, I felt like pouring out my thoughts too^

So, as we all know by now Mark’s Alter Egos (Dark, Wil, Google, The Host, Dr.iplier, Ed Edgar, Bim and Silver Shepherd) as in Markiplier TV ARE separate entities of Mark, they do not need Mark as a vessel to be present. While for Jack, Anti seems to be with him, a part of him. Last October in the Say Goodbye video, Jack hears voices around him, sort of like hallucinations that Anti has projected on him. We are not able to see Anti till after he takes over Jack’s body by killing him. All of his hints before were ghost like projections of him glitching in and out of videos. I do not know if in the future we will be able to see Anti with Jack together as a separate person, guess we will have to wait to find out more :D

Jack’s other alter egos, Jackaboy man, Dr.Schneeplestein and Chase Brody with Anti and Dr.Schneeplestein being the most popular now, I’m really curious if Jack is going to team up all of his alter egos in a video. A while before when Jack uploads his video on bio inc., we get to see Dr.Schneeplestein gets a come back. Don’t know if this is intentional or coincidence, shortly after this series, Anti related hints starts to come up. So is Anti and Dr.Schneep plotting on something or is Anti pulling the strings here? All hints from titles of videos to dying his hair back to dark green with the caption “return or reborn” to the thumbnails on his video. Jack, what are you plotting for us?

Side note, I think that return and reborn could possibly said that Jack is back to take revenge on Anti since Anti has said at the panel, he is not going anywhere, he is always there, always watching. The Jack we known is dead last year, so is the on screen Jacksepticeye Anti in disguise all along? I say this because in some of the videos, Anti’s laugh can be heard but without any glitch on screen, it could have been an act to throw us off or maybe I’m thinking too much but sometimes I just couldn’t help noticing some of this little hints that could lead to the bigger picture at the end :P

Okay now back to Mark. After google gets an upgrade, Dark and the team has gone a bit quiet from there. The is not much activity going on till he started dropping what a lot of people assume as hints on his video titles. Also remember in Markiplier TV where Mark said there is two heads on the table which is referring to Dark and Wilford, both wanted to take control but in a different way. I know some theorist have already connected the dots together but still I wanted to mention it again. Dark, as describe by Mark is a manipulator, he is calm, collective, calculative and smart. He tries to give you something but drops hints along the way to draw the audience in till you are fully under his power but Wilford is careless, wild and only thinks of himself hence in the video where they fight in disagreement of Markiplier TV. Then again, we never get any hints from them in other videos anymore till recently, Mark changes his lights to pink in the yandere simulator video. Maybe is just him fiddling with his lights but also it represents Warfstache. Does that mean Yandere is now under Wilford’s team? It doesn’t stop there, Mark later changes his lights to red in homeworld and joy of creation. Is that representing Dark? Two of the original alter egos of Mark switching side by side…I really do wish to know more cuz all of this hints IS KILLING ME :3

I know if been rambling for a long time but this is the last one. Now a lot of people have been asking for Dark and Anti collab and believe me, I want it to happen badly too. Yesterday I stumble upon a video by paranerdnicky about the possibility of the collab. In the video she mention the Jack when to LA for the D23 expo for ten days. Ten days is a long time and a lot of things can happen. Also she mention that although Mark and Jack can be together in D23 but they have been very secretive about it. She also mention that in the past they have said that there would be no collab between those two because of time constraints and the amount of editing into it and also some other possible reasonings. Anyways, who knows if they are actually planning out something big this October for us or just me thinking about it too much again. Besides going to the expo, the game grumps live show, possibly planning for his tour and maybe meet up with some friends, what is Jack actually doing in LA?

P.S I would really love to see Mark facing Dark, Wil and the gang in a video being Mark either almost getting killed or kidnapped by them. That would be so awesome.

P.S.S This is all just my random thoughts because I love the concept of Youtubers alter egos. It’s fascinating to see how they take on the roles whether it’s from a fan made character or even a cannon character created by them 💕 If one day Mark or Jack decided to publish a book or just a long text about the concept of the characters on how they perceive and think about them I would so gush all over it. Gosh, I’m such a nerd when it comes to theories :P Well then enough from me now, byieee ✌🏻


(REQUESTED) So I myself have been a fan and supporter of jack and jack since minute one, since before they were even j&j, just when they were two kids making fun videos. I even made fanfics back in the day. So… when all the videos of gilinksy verbally insulting madison came out, my heart broke a little. I will still support them cause I love their music (and by no means im supporting jack’s behavious whatsoever) but yes the image I had of him will never be the same. Everyone makes mistakes, we have all said bad things we regret (again, im not justifying what he did) and he definitely screwed up, no one should ever get attacked like that. NOW with that being said, THIS IS WHERE IT ALL GETS MESSY.

Jack J has posted a video talking about all this drama, and finally the truth has come out (I adore Johnson, he’s genuinely a nice kid and I believe him 100%). SOOOO apparently, it was Madison the one who sent the videos to a fan account so that they could leak them, even made fake text captions from the fans to post as if it had been written by them). Im not gonna lie, I was a fan of G long before she dated Madison, and I didn’t like her, at all. Her “discovery” and all that jb crap was FAKE!! But you know what, they seemed happy, so I accepted it.

Now, her true self has come out. She is a kid, who got famous at 15 and liked this cute guy. Okay. All fine. Did G had to say those bad things to her? Absolutely not. That’s not the problem. the problem is that she then freaking went to Twitter and posted this fake long ass caption saying how “it was hard for her to go back and hear those videos” LIKE WTF?! the fact that she just tried to make him look like a horrible person (which he might be, we cant know from a 2 minute audio) and then tried to become the victim when SHE was the one who started all of it. “i wanted to help him” LIKE ARE U SURE? then why would you post that????? Im honestly hoping people stop giving this people all this attention when they are the ones creating the drama.

Jack G was so wrong and he should have never said any of that to her, but he was in a bad place, he accepted it, and asked for forgiveness, now let’s move on. Like I said, Im never gonna see him with the same eyes, but I do think he regrets it and he’s in a better path now.

But what she did I find incredibly disgusting, I get that she was hurt, but she should have just broken up with him on first place, and get him some help, don’t expose him in front of the whole world. Because you know what, she probably did that bc she was too mad he had broken up with her. She made it look like she was being abussed for the three hole years of their relationship (like J said, that was not true) and being abussed is a serious issue, and I feel like she just used it to make him look like an awful person and just gain attention.

With that being said, I just think they both did incredibly wrong and both deserve to stay away for a while. I hope G is in a much better place now and he gets to be the Jack he’s always been. As for her, I think she just needs to stop trying to be a victim and if she has any real serious issue, she should get help too. They both need help, they both did wrong. But its not fair how G was treated (even after he sincerely apologised) while Madison looked like an angel while she was lying to the whole world. They both fucked up, hope they both get their shit together.