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“@misteruniverse replied to your post “I figured Donald was gonna be…”

i watched it directly on Disney XD’s youtube and they didnt have an option….if you could compile the donald dialog transcriptions ooh man that’d be the best….thank you..

Hm, you’re right, it doesn’t have captioning on the official youtube, which is weird because they definitely should (but it’s not enforced or anything so)

Anywho, here’s the transcript of Donald’s dialog. I put in some other character’s dialog in relevant scenes to make it easier to read. (…) notes where I’ve cut out dialog that wasn’t necessary for this transcription. The horizontal line page breaks note a scene change. Hope this is helpful! It’s under a readmore due to the length

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Naruto characters + Quotes about Sasuke
↳ 23.07.2017 | Happy Birthday, Sasuke! You are loved! ♥
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turn vol. up, this play foam has a unique crunch :)