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Repition isn’t fun but here’s the deal: I do not take any credit for the art style or original ideas. These are ALL take from Hiimdaisy’s Persona 4 comics. I repeat: I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR ANYTHING NOR AM I TRYING TO! These were just for fun.

Set #2 of I don’t know what since I got a good response to the last ones! Kudos to you Gundam Wing fandom that I sometimes think is dead!

Unfortunately the further we go, the less canon they become. On the bright side though, there should be at least one more set coming! (There’s actually 2 other ones finished but you guys have to wait for those P:)

Captions added for clarity (again).

P.S: If anyone sees a scene in the comics that they think works for Gundam Wing, send it my way and I’ll consider adding it. We’re running out of ideas here!

anonymous asked:

I feel like a lot of younger individuals identify as non-binary because this site makes them feel like they're evil if they're cis. Like #tdov posts keep popping up of younger DFAB kids with hella makeup on and no attempt to even LOOK neutral and the caption says "So glad to be feminine non-binary! (she/her/they/them)" and it just doesn't make any sense to me. I feel like a lot of kids are turning to being LGBT so they don't feel like they're the bad guy Tumblr makes cis/het people out to be.

That and because it’s a fad.

I feel like a lot of this is just impressionable young kids trying to fit in. I think it’s odd that they feel the need to identify as being “NON-binary” but at the same time claim a binary title. “Femme NB” it’s like they just want the best of both worlds there tbh. Don’t get how that’s “breaking away from the binary” if you need to define yourself on the binary anyway by tossing masculine or feminine on…and then have the nerve to be like “Not everyone believes in these outdated gender norms/terms/roles!” Like…I guess you’re not one of those people then? And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s almost always “femme NB” {With Feminism and misandry being so popular atm}…like they want to claim that female privilege and get the perks of being supah speshul NB at the same time…

I feel like “exploring your gender” has become confused with just figuring out your personal style, slapping on a LGBT label since being cis isn’t cool, but competing in the Olympics is.

All these meaningless ass labels. I honestly feel bad that these people would rather be seen as some nonsense string of descriptors and pretend to be empowered or w.e by that instead of just being who they are. They’re like “This is who I am, THIS IS MY IDENTITY” whatever, how about you get a personality instead? Ijs.