that cape flip

I love watching Batman and justice league cartoons because you get to see how much of a dork Bruce Wayne actually is


•he whines at Alfred when he has to go on a television interview (“do I have to Alfred?”)
•he gets super pouty when his car gets totally wrecked and then he gets super excited when he builds a new one and takes it for a joy ride
•try’s way too hard at making super lame jokes
•pulled the lamest of lame jokes on Alfred on April fools day
•when Dick says he wants his super hero name to be Robin and Bruce is just “…like the bird?”
•does all these super over the top jumps and kicks just because he fucking can
•just stands off in the distance doing his “hmmmmm” thing
•he’s constantly showing his kids off and joking around with them and is super proud of them and he’s actually a good dad
•Bruce will never get out of his costume unless Alfred makes him
•he’s super dramatic when he puts the costume on–so much so that he fucking hurt himself when putting on a glove
•does this huge dramatic reveal of the leagues identities to flash and has this stupid gay dopey smile when he does it
•gets super flustered around the girl he likes and the kids make fun of him. Constantly
•tore up someone’s basement and told them to have a nice day and then just fucking left
•he just goes off into these rants and monologues
•he probably tears across buildings and rooms in a full on naruto run just so he can be gone by the time the person he’s talking to turns around
•tells a raccoon it has a nice mask Jesus Christ
•gets doused with joker gas and has pretty nice laugh actually–but he laughs at everything and Alfred is just “go lay the fuck down”
•he probably scopes out the building with the perfect lighting and wind speed so his cape can blow dramatically in the wind
•Batman: he’s not one for much conversation
Robin: like you can talk
•he puts headphones in and listens to hard rock music at classical concerts like a dick
•he just glares until he gets his way
•stayed kidnapped for a whole two days for the dramatics of it
•everything he does is for the dramatic aesthetic and Alfred always calls him out (“aesthetic or death Alfred!” *cue dramatic cape flip*)


I always make fun of my province, New Brunswick, because it’s small, boring, there are no job and everything is going out of business. But what NB does have is amazing scenery! This was shot at an old defunct park in the north of the province. We got together with a photographer friend and trekked down to the beach in frigid weather and brutal wind for some cool shots! And boy was it ever worth it!!

Ps there was nobody flipping capes and whatnot, that was all the wind’s work! So you can probably imagine how thrilled I am about the 5th pic ahah

anonymous asked:

Can Fatal see himself in a mirror? And if he can what would he see? Code, mine, not mine, 1010, scribblez, NOTING, or just himself and nothing like a regular mirror.

It’s funny because this ask made me think of like, Fatal as a vampire or something XD Like he looks into a mirror and there’s nothing there? and he just hisses and flips his cape and scampers off

And then hangs upside down on a tree or something

It was so amazing debuting Corrin for AZ day 1!! I made this outfit in roughly 10 days and although its not perfect and I had to leave out quite a few details, I’m soooo proud of how it turned out, especially for my first big armor outfit! Some of the pieces got damaged but I’m gonna try and repair them and maybe bring her back out Sunday for more pics ;D
Thanks soooo so much to Kutsu Photo for the amazing picture!! (and Lilukun Cosplay for the sweet cape flip ;3)

Rogue One Theatre Headcanons

-Director Krennic

- Krennic is actually just Ms. Darbus from High School Musical                               *flips cape* “THIS IS THE THEATRE!”

-Bodhi is stage manager but somehow does almost every other tech role too

- Cassian is the guy who gets every lead

-K-2SO is mad because he thinks he deserves them                                             “That untalented swine thinks he’s better than me”

-Chirrut is just happy to be here

- He begs Baze to be apart of the show in some way because he refused to perform                                                                                                                 “Do it for me?”

- Baze ends up being designer and master builder

-Making sets and props is the only thing he’s not uncomfortable with

-Jyn is a super high suprano and everyone is shook

-But she overacts so bad

-Bodhi’s headset gets stuck in his hair                                                                   “Not again”

-Krennic is brutally honest in his notes                                                                  “JYN! You sucked worse than that time you stole my plans for the death star!”

- “Bodhi, tell them they were bad”                                                                            “Um…. You were bad.”

-K-2 the Diva                                                                                                           “WHERE IS MY COFFEE?!”

-Chirrut does choreography

-Cassian is straight chilling he just watches the mess around him

-Until Jyn makes it a competition to see who gets more applause

-Cassian still won


As a theatre nerd, this was so fun. Thanks for requesting!!


Damn, Supergirl back at it again with all the feels!

Finally my show is here again.

The angst. The women kicking ass all over my screen. The Danvers Sisters. A little comedy. Supergirl saving the day like the hero she is, and quipping while she works! Not to mention the men floundering helplessly at home, I mean the DEO. I loved our boys all worrying over Alex, Kara, and Lyra.

This episode did not disappoint.

J'onn tricking Alex.

Kara and Snapper.

Supergirl and Snapper.

Maggie’s anxious movements towards the man holding a gun to Alex.

Alex simply calming Maggie while she’s being held at gunpoint.

Space dad hug.

The throwback to season 1 episode 1.

Kara’s cape flip exiting the DEO to see Snapper.



Faults And The Scars They Leave - fic

Characters: Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, bits o’ the dads
Summary: Jon was not going to be okay for a very long time.
A/N: mumble mumble after the Black Dawn arc. Jon opts to stay in Damian’s room. The Kents stay in Gotham for a while. Basically, it’s not said but the idea is Damian’s more or less channeling his inner fake-dad Dick for this. Poor Jonno. Black Dawn is hurting me so much, especially the end of Superman 23. Please stop making that little cherub cry.


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Perfect Timing - escape series

Characters: Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, Conner Kent
Pairing: jondami, timkon
Summary: They had one chance. 
A/N: Tim and Damian went to a long disused safehouse and changed into their old Robin and Red Robin gear. Obviously since Dick is a dictator and rules the world or whatever, they don’t do the vigilante thing anymore. Obviously also, there is medical supplies on the plane for Conner. The two couples basically just make out the whole ride to wherever they’re going. Make out and cuddle the fuck outta each other.

Stuff for the Escape series


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Working with Photographers

Your cosplay looks stunning and you want to get some professional shots of your cosplay! Where do you begin? How do you find photographers? I will explain in this post!

There are 2 ways to finding photographers around you! You can either:

-A: Go to a convention. You don’t even need a ticket, you can stand in areas where photographers will be! They will most likely be outside anyway due to better lighting/location. Once you take photos with a photographer they will usually give you a business card. 

B: Look on forums, facebook pages of conventions/cosplayers in your area. Chances are photographers will be in there too looking for cosplayers to shoot with! You can even look for cosplayers in your area and look in the description for photographers. 

-Always make sure you look through their portfolio to see if you like the way they shoot. Each photographer will have a different way of shooting, some you may like, some you may not like. 

-Time to book a shoot! Message a photographer, ask for their rates, when they are available. If you agree to a shoot, make sure you tell them what character, what series, and provide multiple reference photos so they can get a good feel for your character, and choose which lighting, location, angles they may want to try. The more information you can provide, the easier it is on them!

-WATCH OUT FOR PERVERTS. Especially if you have a rather revealing cosplay or are planning a lingerie shoot! There are some photographers that are not reputable at all! MAKE SURE THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS REPUTABLE! Check with people they have worked with. Ask them their experience. If you hear anything bad from multiple people. DO NOT hire them! A good photographer will NEVER force you to do poses you are not comfortable with and will always make sure you are comfortable! They will never touch you without your permission, and will always make sure you like the shots! If you feel uncomfortable let them know. They will respect your decision.

-Practice your poses! Look at reference photos of your character and mimic their poses. It is good to have many many poses on hand because you will be going through a lot of them! For good measure look for around 15+ you like. Poses go by very fast! You can even ask your photographer if they have any pose ideas!

-Getting to your shoot. Even though you agree on a certain time, it is always best to get there 15 minutes early! It is very rude to get there late. Photographers will most likely be there early to set up their lighting, and do test shots! You can also even help the photographers set up making it more likely that they will want to work with you in the future!

-Perhaps you want to thank your photographer extra for shooting with you, good idea! You can treat them to food, coffee, and even tip them more than the amount you agreed on! Being nice, helpful and a pleasure to work with will make it more likely that the photographer will work with you on future shoots!

-Assistants! It’s a very good idea to bring an assistant to help you/and the photographer during the shoot! Assistants can do things from cape flips, holding props off screen to make it look like it’s in action, make sure your cosplay looks on point/fix whatever is off, hold lighting for photographers, and more! Just be sure you tell them how thankful you are for their help, treat them to lunch or dinner for their time, or get them a gift!

-Waiting for the photos, this is the hardest part. Waiting for your photos can be quite hard however it will be worth it! Depending on your photographer, they will give you the raws, photos with some edits, or edited photos. It is always important to have good communication with the photographer. Ask them if it is okay to do your own edits, ask them when it is okay to post the photos! And be sure to ALWAYS credit the photographer/edit in your post!

-Once the shoot is over, PLEASE leave your experience with the photographer on their pages. This will help future cosplayers on what to expect with the photographer. This will also help bring them more business and support them (if you had a pleasant experience of course)

adventures-of-evelin  asked:

What if Balem is one step ahead because he asked for an email alert (or some sort of notification on his space clipboard) to be set up so that everytime reader buys something, he gets notified. Imagine he's in a meeting, a ping draws his attention and he zeroes in on two words on his screen ("silk lingerie"). He fckin ends the meeting right then and there. Papa's got better things to do 😉

‘Papa’s got better things’ is my favorite. Lord..

Balem glanced down at the tablet in his hand, a smirk slowly forming on his lips as he saw those two words. 'Purchase complete’.

“What has she bought this time…?” He whispered to himself, not even paying any mind to the many people in the meeting. He swiped his finger over the screen, his smug look deepening when he saw the outfit she had purchased. A simple black lingerie set, yet he could picture it perfectly already. Her gorgeous thighs clothed in stockings, perfectly sculpted ass doing justice to the lace panties.

He shifted uncomfortably in his throne, his pants growing tighter the longer he thought of her.

“Lord Balem?”

“Meeting is over.”

He rose from his seat, flipping his cape around the front as he rushed down the steps.

“Papa has better things to do.”



CCS Rewritten Scene: The Big Kiss

*scene taken from Episode 42* 

Sakura approaches the ‘sleeping’ princess Syaoran lying on the bed upon the stage. 

Sakura: Oh, what a beautiful princess! 

The three fairies Rika, Naoko, and Chiharu appear

Rika: -approaches and curtsies- The only thing that can awaken the princess…

Chiharu: -approaches and curtsies- …is a kiss from someone who truly loves her. 

Naoko: -approaches and curtsies- If you can truly love her, then a kiss…

Sakura: -nods in determination- Okay 

Sakura flips her cape dramatically and begins to approach Syaoran before slowly leaning in closer. Kero and Tomoyo watch from the sound room, and Touya and Yukito are watching as members of the audience. Meilin is on the floor of the stage, pretending to be a slayed villain. 

Kero: Oh, this is a good scene!

Meilin: -face filled with irritation- Ooh! Only if I was the prince!

Touya: -twitches- Th-They can’t really be doing that!

Syaoran: -hyperventilating- 

Sakura leans in, however due to the length of the cape, she steps on the bottom as she approaches Princess Syaoran. She cries out in surprise as she falls forward, her lips crashing against his. Syaoran’s eyes instantly open wide, and he sits up rapidly as the contact finishes as quick as it began, his face flushed. 

Syaoran: -holds his hand over his mouth- Y-you just….

Sakura: -cries out and flails quite animatedly in her embarassment- HOEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I’M SORRY. I’M SORRY. I’M SO SORRY! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! 

Touya: -rises from his seat instantly- I’LL KILL THAT BRAT!! 

Meilin: -rushes from her spot on the ground before being held back by several other students in the class- HOW COULD YOU?! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MEEEEEEEE!!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MEEEE!!! 

Sakura: Li-kun, I’m so sorry! -face bright red- 

Syaoran: -mutters quietly to himself, face bright red and obviously in shock- My first kiss, and I’m wearing a pink, fluffy dress and curls…

Sakura: HOEEEEEE!!! 

The audience all whisper amongst themselves in confusion at the sudden chaos, wondering if this is somehow part of the story. A flash comes from the audience as Yukito snaps another picture with his camera. 

Yukito: -laughs lightheartedly- This is a good play!