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Toby Stephens really deserves every single award for his portrayal of James McGraw/Flint. The range of emotion he can express with such minimal expressions blows my mind. (via @amuseoffyre‘s post <3)

You know I really wish I had a talent and not just being trash.
—  Me, everyday as I struggle to get a career and follow my dreams (whatever that means)

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lol no hate but there's barely any new writing on this blog or even the talk of writing. it seems more like an advice, fun fandom blog rather than a writing blog. are you even planning to write any longer? some people here want to read your new work but it's impossible if you don't put anything out anymore. are you on an indefinite hiatus for your writing?

ngl this comes off a little pushy and insensitive but I’ll ignore that. this blog, however, isn’t just a writing blog, it’s where I go to fangirl and to keep up to date with bts, internet friends, and even my followers. that being said, this blog is not my main priority, though I certainly treat it as such in regards to many other things in my life and maybe that’s a bad thing but that doesn’t neglect the fact that I’m still a busy person. I write for fun just like many other writers on this site and because it is a hobby, I’m not a machine and nor am I even being paid to do this as I write out of my own free will in between school, homework, work, and trying to maintain what little social life I have. it just so happens that things are a little chaotic right now because school is almost over for me and so therefore I’ve had a lot of work to do to keep up but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing as much as I can in my free time. it will just take me a little longer than usual but in the meantime, there are plenty other brilliant writers on this site, some who are lesser known and are waiting for new readers. I am not on a hiatus but everyone needs a break some times and no one should be held accountable for that. I’m sorry if this disappoints you but that’s just how it goes! and if it means anything, I have plans on posting a new fic next week - that is, if you don’t become too impatient in waiting. thanks for understanding~

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French likes to use math for larger numbers, so take 88 for example. In french it's quatre-vingt huit. You can take that as 4 x 20 + 8. Then for something like 75, it would be soixante-quinze. 60 + 15. 97, quatre-vingt dix-sept, 4 x 20 + 17

It’s all so complicated yet very simple at the same time 😩 but thank you for breaking it down for me.

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*whispers hopefully* does chimchim have hpd omg my baby i will be his histrionic dad

Omg! Yes it’s very similar to hpd! It was created due to events that happened earlier in his life. He always have to be praised, loved and has a VERY high need for attention or otherwise something will happen and he will snap. But thinking about it, it sounds kinda like hpd or(?) good child syndrome 0;


imma drop this here

why negan is not a rapist
  • first off, he’s STRONGLY against rape. this is proven when he kills the attempted rapist in both the show and the comics. he has a strict, strict “no rape policy”. anybody who attempts to sexually assault anybody will most likely be seriously injured or killed. he’s even shown to have a disgust towards even the idea of rape. this might just stem from something from his past, or he isn’t that shitty of a human being.
  • negan coerces his wives. there’s no denying that. there’s no way to disapprove this. he promises them safety and shelter as long as they abide by his rules. BUT, this does not mean this defines him sleeping with these wives as sexual coercion. he explicitly tells them that they are there by choice. none of them are actually forced to stay with him. if they want to leave but when he is not aware, then he obviously will go after them or their loved ones because this is a betrayal. if these women want to leave, then they are MORE than welcome to. this is NOT coercion. they go back to working for points and act as a normal savior. no harm done. these women CHOOSE to stay with him because they have that false sense of security. to them, it’s a better option than staying on the outside in a world where you have to survive. but, ANY woman is damn well smart enough that if they don’t want to be there then there’s no point in staying. even sherry herself ASKED negan if he would marry her so that dwight could live because they were dumb enough to run from the sanctuary along with stolen drugs. her choice. not negan.
  • there are a million other options as opposed to staying with a man like negan just because you want to act like things are normal in the world again. the world is shit. so, people flock to a place like the sanctuary. this is what these women did. they know negan’s terms. the only reason ANY of them or their loved ones were harmed was because they broke his rules. you can’t run away after signing a contract with somebody and expect there to not be consequences. again, repeated, these women are not forced to stay with negan, but if they want to leave and just be a regular savior, then they can. they are not forced. he doesn’t force them to have sex. nor does he force them to really be with him at all. this isn’t rape.

And the bad week continues. One of my coworkers apparently told my boss I’m not doing my job. 

I work with exactly two people. One girl has missed her shift twice because she couldn’t make it, but hardly anyone ever comes in then anyway and she’s cool, I like her. The other girl has missed a ton of shifts as well, and for most of those times I’ve been left in there alone/had to open the center late. 

If I’m not going up to greet people first, it’s probably because you’ve been missing shifts and I’ve had to cover it for both of us. You know, just a thought.

One of the girls I work with already doesn’t like me. I don’t know what I did to her, but she just doesn’t like me. She doesn’t talk to me. Doesn’t smile. Nothing. It’s been like that since day one and I have no idea what the hell I did. I’m guessing she’s the one that talked to my boss, considering I work ¾ shifts with her. That, or it was the coworker that yelled at me last week, and that was a one time thing

Could they have not just talked to me themselves? Or brought it to the student manager? Really??? You had to go straight to the boss so that he could give me a stern talking to?

I like where I work. I like helping the people that come in. Absolutely don’t like who I work with right now. Hopefully, I can avoid have shifts with them next semester.

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Do you think the mcu would be happier if Tony was as kiss happy as rdj

oh man if only i had gotten this in a time of Softe and Fluffy Thoughts,,,a Pre-CACW time,,,,,,I think that tony pouring more of himself into arguably one-sided friendships and being more emotionally vulnerable would probably not make the mcu even the tiniest bit happier to be honest, unless we just got a ton of footage of him giving rhodey pep happy and Maybe nat gentle cheek smooches 

if EVERYONE was openly affectionate and caring and stuff then yes but like. nah fam,

hey dudes

so I’m in an incredibly bitter mood and honestly can’t feel excited about jack hitting 15 million right now

i just dont want to fake a happy and excited congratulatory post since that’s not how im actually feeling

I’m just gonna live vicariously through all of the amazing and supportive posts that you guys have made and wait out this bitterness

thanks dudes

*transcends beyond the realm of stress to eventually convincing myself everything is ok by looking at more memes on the internet*