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EXO as Subs: In One Word

1.) Sehun - The Bratty Sub

2.) Tao - The Whiny Sub

3.) Kris - The Rough Sub

4.) Kai - The Needy Sub

5.) Suho - The Demanding Sub

6.) Chen - The Vocal Sub

7.) Xiumin - The Kitten Sub

8.) Lay - The Good-Boy Sub

9.) Kyungsoo - The Closet Sub

10.) Luhan - The Denying Sub

11.) Chanyeol - The Obeying Sub

12.) Baekhyun - The Clingy Sub

Hey so here’s almost every line Shadow says in Sonic Adventure 2 but in OwO language under the cut.

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uhhh, i don’t know if anyone has said this yet on tumblr, but here i go:

aka + kuro = seirin’s basketball uniform color
kuroko + vanilla milkshake = rakuzan’s basketball uniform color


there i go listening to turandot tracks again so like this to see an opera / play with solo. short and sweet, but you’re more than welcome to hmu with additional plotting for it!

I can imagine Jackal “proposing” to Moira because he feels like he should do it because he wants to feel like the big man here, and its just a trainwreck like

Jackal, handing Moira the ring box: Here. We don’t have to have a wedding or even get married we could just stay like this or whatever. I just wanna know I have you and shit. Just, take this or tell me no.

Moira: Do it the right way.

Jackal: You’re kidding me.

Moira: I’m not.

Jackal, getting down on one knee and shoving the ring box towards Moira: There is this better??

Moira, taking the ring and walking away: Perfect

If you’re tired of your favorite fantasy stories having obligatory teenage romance that’s completely underdeveloped and unnecessary to the plot clap your hands.

since i’m the fucking idiot who mass deleted her drafts, consider this a starter call ! tap the heart for a thread with this human trashbag & if you’d like to plot, im me or reply to this post !