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1D Author Appreciation Week(end)

It’s that time of year again, time to infuse a little love into this community. A year ago we were grappling with the idea that 1d were going on “hiatus” and wondering if there would even be a 1d fic community in a year’s time but I think we can all agree that this little fic community of ours, while having changed as communities are wont to do, is still going strong in its own way. That is something worth celebrating.

Fic writers work so hard. And while most of us write because we love to do it, there are times when it can be stressful and when it can be lonely. Sometimes we need someone to tell us we’re doing a good job, that our work is valued and appreciated, and that there’s a place for us in this wonderful group of people. So let’s make a special effort to remind authors why they’re here, to thank them for the effort they’ve put into creating enjoyable content for us, and to celebrate the amazing talent all around us.

Here’s what you’ll need to know to join in…

When is this happening?

Thurs July 28 - Mon Aug 1

How can I participate?

Whether that’s sending messages to authors personally, making posts talking about the things about the fic community that you like, creating interesting content or graphics to honour the fics you love, or just making the effort to reblog fic posts instead of just liking them, whatever you’d like to do, do it. 

  • A side note, if I may: last year involved a lot of fic rec posts, which were wonderful but also had the unfortunate consequence, without intention or fault, of highlighting some stories in abundance and leaving out others. The goal of this week is to be as inclusive as possible to all writers, “big” or “small”, new or old. So I challenge you to find a different way to talk about the stories you love and to appreciate all the authors in this community equally.

I’ve made a post, now what?

Tag it with #1daaw so that everyone can see it, and so that others can reblog your content.

The rest is up to you – this is your chance to contribute. Do you think there’s fics that need highlighting, authors that need boosting up? Go and do it. The type of content you see is entirely up to you. If there’s something you want to say, the responsibility of saying it is yours.

Let’s spread some love around! 

  • Another side note: if anyone is tempted to go into an author’s inbox – any author – and send them anon hate because of 1daaw, you can just go ahead and put it right into my inbox instead

boyfriend! jimin moodboard ♡

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styleswcrs  asked:

☂ REYLO 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  • yells at the other for leaving wet towels on the bed

kylo!!! this is kylo!!!! he’s so uptight about everything and this too like!!! rey’s just happy to have water, darling girl. but if kylo yells at her she’ll fucking deck him. she’ll sleep in a wet bed any day

  • whines when the other forgets what they wanted after going grocery shopping

rey apparently loves spinach (it’s a plant AND YOU CAN EAT IT??) and kylo hates it and doesn’t know why she needs to have it but the first time he shows up without spinach she literally goes shopping herself, comes back twenty minutes later, gives him the evil eye, and very slowly takes a piece of spinach in her mouth and chews it.

  • leaves five half drank bottles of water in their room

rey likes staring at the water more than she likes drinking it, bless her heart, but eventually she’ll drink it because neither she nor kylo are wasteful people

  • initiates a quickie while at somewhere they shouldn’t

the overused trope: they fucking jump each other every time luke skywalker turns his back on ach-to

  • surprises the other with their favorite fast food for dinner

kylo loves milkshakes?????? literally if anyone touches his milkshake he’d destroy them? rey doesn’t really get it because they’re so sweet but giving him a milkshake makes him weirdly agreeable so if she can get her hands on one, she’ll literally give him a milkshake and then demand him to listen to her and Leia’s newest plans for him to help the resistance

  • is massively hungover after celebrating their anniversary

kylo doesn’t like getting drunk but occasionally he does because it’s the only way to get his mind to settle sometimes. but during their anniversary, it’s the only time he can do it and enjoy it, kind of. he turns into a giant baby, somehow easier to manage than when he’s, well, sober. (thank the galaxy.) his hangover is a shitstorm, though. rey basically just sasses right back at him until he learns how to deal with his hangovers.

  • argues for double stuffed Oreos over regular

rey might not like many sweet things but fuck if she can’t have double stuffed oreos. she’s more terrifying than kylo with his cross saber.

  • buys $200 worth of baby things after finding out they’re expecting

kylo gets really scared when he first learns about it. rey’s excited. rey uses a ton of kylo’s credits. leia completely supports her. kylo gets his ass handed to him in a good way. god bless. he’ll learn to be a good dad

  • insists that they each get their own popcorn at the cinema

rey loves food. if kylo’s hand comes within five inches of her bucket of popcorn she’ll take his own bucket, too.

football tag

Alright, I saw this and decided I wanted to start it (I don’t actually know if someone already did?). So I’m going to!!!

rules: have fun (#laaaaame), tag ten!

1. Favorite club(s): Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

2. Favorite coach(s): Zinedine Zidane.

3. Favorite striker(s): Fernando Torres and David Villa.

4. Favorite midfielder(s): (this one’s so freaking hard) Marco Reus, Xabi Alonso, David Silva, Steven Gerrard and Isco Alarcón.

5. Favorite defender(s): Sergio Ramos, Dani Carvajal and Erik Durm.

6. Favorite goalkeeper(s): Iker Casillas.

7. Favorite captain(s): Iker Casillas and Marco Reus.

8. Favorite stadium(s): Santiago Bernabéu, Signal Iduna Park and Anfield.

9. Favorite retired footballer(s): David Beckam.

10. Favorite trophy(ies): the Champions League trophy.

11. A moment that made you smile: Iker lifting the Euro Cup trophy in 2012 and Real Madrid winning La Undécima.

12. A moment that made you cry: Dortmund losing in the DFB Pokal Final and Spain getting kicked out of the 2014 WC.

13. A player you used to dislike and now you love: Cristiano Ronaldo.

14. A player you like from a rival team: Thomas Müller.

15. A player you respect for his talent: Leo Messi.

16. A player you want to hang out with: Thomas Müller and David Silva.

I tag: @durmerella @gayern-munchen @rmafangirl @fragilicomebolledisapone @amalieskywalker @wearethechampionsofeurope @hellograce2513 @iscoalaracoon @indie-isco @manuwallneuer


@rackelswems look this is a stupid dump little video of me dancing to random clips of songs that i felt related to us but here you go, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i love you so much and i hope you have a great day and i hope you appreciate this video i edited it myself k bye

quick psa about me and the next few weeks

hey, guys! i just wanted to give everyone a little heads up about the fact that i might not be as active in the near future as i normally am. to sum things up, in exactly two weeks (august 8th) i will officially be homeless, and in the time i have left until then i’m going to have to go through everything i own and sort out what i can keep, what i need to toss/give away, and what i can sell. i will most likely be living out of my car for a while until i can find another place to stay, and don’t have enough room for everything. 

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otherkin moodboards!

hi! so i recently became obsessed with making moodboards and so i figured hey! i should make otherkin moodboards! so u just need to

  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask (on or off anon) saying what your kin type is 

i think that’s it!

but also i’m not gonna be doing fictionkin because theres bound to be some characters that i know nothing about and i dont wanna have to pick and choose yknow?

but i’ll do any other kin types!!

Keos seemed to appear out of nowhere. In a single, fluid movement, he had torn the throats of both guards and moved to stand over their mortal charge. “I watched you on the battlefield last night.” He cooed, his fingers drifting over the stranger’s wound. It was still wet, still bleeding; the scent of blood soured by infection. “You were magnificent.” 

like sure is it right that a lot of the people who use terms like wlw and sapphic are probably uncomfortable with being called lesbians? definitely. i personally don’t like calling myself a lesbian even though that’s probably the closest thing to my sexuality. i’m most comfortable calling myself queer because i think the term lesbian is limiting. but i know a lot of fucking people HATE that as a general term. and with good reason! am i gonna force them to call themselves queer? am i gonna tell them they’re wrong to label themselves and use whatever terms they’re comfortable with? fuck no. am i gonna refer to them as queer knowing that they don’t like it?? FUCK no. don’t force people to use language they’re not comfortable with and don’t look down on them for choosing language that they feel most accurately describes them

and in that vein if you’re most comfortable calling yourself a lesbian than please do!! and i’m sorry that terms like wlw and sapphic make you feel erased and excluded. that sucks and i can see why! but i think it’s important language to use when talking about women who are attracted to women in general, because not all of them are going to be lesbians all the time. it’s a first step towards more inclusionary language and breaking down the barriers between bi and gay women and frankly it’s been an incredible relief to see that kind of community building between the two groups instead of the more common hate and exclusion towards one another