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NCT as gangsters - Character Sheet

Looks and acts cold, expressionless most of the time. Full of charisma, his aura always overpowers anyone in the same room as him. Everyone either want him as an ally, or want his head laid on their table. Leader of the pack, great natural instincts and exceptional skills. Cares for his pack a lot, even though he doesn’t show it often.

Has the biggest built out of everyone. Acts as the first wall for the pack, Donghyuck’s back up on spying missions. Excels in hand-to-hand combat, capable to decapacitate or kill someone with bare hands. Long codename: Chicago Monster. Actually is a nice and funny man, watches Cake Boss and Infinity Challenge on his spare time.

Never really had any trouble on doing his job, but rather attracting unwanted intervention from his objects due to his good look. Appears friendly and harmless, his smile fooling everyone of his ruthless nature. Excels as a con artist too. Leader’s right hand man. Johnny’s Cake Boss marathon buddy.

Short-tempered, but works fast and efficient. The brain of the pack. Hates to be annoyed by his pack but they do it anyway, just because. Knows anything and everything important. Works with Mark in their technological stuff.

Flirtatious, tenacious and dangerous. Born and raised to kill. Deadly accuracy and speed. Amazing with weapons and great with hand-to-hand combat. Never spares a life, always finishes the orders given. One of the most feared assassin on the history of mafia.

Rarely be seen because he is either moving around completing missions or back at the mansion planning. Only a handful of people know what he looks like, a cheerful guy with cute face. Mostly doing operations on his own when Johnny is gone with Donghyuck.

The oldest. Quiet and calm in almost any situation, making him the best person for troubleshooting. Looks really scary because he is always seen with an electric saw, his favourite weapon. Enjoys his time alone, but never complains when the younger come to interrupt him.

The most innocent among the pack, honest and a hard worker. Always seen with a hat and his laptop. Also excels in hacking and the technology area. Doesn’t really like to hurt people badly on his own, the reason for his weapon of choice.

The youngest of the bunch. Mischievous, high-spirited, exceptional in his field. Historical record of 95% mission cleared, one of the reasons why he is in the pack from such a young age. Never knew of his parents, the pack is the only family he has.

Used to work for China’s government before he was betrayed by his own country. Moved to Korea and met Jaehyun, who brought him into the pack. Specializes in fabricating various choices of the crime scene and cleaning evidences.

NCT as gangster; Teaser (short clip)

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Matt Murdock Boyfriend Headcanons: Matt meets the Avengers.

A/N: Pietro is alive, just like in the movies, however instead of being on a very long vacation after all the shit that went down with Ultron he decided to join the team. Also you work at a bakery because reasons. Word Count: 1393

  • The first Avenger he ends up meeting is Clint. 
    • The two are you are in your apartment making out on your couch after coming back from a wonderful date when Matt suddenly pulls away and tells you he can smell blood.
    • 5 minutes later, after you both have double checked all your injuries to make sure that it isn’t coming from either of you Clint barges in; clutching his left side tightly and muttering an apology.
      •  “Sorry about this Y/N but your place was closer then the tower.” 
    • You quickly rush over to Clint’s side to help him make his way to the couch, giving the pair a quick introduction before telling Matt to grab your first aid kit. 
      • “Matt this is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Clint this is Matt Murdock my boyfriend.” 
      • “Nice to meet you.” “
      • “You too, wish we’d meet when I wasn’t bleeding out though. Like at a bar or something.”

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daisy fresh girl – jeongguk

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part two, part three

word count: 1.85k 

genre: fluff (won’t stay fluff forever though)

librarian jungkook x reader 

jungkook seems to admire the frequent customer at the library, you. however, he’s too shy to admit it, so with a push from his brother taehyung, he musters up.

aye lmao i suck at intros my bad

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boyf riends wedding hcs plz?

*cracks fingers* certainly.

- Michael was the one who proposed because Jeremy was too shy and awkward and didn’t know the right time.

-Michael wanted to do this huge sappy thing where he’d propose in a nice restaurant, say a clever player 2 line, and have the waiter hand him the ring.

-instead the waiter missed her cue, so Michael freaked out and spilled water on Jeremy by accident, then the butted heads as the both went to pick up the glass.

- “Michael dude what are you rambling about?” Michael currently has his head down in shame.

-but then the waiter brings the ring, and Jeremy goes over to Michael and gives a big ol smooch while saying “no shit dude.”

-they didn’t want an over the top wedding. Something simple.

-they were gonna go for a video game theme but everyone kept telling them they’d be embarrassed looking back at it.

-they were really really scared to ask a bakery to make their cake, because homophobia plus social anxiety is not good. They end up hiding behind Chloe and Brooke as they ask for the cake, and the baker was more than happy to provide.

-thanks to Jenna everyone found out about the proposal like 2 seconds after it happened, even though Michael wanted it to be told slowly and calmly. No it spread like rapid fire, “remember those two nerds from high school? I knew they were gay.”

-rich forced himself to be Jeremy’s best man, and Jeremy just kinda accepted it. Jake is Michael’s

- we all know which 4 girls are the maids of honor

-they mixed both of their cultures into the wedding

-also the theme is blue, red and purple. Their favorite colors and then them combined.

-when Jeremy told Mr Heere he gave Jeremy a bone crushing hug and yelled “About time!!”

-100% most supportive dad, make fun of his son and he will attack.

-he’s so happy for Jeremy, Mr. Heere helps with anything as much as he can including money even though both Michael and Jeremy have very well paying jobs.

-Chloe Brooke and Jenna all fight over the bouquet while Christine watches awkwardly in the corner.

-Christine cried. A lot.

- Rich yelled “DO IT ALREADY” in the middle of their vows so that sped things up a bit, even though Jeremy was super embarrassed.

-they live a super happy domestic life in an apartment between their jobs.

-they still have to stop and stare at their ring in amazement because oh crap it’s real.

-whenever they catch the other looking at their ring they give em a smooth and hold hands.

-it would have been great if Someone *cough Jake* DIDNT ACCIDENTLY ELBOW THE CAKE!!


Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours
But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

                       Pacify her

just… Greed!Lan Fan ok

I didn’t know how much I should switch them so I just kinda made Ling the bodyguard, he’s got the automail now. They have their same outfits though because Greed!Lan Fan would look really good just in her normal clothes since her entire color scheme is just black anyway. 

Greed’s always had a habit of not really following orders, so Lan Fan just kinda gets distracted by food. She wants it all (the ramen, the fish cakes, the boiled egg, the udon, the shrimp, etc.)

LingFan Week Day 3: Role Reversal

Even though a lot of people seem to dislike Red Velvet’s ‘Ice Cream Cake’ era, it’s still my favourite. ICC was literally myfavourite Song of the whole year, it was something REALLY different from what I normally expected from a group likeRed Velvet. It was really catchy and I REALLY did love the concept. A lot of seemed to dislike it because of how “white washed” the girl’s looked but I think the blonde hair looked actually really good on them.

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Lucy you're so good to us, churning out so much content!!! 💞💖 i'm excited for the new romantic comedy au - could you give us anymore details?

It’s a fic that @victorsporosya and I developed together a while back.

Victor’s a divorce lawyer, who is burnt out on love and the whole idea of marriage after seeing so many relationships go bad. He’s good at his job and has had numerous high-profile clients, the drama of which never really helps.

Meanwhile, Yuuri runs a cake shop specializing in custom designs for weddings and events. His decoration work is quite popular on social media, but he prefers keeping his operation small, worrying about disappointing or having to turn down clients if he gets too well-known. All the while though, he can’t help thinking about what his own wedding might look like.

Their worlds and world views collide when they meet at JJ and Isabella’s engagement party, and any time a cynic and a dreamer fall in love a few cakes are bound to get smashed along the way.

Happy Birthday (HP next gen)

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James Sirius Potter x reader

How to read: (Y/N) your name, (Y/H) your house

Warring: low key smut, fluff

Summary: James Sirius Potter, son of the wizarding world’s savior and every teenage girl’s dream. He’s highly annoying a cocky and you have claimed to dislike the boy but, that doesn’t stop him from winning your heart. Its is 17th birthday and you want to give a one of a kind present. So naturally you ask Ginny for advice…

You were in the kitchen at the Potter’s house. You were helping Ginny in the kitchen, she had asked for you help with dinner. The windows were open and the warm summer breeze flowed through the window. The sun was low in the sky.

Today was an important day in the Potter house. Today was James Sirius’s 17th birthday. You had been closed to the Potter family since birth but, it was only natural considering you were the daughter of Neville Longbottom. The two families were very close.

You and James had an interesting relationship to say the least. Currently the two of you were on friendly terms. He normally got on your nerves quite quickly, always trying to make moves and makings flirty comments that normally leads to him getting jinxed. He was also constantly asking you to got to Hogsmeade with him and you refuse every time. It’s annoying because you can’t even get away from the bloke because he is the captain of the Gryffindor Quittage team and you are a beater on the (Y/H) Quittage team. Honestly the boy seemed to have no shame.

You obviously didn’t think the guy was ugly. Oh no, he was one of the hottest guys in the bloody school but, you would never admit that. Yes he was annoying but, he was okay…. Some times. It was a constant mental battle with your feelings for him.

You were cleaning a dish by hand considering the fact that you were not of age yet, therefore could not use magic. You sideways glanced at Ginny. You didn’t have a gift for James yet but, the party wasn’t for about an hour.

After awhile of cleaning you were waiting for the perfect time to ask, “Hey Ginny?” You said finally. She turned to look at you.

“What is it dear?” She asked with a kind smile. Her smile lines showed.

You took a deep breath then responded. “Well, I haven’t gotten James his birthday present yet and I was wondering what you got Harry for his 17th birthday. Both James and Harry are so much alike I figured it would inspire me for James gift.”

Ginny stared for a second then her cheeks tinted pink as her face flushed. She looked away from you. “Well I didn’t exactly get him anything for his 17th birthday considering the fact that he was going to leave and look for horcruxes…” Ginny trailed off. “But if you must know.” She paused and lowered her voice. “I gave him the best kiss that he had ever had.”

Your eyes widened. “You snogged him? That was his present?” You said with a bit of shock.

“Yeah it wasn’t the best present but, he sure enjoyed it.” Ginny gave a chuckle.

You were going to say something back but the kitchen door swung open. James stepped into the room. “Mum when are the Wesley’s going to…” He paused when his eyes fell on you. His lips shifted up into a smirk.

He came over and slipped a hand over your shoulders leaning in and looking at the plates you were cleaning. “What do you want James?” You asked with an annoyed tone. Ginny smiled softly as you too began to bicker playfully. She flicked her wand making the plates clean themselves. She walked out of the kitchen leaving the two of you alone. The door shut behind her.

Hearing the door shut cut off your bickering. James looked at the door then back at you. He slipped his arm off your shoulders. He didn’t move away from you as you placed the plate that you had been cleaning back into the soapy water.

You looked up at him. His beautiful hazel eyes were already looking at you. Beautiful eyes seemed to run in the Potter genes. He was so close that you could see the flecks of green in his eyes. “So today’s your birthday huh..” You said nervously.

He only nodded. Your heart was beating quickly in your chest. You swallowed, “do I make you nervous (Y/N)?” He said smirking.

You scoffed and looked away, avoiding his eyes. “No.. Of course not” there was a silence then someone burst through the kitchen door scaring both of you. James jumped away. You could now see Albus Severus standing in the door frame.

Your cheeks flushed from embarrassment. Albus gave you both an amused look before saying, “Would you to quit snogging? The Wesley’s are all here.”

You scowled, “We were not snogging.” You stated.


All of the Wesley’s had indeed arrived. The Potter house was the perfect size to fit all of them. As soon as you saw Rose you wrapped her in a tight hug. Out of the entire Weasley-Potter family it was Rose which you got along best with.

After everyone settled down you scanned the room. You were sat on a two person couch with Rose. Hugo sat on the arm of the couch next to his sister. Albus was at your feet sitting on the floor. The other Weasley and Potter kids were scattered all around. James was sat across the room in an arm chair. He was talking with Ron. As you looked around at everyone talking and catching up you noticed that two people were missing.

“Don’t worry they will be here.” You heard Rose say. As if on cue there was a knock on the front door. A honey blonde haired girl with freckles covering her cheeks walked in followed by and blue haired boy.

Your face transformed from worry to happiness as soon as you saw them. You quickly got up and ran at them. You jumped and hugged both of them tightly. “(Y/N)?!” They both said. You let go of them both.

“I’m so happy to see you guys!” You exclaim. You wrap your arms tightly around Victoria. She smelled so nice and looked as beautiful as always.

You then turn to Teddy who already had his arms open ready for a hug. He hugged you tightly. “I missed you guys.” you say letting go of him.

Teddy placed a hand on your head ruffling your hair. “We missed you to.” Victoria said.

Teddy and Victoria were honestly the best. You grew up as an only child. You and Teddy were basically brother and sister by this point. He acted just like your older brother. He would always come to visit you when you were young. Victoria was like your older sister. You  were so happy when you saw them together, they were definitely relationship goals.

You went and sat back down next to Rose. On the small couch. They greeted everyone and took their seats.


After dinner we all relaxed back into our seats. Everyone was having an amazing time. You looked to see your dad, Neville Longbottom, talking with Harry. You looked next to Harry and locked eyes with a pair of Hazel ones. You felt your cheeks flare up. You remembered the present that you got for him, this only cause you to blush more.

There was a click and all the lights went out and the kitchen door opened. Instantly the room was lit up with an glow. Ginny was walking with her wand pointed at the cake. The cake was floating in front of her. Everyone began to sing happy birthday.

She placed the cake on the coffee table in front of James. We all finished singing. He glanced up at you his eyes locking with yours as he blew out the candles.

The lights were flicked back on and everyone cheered. James was smiling and was no longer looking at you.


James had opened all of his presents. They were all really goods. Your nerves were all over the place. Rose kept giving you looks, also as though she wanted to ask what was up but she never did.

After everyone had finished their cake they returned to chatting with each other. Rose was talking with Albus and Hugo was talking with Roxanne. You sat silently, nervously picking at the hem of your shirt. You then stood up and told Rose That you would be right back.

Quickly, you walked over behind James who was still sitting in the arm chair observing one of his new gifts.

You lent down “Hey James, could I talk to you?” You asked him. He gave you a questionable look but agreed none the less. He got up following you to the stairs and up to his room.

He walked in after you and shut the door. “What is it you wanted to talk about?” He asked slightly confused.

“I wanted to give you your present.” You said standing in front of him, just a few feet away.

You took a deep breath. “I wanted to get you something different. I thought about getting you something to do with Quittage but, I figured most of your presents would be Quittage based.” You trailed off.

“So I wanted to get you something that would stand out. Something that you really truly wanted. So I really had to think,” You pause “then I found the perfect thing for your present.”

There was an awkward silence. For the first time James was actually silent.

“Close your eyes…” You said softly. He did as he was told. You moved toward him and quickly place your lips on his. The kiss only lasted a second before you pulled away.

Your cheeks were flaming red and so were his. His hazel eyes opened. You realized how close you were. Your lips were only inches from his.

You gathered your courage again and attached your lips to his. They were so soft. This time instead of just standing there he placed his hands on your lower back and pulled you closer so your body’s were pressed against each other. Your hands flew up to his soft hair and began to run your fingers through it.

He groaned softly against your lips and kissed you back. His tongue swiped against your lower lip, begging for entrance. You let him in and began to fight for dominance. James came out victorious.

You both began blindly walking backwards desperately trying to find his bed. Without breaking the heated kiss you finally found it. The back of your knees pressing against the side of the soft bed.

Finally breaking the kiss you fell backwards onto his queen sized bed. He smirked and crawled on top of you. He scanned your flushed face. “God you’re so beautiful.” He mumbled placing his lips on yours again. It was a sweet and soft kiss.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this..” He mumbled as he placed his lips on the skin behind your ear. “This is the best present I’ve ever received..” He mumbled trailing kisses down your neck.

You hummed, “even better than the broom you got second year?” You asked. You felt him suck at your sweet spot. You were holding back a moan knowing everyone was downstairs.

“Yeah even better than that.” He said into your neck. He kissed back up to your mouth. He hungrily kissed you and pulled you up into a sitting position.

He wa in between your legs as his tongue fought with yours. Your hands found his hair and he groaned into the kiss. One of his hands was on your lower back and the other gripping your upper thigh.

The door to his room swung opened. Rose and Albus to a step into the dark room. Rose shrieked at at the sight of the two of you and Albus’s jaw hit the floor. You and James jumped apart.

Lily Luna had poked her head in as well and her eyes were wide at the sight of you and her oldest brother. Both yours and James faces were red with embarrassment.

You watched in horror as Lily ran down the steps. When she hit the living room all eyes were on her. “They were SNOGGING!” She yelled.

Teddy spit out what looked like fire whiskey. Harry’s mouth fell open and Ginny’s hand slapped to her mouth.

All the color had drained from your father’s face. The butter beer bottle slipped from his hand and crashed onto the floor.

“Oh my god..” Albus said looking at the two of you. Rose grabbed Albus by the back of his shirt. “Sorry for interrupting,” she squeaked and ran out of the room with Albus slamming the door.

You looked over at James. “Happy Birthday..” You said a bit flustered.


The two of you slowly made you way down the stairs. There was a soft buzz of people whispering to each other. You both stepped into the room and everyone’s eyes fell on the two of you. Both of your faces were bright red with embarrassment. You refused to look at him. Your bottom lip was between your teeth. Your hair was a mess and you had a purple bruise on your neck.

You glanced at James. His lips were swollen and his hair was even more messy than it normally it. It stuck out at 10 places instead of 5.

That’s when you saw Ron and Ginny what looked like money. Ginny gave you a sheepish smile. “I knew what was gonna happen when you asked me in the kitchen earlier.” She confessed.

“Yeah and I bet it would never happen but, I guess I was wrong…” Ron said sighing.

You looked at your father. The broken bottle had been cleaned up. He gave a shrug, “I guess it’s okay, as long as you’re happy.” He paused “I’m just happy he’s a Potter than anyone else.” Your father smiled at Harry.

“Oi James, If you hurt her then you’re dead. Got it?” Teddy said in a stern tone.

James looked slightly alarmed but nodded, “of course.” He responded. Teddy gave his signature warm smile.

Jame finally turned to look at you. He gave a wink and you rolled your eyes turning away from him. He accepted your challenge slipping his hand around your waist and pulling you towards his front so you’re facing him. “Hey..” He said smirking.

“Hey,” you responded gazing into his beautiful hazel eyes. He leaned in and softly placed his lips on yours and you smiled into the kiss. The room even erupted with cheers a whistles. You broke apart from the short but sweet kiss and James smiled. “Definitely the best birthday present ever.”


Authors note: Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and I hopped you enjoyed my little fic type thing. This is my first time writing so I apologize for the mistakes!

Part Two

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Pairing : Kim Taehyung x Reader

Crimson Cypher | V

Word Count : 8.1k

Genre : SugarDaddyAU!

Description : You’re not sure wether you made the right choice or not when accepting his deal.


You just arrived at the place the address written on the little yellow crumpled paper in your hand lead you to. Your eyes looked back and forth between the sheet and the small silver plaque carved next to the entrance of a building proudly standing in front of you, hardly unnoticeable from miles away. 

Not quite sure of yourself yet, you walked a few steps backwards to take a good look at it. Saying the building was huge would be an understatement - it made you feel not any bigger than an ant. On its front, the ten first floors had large windows framed by a very dark grey material while all the others above were only made of glasses. Despite its bleak appearance, you guessed that only a few of people could afford living in such a facility. 

Your eyes landed back on the entrance, reachable through automatic revolving doors. Resolute as you breathed deeply once, you walked towards them. Inside, the smell of clean detergent, lavender and feminine fragrance instantly filled your lungs. Two females’ heads turned towards you, perfect smiles plastered on their face, set to appear whenever a newcomer stepped inside. 

 The hall was very vast - four chairs around a long coffee table curved in a mahogany wood on your left, a great light grey carpet, laid on polished off-white tiles extending several feet in front of you where two elevators were situated and a large reception desk framed by long plants on your right. Altogether, a very sober, neat and nicely decorated space that gave an inviting vibe despite the utter quietness. 

 As you studied the inside, the relaxing sound of the water fall behind the hostesses, who were silently watching you, gradually reached your ears, making you a bit more at ease. The floor you had to get to was too written on your paper and despite noticing the elevators, you still decided to walk to the hostesses first. It probably would have been taken as rude if you ignored them on your first visit and something told you that they were surely acquainted with all the residents. You felt the need to make a good first impression.

“Good Morning,” warmly greeted you the blond hostess as she stood up letting you see her impeccable woking dark blue uniform, “How may I help you?” 

“Good Morning. Uhm-… I’m supposed to get to the-” you quickly looked back to the paper just to be sure, “50th floor… Could you tell me how I can reach it, please?” 

“Of course. 45th to 50th floors are accessible via this elevator”, she pointed to her left, her neat and tight ponytail swinging when she turned her head towards where she showed you. 

“Thank you.” She nodded before picking up the ringing phone, reciting the building’s greetings lines. 

You hadn’t notice that elevator, being right by the entrance’s and almost entirely hidden behind one of the tall plants. You wondered why it wasn’t next to the others at the very end of the hall as you walked the few steps separating it from you and pressed the button. Even though you chose to wear your nicest clothes on that day, you couldn’t help but feel out of place. 

A short tune was heard when the doors opened, snapping you out of your thoughts. You walked in to lean against one of the walls as the doors closed, Jazz music filling in your ears. You took a deep breath and quickly turned around to look at yourself in the mirror to make sure you were presentable. The same tune rang again and you stepped outside. You looked around you, fazed. 

You weren’t where you expected to be, namely a corridor. You were in what seemed like the apartment itself, the elevator acting as the entrance door. It was the first time that you got acquainted with that sort of entrance. You hesitated, taking small steps forward. 

A very impressive bay window faced you, giving a magnificent view of the city below and letting daylight to illuminate the entire luxurious space. As you walked away from the elevator’s closed doors, classical music reaching your ears. 

“Hello?” You tried not allowing yourself to look around any more before someone would come greet you. 

You were in a small kind of corridor, decorated with two big paintings on each side, leading to a wide opened living-room. You walked until reaching the few steps that separated the entrance from it. 

”Hello?” You leaned forward to make out any human presence and soon heard footsteps behind you. 

“You must be L/N Y/N.” You turned around quickly, startled by the sudden voice. A tall man dressed in a black suit came from behind the staircase on your left that led to one storey higher. He seemed to be in his late fifties by the grayish color of his very short hair and neatly cut mustache framing the top of his upper lip. “Please forgive me, I was busy in the kitchen and didn’t hear your arrival.” He spoke in strong Japanese accent. 

You smiled back to him. “It’s okay…” You trailed, unsure. 

He walked until a few feet parted both of you and bowed lightly before you. You mirrored him, not expecting the gesture. 

“My name is Satoshi and I am Mr Kim’s butler. I mainly ensure that Sir’s apartment is maintained in a good state whenever he visits or has visitors. I remember him telling me your arrival was due twenty minutes ago.” 

Sir, Taehyung? You bit your lower lip to prevent a chuckle out. “Yes, there was a bit of traffic on my way here.” You explained looking down at yourself before tucking your hair behind your ears. 

“May I dispose you of your belongings and offer you something to drink ?” 

“Uhm- Yes.” You shrugged out of your black jacket after you gave him your backpack as he went behind you to retrieve both of them, placing the cloth on the coat rack not far away from the entrance and the bag under it. 

“This way.” He walked elegantly, passing by the staircase and entered another quite big room that you recognized as the kitchen, provided with all the best equipment and as luxurious as a five-star restaurant’s. Not that you knew anything in the field of culinary art but you were sure enough that such a place would turn green with envy anyone who had a passion for cooking. “Please, take a seat. I made some Earl Grey but you’ll probably want some fruit juice or maybe a coffee ?’ 

You pulled one of the bar stools displayed around the kitchen’s island. “Tea sounds perfect.” 

Satoshi nodded and turned around to grab a perfectly lined-up trail containing a tea pot, one teacup, a sugar bowl and delicious baked pastries. You thanked him and he excused himself before disappearing behind you. 

You poured some of the hot tea, its pleasant fruity scent evaporating around you, melting together with the pastries’ and you were even more eager to dig in what looked like by far the tastiest snack you were ever given to enjoy. You treated yourself as you shyly cast a glance around. 

The place was way more than perfect and obviously Taehyung had a very good taste when it came to design his penthouse but you really didn’t expect the whole ‘butler-thing’. Even though the place was huge, you were quite sure Taehyung lived alone. 

“Do you wish to visit around?” Tanashi’s voice startled you, making you drop the cake you had in your hand to let it land on the once immaculate floor. You swore seeing Tanashi wince at the cookie crumbling around and you quickly got down from your chair with one of the napkin he gave you aside the trail. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you coming back.” You confessed trying to leave the floor as spotless as it was before your mishap. You had an inkling something like that would happen, everything ran too smoothly.

“Please, do not bother yourself. I will take care of it.” You heard him say as he walked closer to you. 

“No,no. I made the mess, I’m cleaning.” You said stubbornly, preventing the old man from taking the napkin with the broken cookie in it. “Where’s the bin?” The man mildly sighed and smiled, opening a cupboard that hid the trashcan inside, for you to throw the cookie in. “What were you saying?” 

“Would you like to take a look around?” 

“Yes, please.” You answered dusting your hands in the sink. 

“Well, you’ve already seen the kitchen,” He started, “on your left you have the dinning-room,” He raised his hand to show the room connected to the kitchen. You walked in it and turned right, “Then, the living-room that the entrance leads to.” None of the three rooms had doors and it allowed the place to appear twice as vast. From this new point of view of the living-room, you noticed a very big screen hung on the wall with a set of couches in shades of beige and dark brown, facing it and a lit chimney embedded along the whole wall’s width under the T.V. 

“Over there,” added Tanashi pointing to a corridor ahead of the two of you connected to the entrance, “are Sir’s and your private rooms.” He paused a moment, “I will show you yours but I believe it is best if Sir is the one showing his himself.” You nodded and followed him when he walked across the living-room. 

“Is there a floor upstairs ?” You asked shyly. 

“Yes Miss, one small room with its bathroom and Sir’s office. Also, as the apartment is on the top floor, there’s an access to a personal outdoor patio.” Tanashi explained, keeping on walking. 

You entered the corridor that led to two others- on your left and right. Tanashi turned left and you couldn’t refrain from looking behind you. “The other one leads to Sir’s rooms.” He added as if he had seen you. He stopped a few seconds later and you did too before you could bump into him, looking over his shoulder, “Here are your bedroom and dressing-room. Your bathroom is reachable through your room.” You looked at the two closed doors, one facing you and the other on your right. “I will let you discover them by yourself and let you take your mark.” He paused an instant. “Pardon me if I am wrong but is that bag containing all your belongings ?”

 “Yes. Everything’s in it .”

“Very well then, I’ll go get it for you and then be back to my duties. I will still be here for the next hour if you need me. Sir should return home soon after.” You nodded and he bowed for the second time that day before leaving you, the sound of his perfectly varnished shoes resonating against the dark parquet flooring. You watched him until he disappeared around the corner. You looked back at the door facing you and opened it slowly. You pushed the door, peering your head inside first and then entered in the room completely, your eyes opening wide. 

You bit you lip in front of what you regarded one of the most beautiful bedroom you ever saw - It was quite vast, the walls were all white except the one behind the queen size bed, neatly made and supported by a smooth light grey wood, which was painted in pale pink and had a long rectangular canvas hung on it representing several black little birds flying in a white ocean. On the left side of the bed was a dressing table carved in a white wood with a tool surmounted by a very light brown velvet cushion and on the other one was a chest of drawers that matched the dressing table. The room was bathed in the day’s light thanks to a very large window that went from the middle of the wall facing the door to half of the ceiling, giving an impressive panorama on the outside. Under it stood a dark wood desk and a black desk chair. A few empty shelves were hung above it. 

You looked about you in amazement when you heard a knock. Satoshi brought you your backpack. You took it from him and he left closing the door behind him. You put the bag on the driftwood floor, walking around, running your palm on the freshly washed white bed sheets, looking at yourself in the dressing table’s mirror. When you reached the desk, you noticed a large black box tied with a silver ribbon. You undid it and lifted the lid to reveal a still brand new trendy laptop and phone. Your eyebrows knitted together as you picked up a square-shaped paper placed in-between and read - ’Welcome gifts to successfully complete your studies. - T ’ 

You chuckled to yourself, remembering how much of a priority for him and the last of your concerns they were. You guessed he chose them after you told him you would get your lessons through a correspondence program your university offered since you didn’t want to go back there and thought it would be much more easier that way to get acquainted with Taehyung. 

Then, you walked back next to the bed and saw an unknown access to another room with two white sliding doors that could have stayed unnoticed if it wasn’t for the two silver handles. You walked to the doors, sliding them to the sides which automatically turned on spotlights. 

The walls were large white format tiles bypassed by a trail made of light green glass mosaic and the floor was made of very dark brown tiles with under-floor heating, warmth spreading under your soles. On the right side was a large vessel sink vanity in front of a rectangular mirror. Fluffy towels were neatly arranged on it. At the end of the bathroom stood raised on a large dark brown platform a white porcelain oval sucking tub. An embedded shelf on the wall next to it gathered shower products and a fluffy off- white bath mat was laid at the foot of the platform. A ceiling height glass wall separated the tub from the toilet and next to the doors stood a laundry basket. 

Along with the bedroom, the bathroom was outstanding and very fancy. You gazed at it for a few moments before remembering the last room Tanashi told you about. 

You walked out of the bedroom and stood in the corridor facing the second room. You opened the door and stepped inside, feeling around in the dark in search of a switch to turn the lights on but once again when you stepped fully inside they turned on automatically. When your eyes got used to the lightning you discovered that the third room was a large walk-in wardrobe. On both sides and over a length of approximatively ten feet, several clothing items were neatly hung or folded in big closets. From dresses to pants, shirts, skirts without forgetting the dozens of shoes. Clothes were also organized according events and seasons. You even spotted from afar sumptuous evening gowns. 

You couldn’t help but wonder if they really were yours or belonged to the previous girl Taehyung made a deal with.

You ran you fingers across the different fabrics and came to a standstill to pick one shirt. You walked to the cheval glass that stood in a corner of the room and looked at your reflection to see what you would look like in it. You were kind of surprised to see that it seemed to fit your body figure. 

Maybe Taehyung only approached women who had the same silhouette. 

You put the shirt back where you took it from and turned to look once again around you. You noticed that the room had a corner at the end of the closet on your left and walked around it to conclude that it was built in a L-shape. You frowned when you saw a single sliding door and wondered what could possibly be behind it. You slid it open and saw the bedroom’s desk facing you. 

You walked to where you dropped your backpack and emptied it contents on the bed – some clothes and your daily personal hygiene products. You decided on taking a shower not willing to stain the immaculate bed sheets. You closed the sliding doors behind you, hesitating for a second because of the absence of a lock. Eventually, you saw it as no big deal as Tanashi didn’t seem like the person to barge in unexpectedly. 

You tried to make out the shower head’s mechanics and once you managed to get hot water out, you got rid of your clothes. You undid your hair and stepped inside the tub. You could hung the shower head high above, allowing you to stand up while washing your hair rather than kneeling down. Once entirely wet, you took a closer look at the several product displayed on the wall mounted shelf and noticed that each of them were for a specific type of hair and skin. You decided to use those which fitted you the best rather than the low-quality ones you brought with you. 

When you finished washing yourself, you picked up one of the towels folded on the vanity, almost undoing all of them because they all turned out as too small. You dried your body, wrapped your clean hair and threw your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. You picked the comfortable clothes you brought from your bag that you mounted on the vanity, since you weren’t sure wether you could pick up from the closet but you noticed you forgot to bring a pair of panties. 

You clung onto the towel as you slid the door open, letting some of the steam to mingle with the cool air of the bedroom, causing goosebumps to appear all over your skin and walked to the bed. After retrieving them, you turned around and saw from the corner of your eyes something white and small at the foot of the bedroom’s door that you were hundred percent sure wasn’t there when Tanashi first opened the door. You crouched down to pick up the small paper - ’Clothes in the closet are yours. - T’ 

Suddenly you felt heat rose to your cheeks and your heart beating fast as your breathing quickened, not knowing where such a reaction came from or what caused it – The fact that Taehyung was finally home, the thought that he could have mistakenly opened the bathroom’s doors or the idea of suddenly being the owner of luxurious brands ? 

You walked to the closet, using the connected sliding door and closed it behind you. You turned around and sighed when your eyes laid on the several pieces of clothing hung then you looked at the paper you still had in your hand. They were all yours. Never in your life you imagined to own that much of expensive garments. 

You finally started to look around for a sleepwear. Kneeling down in front of some drawers, you opened them and found several pairs of undergarments that you didn’t see when you first entered the room. But how could have Taehyung known your size ? 

 You picked one bra and unfolded it, heat lightly blushing your cheeks when you noticed that it was made in a see-through material and was paired with a string and not any mere one - it had an open front. Actually half of the panties had one and several bras could go cupless. You quickly folded them and put them back inside the drawer, shaking your head and reassuring yourselves that there had to be “common” under wears somewhere in there. 

You eventually opted for dark blue full cup bra and Brazilian panties, the least sexy and most comfortable you could have found. Even though, you were accustomed to revealing lingeries you had the opportunity to see and even sometimes wear while being at the Crimson Cypher, you only preferred them on other girls and way simpler than that on you. Once you put them on, they surprisingly fitted you like a second skin. You looked at yourself for a moment in the full length mirror and then kept on your task to find a sleepwear. 

You looked again more carefully and more slowly around you but nothing looking alike it came into view then you thought that they were maybe folded in drawers like undergarments and you walked back to the previous ones you inspected. You drew some of them when you finally saw some clothes made in silky material. You took one piece out and stretched your arms in front of you to watch it as it unfolded itself. Less surprised when it turned out to be a very sexy night gown that would be only covering one third of your thighs and reveal half of your breast. You put it down next to you and looked at the others, all more transparent and shorter than the others. 

After several minutes of looking through all of the gowns and your hair partially dried, you didn’t found something not too revealing nor too sexy and stood up defeated when you walked back in the bedroom to put the clothes you brought in your bag. You weren’t quite ready to walk around Taehyung in such apparels yet, even though he’d already seen eighty-percent of your body naked – it wasn’t within the same context plus the fact that you didn’t actually know wether he had other people working for him walking around. 

You decided that an oversized white shirt and black leggings would do the trick, being very far away from the look all those sexy outfits could have given you. While brushing your hair, an amazing smell of food cooking filled in your lungs, you could also hear the T.V sound. You looked one last time at your reflection and walked along the corridor leading back to the entranceway and the living-room. 

You peered your head first around the corner to see where Taehyung was and if he was alone. No one was in the living-room despite the T.V being turned on. You heard some sounds coming from the kitchen straight ahead and decided to follow the delicious smell. You bypassed the staircase right before the kitchen’s entrance and could immediately see Taehyung’s back, busy picking utensils out of drawers. 

It was your third time seeing him after that night in the club and all you could feel at that moment was this mixture of eeriness and familiarity – to see him outside the confines of the club doing a simple daily activity such as cooking yet still so breathtakingly handsome with that same attractive aura. 

You tiptoed until you reached one of the walls separating the kitchen from the living-room, looking at him from afar as he slid some vegetables from the cutting board into a pan. Suddenly, he jerked his head to the side to brush his bangs from his eyes and met your eyes, startling the two of you. The next second, a dazzling smile spread on his face, “Hungry?”  

You quickly got that that night him cooking for both of you was a first and a last time, a rare exception when some days later, you met a small black-haired man in an immaculate white shirt who introduced himself as ‘Mr Kim’s chef’, cooking and delivering Taehyung’s food. He also told you how grateful he was to you, glad to cook “real” meals and use the knowledge he worked very hard to get when Taehyung told him that they would be some changes in the daily menus. 

Apparently, Taehyung’s meals consisted mostly in hamburgers, noodles and grilled meat. His chef added that when he learned he would cook for a wealthy man, he declared he was very happy finally putting his knowledge in execution but when he learned about Taehyung’s preferences, he was afraid his hobby would turn out into something that he would grow tired of by cooking same meals over and over again. He also said that he found it such a shame for Taehyung to pay great amount of money in engaging a star-studded chef when he was rarely home. 

You noticed that aspect too in the span of two months of living with Taehyung, coming back home very late at night and going out as soon as the first rays of dawn peered inside his room or not even coming back at all, being absent for four days in a row at the most. That actually made you rethink about the whole deal in general and wether or not you were doing your part of the deal the way he expected you to - Studying was the sole activity your days consisted in and as time went by you didn’t feel like you were progressing in getting to know Taehyung and bringing him what he sought in making that deal. 

Used to spend most of your day in your room and even though you were most of the time alone, not counting when Taehyung’s employees came to do their daily duties, you still preferred plugging in your earbuds while working on your laptop and since Taehyung was never home during the day you found no reason to change that habit. 

One very late afternoon while bobbing your head to some music, you took notes of the online document you were reading. Deeply focused on your work, you got startled when you suddenly felt someone’s hand rest on your shoulder. You looked over and almost got surprised a second time when the person you saw was none other than Taehyung who took off his hand as soon as he felt you jump under his palm. 

You had to look at him twice, not believing your eyes,”Taehyung! Gosh, you scared me.” You took off your earbuds, curious about his presence. It was the first time you both were in your room, together. 

“Sorry.” He trailed off, not sincere a bit as a small smirk played on his lips. “Didn’t mean to.” 

“What’s up? Is everything okay?” You used your foot to turn your chair around to face him. Wearing a loose shirt that revealed his collarbones, his hair was slightly brushed to the side, probably after he ran his fingers through it, displaying his thick eyebrows and despite the small lightning your desk lamp provided he still managed to look ethereal.

“Yeah. I just came to see if you wanted to go out with me…” 

Go out with him? Wait, was it a date? No, impossible… But it had been a long time since you had a night out and you craved for some action and some time alone with him so there was no way you would say no to that. 

“Yes! I mean… yeah, why not. Sounds fun.” You tried not to sound too eager. Small creases framed his mouth’s sides as he smiled.  “So… do I need to dress up?” 

“It’s just a little party a few of my friends organized.” Damn it. “Pick something simple.”

“Nothing’s simple in the closet.”

“Well, if you want my opinion… I think the silver dress would fit the occasion but it’s up to you.” He walked back to the door. 

“Okay… When is it?” 

“Tonight.” He shouted from the corridor. “We leave in an hour.” 

At least it was better than nothing. 

You finished taking your notes and when thirty minutes were left until departure time, you closed your laptop walking to the closet. A silver dress, he said. You easily spotted the item of cloth among the others as each of them had a singular color. You took a look at it, slightly tugging at the light grey fabric in your hand. The dress was sophisticated but more ‘casual’ than the night gowns next to it - it stopped mid thighs and had a small cleavage with very short sleeves covering the top of the shoulders. You tried it on and gazed at your reflection pleased to see that it fitted you like a glove. You decided to go along with his choice, thinking he would probably like the fact that you took into consideration his opinion. 

You picked black stilettos and walked back in your room to get your hair and make up done, simple being the key word. You didn’t forget to take a coat on your way out. Taehyung wasn’t anywhere to be seen so you sat on the couch and waited for him. 

A few minutes after, he walked out of his room, dressed in light brown turtle neck and black dress pants, hair styled perfectly looking as handsome as ever. He was talking on his phone and nodded at you as a signal. You got up and walked to the elevator. The doors opened and you both stepped in, his call ending at the same time. He stood behind you, shamelessly eyeing you from head to toe as he tongued the inside of his mouth. “Nice dress.” 

He held your hand shortly to help you out of the car and muttered some words to his driver. You walked next to each other, entering a small building until you reached a door. During the car ride, Taehyung said it was a friend gathering to welcome those who got back from a long trip abroad. He also told you that they were all warm and you had no reasons to feel out of place. At that time you only felt a bit of disappointment and wished your first night out only meant the two of you. 

The door opened the next second after the ring rang, revealing a short dark-haired girl holding a beer whose face illuminated as soon as her eyes landed on Taehyung. “I brought my friend as planned.” He explained to her making you smile uneasily. 

Friends. That was how others would regard you two in public. You never really thought about how you would have described your relationship with Taehyung if you were asked but you were sure mere friends didn’t do that kind of deal - one housing and providing the other in exchange of their company… and maybe … more ; no, no friends didn’t do that but in the other hand it wasn’t like you did anything that would prove it wrong. 

So that’s ho- 

“It’s so nice to meet you!” The girl literally jumped on you, catching you off guard as she took you in her embrace and you smiled unsure of how to react in front of such sudden and unexpected enthusiasm. You hugged her back. “Let me take these off.” You both handed her your coats and entered the apartment. 

Around ten people were already inside manly men, all around their late twenties, five were chatting on the couch the others dancing to the music playing in the background. The atmosphere felt friendly and you were at ease in front the small number of people but you still chose to stick with Taehyung. He joined the ones sitting who got up when they saw him nearing. They all greeted you warmly and you noticed how very touchy Taehyung’s friends were - all insisting to hug you when he himself still didn’t laid a finger on you. The club’s night apart. 

Luckily, none of them was very interested in how you two met and the discussion quickly resumed where they left it hanging, Taehyung smoothly catching up. Maybe was it unconsciously or not but you felt the need to shorten the distance between you and him when one of his male guy sat next to you and maybe you imagined it or not but you felt like Taehyung was ignoring you or trying to chase back that same distance from you. He never looked your way nor talked to you the first half hour. 

You leaned back in the couch, slightly frowning and looked around, watching as the door girl, you learned went by the name of Amber, brought new drinks on the coffee table. You met gazes, smiled to each other and you decided to get up when she walked back to what you guessed as the kitchen with empty bottles. Inside, a guy was struggling to lift a trail full of snacks and glasses without shaking the whole content. 

“Hey, I don’t want all of that to land on my carpet. Thanks.” Warned Amber, throwing bottles in the bin. 

“Yeah, well I don’t want to make endless trips. I just need some time to find my balance.” 

“When you do, the party will be over.”

You silently giggled. “Maybe I can help. I worked as a waitress. Sort of. So I’m used to it.” 

“Thank you. Appreciated. I’m Mark by the way.” 

“Y/N. Taehyung’s friend.” You smiled, trying to sound as convincing as possible as you shook hands and you took the trail from him as he piled glasses in his hands. You both walked together to the living-room. You didn’t look at Taehyung, too focus not to spill the trail and leaned down, laughing along with Mark as you put your loading on the coffee table to some jokes he blurted out. 

You weren’t pissed at Taehyung but decided not to give him too much attention, thinking maybe he acted differently when around other people and rather focused on the ones who did not ignore you and have a good time with them. Taehyung noticed it but didn’t say anything. He also noticed when you helped set the table how his guys friends’ eyes would linger a bit too much for his liking on your figure. It wasn’t jealousy but he didn’t like seeing other people eyeing you the way he thought himself the only one allowed to. 

But it wasn’t like he couldn’t blame them - you were a new feminine face, a quite attractive one, that dress fitted you like second skin and let’s say the other girls present didn’t put too much effort on their outfit so… maybe was it his fault advising you that outfit ? At the same time, Taehyung could feel some pride in exposing you to his friends as ‘his’ (friend), he just prayed not to hear from them any innappropriate comments about you. 

When the party came to an end, Taehyung looked after you since he didn’t see you for the past forty-five minutes. He found you in Amber’s room, laid on her bed next to Mark who was showing you hilarious online videos on his phone. Despite him, Taehyung felt that pang in his heart and this time, as much as he wanted to deny it, it was jealousy - Jealousy of seeing you so close to another man, one of his friend, jealousy of seeing you having fun with someone else, jealousy of seeing you grabbing onto his forearm as you laughed out loud… All of that happening in the span of a party. But he didn’t show anything and just bore that same blank face of his. 

When your eyes met, he saw in yours joy leaving by bit when you understood it was time to leave. Amber came back at the same time, hugging him as you bode your goodbyes to Mark. 

“Text us whenever you want to hang out.” She told you when she walked the two of you out to the elevator. 

“Sure.” And the doors moved together. 

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Taehyung’s voice resonated in the small room as he kept staring in front of him. You looked up at him and lowered back your head, a small smile playing on your lips as you recalled the last moments you spent with his friends. 

“Yeah, I had a great time. Amber and Mark are fun.” You really wanted to ask him about his behavior back there, why he pretended you weren’t visible when he asked you to accompany him but the words couldn’t come out of your mouth and none of you spoke out again the whole ride to his house. 

Taehyung couldn’t get your image next to Mark out of his head but he didn’t want to sound like a jealous guy angry his girl friend spend most of the party very close to one of his male friend. He stepped out the first of the elevator and you watched him walk to his room. 

You needed to confront him when he was still around you to make up your mind once and for all. You went in the closet to put your shoes and coat back on their respective place and walked out again to the kitchen to get something to drink. You stood still in front of the bay window, one hand holding a glass of alcohol free red wine, gaze lost one the thousand of lights illuminating the city down at your feet and thinking about ways to bring up the doubts you had concerning the deal. 

You froze a second as you watched his reflection come near you on the window glass. You smiled to each other and you looked back on the outside when he chose to linger his eyes on you. You sighed deeply and gathered your courage. It was the moment. 


“Can I ask you a question?” You looked up at him, noticing the surprise in his eyes. He remained silent for a couple of seconds before he nodded. “Am I… doing something wrong?” 

His brows furrowed, “What do you mean?” 

“I mean regarding us… our deal ? The kind of relationship you wanted us to have. I feel like I’m doing something wrong… is it how you wanted it to be?” You looked at him, trying hard not breaking eye contact when he didn’t look away. 

“What do you mean ? Why are you asking me that ?” 

“I don’t know… I feel like we’re not living the kind of life you expected us to have when I agreed to this and since you’re barely present… I thought the issue was coming from me.” You frowned, eventually looking away. “And back there… I don’t know, maybe it was just me but… I felt like you were avoiding me.” You looked back at him and saw the faintest smile tug on his lips as he slightly shook his head once. 

“Everything is doing perfectly fine. You don’t have to worry.” He eyes dropped down to look at the city. “I was not avoiding you. It’s just that I don’t want to bother you in fear you would find me too clingy.” This time it was your turn to frowned. “I want to give you the time you need for you to feel enough at ease before trying anything with you.” You gazed at each other silently. “Do you like it so far? Living here?” 

“… Yes,yes. I do… very much. But I feel bad enjoying all the perks you brought in my life when I’m not giving you something in return, you know? Like the company you crave for… and I think a good start would be if we spend time together.” Silence. “I know what you were looking for when you proposed me that deal… And if you’re just waiting for the good moment then now is. I’m not that innocent or naive… You can talk to me and honestly I feel like we’re just two stupid people waiting for the other to give the green light.” 

“But do you feel enough at ease around me when we’re alone? Despite my repetitive absences… “ You nodded. “Enough to what point?” 

”We’ll never know if we don’t try, do anything.” 

Taehyung seemed to hesitate a moment. “I really want to spend time with you as long as you’re good with it but I don’t want you to see me like an imposing person… you need to know that I like to set rules.” You stood still, watching him gradually morph into the man you first saw back in the club, his eyes turning a shade darker. “Can I try something?” 

You nodded and watched him take the glass from your hand to put it down on the table behind him. He shuffled his way back to you and you dropped your gaze above his chest when he stood still close to you, very close. “You also have to know or you probably already guessed it that I want us not to have any shame nor uneasiness between us.” You nodded, your gaze slowing raising to settle on his lips and your mouth parted when he inched his face closer to yours to whisper warm air as he leant ever so slightly near your ear, closing the remaining gap between your bodies. “Because I’m barely controlling myself when I’m around you.” 

A quiet gasp left you and a crimson flush colored your cheeks at the sudden confession but you wanted to remain calm and not let him sense any of your embarrassment so you tried to breathe deeply when he leaned back, leaving few inches between your faces. The whole time, your mind was blank. You didn’t want to think too much about what he could possibly do or what each of his moves or words meant, you just took it in, took him in. You would think later. 

“Why do you keep yourself from doing what you want?” Your voice wavering in a semblant of collected voice after you watched him lick his lips. 

“Because I don’t want to scare you off.” His eyes moved back and forth from your eyes to your mouth but he didn’t step back. 

“I’m sure you’re not that frightening.” You didn’t know where that easiness came from but it was present and you were just about to be begging him to see of what he aspired to do to you. “Do I look scared to you right now?” 

“I’m not doing anything right now.” He closed his eyes for a moment. “I thought that being around other people would make it much easier for me. To help me control myself but then I saw you with Mark… I just felt the need to claim you as mine.” 

You noticed some fear in his eyes as he finished talking, like he was revealing too much. He regarded you as ‘his’. How did you feel about it? You couldn’t think straight at the moment but the very little time you spent wondering about the idea of ‘belonging’ to him didn’t put you off and since you were also, in a way, craving for something to happen, for him to make a move, you didn’t want to scare him off as well.

“Then do it.” Under other circumstances, you probably wouldn’t have answered that but the situation felt surreal to you. Actually ever since Kim Taehyung proposed you that deal. What did you have that made a man like him desire a young woman, an ex-dropped out of college that screamed anything but randomness ? You weren’t the kind of girl who turned heads on her way but it wasn’t like you actually did anything for it to happen. You never thought about settling with someone and never dreamed to do it with a guy as handsome as Taehyung, let alone make that singular deal with him but there you were, eyed by him like a precious antique that had been discovered for the first time. And maybe was it because of him being too close or his obsidian eyes and that silky voice of his but you were ready to make some changes in your life. To open up to someone for the first time, agreeing with everything it included. 

The very firsts seconds when you thought seeing a spark igniting itself inside his pupils after hearing your words, you really, really thought he would kiss you but he just pressed himself lightly against you, making you walk backwards the few steps that separated you from the window glass. Then he slowly reached for your hand gradually intertwining his fingers with yours, moving them slowly up and down to stroke your skin, closely studying your features. 

“You hand is so soft.” He whispered and you faintly smiled, as you closed your fingers on the back of his hand and he gently squeezed in response. 

His felt so warm and inviting but your mind was so focused on keeping it together at the new closeness that no coherent words came to you. You simply enjoyed his touch and he felt relief washing over him as you did not seem to reject him and he watched you, content. You didn’t expect anything in particular that night but you felt like making a huge step forward. 

He already did touch you the first night you met him but it hadn’t the same meaning - at the club you were still mere strangers and it was just an act of kindness, a quite particular one you had thought but it did not mean anything else whereas holding hands for the first time in his living room it was the beginning of you opening up to each other a bit more and you were glad that you were living this with someone like him. 

It would have been much harder if his personality was hard to put up with but you surely would have cut short the deal. Fortunately, he wasn’t any weirdo and the cautions he took regarding you softened your heart and reassured your mind. Sure, his physical features were a huge help and you really hope at that moment that he wasn’t playing any games or tricks to get his ways with you. 

Then warmth left you, as gently as it came to travel up your arm, raising goosebumps on its way up to your neck where it settled. His hand stroked your jaw and his thumb your cheeks, slowly making their way to your lips and another smile settled on them recalling the familiar touch. You opened your eyes when you felt him rest his forehead against yours, fanning warm breath on your skin and you felt the need to bring him closer to you even if he already was very close.

Your hands went to clung onto his shirt at his sides and you pulled him gently until your lower bodies’ parts touched. He leaned his face back and watched your appeased features, you taking in the moment and he smiled to himself. He could never, ever get tired of watching you. He really hoped all of this wasn’t a dream, that you actually were inviting him to touch you of your own free will. His other hand came to cup the other side of your face as he ran his fingers in your hair. He gently tug on them to tilt your head back and sideways, breathing in your delicious scent deeply. 

And then you felt it - his soft lips puckering against your skin, tenderly kissing you under your ear next to your jaw as one of his hands slid from your nape to run down your neck and one of your collarbones, to rest a moment right above your chest and then under it, on your side causing you to tighten your grip on him and block your breathing. You tried your best to enjoy his ministrations without revealing too much of how flustered you actually were as you felt his large hand caress some of your body’s sensitive parts. But then it stopped. He stopped as he felt you stiffening under his touch. 

He leaned back with closed eyes and you already missed his warmth as you watched him part his mouth and look at you, slightly disappointed . “I don’t want you to accept doing things for my sake. I need you to want them as much as I do.”

Some Lily and Marauders Headcannons

James Henry Potter: His middle name is Henry, because Fleamont spent his childhood fighting people who took the piss out of him for being named Fleamont, and he figured he’d done his mother enough of a service by bearing the name himself. No need to put it on another child – his father’s name, Henry, fits nicely with James, anyway. James is cocky because his parents think he’s a literal miracle and have spoiled him terribly (not to mention he’s rich, talented, and good-looking), but he is a genuinely sweet child. A bit of a mother hen in his teen years – gives good advice, makes sure people eat, tries to make them laugh when they’re down. He tutors the lower students in Transfiguration. McGonagall made him do it once for detention, and not only is he brilliant at it, he loves doing it. So he continues that during the rest of his time at Hogwarts, but doesn’t really tell anyone except his best mates (Lily is secretly impressed when she finds out). Probably would’ve become a professor, but for the war.

Lily Evans: Gives the best hugs. Former footballer turned massive Quidditch fan. Works really hard in school in her early years at Hogwarts because she’s worried that being Muggle-born means she’s an inferior witch, but her confidence grows as time goes on and she realizes she’s really, really good at this. Rolls her eyes a lot to cover the fact that she actually finds Potter hilarious. She thinks of Petunia often. Is a bit of an artist, and likes to make doodles of her friends or outfits she’d like to wear. Is terrible at baking, and it frustrates her to no end, because she’s brilliant at potions, and shouldn’t it be the same thing? Mixing and chemistry, and the like? But her cakes never rise properly and she hates it. Lily takes a while to let people in, but once you’re in, she loves hard and doesn’t let go.

Peter Pettigrew: Unlike Lily, Pete is an excellent baker. He always bakes for people’s birthdays, even people other than the Marauders. In fact, in general he’s incredibly thoughtful and gives really good gifts. Loves the onset of the disco era, because platform boots give him a much-desired height boost. Looks terrible in bell bottoms, though. Sings like an angel, but he’s super shy about it until James encourages him to show off his talent. Likes small animals. His mother is extremely overprotective, and it’s part of why his self-confidence is low. Lives in perpetual fear that the other Marauders will one day realize he’s not as cool as they are and will banish him from their company. Doesn’t fully realize this is a brotherhood, and they would never.

Sirius Black: Drinks Muggle whiskey. Loves Queen. Is convinced Freddie Mercury is a god or, more likely, a wizard. Took up knitting on a whim during sixth year and really enjoys it. He’s very good at it, too, because he’s good at nearly everything he gets a mind to try. Insomniac. Prone to nightmares about his parents’ house. Has scars he prefers not to talk about, and others he’s crazy proud of. Shares just about everything with James (but comes out to Lily first). Is more guarded with Remus because, long before he realizes why, it’s really important to him that Remus sees him as cool and strong and together. But often, he thinks he’s barely holding it together at all. Stronger than he realizes. And unbelievably, uncompromisingly loyal.

Remus Lupin: Super snarky. Sometimes, when the others are plotting, he and Lily just sit together off to one side making snide comments about the lot of them. Still, when it comes down to it, Remus is game for basically whatever they’ve cooked up. Can nap anywhere. Pretends to find small children annoying but is great with them (think Steve in Stranger Things 2!). Briefly tried to become a vegetarian because his own growing cravings for red meat were repulsive to him. Was Sirius that convinced him a strong appetite for meat is perfectly healthy 😉(sorry! It was right there, and Sirius does love a pun). Is an introvert, and needs more alone time than Sirius and James (who literally want to be up under each other and everyone else at all times). Wishes they appreciated that even when he’s alone he’s not lonely anymore, and that is a huge thing.

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I sent this to you once before, but I think tumblr ate it. So, Lena and Kara have been together for awhile and Lena starts thinking marriage. So she starts dropping hints. The problem is that Kara thinks Lena is against marriage because of comments she made before they were together. So Lena leaves bridal mags around and Kara just assumes Lena wants her to give them to Alex. Lena shows her rings, 'Alex already has a ring though...'. Lena starts slowly losing her chill.

So, this turned out a little crack-y? but i thought it was cute and I hope y'all like it!

Dearly Oblivious, We Are Gathered Here Today …

Kara knows exactly what she’s doing, she’s not as oblivious as people would like to believe.

Sure, the first few times it happened she was a little confused, but the fifth time Lena randomly brings up wedding planning, Kara gets it.

Lena isn’t concerned about Alex’s upcoming nuptials.

She’s concerned about theirs.

As in Kara and Lena’s.

As in, Lena Luthor, CEO of L-Corp and the smartest, most beautiful woman in the world; wants to marry Kara.

And the thought is terrifying.

So much so that when it hits Kara she stutters out that Alex already has a venue picked out and then mumbles something about a fire before shooting out the window so fast that she almost breaks the sound barrier.

She makes it to the outer edges of the atmosphere before she slows down, heart pounding in her ears and hands shaking.

The window shopping for engagement rings.

Those pictures of wedding bouquet flowers Lena had shown her.

The color swatches for bridesmaid’s dresses.

The bridal magazines left on the bedside table.

The odd looks when Kara met every suggestion with -

‘Alex and Maggie already have rings’;

‘But Alex’s favorite flowers are tulips’;

‘I would look horrible in that color, as Maid of Honor I highly object’;

‘Thanks for picking these up for Alex, I’m sure she’ll love them’.


Lena Luthor wants to marry her.

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Just A Tad Sweeter (Mycroft x Reader)

Title: Just a Tad Sweeter

Summary: Mycroft can be surprisingly endearing when his beautiful girlfriend is baking.
Words: 1142
Author: Vanessa @war-is-an-art
Characters/Relationships: Mycroft x Reader, Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson
Warnings: None. Just pure sweet fluff… bc after all we’ve been through we deserve a happy moment

Author’s Notes: I’m a huge Mycroft fan! He’s my favorite character on the show and I think he’s so underappreciated. Something about the suits, arrogance, and umbrella just makes him so lovable to me. Without further ado, please enjoy.


Sitting in the backseat of one of his infamous black cars, the British Government itself was tired. The smell of the brand new leather of a brand new car only served to worsen his headache today. His eyes trailed to the passing scenery of downtown London through the tinted windows, the people, the goldfish he worked so bloody hard to protect were meandering shamelessly on the streets, unaware of the constant dangers in the world. With a sigh he turned his attention away, he realized many minutes had passed and he was about home. The door opened within the minute and he stepped out, umbrella in one hand and suitcase in the other.

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The more I think about Sun and Moon

The more I FUCKING love it.

Yes I do think there are wasted opportunities with UB for main story but that’s a tiny pebble compare to the massive stones of awesomeness.

The Pokemon are fun and really cool! The Pokedex gives a layer of depth and surprising realism to these fantasy monsters.

The characters are amazing.
The trial captains are unique
The Kahuna are strong

Hau is fucking lovable
Lillie’s character growth is really amazing
Gladion’s slow opening is good too!

The villains are what take the cake though.

Each of them have so much in depth that goes really far.

Guzma has an abusive dad who (depending on what you think) either beat him or transferred his own failures into him. He acts stupidly tough but he raised a fuckin Wimpod and every single grunts cares for him.

Plumeria is the Admin but she looks and cares after every single grunt with genuine love and affection. She even starts the Trials anew to turn over a new leaf and Challenge you! She’s a tough chick!

Each Grunt is implied to be rejected who wants to join Skull cause they feel accepted.

Lusamine was amazing awful. She did absolutely horrendous stuff to Lillie and Gladion but post game reveals some hidden stuff about her.
She lost her husband because of Ultra Beast, and he disappeared forever and she (possibly) got infected beforehand. We know she used to be a good mom before she went crazy, and Nihilego’s Toxins are said to bring out people’s desires out to an insane degree. So there are many factors to her actions which makes it complex.

Wicke turned out to be the loving mom we all wanted and what Gladion and Lillie should’ve gotten if Lusamine didn’t go crazy. She truly is pure.

Faba is a snobby asshole who’s barely a threat and hilarious cause of that.

Fuck this game is soooo good!

Some McHanzo fic recs cause yknow… i like ‘em. There’s a lot and they’re in no particular order.

Your Cheatin’ Heart by SleepySkies

  • Summary: “A stowaway, a wager, a deck of cards. Sex on a riverboat.”
  • Historical AU, completed, Explicit
  • Words: 6,829

A faithful companion by kaijuborn

  • Summary: “Hanzo is a wanderer, always on the move after leaving his home and his duties. However, when winter comes and he finds himself in an abandoned town, he decides to stay for a while. A large, three-legged wolf accompanies him, though the animal appears to be more than what first meets the eye.”
  • McWerewolf AU, completed, Teen and Up
  • Words: 10,195

Continued under Read More

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A lifetime with you

So Taking Chances ended today, which makes me sad. @lightoflunaris did such an amazing job at this story and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I wanted to write a klance fic for today and I guess I realized, while there were many romantic moments between our favourite boys, we didn’t have their first valentines. So I’m going to do my very best to write something for them. I’m going by the seat of my pants here and from what she told me about their college life. I assumed they got engaged I guess, in February/March, maybe February 14, for the sake of being sentimental. I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day itself, hours after the last chapters went up, so we’ll see how this goes. Enjoy.

Lance closed the door to his apartment and noticed that there were no boots by the door. He sighed, good Keith wasn’t back yet. While they did attend the same college, Lance was majoring in education while Keith was taking to courses needed to help him become a pilot, so their schedules didn’t always match up. Lance couldn’t say he was surprised when Keith said he wanted to be a pilot. Keith loved going places and he enjoyed adventure. Lance just couldn’t wait to see him in a uniform.

Lance pulled off his shoes and ran to drop his things in the bedroom. The couple’s apartment they got in the campus village was pretty amazing. It reminded him of a hotel room a bit. When walking in, you were in the living room with the attached kitchen. Through another set of doors was the bedroom and bathroom. The laundry room was in the basement of the building. Thankfully, they only lived on the second floor and the elevator never broke down. Never doubt the complaining powers of a college student. They get shit done when they really want.

Pushing his glasses back up on his face, Lance opened the fridge and pulled out a plastic bag hiding in the back on the last shelf. He opened it, mentally checking off his checklist of the things he needed before slowly pouring the constance of the bag on the counter. He pulled bowls and utensils out and pulled out his phone. The limited edition Blue Paladin phone Shiro and Allura had gotten him for his birthday was still in very good condition, mostly because of the clear case he had on it to take the damage whenever he dropped it. Keith had let his surprise be known that the screen had yet to break. He pulled up Hunk’s number and hit the speaker button as he got things ready.

“Hey Lance. Is Keith there?”

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Yoon Jisung Royalty Au

Y’all really love Jisung and honestly, same.

•You love life in the city,
• You grew up moving back and forth between the hustle and bustle of the city and to your family’s farms in a small village in the country, so yanno, an equal balance,
• But yeah, you decided to start a buissness in the city after years of internal debate and struggle ™ (because decision making is hard and scary okay),
• Because whilst growing up you had strong tactics in making friends:
• Baked goods.
• 10/10 good thinking, well done.
• Because you moved back and forth, it was kinda hard to maintain friendships?
• So you did what any wise 9 year old would do:
• Bought their friendship (Probably didn’t have to but you likes making cakes anyway so eh),
• No, seriously though, people then understood you were really friendly and kind, and it was always good with old friends because it was like a ‘sorry you haven’t seen me in 6 months but look I have pastries’
• So, baking was like a safety blanket with good connotations, and you were seriously awesome at it.
• Family recipe? Pffft, you made the family recipe.
• So what better investment than a small bakery in the city?
• People in the city missed the home cooked feeling you could bake and if business was quiet you could people-watch through the glass front, the royal palace nearby drawing in lots of tourism,
• So you make your cakes and chat with regulars in your dainty little bakery, aesthetic goals,
• You’re slipping some warm cookies into the glass showcase that you use as your counter when your bell jingles, telling you that you have your first customer,
• You smile at the man sliding through your pastel blue door; he’s elegant looking, clean, and you can feel his aura instantly, holding himself well,
• His face is covered with a mask, a common accessory, especially in the colder weather, and a bobble hat pulled down adorably all the way down, so you can’t see much of his face,
• Although his eyes seem somehow piercing, they’re warm and gentle looking and you can tell the man in front of you can’t be much older than yourself,
• You greet him and then make yourself look busy with some cinnamon buns so he doesn’t feel any pressure to buy anything,
• “Have you had this place long?”
• His voice makes you jump, and you laugh at yourself for being so skittish, but the man’s voice is smooth and oddly familiar,
• “Only around 9 months, but I’ve been baking since I was small,”
• You see his eyes crease, indicating a smile that warms your heart,
• “I enjoy cooking but I never get the time to do so,”
• You take your time in appreciating how he pronounces every syllable of what he says, making him sound like he means every word,
• You have a feeling he could say 'shrek is a cinematic masterpiece’ and you’d believe him whole heartedly,
• “That’s sad, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what stops you? You should be able to do what makes you happy,”
• “I have a family business which makes time quite scarce, and I do not entirely know how to make anything as complex as these chocolate cookies,” his tone is quite and almost sorrowful, but lilts upwards at the end, joking,
• You can’t hold back the giggle that escapes your lips, although his words hang slightly on your heart,
• You push the sliding door open and scoop 4 of the large chocolate cookies into a paper bag, taping down the top with a flourish and presenting it to the man with an exaggerated bow, as if he was royalty,
• *nervous laughter*
• The man behind the counter starts searching his pockets, but you cross your arms with a soft smile,
• “Free for such a lovely first customer,”
• He begins to refuse but you sigh and lightly push his hands away from searching his pocket,
• Because you’re nothing but bold AmIRight,
• His hands are covered in some black silk gloves, a clue that keys in with his speech that this man may be of higher class,
• Despite the gloves, his warmth radiates through them and sends a small shiver up your back,
• (Someone walking over your grave my ass),
• “Listen, if you can’t do what you enjoy, you should at least get to enjoy the finished product,”
• The man looks reluctant as you watch something shift in his coffee coloured eyes, but nods anyway,
• And that is not the last encounter with this regal man,
• He starts to come every other day, making his way through your whole menu, and the two of you becoming casual friends,
• You have a habit of watching his eyes, desperate for any type emotion you can read,
• You always have the radio on and if there’s no customers you’ll dance and, on rare occasions, get the man to do a jig with you, he swirls you around and it takes an extra 5 seconds for you heart to stop spinning,
•  You test new bakes on him, and you can always count on him to tell you the honest truth,
• You hug him spur of the moment sometimes, When he comes into the shop or helps you in any way,
• Self control, what’s that?
•He always freezes at first and then melts into you, wrapping one arm around you,
• If he ever has a minute of spare time he’ll people-watch with you,
• His shady and sassy comments always make you crack up,
• “Those kids running, they have not yet experienced the cruel world,”
• “Jisung they look to be 6, I hope they haven’t,”
•  or
• “ That dog looks to have more swag than you, Y/N,”
• So yeah you develop a slight crush on this complete stranger,
• Who suspiciously has never taken his mask off but you don’t pressure him,
• But tbh how couldn’t you fall for this guy,
• Jisung,
• He obviously thought the name Jisung was common enough not to raise suspicions about who he was but,
• It’s when he tells you his name that you put the pieces together,
• Expensive clothes, articulate, little time to himself because of his 'family business’, always covering his face,
• Jisung is the name of one of your country’s princes, to be particular, the one who will inherit the throne, the oldest of 11,
• And then you start realising things,
• How much Jisung composes himself, and how precious the moments he lets himself go are,
• Grace and elegance seem to be drilled into him,
• His eyes seem to be wise beyond his years, observing and omniscient, the way they track you with a caring sheen making you trip over your own feet,
• The way his eyes take in every detail about your baked goods and cozy little shop,
• How he always seems to take deep breaths, inhaling the sweet smell of cooked bread that you always have in your store,
• Because how could you be a bakery without having that classic smell™,
• And how he always seems to buzz and relax in your shop, in the early hours of the day before any customers will arrive, how much softer he is in your shop than he ever is on TV or at royal gatherings or in public,
• Upon your discovery, yeah, you have a mini mental breakdown because you’ve been chatting to the future king so casually and he likes your pastries!!!!!
• But you don’t tell him you found out, or act differently, because if he wanted you to know he’d tell you,
• But man have you fallen head over heels for this gentle, regal Jisung,
• “I was thinking, whenever you have the tiniest amount of spare time, head right here. I’ll show you how to bake those brownies you always eye up as if they offer you the answer to your dreams,”
• Oh boy, does your heart do the pla dunk when you ask him, trying not to sound awkward or desperate,
• But at this point, do you really care? Jisung will judge you anyway,
• He laughs and your heart soars because YOU could make that melodic sound come to life,
• The next morning when your bell dingles, and your heart warms like always when in Jisung’s aura,
• “I thought I’d take you up on your offer,”
• Jisung’s stood at the door, an apron in hand and you laugh as he ties it over his jumper,
•One of the superman aprons, he’d obviously seen before that you had the wonder woman one,
•" But, uh, Y/N, I have something to, ah, tell you?“ He seems nervous, shifty and a little jittery before he pulls himself together to stand tall and confident, probably what he’d been taught to do, before leaning forward onto the counter,
• "Would it, perhaps be, I don’t know, the fact that you’re Prince Yoon Jisung, the nation’s cutie?”
• You also lean forward in your counter, your faces closer than predicted, but you use all of your willpower,
• A l l  of your will power,
• To focus on Jisung’s reaction,
• His eyebrows shoot to the sky and he straightens immediately in surprise,
• “What, y-you knew?”
• “Us commoners aren’t that slow, Jisung,” You tease, pulling at his mask and nabbing his hat to slide into your own head, grinning at him, the low light bouncing off his chocolate hair, matching his eyes,
• It takes a solid 15 minutes for you to stop giggling at the amount of shocked questions Jisung fires at you, and he seems incredibly revealed you haven’t changed the way you act around him,
• But then he admits he wants to bake with you,
• And Ho Boy, who are you to refuse a man of achieving his dreams?
• So you’re showing Jisung how to make your secret recipe chocolate orange and lime cupcakes (it works with the magic of your hands trust me) when Jisung kinda just stops stirring and just stares at you,
• And your like bruh have I got it on my face? I mean you aren’t complaining about the attention but you’re v on edge at his open staring,
• “I’m to inherit this whole country, but all I want to do is spend the rest of my days in this bakery with you Y/N, and I can’t bring myself to care that that’s wrong,”
• What’s this? You’ve flat lined? Me too bro, me too,
• “Everyone’s allowed to have a dream Jisung,”
• You smile through your radiating red cheeks and heart that doesn’t want to beat to the right rhythm,
• “What if it didn’t have to be a dream, Y/N, would you let me stay here? With you?”
• Tbh, you don’t even need to say anything, that soft smile is all he needs,
• But through this whole conversation, he has some chocolate mix resting on the corner of his lips and yes this is very important and heart racing but the chOcOlAte MiX Is DisTRacTinG,
• So you lean forward to kiss him, the icing seemingly melting into the kiss as well as the two of you,
• It’s sweet, quite literally, and slow and exactly like a prince charming,
• His hands skim your back and you drape your arms over his shoulders and his hair’s damn soft and there’s fireworks,
• It all sorta tumbles from then on,
• Jisung has many, many, m a n y negotiations with his family about what he wants to do,
• Upside to having 10 brother’s, at least one of them won’t mind taking the throne instead,
• And the king and queen are understanding and you pretend not to know they’re a little pissed atm about all the hassle for your own health if nothing else,(They love you after a while dw),
• News of Jisung sorta stepping down from royalty to co own a tiny bakery spreads like wild fire and the bakery is swarmed with press and people and pure hell, and some people think it’s cute and your adorable but some think you’re a gold digger and he shouldn’t step down from royalty for something so stupid,

• Honestly it’s a lot to take in and there are several emotional points where you question whether this was the right idea but then Jisung walks over to you with some new cookies, warm heart and comforting words and everything’s okay,
• but within a year it’s died down, although you definitely still get some press or whatever it’s not so bad,
• You meet Jisungs’ brothers, which is an adventure™ oh boy, and your family all swoon for Jisungs’ proper manners and royal charm and at first you feel incredibly judged by the king and queen but then you settle down and everything’s calm,

• Then one day you realize you’re a flippin’ princess! You visit the royal palace and are in love with a prince and this is definitely not how you planned your life but can you complain?
• And most importantly, the two of you sell the best cinnabons in the country partly due to the fact you’re both cinnamon rolls, okay? So soft and sweet.

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yES you can never have too many imagine blogs my friend. good luck! how about some good old relationship headcanons for the hosts to start you off?

Ahhh yes our first ask! Lets do this.

We have way more than this but in the interest of being vague and encouraging future asks about this we’ll keep it short >:] Even so it still ended up being really long hahh ah ah…. oops.


  • This boy is all about that PDA. Kisses, hand holding, arm constantly hooked around your waist, clinging to you in tears when somebody is blunt with him, the whole shebang. 
  • Part of it comes from his natural need to be princely, but mostly he really just wants to make it clear to the world that he’s dating you. Not in a jealous way but in a ‘wow everyone look at me and my beautiful s/o plz look at us PLE ASE’ because the only thing Tamaki loves more than attention is you.
  • Two words. Pet names. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify as, you cannot escape his dumb clichéd adorable pet names. Darling, my sweet, prince/princess, beautiful etc. 
  • There is no stopping him. 
  • Don’t even try.
  • Don’t get mad when he continues to make googly eyes at the girls who come to the host club though. As Tamaki’s s/o you’re gonna have to swallow that jealousy because he is STILL a host and he loves being one. You cannot take him away from that, but rest assured that while he does genuinely think every one of his customers at the host club is beautiful, he tells you every day how phenomenal you are, and how he could never replace you. 
  • (the kisses he gives you after hosting are totally worth it don’t worry) 


  • While Haruhi seems at first to be as laid back in this relationship as she is about everything else in her life, on the inside she’s actually quite nervous about the whole thing. 
  • That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, however, so while she always manages to choose the exact right moment to grab your hand or comment on how nice you look today, if you manage to stop your swooning for a moment to get a good look at her face you’ll see a blush absolutely CAKING it.
  • its rly cute.
  • Haruhi LISTENS. And she always makes an effort, so if you make an off hand comment about how much you liked those bagels in the cafe you just ate lunch in, or how long its been since you’ve gone to the park, don’t be surprised if she invites you out for a picnic there or shows up at your house with a container full of bagels she made herself.
  • She won’t admit it, but she really likes it when you stroke her hair and run your fingers through it. It helps her relax.
  • Please kiss her all the time it iS WORTH IT trust me.


  • He gets jealous so incredibly easy its not even funny sometimes.
  • Of course this means that while it is awfully tempting to tease him about it you have to be careful not to overdo it because otherwise he will stomp off in a huff and not come back until either A) he finishes sulking or B) Haruhi knocks him upside the head.
  • Don’t worry too much though, this display of over-dramatic anger often results in an over-dramatic makeout make up session.
  • Because of the whole jealousy thing he, like Tamaki, has a tendency to make it clear that you are dating him at all times (partly to reassure himself that you’re still there because tbh while he acts super suave on the surface he is still kind of reeling from the fact that this is happening AN D WOW HIKARU we all knew it you’re just a giant dorky puppy)
  • Your first kiss (much to his despair) is actually quite sloppy because he thinks he’s a much better kisser than he is, and while he tries to play it off casually you can tell it bothers him and you kind of have to reassure him that its fine stud, it takes practise after all, you’ll get better!!
  • (and believe me he does get better w h o a h)
  • He is also a big fan of public teasing eyyooooo


  • This rapscallion is well aware that many people are in love with his voice and thus takes any opportunity to whisper in your ear at the most inopportune times, just to see you squirm. ass
  • He doesn’t actually get jealous very often, unlike his brother, and is more afraid of the general possibility of you breaking up with him, but he hides this just as well as he hides all his fears regarding change.
  • He has a sixth sense for when you’re feeling under the weather, and while he doesn’t always know what to say, he always manages to be a comforting presence and he’s a very good guy to vent to.
  • He tends to be a bit overbearing at times and something of a mother hen in that he is constantly asking you about your well being (sometimes in a bit of a condescending manner) but if you tell him you need your space for a while he will try to respect it and leave you alone for the weekend
  • (’As long as I get one last kiss before I go, that is.’)
  • whoah boy does that leave you dizzy
  • he still texts you all weekend but hey he’s not on your doorstep demanding attention so it counts


  • Kyoya has a tendency to overspend on your dates.
  • Like. A lot.
  • ‘kyoya when i said i wanted to go to disneyland i dIDN’T MEAN I WANTED YOU TO BUY OUT DISNEYLAND’
  • Okay maybe not exactly but he sure doesn’t scrounge on anything like wow Kyoya I thought you wanted to have lots of money please stop acting like you PISS THE STUFF.
  • (he probably does tho)
  • But seriously its actually kind of a big thing for him because you’re the only thing he ever really lets himself go overboard for and its all part of his long spiritual journey to getting that stick out of his ass.
  • He’s not much for PDA but he has a tendency to squeeze your shoulder whenever he walks past you and he doesn’t even seem to realise he does it most of the time, but if you feel something squeeze your shoulder y’all don’t even need to look up to know that your boyfriend has walked past on his way to ruin somebody’s financial life.
  • PS. being Kyoya’s s/o means that you are now both co-demon lords of the host club enjoy your new found power.


  • Alright ya’ll probably guessed this but a date with Honey is a date with cake. There is no escaping the sugar. Ever.
  • Honey is really insistent on you guys feeding each other. He thinks its cute and a great way to show affection and it doesn’t matter how public of a place you’re in he will always insist on spooning cake into your mouth.
  • He also has a habit of kissing or licking the crumbs off your face and is very amused if you get embarrassed (’Awww ____-chan, you look so cute though!’)
  • He really loves it when you call him by his first name when you two are alone together (and he is not afraid to tell you or show you)
  • Cheek kisses and koala hugs all around. Good luck detaching him.
  • Mori is now your bodyguard and you have him and your tiny boyfriend to knock out anyone giving you a hard time.


  • Mori, if it wasn’t obvious, definitely prefers to show his affection physically rather than verbally, but on the other hand I wouldn’t expect too much PDA from this gentle giant.
  • He prefers more subtle gestures, like always making sure he’s standing close to you, squeezing your shoulder or hand before he leaves.
  • That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like YOU initiating the PDA, however. He’s used to Honey being affectionate in public, and while he may not return that kiss you planted on his cheek that doesn’t mean that it didn’t send his heart THUMP THUMP THUMPING.
  • He likes low-key dates. If you take him out for a park picnic or stargazing or a dinner at yours, the soft atmosphere will get him talking eventually.
  • And once he starts talking, he TALKS. You guys often end up staying up all night just murmuring softly to each other and just w ow its really relaxing he is really relaxing and he makes you feel safe okay.
  • Prepare for Honey to shower you with affection as well he and Mori are kind of a package deal okay cool

- Admins Beckett and Kits

Flowershop AU

part one. this was never meant to be more than two parts, but i merged a helnik au into and now we’re here….

For Inej working at the flower shop was a rest stop on the road to something much more important. She wasn’t sure where she was headed, but the desire to do something more—be more—compelled her. 

She had an innate ambition to travel, wandering as hereditary in her family as her brown eyes. The big city lights of Ketterdam lured her from her small town—much like her coworker, Jesper. They both migrated to the city for college, each taking on jobs that consumed their leisure time to make ends meet, ending up in the same overlooked shop. They were two young adults whose friendship flourished, not because of the routine of seeing each other, but due to the fact they both felt like tiny fish in a vast, dark ocean they never belonged in. Though unlike him, she had plans to get out of the complicated net Ketterdam ended up to be. She witnessed first hand how the city sucked people in and trap them; she couldn’t allow herself to be one of them. 

She didn’t feel rooted here. Or anywhere for that matter. She would wade through Ketterdam with the same vigor she used in her other travels. Some feared getting lost, but Inej enjoyed the mystery of it, the thrill of what parts of herself she could discover each time she traveled some place new.

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Birthday Wishes (m)

Word Count: 6,309

Warning: Taehyung Smut

“Fucking great.”

You throw the card you’d been reading down onto the round metal table before you, glancing over it once more. The picture on the front is that of a city, the name written in italic in the top right corner. She hadn’t even tried to personalize the picture for you, nor the letter that is nothing more than a bad excuse.

“Do you want another cup o’ coffee?”

You raise your head up to the server, and answer his question with a nod accompanied by a bitter smile. “Yeah.”

He looks at you with a square smile, then takes your empty cup.

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