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Soma Understands Sebastian’s Nature?

Soma has always been afraid of Sebastian, and he’s one of the few characters to have this reaction. Most seem him as charming and the epitome of the perfect butler, but Soma is one of the exceptions. He makes this clear in chapter 126.

What’s interesting is that it seems like Soma seems to have a better grasp on Sebastian’s nature than most people.

Could Soma simply be better at reading people and seeing their true nature? After all, he rescued Agni, whom most people thought was dangerous and bad.

Perhaps Soma’s awareness here is because of Agni. Soma says Sebastian should take lessons from Agni, so perhaps because Soma truly has a wonderful, caring butler, he can see that Sebastian is different. He can see that Sebastian is cold where almost everyone else finds him charming.

There’s also a certain irony in Soma saying that with Sebastian by Ciel’s side, Ciel will be lucky to be saved at all. He knows that Sebastian is dangerous to Ciel, even though it’s doubtful he has any idea to what extent.



The recognition and harsh words hit Samantha harder than she’d expected. While she knew it was impossible to avoid, knowing that the women in Willow Creek gossip about her and her family makes her feel extremely vulnerable and insecure.

“I was told that she ran away with that butler of theirs,” one of the other ladies says, once again loud enough for Samantha to hear. “I also heard that the butler attacked her fiancé, Johnathan Drecon, out of nowhere! I cannot believe this girl thinks the butler is a better man than him. What a spoiled, spoiled child. Veronica always gave her everything but she’s clearly too ungrateful to appreciate her mother’s hard work.”

me: *sees posts about an anime*

me: “maybe i’ll check it out”

me: *watches one episode*

me: “I have made a horrible mistake”

me: *binge watches entire anime*

me: *reads entire manga*


me: *repeats cycle* 

Anime Characters with Tattoos

Aries : Revy

Taurus : Zero Kiryu

Gemini : Kamina

Cancer : Allen Walker

Leo : Uta

Virgo: Nami

Libra: Nana Osaki

Scorpio : Black Star

Sagittarius : Shura Kirigakure

Capricorn : Sebastian Michaelis

Aquarius : Jellal Fernandes

Pisces : Renji Abarai