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“Hey, we’ve explored one side of the Qunari with Sten. We’ve explored another hyper-dogmatic side of the Qunari with the Arishok. Well, where else can we go? And then dear old Patrick Weekes wanders in and goes ‘How ‘bout a rough-talking, carousing, polyamorous, BDSM Minotaur man?’ And everyone goes… ‘Yes, we certainly haven’t done that before. How confident are you you can pull that off?’ ‘Oh. Very.’ ‘Ok, cool, well, let’s do this thing.’ ”

- Mike Laidlaw on the character pitch for Iron Bull
The Dragon and the Crow - NikkiDeez - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Female Adaar/Iron Bull, Female Adaar & Iron Bull, Adaar/Iron Bull
Characters: Female Adaar, Iron Bull, Solas (Dragon Age), Blackwall | Thom Rainier, Sera (Dragon Age), Vivienne (Dragon Age), Varric Tethras, Leliana (Dragon Age), Josephine Montilyet, Cassandra Pentaghast, Cole (Dragon Age), Cullen Rutherford, Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi, Bull’s Chargers (Characters), Valo-Kas, Dorian Pavus
Additional Tags: Eventual Romance, Swearing, Violence, Past Abuse, Dragon Age Lore, Sexual Tension, Slow Burn, Qunari Culture and Customs, Misunderstandings, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Eventual Smut
Series: Part 1 of The Dragon and the Crow Saga

Herah Adaar; Qunari Rogue turned Herald of Andraste, and leader of the Inquisition. Or so she’d be told. Nothing could have prepared Herah for this newfound ‘destiny.’ She didn’t ask for it. Nor does she want it. Nothing could have prepared her for the problems… the battles… or meeting the Qunari spy that would eventually capture her heart.

Basically a series of one-shots that follows the plot of the game. To end with Trespasser. Will be focusing mainly on how a rogue with A LOT of issues eventually finds the way to somehow become a hero. And yes, as the title implies, Herah eventually does become a Crow.

Warning: Lots of Violence, Romance Scenes, Eventual Sex Scenes, and Graphic Language. Read at your own discretion.

If you want to see what my Herah looks like go here:

During the photography sessions that followed the completion of her films, Clarence Bull turned on the radio in his studio to distract Garbo with music and to make the day-long task go more quickly. As he clicked off some ninety exposures, Garbo would sing along with the popular songs; her somber rendition of “I Want to Be Happy” made Bull, and herself, laugh out loud. Once, when an announcer interrupted the music with chatter, Garbo blurted out, “What on earth is that man talking about — How can anybody talk so much about anything? What can it be that means so many words?
—  Walking with Garbo: Conversations and Recollections (First published 1991)
DAI Companions as Ron Swanson Gifs


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Iron Bull

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Welcome to a world without Light.

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Sick ass Dragon Age gifs part 3

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I always have this theory that a lot of the companions have high-maintenance looks that take a while to sort out, and getting ready must be a pain. So I was thinking about some of my DAI favourites and ended up with the “six AM and just got up” headcanons: 

  • Cassandra sans-makeup is just as scary gorgeous. But more scary. And the hair is… vertical. She looks glorious. And like she might commit murder. Consciously works to straighten her posture and seem more soldierly.
  • Cullen is insanely curly and eye-bags ahoy, because he barely gets any sleep anyway. Even more pale than usual. Very, very Fereldan in terms of accent, and grumpy if it’s been a bad night. Sheepish if it hasn’t.
  • Dorian can join the vertical-hair camp (though parts of it are also flattened) and is also stubbly plus pissed off because he hasn’t had chance to wax his moustache yet. Probably making his way to the nearest bath ASAP. Slightly hairier than anyone expected.
  • Josephine… glorious cascades of wavy hair. And maybe a lot of frizz. And trying not to tired-blink because it’ll ruin her diplomat-paying-attention image. And I also agree with the frilly-underwear headcanons I’ve seen. She’d so have bloomers.
  • Sera looks like… Sera. Less eyeliner, I suppose.
  • Bull occasionally forgets - or pretends to forget - he has a pillow stuck on his horns. Yawns a lot. Eyepatch slightly askew. Insists he sleeps in the nude but people have mainly just seen an even more awful pair of “circus pants” that must be his pyjamas.
  • Krem tends to end up with his undercut flopping annoyingly into his eyes, and when he’s half asleep he goes all mumbly and even more Tevene. Probably wears something sleeveless by way of pyjamas to show off the arms.
  • Leliana… no-one actually knows. No-one’s ever caught her less than perfectly preened. Everyone’s too terrified not to knock.
  • Blackwall’s bedhead is legendary. Even the beard has bedhead.
  • Vivienne is either never seen unprepared, or perfectly businesslike and will probably politely murder you if you draw attention to the slightly-more-scalp-stubble and the lack of makeup. She’d probably just brazen it out, so maybe the latter.
  • Cole doesn’t sleep. It’s rather unnerving.
  • Solas is just slightly sharper than usual. Other than that, he has a worrying amount of composure. But then, he’s pretty used to dropping in and out of the Fade.