that bruise tho


BOOKS MEME | (6/9) nine otps.
Neil Josten and Andrew Minyard from All for the Game by Nora Sakavic.

Andrew kissed him like this was a fight with their lives on the line, like his world stopped and started with Neil’s mouth. Neil’s heart stuttered to a stop at the first hard press of lips against his and he reached up without thinking. His hand made it as far as Andrew’s jaw before he remembered Andrew didn’t like to be touched. Neil caught hold of Andrew’s coat sleeve instead and knotted his fingers in the heavy wool.
The touch was a trigger. Andrew leaned back just enough to say, “Tell me no.
Neil’s lips were sore; his skin was buzzing. He felt winded, like he’d survived a half-marathon. He felt strong, like he could run another five more.

hey guys I’m supposed to be doing some pre calc hw rn but i got this idea so uh yeah here goes

basically these are my headcannons for what the sides might look like in a human AU (meaning they aren’t a part of Thomas and therefore don’t look like him) as well as some headcannons abt this au so:


-He has naturally dark brown hair but dyes it constantly. The usual color is a fiery red to orange ombre but he does other things occasionally (every year he dyes it a full rainbow for pride month)

-He has hazel eyes that shine with confidence and adventure 

-He is the second tallest, at 6′

-He wears bold, warm colors and always has some form of jewelry on which is (usually) gold

-He has one hell of a jawline

-His lips naturally curl up into a half-smile 

-He’s hella good at makeup so he wears it all the time

-He works out a lot so his arms are amazing

-Also his abs oh lord

-Fashion guru so he ofc only wears the best clothes

-Always gets in fights defending other ppl (usually Virge or Lo) so he’s constantly covered in bruises and scrapes


-The definition of adorable

-He has soft brown hair with sun-bleached blond streaks in it

-He is covered in freckles but mostly on his face, arms, and shoulders

-He has big, warm brown eyes with flecks of gold in them

-He wears bright colors and soft colors, sometimes combining them, sometimes just one or the other

-His glasses are bright blue with accents of white

-His smile could melt the heart of a snowman

-He’s 5′9″

-Makes friends with everyone he meets bc he just looks and acts so friendly and sweet

-Fights ppl who are rude to the other 2 w/ Ro so he also has bruises

-Has more bruises than Roman tho bc he’s clumsy and constantly tripping/falling


-His eyes normally look dark brown but if the light hits them correctly you can see little flecks of green, gold, and sometimes blue

-He has dark brown hair that is always neat and tidy and slicked back

-His glasses are basically the same as the ones from the vids, except with dark blue lines on the sides

-He’s 6′1″ (the tallest)

-He enjoys calling Ro “shorty” just to watch him get upset (”IT IS 1 INCH, LOGAN! ONE! INCH!”)

-Wears dark blues and greens and other cool colors along with black

-Most of his shirts are polos

-Owns 60000000 ties bc he always wears one

-His arms are (unintentionally) ripped bc he carries around such huge books (and also Pat and Virge whenever they don’t feel like walking and whine about it enough to convince him)

-Resting Bitch Face™

-Covers the lower half of his face when he smiles so no one actually knows what his smile looks like bc the habit is so ingrained in him

-Constantly has scruff/5 o’clock shadow no matter how often he shaves


-His natural hair is somewhere between brown and red

-He keeps it constantly dyed jet black tho (sometimes he adds a couple purple streaks to his bangs) bc he thinks it makes him look Edgy™

-His eyes are dark brown and deep set and constantly have bags under them bc he never sleeps

-He is the palest person ever 

-He wears black earrings 

-All he wears is band t shirts and black jeans

-And his hoodie ofc

-His lips are chapped and have permanent bite marks on them from how much he bites them

-He keeps his nails super shorts so he cant chew on them

-Always has sweater paws

-The only shoes he ever wears are some super old, beat-up, black Converse high tops with doodles all over them in gold/silver sharpie

-He keeps his bangs longer than the rest of his hair so he can hide his face when necessary 

-Constant death glare

-He wears makeup

-The makeup originally started as just some foundation/concealer to hide his acne but now the minimum is foundation/black eyeliner/mascara/slight contour and highlight

-He is smol (5′5 ½ ″)

-He has dimples

-The others didn’t know he had dimples for months because he wasn’t comfortable enough around them to smile

General Random Headcannons:

-Virgil and Logan both get bullied quite a bit in school but the other two will always defend them

-If anyone else calls Virgil “Virge” besides the other three, they better run. Fast.

-All the others use Virgil as an arm rest

-Virgil and Patton know just the right voice to use when complaining to get Logan annoyed enough to do something

-Roman can’t grow facial hair so whenever Logan complains about having to shave all the time he’ll just glare at him until he stops

-Roman was the one who got Virgil into makeup by constantly making him watch youtube makeup artists

-Patton doesn’t mind being called short, he’s aware of his height and he knows it’s all in good fun

-Virgil, on the other hand, hates being called short. He will kill you

-Logan has been a coffee addict since he was 15

-Logan got Virgil obsessed with coffee

-Roman and Logan argue about whether coffee or tea is better

-During the above mentioned arguments, Patton will randomly interject with comments about hot cocoa

Some of these headcannons are just general headcannons I have about the Sides, not limited to this AU, but I put them here anyway

Anygay, those are my headcannons for a Human Sanders Sides AU. If I ever post a Human AU fic, this is how I’m picturing them when i write it.

If someone with some actual artistic talent could draw these I’d be eternally grateful

Dom! Vernon

I Hope this is at least remotely close to what you wanted lol. Thank you for requesting this tho! xx

  • OH LoRD here we go.. *drinks holy water*
  • LEts just jump right in alright…
  • Okay! when Vernon is dominate he tends to get a bit cocky (pun intended) js
  • He’ll boldly tell you/ask you things
  • “Does that feel good?”  
  • “Look at me.”      yes sir!
  • EyE COnTaCT
  • the shit is intense af cause he almost never breaks eye contact
  • Spanks you, hard
  • He doesn’t mean to do it as hard as he does but, that’s cause he doesn’t really know his own strength…
  • He’ll also find any chance to grab your ass while your doing it
  • teases tf out of you
  • Alright I said this last time but, imagine him eating you out and your about to cum then he slows down
  • like agonizingly slow.. his tongue won’t be going as fast as it was and he won’t be adding as much pressure
  • he’ll slowly and lightly lick your clit, while making eye contact with you…
  • Might even completely stop and start leaving soft kisses in your inner thighs.
  • Also leaving hickies along the way ofc
  • If you moan his name you’ll be giving him what he wants
  • If you beg on top of that- he’ll chuckle at your desperation then, give you what you want
  • Okay lets talk about how he fucks you while he’s in this bold ass dom state
  • Super fast omfg
  • you’ll wonder how someones hips can move that quick?
  • He’ll also cum quickly
  • but it’s all good cause he can go a couple more rounds
  • Poor you tho, you will defiantly be sore in the morning
  • Hickies/love bites and bruises everywhere
  • OKay so even tho he’s being dom, he still won’t mind you riding him
  • He has a reason for this tho.. he wants to watch your tits bounce
  • Also will grab them while you ride him
  • KING of the lip bite, that’s all you’ll see him doing while you’re on top of him (*see gif above^)
  • And did I talk about when you go down on him?
  • Cause uhh..
  • He’ll be grabbing a fist full of your hair and practically face fucking you
  • I’m sorry lmao
  • He’ll be bucking his hips upwards while pushing your head down
  • jfc man is he a cockly lil shit cause he’ll have a smirk on his face after he’d cum
  • ..Falls asleep with his arm tightly around your waist

anonymous asked:

Hello! How about a bit angsty (but only a bit... well, more than a bit, but not that much... nevermind;;) scenario for RFA + V + Saeran in which MC is trying to calm them down (and things like this) through the phone because the building she was in somehow collapsed (is it possible to a building to collapse just... because?) and she's stuck underground? She's only a bit bruised tho, she just has to wait till they get her out!

my dear anon, this is amazing. i would’ve never thought of this, wow! thank you for giving your idea to lil’ ol me\(◕ ◡ ◕\)

hope you like it~❤


  • he heard it on the news, this building collapsed.
  • not just any building, though, mc was in the building
  • so he panics. automatically tries to call mc, but no answer
  • he’s pacing his dressing room and could literally feel his hair falling out
  • and he’s in desperate need of a cig and he needs to know that mc is safe
  • when the phone rings! it’s mc!! he answers fast as lightning
  • “mc! babe! are you okay? i saw the news- did you call the police? are you hurt?”
  • “zen! slow down…first of all, I’m fine. Just a bit bruised up, but know the building collapsed. and i’m stuck underground.”
  • zen is out of there So Fast but he’s still on the phone
  • “babe, I’ll be over there in 10 minutes, just wait for me, okay?” “okay babe..”
  • they stay on the phone but zen puts it on speaker so mc can hear him driving through the streets
  • “be careful driving, hyun” and zen slows down because that’s the ‘you’re  in trouble’ tone
  • when he gets there, he has no idea what to do
  • but at least people are there! he brings one with him to try and find mc 
  • it takes a while but they do! and zen is super super clingy for the rest of the day


  • this starshine bean oh my god
  • he has just dropped mc off and was driving away
  • but he couldn’t even get out of the parking lot before it happened 
  • literally f r e a k s in the car. like he yelled 
  • turns the car around, parks it anywhere, and gets down. 
  • calls the emergency hotline first, then calls mc 
  • they answer! yoosung let out a breath
  • “honey! you’re alright!!” “yeah, I’m okay…that was really scary..”
  • probably wants to start picking at the rubble himself, but its too heavy
  • “i called someone already mc, i’ll get you out soon…are you hurt?”
  • “no, actually…i just have a big bruise” 
  • is So Relieved
  • stays on the phone to both calm his heartbeat and so mc won’t be lonely 
  • yoosung waves at help as soon as it arrives 
  • “there are people stuck in there! my girlfriend is one of them!!”
  • now he wants to put extra layers of protection on mc before they go anywhere
  • but thank god mc stops him, she can’t wear bubble wrap everywhere


  • oh my poor wife 
  • she heard this on the radio in the cafe 
  • and she couldn’t focus on literally anything, it got so bad that she had to close it down
  • can’t help herself and calls mc
  • is so surprised and relieved when mc picks up that she squeals
  • “angel, you’re okay!” angel is a nickname jaehee uses for Special Occasions
  • “yeah, I’m fine. It could have been a lot worse.”
  • “oh my gosh, how are we gonna get you out of there?” jaehee starts to panic
  • mc calms her down, “love. it’s okay, there’s someone else with me and they called the fire station. we’ll be alright”
  • “mc, I’m going there right away.” “jaehee-” “no, I have to see you as soon as you get out of there”
  • and she does. jaehee engulfs mc in a huge hug and kisses all over her face
  • mc is not used to this, but isn’t complaining, she loves it when jaehee is like this
  • “thank god you’re okay..” 
  • they go home and cuddle All Night (/*o*)/*`*`*


  • panic mode: engaged 
  • Mr. Han is literally panicking, someone please calm him down
  • actually called a helicopter and the fire department to find people 
  • mc called him and he answered, his voice wavering. “my love..” he says
  • “jumin…i’m alright, i couldn’t find service until now. I’m so sorry”
  • “you have nothing to apologize for, i’m sorry i can’t get you out of there sooner. are you hurt, my love?” 
  • “no, love. I have a bruise, that’s all”
  • he’s tempted to drive over there himself, it’ll probably be a lot quicker
  • but no one else needs to get hurt today, so he has Driver Kim take him
  • “I’ll be right there, my love. I’ll get you out of there.” “thank you, jumin…and calm down, my honey bunny. I’m fine” he knew she was trying to cheer him up
  • it was working
  • also can you tell that im a huge nickname hoe?
  • as soon as mc gets out of there, jumin gives her the biggest hug
  • he kisses the bruise and honestly does not make her move for the rest of the day 
  • and for good measure, the next day

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • hES A MESS
  • is lowkey blaming himself, but there’s no way he could stop that
  • absolutely hacked into mc’s phone to get to the camera 
  • it looked like she was actually okay
  • and then she called, to which he answered in a split second
  • “saeyoung-” 
  • “i’m working on calling the emergency services right now. i can probably find out where you’re at and have them start there, i’ll get you out, mc. you’ll be okay”
  • “saeyoung.” mc says again, more firm. 
  • he stops and listens
  • “i’m alright. that’s what i wanted to tell you first. and of course, thank you..but i don’t want you to panic, okay? the Defender of Justice doesn’t panic!”
  • her words make him smile and let out a relieved breath 
  • “…you’re underground and you still manage to cheer me up. are you sure you’re not an alien?”
  • he still makes the firefighters start where mc is 
  • they come back to the bunker and he hugs them So Tight
  • both of them have to be cuddled for the rest of the night 

v / jihyun

  • he was actually on the phone with mc when it happened
  • they were having a domestic af conversation. 
  • “what should we have for dinner, my sunshine?” “hmm…i’m thinking of making pasta, would you like that?” “that sounds great!”
  • V hears all the noise and is automatically like “mc?! sweetheart? are you hurt??” 
  • her phone was knocked out of her hand, but she got it back
  • “jihyun- I’m alright. a small bruise…but I think the building collapsed”
  • V whips out his other phone and texts jumin 
  • yes, v has multiple phones
  • jumin recognizes the number as v’s emergency phone and automatically calls help
  • v can’t go over there, but he stays on the phone
  • mc is actually out quicker than he expected
  • thanks jumin
  • and they hug in the doorway for about a full 10 minutes 
  • it’s quiet until mc is like, “so about that pasta..” and v laughs


  • he felt like he almost died when he heard 
  • this wasn’t supposed to happen oh no no no 
  • also feels like it was somehow his fault 
  • he goes over and sees that someone else already called the emergency hotline
  • but he got no call from mc 
  • until he did!
  • “saeran!” he honestly can’t help himself once he hears her voice
  • “mc, why didn’t you call me sooner? I’m worried sick about you, are you okay? are you hurt? i’ll find a way in there if I need to, i swear-”
  • mc isn’t surprised and actually smiles because he’s worried about her 
  • “i’m alright. i lost my phone for a bit, so i couldn’t call until now. don’t find a way in here, they’ll get me out.”
  • saeran suddenly feels a lot calmer “…i’m staying on the phone with you, though”
  • now mc is smiling more 
  • he is The Clingy-est after mc gets out of that building and mc is not complaining one bit

STAN: Hey, I’m back.
KYLE: Hey. How’s your new best friend?
STAN: What?
KYLE: Nothing, just. You and Craig looked like you had a real connection out there.
STAN: Oh, lay off, dude.
STAN: He’s going through a lot right now.

KYLE: What actually happened?
STAN: There’s a lot I still don’t know, but.
STAN: Long story short, a lamp went through a window.
KYLE: Jesus.
KYLE: Where’s your coat?
STAN: Oh, shit.
STAN: I gave it to Craig, I think I forgot to ask for it back.
KYLE: Stan.
KYLE: This is why I told you.
KYLE: Stop giving people your coat!
STAN: I’m sorry! It’s a habit!
KYLE: This is how you lose coats!

STAN: I may lose a coat, but I gain a friend.
KYLE: Obviously.
KYLE: Craig’s gonna be alright, though?
STAN: Yeah, I think he’ll be fine.
STAN: It’s a pretty weird situation, but he can handle it.
STAN: He’s strong enough.
KYLE: I really hope so.


I wanted to doodle some Noyas in casual clothing - so there u go.

My Noya is tiny and slender because everyone (more like Tanaka) seems to have no trouble picking him up therefore he must be very light, don’t you think?