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Me: Much oblil- Job well bacon- Job well- buildin' a building going up! *the word port times 13* Damnit! Not enough... Not by a loOOOOOoOooOOOOng shot, mister!- Duck bacon bacon- *gibberish* OooOOOoOoOO *gibberish* Scout: Hehey, look! The freakin' Heavy shits bricks! Heavy: NNNAA-AA--AAOO!!!! Scout: Dick Bonk! Dick Bonk! Dick Bonk! Heavy: NNNAAAAAAOO!!!! [heavy.exe has stopped working] *shits actual brick* Scout: Ya see that?! {To be continued............}

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Helloo~ Can I have a scenario/imagine with GoM+Hanamiya(if you write for him) using those cup phones (the ones that are just cup and string that you can use in different rooms) Love your blog so far, Keep up the good work!

Thank you lovely, hope you’ll like it, it was rather hard to write this idk lol

Akashi Seijūrō: Akashi was working in his office when the door opened. Your nephew hand sneaked in, placed a red cup on the floor and closed the door, letting pass just the string of the cup. You had left him with Akashi to go grocery shopping so Akashi decided to play along an took the cup, bringing it to his hear
“[Name] told me not to annoy you when you are in here but I need to pee and and … I don’t find the bathroom” it sounded like he was going to cry and Akashi panicked. He dropped the cup and suddenly opened the door, finding your nephew on the floor, glassy eyed with a trembling chin.
“Shit. Don’t cry”
“I need to peeeee”
“Come with me but don’t cry please, and don’t tell [Name] that you cried, okay?”
Aomine Daiki: Aomine could be quite childish and that made him popular with kids. And for kids you meant your little twin brothers too, both adorable but devilish.
You were tiding up the kitchen, after they had decided that a cooking contest was a fabulous thing to do, despite neither of them knowing how to boil an egg, when something hit your back. A red cup was on the floor and from the open door slightly ajar you could see Aomine snickering with your brothers. They had another cup near their mouth, probably thinking they were being as sneaky as ninjas.
“I’m not doing this”
“Come on babe. It’s more fun than you think”
You rolled your eyes and picked up the cup “Yeah, I doubt that” but you brought it to your ear anyway.
Hanamiya Makoto: “This is fucking stupid”
“Hanamiya, if you swear one more time …” your eyes were sharp and unforgiving and Hanamiya groaned when you slapped the red cup in his hands. Suddenly, the voice of a child came muffled from the other “The phone is ringing” the little girl said, dragging the last g in a sing-song tone. Hanamiya sighed heavily and took the plastic cup to his mouth slowly, feeling it as heavy as a brick. He turned to look at you for a second and sneered “This is the last time we babysit your niece together” and then spoke in the cup with a sarcastic tone, feeling so stupid he wanted to slap himself “Who’s there?”
Kise Ryōta: Just like teens and women, kids literally threw themselves at Kise’s feet. Your niece was no exception. And as much as you did not want to admit it, you were jealous. They were leaving you out of their games, but you had also to say that it was endearing, to watch a grown ass man and a little girl play with phone cups from one side to the other of the living room. You took your phone and snapped a picture.
“Oi, [Name]cchi, what did you do?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
“I’m talking about the picture”
“Whaaat?” you asked coyly, but it was already all over your social networks.
Kuroko Tetsuya: “Do you like the purple cups or the green cups?” Kuroko’s sweet tone made you grin. Kuroko had been working at the kindergarten for only a week but all the kids were already trailing after him like obedient puppies.
All the kids and Kuroko were in the middle of a rather entertaining conversation, when a boy suddenly popped up “We should phone, [Name]-sensei too” you raised your eyes from the paper work you were doing just in time to catch the purple cup before it hit your face.
One of the kids was making a ringing sound, all of them plus Kuroko were looking at you. You rolled your eyes with a grin and brought the cup to your ear “Hello?”
Midorima Shintarō: Midorima liked to think of himself as a patient man, however your nephew was trying to do anything to prove him wrong. And the worst thing was, you had been teaming up with him for the whole afternoon. He sighed “Do I really have to talk to him through this?”
“Yes” Midorima flashed you a nasty look “Look, It’s not my fault, he doesn’t listen to anyone unless we talk to him through the cups”
Midorima sighed but complied anyway, and you decided to take a picture just to annoy him more. He looked so constipated afterwards that you cancelled the picture out of pity.
Murasakibara Atsushi: You had never thought that Murasakibara could be overly dramatic, however you were wrong. “How are you feeling?” talking into that plastic cup felt so childish you almost giggled but then remember that Atsushi could hear you and bit your lip.
“I feel like dying” you rolled your eyes “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s just a cold” you got up, sticking your head into the room “These cups are ridiculous too, y’know?”
Murasakibara back was to the wall near the door, cup balanced on his knees. He passed a hand on his eyes “I don’t want to infect you”
“Whatever, do you want soup?”

Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures, Pt. 12

((AKA The Lady Sif asks Maria Hill on a date.  The first parts of this can be found on AO3, or here on my tumblr.  Sorry it’s taking so long to finish, but I’m getting close, I promise!  Slight warnings here for severe beatdowns on the bad things that are coming for them.  Nothing bloody or overly graphic, but bad things are happening.))

“SHIELD has an insurance policy for these sorts of situations,” Maria said, doing her best to hold onto her temper. Considering her life experience and her current job description, it was harder than it should’ve been. Of course, she was juggling a confused and traumatized mob of civilians, around three dozen biological specimens that violated almost as many laws, two squads of SHIELD strike teams and three more sweeper teams. She also had no idea where her date had gone.

Considering all of that, she wasn’t sure how her most pressing concern was horticultural.

She took a deep breath, letting her fingers tighten on the SHIELD tablet in her hand, like it was a security blanket. Or a potential bludgeon. “We can cut it-”

“You can’t,” Callie said, her hands spread wide, standing between them and the building. “You CAN’T. You can’t kill it!”

“We can’t LEAVE it!” The bartender had been splitting her attention between them and her phone, where the club’s owner was apparently having a drunken meltdown. Even from here, Maria could hear her yelling. “Have you seen our goddamned building?”

She stabbed a finger at the club, and everyone looked.

The whole building was covered in heavy vines, the stems as thick around as Maria’s wrist, and studded with nasty looking thorns. Here and there, thick, glossy green leaves and thin tendrils flicked against the heavy brick facade. All in all, it looked like something out of a gardener’s nightmare.

“We can transplant-” Maria started.

“We can kill it with fire,” Angela said, and Callie let out a howl. The bartender flinched when her phone made a very similar sort of sound.

Maria shut her eyes, and gritted her teeth.

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Lights Out

Summary: All Dan Howell wants is to be like everyone else. He wants to have friends, and go to parties, and get wasted, and just.. be a normal teenager. But something has been holding him back for the past 17 years. Dan has powers, unbelievable abilities that question modern science and go against every law of the universe. A stupid accident leaves him expelled from his high school, the only shred of normalcy he’s had in his life, and he’s now forced to attend Evendale Academy, a private boarding school secretly for people like him, or face some serious consequences. He’s not happy about being there at all; it just reminds him how un-normal he really is.

Warnings: none

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