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ID #62314

Name: Mavis
Age: 20
Country: Singapore

I’m a Chinese girl living in Singapore, a small country in Southeast Asia. I speak bad English and even worse Chinese BUT I TRY.

I enjoy meeting new people from all around the world and learning about new cultures, which is why I’m giving this a shot! I am slightly closed off when you first meet me, but I warm up quickly I promise HAHA. I’ve been told that I’m sarcastic and cynical but I can be polite too if you aren’t into that.

My hobbies include: DIY stuff, mainly crocheting, knitting, a little bit of sewing and making friendship bracelets (I can send you some if you put up with my bullshit long enough lmao <3).

I am open to all sorts of conversations but take note that I am slightly ignorant because I honestly don’t educate myself much on things outside the education system (this sounds really bad pls talk to me) but I hope you’ll be patient enough to educate me!

Preferences: Preferably between ages 15 and 25. Any gender, any country.

ooc// Mars got a slight design update! Their page has also been redone a little. I still have a few more updates to make, such as relationships and story, but otherwise I should start to be a little more active and quick to respond.