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January 4th, 2017 vs January 4th, 2016

It’s been exactly one year since I drew the bottom picture to celebrate Jack reaching 8 million subscribers, so I wanted to redraw it today. What a coincidence that Jack happened to hit 14 million today! Jack, you were a huge, huge inspiration to me and my art throughout 2016 and without you I probably wouldn’t have improved nearly as much, and I thank you so much for it. I really hope that someday I meet you so I can thank you in person! Congrats on 14 mil, dude. You deserve all the love that you get!

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Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer

He’s so fucked out but he still wants more. His voice is gone from yelling, screaming, begging and so he rolls onto his stomach on the ruined sheets. He arches his ass up into the air and reaches back with one hand to pull his cheeks apart and show his puffy, pink, used hole.

And he waits. He hears the water in the bathroom shut off and the door swing open across the carpet. He hears one footstep and a deep inhale of breath followed by the thud of a wet towel hitting the floor. He smiles into the sticky sheets and arches his back even deeper.

He feels a hand on each of his ankles and his legs are spread. His knuckles go white as he tries to keep his hole exposed to the greedy eyes he can feel on his naked skin.

Suddenly, a deep, satisfied voice in his ear and the heat of a heavy body pressed into his back. “You’re insatiable, Dean. I fuckin love it.”


Angel Killua doodles

The Man with the Newspaper


I noticed something, guys. I’m not 100% sure, but this dude holding the newspaper with the article about the man in two places at once— I think we’ve seen him before.

The top picture is of our subway man, the bottom picture is of Lord Moran, the man that disappeared on the subway in “The Empty Hearse”. One of the only times we see Lord Moran is in the shot when he is about to board the subway, so it doesn’t seem coincidental that in his cameo, he’s about to board public transportation again.

I wanted to find more pictures for you all, but weirdly enough, the actor that plays this man is not listed on IMDb. 

Suspicious. But that’s not all. In the episode the Empty Hearse, Lord Moran was described as “the big rat”, an indicator of crisis. This is a reference to the original Holmes story “The Giant Rat of Sumatra”.

Death waits for all of us in Sumarra, but we learn in this episode that Sherlock supposedly rewrote this story as a child, changing it to Sumatra instead.

Lord Moran could potentially also be Sebastian Moran: who ACD calls “the second most dangerous man in London” - the most dangerous being Professor Moriarty, Moran’s employer. Sebastian Moran first makes his appearance in the Empty House, and Lord Moran makes his in the Empty Hearse. He is not mentioned again after his arrest in the Empty Hearse, and never in conjunction with Moriarty, but he is likely meant to be the same man.

What does this mean? Is Moran an omen of the death Sherlock thought he escaped? Is he linked to the reappearance of Moriarty? Or is this a hint that this scene is one of Sherlock’s recurring dreams? Send me your thoughts!