that blue shirt unf


I’m just so in love with the Greaser!AU at the moment that it’s just got me so hyped and I love it because greaser!Steve and greaser!Avengers.

Steve with his slicked back blond hair, those mischievous blue eyes, wearing tight white shirts that make you go ‘unf’ and those black jeans that cling to his legs like a second skin, the bottom of the jeans rolled up with black high tops on his feet. AND we can’t forgot his leather jacket because that, my friends, would be a crime.

And then Nerd!Tony would have stylish messy hair and would wear those adorable glasses that enhance his doe eyes! He would stick to wearing hoodies that are slightly too big for him and cardigans but he would wear these tight jeans with sneakers. He would also wear band shirts because of one of his all time favourite bands, AC/DC and fandom shirts like Star Wars and Star Trek. He’s just SO SMOL IT HURTS.

Steve and Tony just attract to each other like magnets even though Tony is reluctant at first to interact with Steve and Steve is the one in pursuit. Steve does ridiculously romantic things like leave roses in his locker, write him notes and slip them into his bag or the pocket of his cardigans. He especially likes to call Tony endearments because he lives to see that flush spread on the brunet’s cheek. 

Tony makes it a note to avoid him at all costs but the other greasers aren’t helping! For example, Bucky might distract him until Steve is standing right there, Peggy will offer to buy him a drink and since he’s friends with Peggy, he goes along only to find that HE’S THERE. But in the end, Tony is wore down because he begins to see Steve not as this macho and cool guy but as this dork that really understands him, blushes whenever Tony kisses his cheek and will do anything to protect him.

In the end, Tony really, really likes Steve and Steve has really, really liked him all along.

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