that blue eyed blonde

Also super happy that Yuri on ice is making the American representative skater a person of hispanic descendent instead of the generic “American” that everyone thinks of- blonde hair, blue eyed and really loud lol

Leo de la Iglesia 

Voiced by: Shunichi Toki

A 19-year-old figure skater from USA, Leo is a Mexican-American who creates his own choreography, so his programs are full of originality that entertains the audience and enjoys giving his all in competitions. He is energetic and is considerate of his friends and enjoys frequenting SNS.

why do Mercy fans act so goddamn persecuted

Mercy ships make up literally ¾ of f/f works on AO3, and every OW femslash tag on tumblr is flooded with Mercy content

but as soon as woc criticize the disproportionate amount of attention Mercy gets, Mercy fans dogpile on them with accusations of misogyny, homophobia, even racism (which is a fucking joke, given the fact that Mercy is a blonde haired, blue eyed, angel themed white hero. like give me a break)

Mercy is the most popular female hero in this game. and it has everything to do with white fans being completely unable to relate to woc – both fictional and real.

why else would the vast majority of fandom content fixate on one single white hero in this ensemble cast of characters if not because the other characters are considered unrelatable.

Mercy has become every white fan’s self insert, and they use her to project their racist fantasies onto the woc she’s shipped with. hence the disgusting amount of servant, slave, and colonialist AUs the Pharmercy fandom is rife with.

Mercy doesn’t need protecting. and the fact that so many white Mercy fans feel the need to protect her from the big mean woc is pretty damn telling.