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6 and 25 with Buck

6. “Move away from the door and let me at him.” +
25. “Put me down!”- Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes had a very special talent of being able to drive you up the wall without saying a single word. His mere presence was enough to annoy you, and he knew it. However, one or two of your friends continuously hinted that what you were feeling wasn’t exactly annoyance.

“You do!” Wanda exclaimed, eating a large spoon of chocolate ice cream, “You so like him, you just won’t admit it!”

“I do not like that egotistic, careless, brutish, arrogant…” You ranted, kicking your legs up in the air as you lay upside down on your bed.

“Okay, okay, we get the point!” Natasha interrupted, chuckling quietly to herself as she filed her nails.

“I can’t believe you are trying to deny this, I can literally read your mind.” Wanda smirked, laughing as you threw a pillow at her head.


“Shutup Wilson, I do not like her, she’s insufferable!” Bucky grunted, taking a swig of his beer as he flipped his friend off.

“Oh come on man, you seek her out like a damn moth to a flame!” Sam chuckled, pointing the neck of his beer in Bucky’s direction

“He’s right Buck, it’s the age old awful stereotype of a little boy pulling a little girls pigtails because he likes her.” Steve smirked, bumping his fist with Sam as they both laughed at their clueless friend.

“That’s bullshit and you know it!” Bucky exclaimed, scowling as his friends continued to laugh at him. “Fine! What’ve I gotta do to get you jerks off my back?” He asked, folding his arms across his chest.

“Ooooh, this could be interesting…” Sam grinned, looking over at his blond friend, “So many opportunities!”

“It has to be something she’d hate, something that would make her so annoyed that she’d get that look like she was about to explode…” Steve hummed, dropping his head back against the sofa.

“I know!” Sam clicked his fingers, jumping up from his seat, “Drop her in the pool!”

“Seriously, that’s it?” Bucky scoffed, placing his bottle down on the coffee table.

“Ooh, no that’s good!” Steve murmured, “She hates water, comes with the pyromancer territory.”

“Okay, fine!” Bucky huffed, getting up and storming out of the room, Steve and Sam following behind him like excitable children.


“And then, it blew up in his face!” Wanda laughed, causing you and Natasha to burst out laughing as well.

“Stark’s such an idiot.” You chuckled fondly, flicking through your instagram feed on your phone. 

Just as Natasha began regaling the two of you with stories of failed missions, the door slammed open and the last person in the world you wanted to see came striding in.

“Barnes, what the fu-” You exclaimed, not being able to finish your sentence before you were scooped up in his arms and thrown over his shoulder.

“Put me down!” You shouted, hitting your fists against his back as he carried you through the corridors, “What the hell do you think your doing?”

As the two of you walked through a set of double doors, you still struggling in his grip, it suddenly became very clear where he was taking you. Going still for a moment, you dropped your voice an octave before growling.

“James Buchanan Barnes, I swear to god if you drop me in the pool, you will rue the day you were ever born!”

Without another word, you were unceremoniously dropped in the cold water, spluttering and shivering your broke the surface to see the faces of 4 of your team mates looking utterly shocked, and the 5th looking way to smug.

“What the fuck Barnes?” Wanda exclaimed, turning to glare at the super soldier. Moving silently through the water, you pulled yourself out, barely controlling your anger.

“I can’t believe he actually did it…” Sam murmured to Steve, both boys looking ridiculously guilty.

“You better run Barnes.” Natasha said ominously, raising an eyebrow at the brunette as he started looking more nervous, inching towards the double doors before making a run for it.

In a matter of seconds, the doors slammed shut and Steve and Sam moved into place in front of them, blocking your path. Finally losing your cool, you charged at the two men, snarling as Steve wrapped an arm around your middle to stop your way.

“Move away from the door and let me at him.” You growled, tears rolling down your cheeks.

“Y/N… this is all just a big misunderstanding…” Steve murmured placatingly brows furrowing as you continued to struggle. 

“This isn’t a misunderstanding Steve, everyone here knows how much I hate water, he’s just a huge jackass!” You snarled, losing a bit of your edge as a sob broke past your lips.

“Y/N I-” Sam, trailing off as the two finally let you go.

You weren’t going to confront Barnes now, no, you were going to cry in your room. About your fear of water, and how this guy you had slowly fallen for turned out to be exactly who you thought he was all along.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature
Summary: Reader is bored and wants to cure it by distracting her boyfriend.
Word Count: 1.4k
Genre: Mild smut
Warnings: long steamy make out session and it also involves some slight dry humping.

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

Stepping inside the shared living room of the building, determined to cure your boredom, you spotted your boyfriend sitting on a couch and reading some reports of the last assignment.

Glenn Miller’s soft music - Steve’s favorite - filled the room and relaxed the ambient air while the rest of the Avengers was minding their own business outside the facility and- therefore had left you both. All alone with Steve Rogers.

Walking over the super soldier, you sneaked behind the couch, landing your hands on his shoulders and you massaged the tightness of his muscles, earning some satisfying groans.

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A Bucky Barnes One Shot

Character Pairing: AU Biker!Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,143

Warnings: Kissing, a heated moment, a bit of angst (blink and you miss it), and so much fluff. Motorcycles and Bucky Barnes… 

A/N: This is my submission for @theassetseyeliner ‘s Erin’s AU Writing Challenge! I’m so glad I chose this one! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

Prompt: #50: Biker Gang/Punk Gang 


There it was again.

The same sound that kept you up every night.

You loved to keep your windows open in the fall, letting the crisp air waft in while you slept.

But your new next door neighbor was ruining it for you.

Throwing the blankets off your body, you swung your legs over the side of the bed with a huff. Going over to the window, you moved the curtain out of the way to look down at the offending noise.

Across the short lawn that separated your house from his, you saw that he and his friends were in the garage having some sort of get together. There was loud, boisterous laughter and classic rock was blaring.

And he was revving that damn motorcycle.

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Worthy To Me

(Reader x Thor Odinson)

Word Count: 1397

Summary: The reader finds out she can lift Thor’s hammer. 

Warnings: none

A/N: Happy Ragnarok day pals! I hope you enjoy this. Let me know if you’ve seen the new Thor movie and if you like it! 

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Rotten Judgement - part 2

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,630

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Demonic creatures, Mythology , Attempt Assault 

A/N: Seriously guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback. I hope I tagged everyone, sorry if I didn’t :/ (As usual some quotes from the movie)

“I know who you work for,” Brock Rumlow, notorious human trash bag, hissed as he pinned you with the weight of his body against a brick wall.

He put his big, calloused hand around your throat and tightened his grip until you were gasping for air. You tried to pull yourself free, but your hands were trapped behind your back. He was breathing so close to your face that you could feel his clammy breath on your skin.

In hindsight, you should have known that Rumlow wasn’t going to be easy an easy target. He was a murderer and a thief, he probably didn’t even have a heart. Your targets were usually old people or horny men, this was a first and you couldn’t understand why Bucky needed his heart. It was most likely all black and corrupted.

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Music Man

Bucky x Reader

Surprise, surprise! You open your big mouth to Tony Stark, and it gets around about your crush on a certain metal armed soldier. What happens when he finds out about it, and what will he do to get your attention?


Word Count: ~2200

A/N: Holy shit a writing?! YES. For @avengerofyourheart ‘s birthday! Happy birthday love, I’m sorry it’s late but I hope you love it nonetheless!!

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   You sat in the kitchen, idly spinning your spoon with your finger in your coffee cup; your eyes focused on something else besides your breakfast in front of you. It was while he wasn’t looking (as always), but you just simply couldn’t help yourself.

   Bucky Barnes, in general, was a gorgeous man. Taunt muscle just teasing outlines underneath a tight t-shirt, a new black vibranium arm that had your mind wandering on how he would know how to use the damn thing; his hair pulled back in a bun to keep it off his neck from his run with Steve. Those eyes? Ugh, the blue killed you every time, making you weak in the knees. Of course, as soon as the man turned around from what he was doing, you’d quickly look down at your food like it was the most interesting thing in the world; only praying he hadn’t caught you ogling his assets.

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Jim opened the door to his home and frowned when he saw Tony standing there, patting Peter’s back and looking very worried. He had Peter’s diaper bag, which wasn’t unusual in itself. He did have a suitcase though. That was unusual, but not concerning. Jim leaned against the doorway and raised an eyebrow.

“Hi, Rhodey!” Tony said, smile tremulous. “Thought we’d come for a visit!”

“Hi,” Jim replied, then reached out to ruffle Peter’s hair. “Hey, Pookie.”

Peter gave him a shy, gummy smile and shoved a handful of teddy grahams into his mouth.

Jim got the safety gates put up and coffee on, and Tony got Peter situated in his playpen. They were on their second cups of coffee before Tony spoke again.

“I’m leaving him,” he said softly.

Jim sat his cup down heavily. “You just finalized your adoption.”

Tony stared down into his coffee. “I—I came to realize that Ty only went through with it because he thought Peter would anchor me to him. He hasn’t—ever since we adopted him, Ty hadn’t been involved with Peter. I won’t have him be Peter’s Howard. And I won’t be Peter’s Maria, staying with him and hoping things will work out. It’s—it’s better to have one good parent than half a good one.”

Jim stared at him for a long time before he reached out and put his hand on top of Tony’s. “Hey, man. You know I’ll support you. I never liked Ty anyway.”

“I know,” Tony said, tears in his eyes. “I know. I should have listened to you.”

Jim gave his hand a squeeze. “But then you wouldn’t have gotten this cute booger—who is now escaping his playpen.”

“Peter!” Tony gasped, flying over to him before he could flip over the edge of the playpen onto his head.

“Hey,” Jim said gently, grabbing Tony’s elbow and drawing him away from the window he was staring blankly out of. “Hey. It’ll be okay.”

“He froze all my assets,” Tony replied, voice shaking. “My assets. That I brought into the marriage. And are protected by my pre-nup.”

“Pepper’s working on it,” Jim reminded him. “It’ll work out. Stone’s afraid of her.”

Tony managed the tiniest of smiles. “Everyone’s afraid of her.”

“That’s ‘cause she’ll stab you in the eye with a stiletto,” Jim answered immediately.

“Yeah,” Tony agreed, before his smile fell again. “What did I do wrong?”

“Sometimes you don’t do anything wrong and it still doesn’t work out, Tony,” Jim said quietly, giving his shoulder a squeeze. “C’mon, man. Let’s go on a walk.”

“Walk!” Peter repeated excitedly, holding his arms out to be picked up.

Tiberius was a jerk and hired a lawyer that threw his weight around more than Pepper could handle. Pepper hired a lawyer that was slowly but surely putting a case together that would free Tony of Stone forever. Still, Tony’s assets were frozen, and while he still had his penthouse apartment, Ty was there too.

“Listen,” Jim said as Tony sat nursing a cup of tea that Bruce had said would help after an anxiety attack. He reached out to put his hand on top of Tony’s and ignored the way it trembled made him want to find and murder Tiberius. “Listen. I’m being deployed.”

“Oh,” Tony said, trying to put on a brave face and missing by a mile. “Oh, I see.”

“You don’t have to go,” Jim added hurriedly. “Listen, I said.”

Tony swallowed thickly. “Okay.”

“I usually give the guys across the street a couple hundred bucks to keep an eye on my house, water my plants, mow my lawn when I’m gone on trips.” Jim gave his hand a squeeze. “Just stay here while I’m gone. I’ll pay you to house-sit for me.”

Tony stared at their entwined hands before whispering, “You’ve already done so much for me, Rhodey. I couldn’t—I couldn’t do that, I owe you so much.”

Jim took a deep breath, let it back out through his nose slowly. “I’m not doing it for you,” he said finally. “I’m doing it for Peter. He needs someplace safe to stay. I live in a gated community. I’ll just take that couple hundred and give it to you for groceries and stuff.”

Tony ran a hand through his hair, torn. “Rhodey—”

Listen,” Jim repeated sternly. “You’re like a brother to me, Tones. You know I take care of my family. Hell, when Jeanette died—” He swallowed down the anger and hurt he still felt at her passing. “—You were there for me and my parents and Lila. Of course we’re gonna be here for you too. Let me take care of you for a while, you dummy.”

Tony sniffled and lifted his free hand to wipe his eyes. “Why did my life have to get so fucked up, Rhodey?”

Jim stood up so he could pull him into a hug. “I’m just sorry I didn’t stop you from marrying that asshole.” He winced as Tony sobbed into his shoulder, lifting a hand to stroke his hair. “Hey, man, it’s okay. You got Peter out of it, didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what I’d do without him,” Tony admitted tearfully. “It still sucks. I didn’t do anything to deserve this.”

“Yeah,” Jim sighed, giving him a tight squeeze. “Yeah, I know.”

Steve opened the door and blinked in surprise. “Colonel Rhodes!”

“Jim,” Jim said tiredly. “Steve, please, for the love of God, we’ve lived next to each other for three years. We’re not even the same branches.”

“…I fear you,” Steve said after a moment.

Jim thought about that, then nodded to himself, instead choosing to loom over the blond (which worked even though Steve was six foot one and built like a tank. White people.). “Good.”

Steve’s eyes went wide as he took a step back.

“I’m being deployed.”

“Oh,” Steve said. “You want us to keep an eye on your house.”

“No,” Jim said, and then tilted his head. “Well, yes. My friend’s house-sitting for me, but if you guys could keep an eye on him, make sure there’s not any shady characters around, that’d be great. He’s going through a divorce and his ex is fucking insane.”

Steve frowned, concerned, but he nodded. “Yeah, okay.”

Jim pulled out his phone to show him the lock screen, which was an adorable picture of Tony and Peter beaming at the camera with yogurt on their faces. “If you see anyone but this guy holding this baby, I want you to call the police. And if some of their bones get broken while you wait for the cops that’s okay too.”

“A baby,” Steve whispered, appalled that this was something they needed to be warned about. “You’ve got it, Colonel.”

Jim nodded, pleased, then frowned. “Oh wait. Okay there are two terrifying redheads that get to hold Peter too. But you’ll know them because they will look at you and you will feel your manhood wither and die.”

“I have a friend like that so I understand,” Steve told him seriously.

“…That explains so much about you, Steve,” Jim said, reluctantly amused.

“I’ll be gone for a year,” Jim said.

Tony nodded, bouncing Peter lightly in his arms. “Okay.”

“I’ll Skype as often as I’m able.”


Jim paused in front of the car that would be taking him to the airport, giving his friend and godson one last, fond look. “I told the neighbors to be on the lookout for any creepers. If they see anyone suspicious, they’re gonna call my landline to warn you before they call the police.”

Tony’s breath hitched. “You really thought of everything, didn’t you?”

“When Stone dies, I’m going to piss on his grave,” Jim informed him, then leaned in to press kisses to Peter’s cheeks. “Mwah mwah mwah mwah!”

“Nooo Unca Rhodeeeeyyyyy!” Peter squealed, laughing. “No kissies, Unca Rhodey!”

“Aw, sugar pea,” Jim cooed. “But I’m leaving for a whole year! I gotta get my kisses in now!”

“Boo,” Peter said, scowling.

Tony snorted. “Aw, honey, he’s leaving for a really long time. Give him a kiss goodbye.”

Jim beamed as Peter grabbed his cheeks in his chubby little hands and leaned in to press a delicate kiss to his left eyebrow. “Thanks, honey lamb.”

“I missed,” Peter said, pressing another kiss to Jim’s forehead. Then he leaned back and waved, nearly slapping him in the face. “Buh-bye, Unca Rhodey!”

“You need to send me so many pictures,” Jim told Tony seriously.

Tony laughed. “Of course!”

“Lotsa pichers!” Peter agreed.

Jim smiled and tweaked one of his cheeks. “Thanks, honey.” He looked up at Tony, tilting his head across the street. “The guys across the street are army. They’re paranoid around the fourth but otherwise good guys. I’ve got them looking out for you.”

Tony squinted at him thoughtfully. “One of them is the guy that’s super terrified of you, right?”

“Of course he’s terrified of me,” Jim scoffed. “Which means he’ll keep an extra careful eye on you because I asked.”

Why is he terrified of you?”

“Probably because I’m a colonel. Anyway I’ve gotta head out. Bye, Peter Rabbit,” Jim cooed, pressing one last kiss to his head, then reached out to grip Tony’s shoulder. “Take care of yourself. Call Pepper if you run into trouble.”

Tony nodded. “Okay. Take care, Rhodey. Come back in one piece.”

“Always,” Jim said, before he ducked into the car.

Tony walked out into the street so Peter could continue to wave, shouting ‘buh-bye Unca Rhodey!’ over and over. He glanced over at the house across the street. A blond man turned from watching Jim’s cab and paused on him, lifting his hand in an awkward wave.

Tony waved back shyly before adjusting his grip on his son. “Come on, Peter Pepper. Time to get lunch.”

“Macaroni!” Peter cheered, throwing his arms up.

Tony pressed his nose to Peter’s hair, taking a shaky breath. Ty was the biggest asshole in the world, but at least he had Peter.


Summary: You’re just ‘one of the guys’ aka: “not considered an option by the guys”. And it hurts. Especially when it comes to your friend and crush Steve Rogers.

Or, Where a drunk Steve tries to break into your room at an ungodly time of night.

Author’s note: I know this has been long overdue😭,

also thank you so so so much for all the support and feedback you guys have been giving me on my imagines, it means a lot.❤❤❤As always feedback is much appreciated!

Warnings: insecurities, language, Steve being a hot ass mess

Steve rogers is a ladies man.

Well kind of a ladies man…The ladies came to him, he didn’t come to the ladies.

Two years ago you helped put the Avengers team back together and then joined it.

Three months after joining the team you realized you had a crush on Steve Rogers.

Nine months later you were in love with him.

A year ago Steve dated Sharon Carter for four months. And has been a ladies man  ever since.

“Damn he’s making a second round already?” Sam mutters under his breath. Bucky muffles a snort. You’re sitting at the kitchen countertop on a tall stool with Bucky and Sam on either side of you. The three of you are currently watching Candice “just call me Candy” Martin run her glossy pink nails up and down Steve’s arm. Steve’s blushing, but he doesn’t stop her. That’s the thing about Steve. He never makes the first move. The girls come on to him and he just blushes in that adorable Steve Rogers way of his and allows it to happen. Then he asks them out and of course they accept- he’s Captain America. You never knew women to be so forward until you had met Steve. They competed with each other for his attention and seemed to relish it.

First there was Candice Martin, the pretty pale and freckled redheaded agent.

Then Freja Hosk, the tall intimidatingly beautiful, Swedish ice blond medic.

Then Paisley Fisk, the gorgeous SHEILD scientist, blessed with flawless dark skin, deep dimples, plush full lips, and waist length braids.

After her there was Biyu Zhou the stunning Chinese agent, graced with an amazing body and a pretty face that always seemed to be flirting with you.

And these were the ones that Steve went on multiple dates with. There was no counting the amount of women he’d only gone out with one time. He’d seemed to have gone through the whole building.

Now it seemed to be back to Candice. You watch Candice give Steve’s arm a lingering squeeze before leaving the kitchen. Your heart twists and you look down at your cereal. You hate feeling this way. Especially for someone who would never feel the same way about you. You and Steve are close friends; you could even call him your best friend, after Sam. But to him you’re just one of the guys.

‘One of the guys’ ….you hate that expression. Because it’s always described you.

You’re not even lucky enough to be one of those cool ‘one of the guys’ girls, the ones that understand men and eventually have one of their guy friends falling for them. No. You’re just one of the guys because guys don’t even consider you a sexual option.

Steve calls you ‘buddy’ for pete’s sake.

Steve wanders over to the kitchen counter and pulls up a stool next to Bucky.

“Let me guess, hot date this Friday?” Sam asks.

“Yeah” Steve answers, stealing a blueberry from Bucky’s plate. Bucky halfheartedly swats Steve’s hand away.

“Man even I wasn’t getting this much action in my heyday,” Bucky chuckles. He reaches out and thumps Steve on the back. “Who woudda thought that Stevie turned out to be the biggest lady killer of ‘em all”

Steve shakes his head, and swipes Bucky’s coffee mug, draining it in one gulp. Amid Bucky’s protests Tony walks into the kitchen. His hair is sticking in all different directions and he has that crazy ‘I haven’t slept in 24 hours’ look in his eye. For about a week him and Banner have been hole-ing themselves in the lab with a few choice SHEILD scientists working on some secret ‘important project’.

“Rough night Tony?” Sam asks.

“Yeah,” Tony walks over to the other counter and pours himself a cup of coffee. “And not the good type of rough either.”

“But, even genius comes out of my roadblocks.” Tony sighs holding his mug in his hands and inhaling the coffee’s aroma .

“So you finally finished the project?” you ask.

“Nope.” Tony answers “But while I was trying to work on the project I got to thinking about Cap’s problem…well one of his many problems.” Tony chuckles to himself at his, and pulls something out of his pocket and tosses it at Steve. “And of course being the humanitarian I am, I solved it.”

“What’s this?” Steve turns what looks like a silver flask over in his hands.

“Next time you want to relax, try cracking this open with ice princess over here on a Saturday night. If it works properly you two finally won’t be the only sober ones on our poker nights.”

“Uh, thanks Tony,” Steve says hesitantly, tucking the flask away, but you know he’s happy. Steve’s confided in you many times that he wishes he just could let go, just not think about the fate of the world or what everyone wants him to be for once. He smiles at Tony and Tony flashes a smile back.

“No problem.” He downs the rest of his coffee and pops a piece of chewing gum. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m supposed to get brunch with Ms. Paisley Fisk,” Tony’s grin stretches from ear to ear.

“Never seen you so excited about brunch Tony,” You observe, taking a bite of your cereal.

“Brunch? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about brunch. Now Paisley Fisk on the other hand…?” He gives a low whistle “I mean have you seen her?….And have you seen those knocke-”

You roll your eyes “Alright Tony, we get that you’re a dog. Move along” You interrupt him. Tony smirks and heads out the door.

“Did he just lick his lips?” You ask, but Sam’s too busy collecting the dirty dishes and Steve and Bucky are hunched together, probably discussing the flask, so you don’t get an answer. You sigh and head out, deciding to get some paperwork and training in so you don’t just lounge around all day. As you head down the hallway, a thought strikes you. Not once has Tony Stark, the famous playboy who would flirt with anything female with a pulse, flirted with you. Not one sly remark, cheesy pickup line or cheeky comment.

Damn I really must be ugly’ you think to yourself.  Heavy footsteps jogging behind you interrupt your thoughts.

“Hey,” Steve says catching up to you, giving you that dazzling smile of his.

“Hey” you respond, smiling back.

“We still on for movie night?” he asks

“Of course, I have three picked for you today,”

“Are the going to be as bad as the last ones?” Steve rolls his eyes.

You gasp in mock horror. “Steve Rogers. My movie choices aren’t bad.”

Steve pretends to think “Okay maybe one of them wasn’t bad.” You guys reach the training room. You push open the glass doors and enter.

“Was it the one that made you cry?”

Steve wraps his arms around your waist, effortlessly pulling you off the ground. He starts to muss up your hair. “Take that back! I just had something in my eye.”

“No! I’m telling the truth!” you screech, laughing. Steve starts to tickle you and you squirm. “Stop! Put me down!”

“Oh okay,” he says and makes as if to drop you, making you screech and cling to him. Your stomach hurts from laughing.

“Steve?” A high pitched voice cuts through your happy haze. It’s Candice “Could you spar with me a bit?” Steve puts you down, and you prepare to mask your expression, to smile and say you’ll catch him later, but when you look up he’s already walked away.

That Friday night starts out as usual. You hole yourself up in your room so you don’t have to see Steve getting ready to pick up Candice for their date. But today you don’t even have Sam to keep you from slipping into sadness because he’s out with his girl tonight too.

So you sit and stew .

Listen to sad music and cry.

Watch a sad movie that make your heart hurt.

Eat pizza and ice-cream and stew.

Look at pictures of Steve on your phone.

Zoom in on his biceps and cry.

And then you start thinking about how Candice is probably running her fingers through Steve’s hair, pulling him closer and kissing him. He’s probably wrapping his arms around her waist, and then you start thinking about how he’ll never touch you like that- he’ll never want to touch you like that. How nobody ever does- and then you decide it’s time to put yourself to bed.

 But you just lay in the dark staring up at the ceiling, thinking about all the beautiful women he’s dated and start comparing yourself.  You wish you could be pretty like them. Take their beauty and wear it like a mask- after all how else would  anyone ever notice you? You wish for once someone would see you, actually see the whole you and want you.

Just as your eyes are about to start watering your door shakes. It sounds like someone’s trying to break in. Reacting quickly, you grab your pistol from your dresser and approach the door. The door handle continues to jiggle.

Your mind boggles at who it could be, after all, what intruder would be this loud? And the compound is practically impenetrable, how would they have not set off any alarms? Still, your heart rate rises as you look through the peephole. When you spy a familiar head of blonde hair you huff and put away your pistol and open the door.

“Steve? Wha-“ Steve barrels past you, flicking on the lights and kicking off his shoes. He sways slightly, and turns towards you. You catch the strong scent of something then, like alcohol, but slightly off. He says your name, surprised.

“Wha-wha are ya doing in my room?” He says

“Steve this isn’t-“ you start, but Steve walks up to you and puts a finger to your lips.

“Shh- iss okay, ya can stay” he slurs slightly, and sits on your bed.

“Steve are you drunk?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest.

Steve giggles “Ya, To-nyyy’s stuff actually worked” he sing-songs Tony’s name. “I feel great” He says laying back.

You hold back a smile, and then a terrible thought crosses your mind. “Steve, where’s Bucky?”

“Oh don’t worry, old Buck’s in his room. Out lika light” Steve snorts “Lightweight.”

You shake your head, wondering what you’re going to do with him, when the sound of movement on the bed makes you look up. Steve’s already stripped off his shirt and is working on his pants. You want to say something- you should stay something, but you’re too distracted by the flexing of his abdominals as he peels off his jeans.

“Steve” You hiss, you don’t think you can say much else. Not when every muscle in his body is standing out in sharp relief.

Steve looks up and smiles widely at you, patting the place next to him. Steve really must be gone. Normally he would be three shades of red if you even mentioned seeing him shirtless. You hesitate for a moment before crawling next to him.  He wraps a well muscled arm around you and pulls you close. It feels so nice you don’t even mind the stink of alcohol on his breath

“So” you scramble for something to say. “How was your date?”


“Oh really?” you ask. You decide to try to fish details out of him. “Candice is very beautiful”

“Yeah not really my type.” Steve snorts.

“Oh?” your fingers decide to do their own thing and start tracing the ridges in his forearm. “What’s you type then?”

Steve’s silent for such a long time you start to think he’s fallen asleep. But then his fingers grasp your face, squishing your cheeks together. He looks down at you, and his big blue eyes look like languid pools of water.

“You. This beautiful face of yours.” He replies. Your heart pounds and you will it to stop. He’s drunk. In the morning he won’t even look at you let alone want you.

“Stop playing Steve,” You turn and start scooting away.

“I’m noooot” he whines, and hooks an arm around you, pulling you to his chest. You try to squirm away but he’s got you in an iron grip “You’re so beautiful Y/n” His large calloused hand caresses your face sloppily.

“Oh really?” you say, trying to keep the bitterness out of your voice. “Why haven’t you said anything before?”

“’cause ya won’t let me.” You feel lips at press at the back of your neck, and you have to stop yourself from squeaking “Come’on y/n….just give me a chance… just one chance. I promise I won’t mess it up. I’ll tell ya that you’re beautiful every day…” He kisses your earlobe and sets your skin on fire “I’ll treat you right. I promiiisee. Why won’t you give me a chance?” his voice turns whiney again. He’s suddenly too close, too much and you squirm out of his embrace. He makes a hurt noise in the back of his throat and you hush him, turning off the lights.

“Let’s go to bed Steve.”

“Ooh I like the sound of that,”

“If you don’t shut up…” You snap, feeling your way to the bed. Once you’re under the covers Steve locks you in his embrace again, almost crushing you. You lay on his chest, his warmth enveloping you, your mind racing a mile a minute. Then Steve’s hand slides up your body and starts rubbing your back and you slip off into sleep.

When you wake up Steve’s gone. Your heart drops, but after laying in bed for a bit you decide to confront him. You pull on your favorite pair of high waisted jeans and an over-sized cropped sweater. You look at yourself in the mirror. ‘At least I can look good while getting rejected.’ You head into the kitchen and are greeted with the sight of a busted looking Bucky being served breakfast by Sam. You pause for a moment to scoop a muffin from the box on the counter and to admire the architecture of Bucky’s hair, half of which is standing straight up, the other half is at a 90 degree angle.

“So I take it Stark’s concoction worked?” Sam asks, arranging pancakes on a plate. Both of their backs are to you, Bucky sitting at the kitchen counter, Sam in front of the stove top.

“Yeah,” Bucky says, voice rough, “Who woudda thought Stark could make that good stuff?”

Sam chuckles “So you and Rogers have a good time last night?”

“Ya, well until Steve started getting whiney.” Bucky snorts.


“Buck, why doesn’t y/n like me? She’s so pretty Buck I can’t take it, why doesn’t she liiike me?” Bucky mocks Steve’s voice. “After that I decided to go bed. I get enough y/n talk when I’m sober.”

“Really?” Sam pries, and you smile, Sam knew about your little crush, and like a true friend was fishing for more information.

“Yeah, he’s such a wimp, I always tell him just to make a move-“ Bucky cuts him self off “Sam ya better not tell y/n about this…I swear”

Sam turns around, pancakes in hand “Don’t worry-“ He looks up and meets your gaze “I won’t have to” he laughs. Bucky looks up at Sam and then turns around. He groans.

“Y/n, how long have you been?- Actually nevamind, obviously  long enough. Just do me a favor and don’t tell Steve about this? He’s an absolute madman when it comes to you….” Bucky grumbles, pulling his hood over his head.

“a… madman?” You ask walking up to the counter.

Bucky snorts. “Yeah he practically beat Stark’s ass after he overhead him saying something slick ‘bout ya.”

You lock eyes with Sam. “Go get him tiger.” Sam smiles at you. You wipe your palms on your jeans and turn to head out.

“Word ta the wise, check the roof.” Bucky calls out after you.

You find Steve sitting on the roof, staring off into the distance. His hair is still messy but he’s wearing a clean white button down shirt, and tan pants with those suspenders you always secretly find adorable on him.

“Steve?” you call out hesitantly “Can we talk?”

Steve’s head whips around and his eyes widen. He then massages his temples with a groan. He must be suffering from quite the hangover.

“You don’t have to say it y/n, let’s just forget last night ever happened.” Your heart beats faster and you gather up the last of your courage before it completely slips away.

“Steve-what you said…did you mean it?”

Steve groans again, dropping his head into his hands.

Yes.” He says quietly.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me Steve?”

“Why should I have?” he gives a defeated chuckle. “Ya already rejected me,”

“What?” Your mouth drops in disbelief and you walk up and stand next to Steve, looking down at him “When? When did you even ask me out?”

Steve looks up at you “What do you mean? I tried after every upstate training session.”

Your eyes squint as you think back. A little over a year ago the team met upstate for a four days to train at this specialized facility and test out new weapons. You think back some more.

“You just asked me to ‘hang out’ after those sessions.” You say incredulously, “Not on a date”

“But that’s how people date nowadays.” Steve looks confused.

You laugh “No, not really. And anyways after those training sessions I was so  disgusting that the last thing I wanted to do was go get ice-cream and marinate in my own sweat  for a few hours”

“But all tha other girls took ‘hanging out’ ta mean a date” Steve looks even more confused.

“I guess nowadays ‘hanging out’ can imply a date, but most of the time it still just means hanging out. At least to me” you mutter the last part “Where’d you get this idea from anyway?”

Steve’s ears turn pink “Uh Bucky”

You eyes practically roll out of your head “Steve! You know he only thing Bucky knows about dating is from those stupid teen drama shows he’s obsessed with.”

Steve’s face turns bright red “I’ll have ya know Bucky was quite good with the ladies.”

You can’t help but to burst out laughing. After you calm down you sit down next to Steve. “You going to Bucky for advice on dating is like the blind leading the blind”

Steve chuckles, wiping a hand down his face. After a moment you pause.

“Steve, why’d you practically date the whole building instead of just telling me.”

“I dunno. I guess I just thought you’d already rejected me so I didn’t want to push the issue, and still wanted to be your friend. So I just thought I’d try to find someone else…” he turns his head and looks at you “But damn it Y/n it’s impossible to find someone who even comes close to ya…” His gaze takes your breath away so it takes a moment for you to respond.

“I guess that’s a good thing then…cause I feel the same way about you.”


“Yeah” you laugh and you feel like you’re flying because all the baggage, all the pain is starting to unload. “And if you hadn’t been so dumb and listened to Bucky you would have known a long time ago.”

Steve smiles widely and wraps an arm around you, the other hand caressing your face.

“So. You wanna go on a date with me?”

“Yeah” You pretend to consider it, and then lay your head on his shoulder “Sounds a lot better then just hanging out.”






Princess of Mischeif

Pairing/Characters: Reader x Loki (Dad/Daughter Relationship), OFC (Candice – Mother) x Loki, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark (mentioned), Romanogers (If you squint),

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, swearing, violence, blood, death,

Summary: During a raid in a HYDRA Base, the team finds a teenage girl beaten up and clearly weak. They bring her back to the facility only to realise that she and Thor, share a certain family member. He comes back to fight the people who caused you pain and he’s not letting down.

Word Count: 2,449

Originally posted by luvn-loki

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Wings!Alpha!Tony Fic

So…. I did a thing. No promises as to when this will be updated since I’m still editing Spideypool and am about 8000 words into ThunderIronFrost… but here you go anyway lol. Doesnt take place in MCU timelines.

Obviously I dont have a title yet, so if you guys come up with a good one Ill take it.

“Easy.” Steve murmured and wrapped an arm around Bucky, who hadn’t stopped shaking since the plane had landed in New York. “I promise everything’s going to be fine, alright? The team can’t wait to meet you. They were very excited when I called to say I was bringing you home.”

Bucky swallowed nervously and ducked his head, fear,anxiety,nervous bleeding from him, his wings folded as tight to his body as he could get them. “I dunno, Stevie.” He whispered and Steve extended his wings, settling one over Bucky’s hunched shoulders.

“Trust me. Have I ever led you wrong?”

Bucky shrugged beneath the heavy weight of Steve’s wings, and the blond frowned, his heart breaking all over again for his best friend.

It had been almost an accident, finding Bucky. Sure, Steve had been searching for him for years, but he had been positive that The Winter Soldier had left Hungary after the debacle that was a botched assassination. Instead, as Steve had been doing one last check on the last known hiding place of the Soldier, he had found him.

It had taken weeks of careful therapy, of visits from special doctors, of Steve talking almost non-stop about their past and who they were to each other, trying to break through the Soldiers conditioning. But finally finally one day the Soldiers eyes had opened and it was Bucky staring back at him.

Steve hadn’t wasted anytime calling New York, letting Tony and the rest of the team know that he was bringing Bucky home. Tony had sent a plane for them yesterday and now here they were, the elevator to the Avengers tower shooting towards the top floors where the team lived.

“Everyone’s going to love you.” He promised. “Most of us are Betas and Omegas so don’t worry about walking into a bunch of Alpha pheromones okay? Natasha’s the scariest, but she’s a Beta, and nicer than you think. She was helping me find you.”

Bucky just nodded, and tried to hide further beneath Steve’s wings.

He hardly ever talked at all anymore, and hadn’t opened his mouth more than five times since they had left Germany sometime last night. It was just another thing that made Steve sad– to see Bucky so different from how he used to be. There were no wise cracks or jokes or snappy one liners. No teasing glances and flirty comments, because even though they were both Omegas, back in the day they had spent lots of time in bed together. Of course Bucky had been the big one back then, carefully holding a fragile Steve close to his chest, wrapping his black wings around Steve’s smaller golden ones. It had been special between them, a bond that war and time and life had all but destroyed.

It was all so different now.

Bucky was bigger now, sure, but he was so fragile. Quiet and unsure of everything, hanging his head and hiding his eyes behind his hair. Never spoke unless spoken to first, and his voice had lost that easy Brooklyn accent, now it was just low and soft and hesitant.

His beautiful black wings had silver tips now, razor thin metal sharpened to lethal points on the ends of his primaries. Not to mention the piece of machinery that had replaced his left arm.

No Bucky was barely Bucky anymore, and it made Steve’s heart hurt.

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Bad Match Pt. 6

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3.2k+

Warnings: angst, swearing, slow burn, some fluff.

A/N: Here it is! I can’t believe the amazing reception for part. 5. Thank you so much, I wish I could write faster for you guys! I see this chapter more as a linking part for what’s to come! Excuse any mistakes and nonsenses please! Feedback? I live for it!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

While he was dragging the towel over his body to dry himself from the recently taken shower, Bucky realized that nightmares hadn’t visited him that night. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that he almost hadn’t slept at all, his mind invaded with thoughts…about Y/N. He questioned himself if she would come to him again if he had another nightmare…

He couldn’t stop the urge to try and make things better with her. Last night, he had listened in her voice how much he had been hurting her, ever since they first met, and that just didn’t work well in his head. He had to fix it. But how?

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Another sneeze, nose running so you had to reach for more tissues, stuffy head, Lord you were barely gonna last the afternoon if this kept up. Why’d you even come into work anyways? Not like things couldn’t have been taken care of in the comfort of your own apartment. But then it’d remind you of the reason you came in today in the first place. Loneliness, granted you weren’t totally alone. Nat, Clint and Sam stayed home from this last mission so company wasn’t the issues. No it’s who you want there more than anything else. To keep you warm, hold you close, kiss your forehead and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

Course the honeymoon stage should’ve worn off by now as Tony has said more than a few times over the past several months; given the fact you and Bucky have been together for going on three years. Though you can’t help it and only hoped Bucky felt the same. Thoughts are interrupted by another coughing fit that rattles your lungs and has you gasping for breath and the desk in front of you.

“Damn sweetheart you don’t sound so good,” Sam’s deep voice reaches your ears right as you blow your sore nose for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Glaring, before tossing the tissues out, “Thanks for the boost in confidence birdman, I’ll be sure to fix my makeup later.”

“That’s not what I meant Y/N,” rolling expressive chocolate eyes, Sam perches a hip on the end of your desk, arms crossed, while giving you the once over. “You look sick.”

“And he takes another shot,” groaning when two more sneezes land in the hastily grabbed tissues. “Insults gonna stop anytime soon Wilson?”

“Woman,” he all but growls, then chuckles seeing the half smirk on your lips, which turns into a frown at the next couching fit. “Seriously Y/N, you need to get home, meds, soup and sleep,” worry seeping into his tone.

“I’ll be fine Sam, promise,” soft groan leaving your lips as you sit up, sore muscle being pulled from coughing so much.

Shaking his head, “Not taking no for an answer sweetness. I won’t have that walking icicle you call a boyfriend rip me a new one for not taking care of you.”

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Baby Barnes - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary : Reader is pregnant with Bucky’s child, and she’s scared shitless of telling him. 

This is part of some sort of a serie I write, where the reader is afraid to say she’s pregnant to her s/o basically. Here’s the one for Cap’ : Baby Rogers, for Wolverine : Baby Logan, and for Batman : Baby Wayne. For some reason, Bucky was the most difficult to write about…hope you’ll still like it :

(My masterlist blog here :


Pregnant. You were pregnant. That’s what the two little vertical lines meant. Positive. Fuck. What the Hell were you gonna do ? 

You toss the test in the corner of your bathroom, and it joins the twenty other test you took. You know, just to be sure…What the Hell were you gonna do ? 

How were you going to tell Bucky ? 

Ever since Iron Man discovered your boyfriend killed his mother (it wasn’t his fault, he was brainwashed !), and ever since the government decided to control superheroes more, ending the already fragile friendship between Steve and Tony…You and Bucky never stayed in the same place for long. 

You had been in Helsinki, Finland, for already two weeks, and that was already a miracle…you usually never stayed at one place more than a few days. 

This wasn’t a life for a baby, always on the run, never able to stay in the same place for long etc etc…and yet, you wanted it. You wanted it so bad. Because you craved for a (somewhat) normal life with Bucky. For a time where you wouldn’t have to move so much. Of course, things would never be easy, Bucky had some massive PTSD but…Was it too much to ask to not be chased all the time ? It was probably. 

When you started to get serious with Bucky, you knew what you were getting into…he even warned you, and tried to push you away. And yet you stayed. 

You were sitting in the bathroom, trying to fight your tears…Crying wasn’t going to help. You knew you couldn’t keep that baby. You’ll just have to…

-(Y/N) ? Bucky ? Anyone’s home ? 

Steve. That was Steve’s voice. You finally left the bathroom to go meet with your friends. 

-It’s hardly “home” Cap’, you know.

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Stereotypical (7) gifts and a sleepover

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, implied smut, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: With courting comes gifts! And restraint. A lot of it. 

If you would’ve seen how Bucky beat himself up over making you doubt his motives, all doubt would’ve left your mind. When he returned home after dropping you off with a chaste, lingering kiss to your cheek and a soft bid goodnight, he rested his back against his closed front door and let his head thump back against it.

With a groan he closed his eyes, wondering how he could’ve been so damn stupid.

“Buck? What’re you doing?”

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Coming Home (Chapter Eight)

Welcome back! 

I cut my tag list down to only the people who are liking/reblogging the chapters to avoid tagging people who aren’t reading/responding to the fic, so if you would like your name ADDED TO THE LIST, drop me a reminder in my ask box and Ill make sure you get tagged in additional chapters. I know that people are busy this time of year and get behind reading and that’s fine, I was just tagging 200+ people and only about half were liking it, so to save me time on tagging, and to stop sending notifs to people who aren’t reading, I cut it down quite a bit. 

We get some Stucky naked time under the cut, and then family time and then angst. Consider yourself warned!

This is the first Stucky I’ve written in a while, Id love to know what you guys think.



Bucky was tired.

No, tired wasn’t the right word.

He was drained, he was exhausted, he had to physically force himself out of the elevator and into the common area of the Tower.

He hadn’t slept more than a couple hours a night for the last three months, pushing himself to the limit to find Tony, and then the Alpha wouldn’t even talk to him. Tony had turned away from him in the car, avoided his eyes all together, and when Bucky had tried to help him from the car, Tony had nearly tripped over his feet, but he had refused to take Bucky’s hand.

Instead the Alpha had headed right for the side door entrance to his lab, and Pepper had lay an apologetic kiss on Bucky’s cheek before telling him that she would be upstairs just as soon as she could, but she had to stay with Tony just then.

Bucky had entered the Tower alone, leaning against the elevator wall as it sped towards the top, emotionally wrung out and at the end of his patience with this whole ordeal.

He had been a little upset when Pepper had said that the family wasn’t home, but when he pushed open the door to his and Steve’s room, he thought he might actually be glad for the quiet. It gave him the chance to decompress, to strip down and take a long over due shower, to sit under the hot water until he started dozing off. Then it was a simple matter to towel off and collapse into Steve’s bed, pushing his face into a pillow and breathing in Steve’s scent, fresh pine and red roses, feeling himself start to relax for the first time in weeks.

He shoved all thoughts of Afghanistan and death and the months of stress and Tony aside and tried to sleep, blankets pulled halfway to his hips, wings spread out across the comforter, tears drying on his face.  



Bucky.” A whisper in his ear made Bucky stir, but it was the pressure of soft lips on his own that actually woke him up, and he whined softly into the kiss. “Bucky.”

“Steve.” he whispered back, and brought his hands up to grip Steve’s big biceps, to keep him close. “You’re home.”

You’re home.” Steve choked out, and lay another feather light kiss on Bucky’s lips. “Bucky, I’ve missed you. I was so scared, god I was so scared you wouldn’t come back. I mean, I knew you would, but I didn’t know if it would be you and–”

“Hey. Hey.” Bucky pulled away, trying to make out Steve’s features in the dark room. “It’s me. I’m never gonna be the Soldier again. No matter what. You found me, you brought me home, and no matter where I go or what happens or whatever, it’s always gonna be me that comes home, alright Stevie? Always gonna be me that comes back to you.”

“Thank God.” Steve sounded like maybe he was crying, and when he bumped their noses together, his cheeks were wet, so Bucky ran his hands up Steve’s back comfortingly, pulling him down until they were lying together, just the sheet and Steve’s uniform separating them.

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Forbidden Love - Sugar Daddy!Tony Stark x Reader

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

Request by @secrets-rain: Could you do an imagine of Tony Stark as your sugar daddy??

Summary: (Y/N) hates her life, she is on her last year of college and spending all of her time just to take classes. One day her friend invites her to go to a party at the Stark Tower. She kindly accepts hoping she can dance the night away intoxicated but meets a roadblock when Tony Stark takes a strong liking to her.

Pairing: Sugar Daddy!Tony Stark x Reader


Warning: talks about sex, doesn’t describe it. Lots and lots of fluff and shows how caring tony is. (So glad this was requested bc recently lots of tony hate blogs have been appearing like what??)

A/N: I know most of you don’t like tony x reader but give this a try, it’s actually really good (if I say so myself) and I really like it



It wasn’t at all planned from the start. 6 months ago you were invited to a party by your friend who happened to be the sister of one of the top elite members of S.H.I.E.L.D. You came as a simple guest with no real objective other than live the long night but it soon turned into some type of mission. Sure it wasn’t the typical mission that the avengers went on like saving the world, but it was a mission of your own. You didn’t tell anyone, you knew what people would think of you. You didn’t come to this party with your eyes set on the rich man; it only came to mind after he suggested it to you. As much as you hated the idea of hooking up with someone wealthy only for their money, you didn’t really have any other choice. You were running out of ways to keep your life stable and healthy. Not only that but you both really enjoyed what you had, and overall he wanted to help you.

Weeks would go by with you only consuming left over cracker packets and water from the faucet of a public bathroom. You hated living that life; you hated not being able to do what you wanted. All of your money from your jobs went to the bills of the dorm, the bills of your school and the gas and electric. There was more you needed to pay off, like your water bill, but you didn’t. You couldn’t. You had no spare money, you had no help. Loans were out of the question too, so much debt was in your name that you didn’t want to add onto it. The possibility of quitting college was an option but if you did, you would never get where you wanted to in life.

3 years were under the belt, only 1 more to go. You needed a plan and you needed it fast, and god answered your prayers. If Ali’s sister wasn’t as amazing as she is, you wouldn’t have been there to accept the sweet and sexual opportunity that would change your life forever.

The hour before the party started, you were with Ali at her place doing your makeup and dressing up. Ali let you borrow a few dresses to try on and pick which one to wear. Apologizing over and over for asking her for too much, you hated borrowing really expensive things. You didn’t have the option to get a beautiful, pricey dress, and she knew that so she didn’t mind. The dress you chose was absolutely beautiful. It was tight in the right places, loose in the right places. It was long and there was a cut from your right ankle to your hip that showed your whole leg. It was sexy and seductive, it was enough for you to fit in.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you noticed how different you looked. You looked happy, stylish and well, wealthy. Both of you finished quickly before heading out to her car and driving to the well known Stark Tower.

When you arrived a man offered to take your car to a safe parking place so you both could enter the tower and head to the ball room. It was amazingly fancy, you felt so out of place, but nobody knew that. Your looks made you look like you knew what you were doing. A man led you both to the elevator and accompanied you on your way up to the ballroom.

The music was loud but quiet, new and soothing. Ali took the lead and led you to the table with your names on it. Your eyes wandered around the huge room and observed everything.

‘Don’t move out of place. One broken glass and you’ll owe more than you’re worth.‘

“Excuse me everyone, if I may have your attention.”

Every soul in the room stopped what they were doing to focus their gaze to the man speaking into the microphone. He was wearing a suit, yellow tie and matching glasses with yellow frames.

“Before the night starts I’d love to give my gratitude to the amazing S.H.I.E.L.D. members and their guests who are joining us today. When I please say your name, stand up. You deserve the thanks from all of us, if it weren’t for you, the process of any duty would be 10x harder. You guys are truly an asset to us.” He began to name off names starting off with Coulson and his guest, as they sat down he named off Johnson and her guest. It went on for a few moments before he called out the name that belonged to Ali’s older sister. As everyone at your table began to raise, Ali grabbed your arm and forced you to awkwardly stand up beside her.

“Here we have the Edwards, correct? Why don’t you all introduce yourself?”

Everyone went on to greet him before explaining who they are and how they know each other. The whole time you watched how he was so invested into what everyone said, he was smiling and being extremely thoughtful, and for a split second it felt like he looked at you and smiled. You thought it was your mind playing tricks, so you looked over to the person speaking. The last two to speak were you and Ali, she took the mic and began to introduce not only herself but you as well.

“Hello, I’m Ali Edwards, I’m the younger sister. This is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She’s my best friend and my special guest.” She gave you a toothy smile before looking back up to the wealthy man. He didn’t even bother looking at her, his gaze was clearly steadied on the cut in your dress. After a moment of staring he smiled and looked back up to your best friend.

“I’m sure Miss (Y/L/N) can speak for herself, yes?”

The microphone slide into your hands. You, a poor student and practically a college dropout at this point, were going to speak to the Tony Stark. You were to speak to the whole ball room full of avengers and just important people in general, so you tried to get it over with as soon as possible.

“Hello, I’m (Y/N). Like she said, I’m just a friend.” Your fingers twiddled together on the microphone before giving the handsome man up front a smile.

“Well you were given an amazing opportunity to come here, be grateful for the friend you have.” His eyebrow raised, he was teasing but you both knew he wasn’t wrong.

“Grateful I am.”

“Thank you (Y/N), and the Edwards. That was the last group I’d like to thank, please everyone enjoy yourselves as the food is served.” Everyone sat down before talking amongst themselves again, Ali turned to you with a humongous smile.

“Care to tell me why the Tony Stark was so interested in talking to you?”

“What? We spoke two sentences to each other.”

“Yes but he was so intrigued by your answers, more than anyone else.”

“Trust me, I’ve been watching. He’s intrigued by everyone’s answers.”

The night went on and everyone enjoyed their meal, it was the first full meal you’ve had in a while. When you both finished, Ali took you up to the bar to grab a few drinks and talk to random strangers. She insisted that you’d help her find a ‘new friend’. So, being a good friend, you both sat at the bar stools and eyed down every guest that walked past the bar.

“No fucking way. Look! It’s Captain America! How much would you pay just to have a night with him?” Ali’s finger was pointing to the muscular figure across the room. He didn’t look like what you saw in the papers, he looked like a normal human being. You probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him unless he had the whole suit and shield.

“I hate to burst your bubble, Ali, but he’s not my type. Sure he’s tall, buff and extremely handsome but I don’t know… I think I’m more into the dark hair, dark eyes and facial hair type. He’s the complete opposite.” Her eyes widen in shock.

“Oh my god, you’re a special one (Y/N).”

“Indeed she is, I must say though… Dark hair, dark eyes and facial hair are also my type. By that meaning I’m way more attractive than Steve Rogers.” The voice beamed from the left of both of you, you both were too busy staring at the face of America to even see the man slide in next to you both.

“Oh my god, Tony Stark! Pleasure to meet you face to face.” Ali immediately stood up and held her hand out to the man, he kindly accepted it before holding his towards you for a shake.

“Ali, (Y/N). Nice to meet you both.” You hesitated before shaking his hand and giving him a small smile.

“I must say, I’m quite surprised you remembered our names.” You spoke up to the man in front of you to make the awkward standing less painful.

“And why is that?” His eyebrow raised as he tilted his head to the side.

“There’s a small chance we’ll ever meet again after tonight.” He scoffed before holding up a finger to the bartender, silently ordering a drink.

“Would you like to change that?” He grabbed his now ready drink before taking a sip and sending you a wink.

Your cheeks became a light pink color, was he hitting on you? Before you could respond the blonde man from earlier had walked up beside Tony and whispered something into his ear. Tony nodded his head before giving Steve a thanks.

You could feel the lust radiate off of Ali’s skin as she eyeballed the super soldier. He flashed her a smile before offering her to a dance as a kind gesture. As she kindly accepted, Tony gave you a look before asking if you’d want anything to drink. You both talked amongst yourself, nothing deep but nothing too harmful. It was just a normal conversation with a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.

“So you’re on your last year of college?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“How’s that going? With the money and everything? I know sometimes it’s hard for college students to get through school when they’re constantly busy trying to earn cash.”

You paused for a moment. You debated on whether to tell him about your daily problems or not, you knew it wouldn’t hurt to let him know a bit but you were sure you’d beat around the bush.

“It’s hard, obviously it’s not made to be easy. Working 3 jobs just to make sure you have a place to stay and classes to take shouldn’t be a piece of cake; but I have to do what I have to do, to succeed.” You took a sip of a drink you ordered a while back before setting it down and staring into the mans eyes. His eyebrows wrinkled in the middle as if he was deeply concentrated.

“Sure you have a place to stay and classes to take but what about food to eat?” His words hit you like a brick. It’s like he figured out everything just over the few words you spoke to him. There was no point in lying, so you didn’t.

“It’s not always that simple.” You took another sip of your drink to avoid as much eye contact as he could. This guy was a genius, he knew what to do to get the answers he wanted.

“Let me help.” His hand set down his drink before it found its way to your bare shoulder. You looked up from your drink, denying any help he was trying to give you.

“Oh no, I could never let you do that.”

“No, seriously. I have tons of money to spare. The least I could do it help you, it’s not that I need to but I want to. But being the man I am, I’d like something in return.” A smirk appeared on his lips before he downed his drink.

“And what is that?”

That’s where it all started. You knew it was technically prostitution, and you knew how people would look at you if they realized you were hooking up with a man twice your age just to go to school. But the thing is, you could have been dead by starvation if you hadn’t been doing this. It wasn’t necessary legal, but what else could you do? The moment his hands were on your body, you earned more money than your 3 jobs did in a month. Being with the infamous Iron Man had many, many perks.

Perks of being with him included only working one job, being able to have 3 meals a day, slowly crawling out of your debt and the option to be affectionate with someone. There was no way in hell you wouldn’t admit it, Tony was seriously attractive. Like you said on the night of the party, men that have his features automatically attracted you. Even if it was an act of sexual tendencies and sexual tendencies only, you still truly liked Tony and you both shared multiple common interests.

He soon caught onto that, so one night he asked to see you. Obviously up to any night with your handsome sugar daddy, you accepted his invitation. Lately you’ve been telling him to not pay you for some night; that he just deserved it overall for what he has done for you, but he always finds a way to pay you for your services. That night he didn’t have a thought of undressing you in his bed like normal nights, instead he set up a really nice private dinner. Sure, most of the time he’s having a massive orgasm inside of you but, that doesn’t mean you both don’t talk. You knew a lot of his life and he knew a lot of yourself.

That night you both just talked about your daily life. You told him how you were doing good in school and how you’ve managed to gain the weight you lost when you weren’t eating. He told you about his new ideas for his suits and how his friendly avengers were. He was so passionate about his friends and it really made you admire him. He could tell a silly story and you’d know he would relive the moment if he could, even if it was under 60 seconds. Hell, he was even thankful for being friends with Bucky, the man who killed his parents.

You knew about his mom and dad, it took him a while to tell you about it though. It was the first night he opened up to you. He called you over and you both had your usual fun. Afterwards you laid in his bed and just talked about your past. He brought up to you about how you said once that you had no support besides him and he asked about your family. Explaining to him how you have family but they don’t consider you family back, how you still love them because you all are blood related but how they believe you’re less than scum.

He was so interested in your past and comforted you when he realized they disowned you because you didn’t want to do the business that every (Y/L/N) dedicated their life to. He told you about his parents, how he loved them even though they hurt him emotionally and physically and the day he lost them. How it broke him entirely and then he realized his best friends pal was the one who killed them, and his best friend knew the whole time.

Most people wouldn’t believe that Tony Stark had emotions, he was once the weapon for America in war. He was once the reason why innocent people died, so why would he have emotions? Nobody knew it was unintentional, because nobody cared enough to actually get to know him. But you did, and that’s one reason why he never let you go.

When Ali found out that you had been sleeping with Tony for money she lost most respect for you, she believed that you only accepted her offer to get a wealthy man head over heels for you. She believed you chose the most skimpy dress just for that reason. When you tried to tell her how it went down and what life you were living before that, she completely ignored it. She told her sister, who told her team, which eventually lead to all of S.H.I.E.L.D. knowing. Just thinking back to what she said that night makes tears dwell in your eyes.

“18 months! 18 months you’ve been with that old man and you never told me? Is that why you chose that dress? Is that why you accepted my offer? Just to get money and live a lazy life?” She was drunk and in hysterics. You didn’t want to argue with her, especially when she was intoxicated.

“Ali, you don’t understand! When you left with Steve we actually talked! I didn’t go just so I could catch Tony’s eye and steal his money! I’d never do that to you and for you to think that is upsetting! Yes, I did do some things with him for money but you have to realize the life I was living before he helped me, nobody else would help me and I was on my breaking point!”

“I could have helped, but instead you chose to go for Iron Man for help. Whatever, (Y/N). If he’s that important to you then left him fill in the empty spot in your life because I’m no longer going to be apart of that.”

As much as you wanted to point out that she originally told you to spend time with Tony, you didn’t want to piss her off and ruin your relationship any more. You didn’t know why she cared so much, you didn’t know why she wasn’t happy for you. You truly liked Tony. You loved Tony. It may have started off as a way to get cash but the more you guys spent time together, the more you treasured the conversations over the sex. That was your breaking point, you were at your apartment after the fight with Ali and dialed Tony’s number.

Click. “Hey, baby!”

“Tony we need to talk as soon as possible.” A sob broke out in the middle of your sentence, to try to control your sadness, you raised your hand to cover your mouth.

“Of course, I needed to talk to you as well, anyways. Want me to send you a ride? Or would you like me to pick you up? I miss your face every second.” His voice turned from playful to serious in a matter of seconds after hearing your cracked voice.

“No, no. I’ll be there soon.” As your body calmed down you responded to him in a more calm manner.

“Okay, baby. I’ll be here waiting, love you. Bye.”

Your heart felt like it was breaking and at the same time fluttering. ‘Love you. Bye.’ His words repeated in your head the whole way to his tower. Once you arrived, you entered from the front and headed up to his floor. Normally you wouldn’t take this way but you had enough disguise on that you wouldn’t be noticed. Well, you may be noticed now that your secret has been made public. The moment you walk on the floor you spotted the rest of the team, they all knew you and your relationship with tony so there was no issue with them. You avoided all eye contact and continued to walk towards Tony’s room, feeling everyone’s stares on your back.

The moment you opened the door, the amazing smell of flowers hit your nose. Walking in you saw roses sitting everywhere and leading a trail to the bathroom. He was sitting on the sink, a bubble bath was set up with random petals surrounding a few candles. Before you could say anything, he began to speak.

“I know what the public is saying. I know you probably didn’t want it to get out there considering you’re a little over half my age and you were probably upset and frustrated that it got out so I made you a warm bath because you said once that they helped you relax your muscles. If you don’t want me here while you take it I’ll leave but that wouldn’t make sense unless you’re mad at me or want some privacy because-” By the way he was rambling, you could tell he was nervous.

“Tony, I get it. Thank you.”

You set your bag on the counter before walking up to him and wrapping your arms around his neck. He stood up but continued to lean on the counter before pulling you towards him, leaving no space between your bodies. You turned your head to rest it on his chest as he kissed the top of your head.

“I know. I’m willing to risk anything for you, because you’re more than just a friend with benefits. I came here to tell you that I may have just lost my best friend and anything other relationship in my life because now they know what’s happening between us. I don’t care what they think because I realized that I want something more with you, I want to have more late night conversations about our past or stupid things like what way you pronounce caramel. I want to prove them wrong, I want to show them that I’m not only here because I need money, but because I…” You closed your eyes before pausing and taking a deep breath.

His lips parted before lifting up his head. You did as well and saw his intense but caring stare. “Because what, (Y/N)?”

“Because I love you.“ He laid his head back before giving a loud sigh of relief. It was a serious moment but you let out a giggle anyways, cocking your head to the side in confusion.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page then because I love you too.”

You smiled brightly in his face as a single tear rolled down your cheek. You weren’t upset, that was the opposite. Even if the day had been absolutely horrible, he could make you happy in any second. You would have never thought you’d be this happy in your life. If some were to approach you before the party happened 18 months ago and said you would have lived a happy life with Tony Stark, you would have laughed right in their face.

His lips gently pushed against yours before pulling away and wiping the falling tear on your cheek. The look in his eyes was your ultimate answer, it was reassurance that he felt the same way as you and wanted to continue what you guys were having in an official way.

“Now, I know this moment is really hard to top but I feel like it would be a lot better if you invited me to the tub with you.”

“Only if you bring alcohol.”

“Yes, baby. Lots of alcohol.”

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100 Banging Kinks: Rimming

Pairing: bucky barnes x reader x steve rogers

Word Count: 712

Warning: SMUT, RIMMING (reader giving, if that’s not your thing DO NOT READ) oral sex, threesome, unprotected sex. Swearing 

This is in celebration of Bucky Barnes reaching 100 years old and in part with @bucky-plums-barnes​ 100 banging kinks which I am so excited to read all of them!, the list of kinks is HERE along with the guide lines HERE! Enjoy little sinners x

You smiled at the sight of your boys, running your hand up the expanse of Bucky’s back you suppress a chuckled as a soft string of curses flew out of his mouth…you could take the boy out of Brooklyn.

“Of fuck Stevie”

You craned your next to see the blonde sprawled out underneath Bucky. The brunette was kneeled across Steve’s chest, sucking on the head of Bucky’s cock softly. Steve ran is hands up the back Bucky’s thighs slowly all the way to his plump ass. Taking a check in each hand he spread them wide for you, the loud groan from Bucky encouraged you to straddle Steve’s hips and align yourself over his dick. Slowly lowering your-self onto Steve, he moaned around Bucky causing the brunette to look behind him going in with Steve. You grinned at him as you bent your lower half towards Bucky’s pink puckering hole. Taking over from Steve’s hands your gripped the soft flesh in your hands as you started to grind down on Steve’s cock. Placing a kiss to the middle of his left cheek you smirked across his flesh as he gasped your name. The loud sucking sound altered you to Steve, peaking around you watched as Steve took the thickness of Bucky in one movement. It always amazed you just how in tune they were with each other, turning your attention back to pleasing your bodies. You leaned forward pressing your lips to Bucky’s puckering asshole.

“Ah (Y/N)” Bucky cried out, gripping the headboard with both hands he took a sobbing breath as you flicked out your tongue testing his limits.

“Oh don’t stop doll,” he groaned throwing his head back, smirking to yourself as you rolled your hips over Steve. The blonde trailed his hands up over yours holding them down over Bucky’s ass as you swirled your tongue around his tight hole. You moved in a clockwise direction with your firm pressure and Steve’s full attention to Bucky’s cock the brunette bucked above you sobbing with pure pleasure.

“Oh god, Steve, (Y/N)… nghh” you let out your own moan as Steve’s hips rutted into you, the vibrations of your lips on Bucky elected a pure pornographic cry from him.

“Ah, fucking…shit. Oh god I’m not gonna oh” Bucky mewled as your tongue frantically swirled around him. Throwing caution to the wind you pressed hard with the tip of your tongue against his hole. Bucky cried out your name as he panted above Steve, there was a soft cracking noise. Probably the headboard that would make five this month you thought. You could hear Steve’s own moans being muffled by Bucky’s cock as he continued to pump in and out of you. You curled your tongue upwards then down quickly, your fingers intertwined with Steve’s as you both gripped his ass working him to an orgasm.

“Shit, I’m going to…. I’m….” Bucky cried out his hips snapped forward into Steve’s awaiting mouth.    

You pulled off Bucky as Steve continued to buck into you, you noticed that he was doing in time with the bobbing of his head on Bucky’s dick electing every last drop from him. You gripped onto Bucky’s for leverage; wrapping your arms around under his armpit and curling your hands to cup his shoulders you dug your fingers into his skin as you clung onto him for dear life.

“Oh…(Y/N)…I’m…” Steve howled one hand now on Bucky’s sternum as the other one gripped your hips as he rode out his orgasm. You pressed your forehead to Bucky’s shoulder as you came screaming, you body shook as you gushed over Steve. Holding onto each other for dear life the three of you gasped as the endorphins in your body slowly started to fade.

“I love you both” Bucky muttered, taking both Steve and your hands and kissing them softly.

“We love you two Buck” Steve murmured, you let out a soft gasp as you slid off Steve. Maneuvering so Bucky was wedged between the two of you, you ran your fingers through his long hair as Steve rested his head on Bucky’s chest.

“Happy Birthday you old man” you hummed as Steve chuckled drawing lazy patterns onto Bucky’s stomach the three of you slowly drifted off into a peaceful sleep.  

I’ve always thought that a Stony!The Mummy AU would be awesome and I’ve talked about it quite a few times. This night, I felt like writing something and this popped into my mind! 

“Are you sure this man knows where the city of the dead is?” Tony asked, glancing up at the Cairo prison warily before eyeing Clint.

“I’m pretty sure,” Clint assured Tony, beckoning Tony to follow him as they approached the front gates. “A friend of mine told me that he had been found near there.”

“On his own?” Tony questioned, nodding politely to the guard who opened the gate for them. “That would be a stupid thing to do.”

Clint snickered but shook his head. “Nope, he was a captain of a foreign legion,” He stopped in his tracks for a moment before looking around. “He was captured by the enemy…well, his enemy.”

“Shame.” Tony murmured, his eyes softening sadly.

“Indeed.” Clint agreed.

After locating the warden and asking for the captain, Steve Rogers was his name, they were escorted over to his cell.

“I’ve gotta warn you,” The warden said, his English heavily accented. “He’s a feisty one,” He then frowned deeply. “Knocked two of my men out before we managed to pin him down.”

Tony didn’t have time to react to that surprising fact when the door behind the cell opened and a man was dragged out, grunting. His hands were in front of him, cuffed, and he was struggling against the slowly weakening holds of the guards.

Well the captain has seen better days, Tony thought as he took in the man’s tattered form. His hair was past his shoulders, dirty blonde, and extremely tangled. He had a full beard of the same color, probably darkened from dust and dirt. He was brought down to kneel, another loud grunt escaping his lips, before he looked up at them with startlingly clear blue eyes.

Steve Rogers looked tense, all muscle bunched up like a tiger who was about to pounce at any chance he could.

Tony took a cautious step forward, unaware of Clint who outstretched his arm a little, having gone into protection mode. Tony took another step before shaking his head slightly, finding it a little humorous and appaling that he was treating this man like he was a dangerous animal.

He did look like one, in a way, with narrowing eyes and a frown marring his features.

Tony needed to talk to this man though and went to bend down in front of him before a firm hand was placed on his shoulder. Looking over his shoulder, Tony realized that it was Clint’s.

“Don’t worry,” Clint said, his voice serious. “I’ve got it.”

Tony pouted, displeased but barely noticed Steve watching him before he turned his attention to Clint.

“So,” Clint said, squatting in front of the bars. “Hamunaptra? You know it?”

“Who’s asking?” Steve asked roughly, his voice deep and hoarse.

“I am,” Clint then gestured to Tony. “We are, we want to know where it is.”

“Why?” Steve looked genuinely curious. “Most people who go there never come out alive.” A bitter laugh then fell from his lips. “Except for me.”

“Well we’ve never shied away from an adventure,” Clint grinned. “Besides, you’d be making Tony here very happy,”

“Clint.” Tony warned and Steve looked at him once again, holding his gaze, until Tony suddenly found his shoes awfully interesting. Why on earth did his cheeks feel warm all of a sudden?

“So, will you help?” Clint asked, hoping for a positive response.

Steve hesitated for a moment before nodding his head over to Tony. “I’d like to speak with him before I decide anything.”

Tony looked up, eyes widened slightly while Clint shook his head.

“No, this is between you and me-” Clint began, a tinge of protest in his voice but Tony pushed him aside, uncaring of the loud yelp that Clint gave as he met the ground.

Steve and Tony stared at each other for the fourth time in ten minutes. Tony did his best to not look away, meeting Steve’s gaze dead on.

A few moments passed and Steve finally spoke, “Why should I help you?”

“Because you want to.” Tony stated.

Steve raised an eyebrow.

“Listen,” Tony started. “I don’t know if you’re a good man or not but I do know that you have the same thirst for adventure that my brother and I do.” He then smiled. “You wouldn’t deprive a fellow adventurer an experience of a lifetime, you’d feel bad.”

At that, Steve laughed and it was oddly nice to hear without the bitterness swirled in.

“You don’t know me at all.” Steve told him and Tony shrugged.

“It’s true, I don’t,” Tony admitted. “But I need this and you’d be doing me a huge favour.”

Those words hung between them, and Tony stayed quiet as he allowed Steve to soak up those words. It was then he sighed before lifting up a hand and gesturing Tony closer.

“No, closer.” He commanded when Tony wasn’t near enough and Tony moved in until the unexpected happened.

A warm and rough hand grabbed his chin before pulling him in for a hard kiss. Tony’s breath hitched, too stunned to do anything. Steve’s lips were chapped but feel hot against his own, a swipe of tongue on his bottom lip that sent Tony’s mind reeling.

It felt like forever but it was only a few seconds before Clint dragged Tony, yelling at the man as the guards hit Steve on the back.

“Then get me out of here!” Steve shouted before he forced out of the holding cell.

“Tony, are you alright?” Clint asked, alarmed and checking him over but Tony wasn’t listening. He was busy replaying the kiss in his mind, passionate and so much like a lover’s. It had been a long time since he been kissed like that and he found himself short of breath.

But he was soon brought back to reality when he heard,

“Bring him to the execution stand!” The warden yelled, enraged and Tony knew he had to save Steve, no matter what the cost.


Bucky x reader 

Notes: swearing, fluff, angst, heartbreak, mentions of Steve x reader and Steve x Sharon Carter. 

Summary: When you find out Steve is cheating on you, Bucky is there to help you through it; along the way, his feelings for you grow, as do yours for him.  

One shot! I love Steve, I rly, rly do. But here we are. This is based on a request I got a while back from an anon. Duly note that I do NOT take requests anymore. I just needed to write something different than a series today. 

It’s exactly five months ago today, and it’s his birthday. No wonder you’re thinking about him so much when you promised yourself to never let another thought be wasted on a cheater. When Bucky walks in to the room, he instantly notices your struggle. With a small smile he takes a seat next to you on the couch, scooting closer carefully, until he knows you’re not gonna tell him to back off. He swings his arm around your shoulders and pulls you into his side, kissing the top of your head firmly.

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“Yeah... Sure” Drabble

Relationships: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader; Bucky x Sister!Reader (Platonic)
Prompt: Imagine being Bucky’s Sister and dating Steve (from @alloftheimaginesblog)
Characters: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Reader.
Word Counting: 339
Warnings: None, actually.
Imagine link

“You’re taking her back by ten.” Bucky pointed at Steve by your side.

“Midnight.” You corrected him.

Your older brother stared at you for a moment, his eyes almost making holes in your face.

“Eleven.” He said back.

“Eleven and a half.” You continued, not even a bit intimidated.  

Bucky shook his head as Steve just watched you two, blushing at the exchange of looks you two had.

Bucky was always over protective about you, and it didn’t change when you decided dating his childhood best friend. Of course he trusted Steve, but you were his little sister, for God sake. He needed to protect you.

You two were like twins. You looked like twins and everyone always guessed you were the same age when both reached the teens, but you were actually two years younger than Bucky. You had the same eyes and smile and, of course, stubbornness.

“Eleven and fifteen.” He decided.

You were ready to argue, but Steve interrupted you softly.

“Eleven and fifteen.”  The blonde haired man agreed and you looked at him, making him blush a bit.

Steve wasn’t so shy with you anymore. You were together for a couple of months now, and he wasn’t blushing so much every time you looked at him, held his hand or kissed his lips.

“Bye bye, brother.” You smirked, pulling Steve to leave the house, but your brother stopped you two before you could go.

“Remember, punk.” He looked at his best friend. “You hurt her, you lose your head.”

Steve gulped loudly, and you rolled your eyes, dragging him out with you.

You were already outside when you turned to your flushed date.

“You know he’s just kidding, right?”

Steve nodded, but his mind quickly ran to the memory of the boy who had taken a kiss from you without your consent when you were a teen, and how Bucky had almost destroyed his face.

“Yeah.” He took a deep breath. “Sure.“

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