that blond really didn't work for you

Pledis: We’ve decided, Minghao, that your hair’s gonna be red!

Pledis: No wait, scratch that. It’s gonna be dark pink!

Pledis: Actually, no, your hair’ll be bluey silver!

Pledis: Nah, nah, blondeish silver works better.

Pledis: Although, come to think of it, we’ve kinda been missing your brown hair…


Not So Alone

Warning: Sadness, a lot of sadness

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Request: Can I have a Newt imagine? Reader gets stung and doesn't make it, Newt is heartbroken as he is there when she dies and she is what drive him off the maze walls. Thomas asks about Newt’s limp and Newt remembers her. Sadness thanks x

Authors note: Okay I cried when reading your request, it’s just why? I hope I've done it okay though. It’s my first one like this so please tell me if I should never do them like this ever again because it’s bad. It’s written in a flashback kind of way. So the bits in italics are the stuff Newts remembering. 

Newt crouched over, hacking away at all the weeds. He was showing the new Greenie Thomas the ropes. They worked in silence until Thomas stopped and stared at Newt, curiosity filling his brown eyes. “Newt,” he said, causing the blonde boy to stop and look up, “Why do you have a limp?” Newt sighed and looked away, tears brimming in the corners of his eyes, as the memories came flooding back to him, threatening to drown him in the pain he tries so hard to forget.

He looked up at the maze walls. He hated having to let you go out into the maze everyday, but in the end, he didn't really have a choice. 

Once you learned about the runners, it was your sole intention to become one. And with a lot of convincing, he finally caved. After all, running made you happy, and all he ever wanted was for you to be happy. He loved you, loved you with every fibre of his being, and it pained him to let you go out into a dangerous place like the maze. You were the one thing in this place that kept him sane, yet you were also the one thing that could drive him to insanity.

He stopped you as you headed out the huge doors with Minho, pulling you into a deep and passionate kiss. Then you parted, waved a quick goodbye, and spun on your heel, running out into the dreaded maze. In his eyes, you were the most beautiful thing in the world. It felt a privilege to be able to gaze at you everyday, and know that you were his. Your smile was so big it lit up all your amazing features. Brightening your entire countenance. Your eyes were always filled with so much joy and happiness. Your laugh so angelic and infectious, that even the slightest giggle escaping your lips could ignite a laugh in every Glader that heard it. 

The day passed just as every other did, until Minho came running in from the maze, dragging your limp body with him. Immediately Newt dropped everything he was doing to rush to your side. He took you in his arms and carried you into the Medjacks hut. He placed you gently on the bed before proceeding to slam Minho into the wall, yelling with such ferocity that spit flew out of his mouth, “What happened to her?”

“She-she got stung! The Griever, it came out of nowhere. We did everything we could to get away, but it got her!“ Minho said, in between breaths. 

Newt paused as the memories became too much. The image of your bloodied body haunted his nightmares. Every time he closed his eyes you were there, screaming, yelling at him. Accusing him of doing this to you. Repeating the same thing over and over again. Making sure the message he already knew was true stuck inside his head. That it was all his fault. 

Silence. It filled the room, hung in the air like a pungent stench. Reminding everyone of the horrible truth. You were gone.

He would never hear you laugh again.

Never see you smile.

Never feel the warmth of your skin.

Never, never, never know you again.

Clint and Jeff didn't know what happened. They patched you up as best they could, gave you the grief serum. But it didn't work. Nothing worked. You just kept bleeding. You kept growing colder every second. And he didn't even get to say goodbye.

You were gone. Cruelly taken by the sick bastards that put you all in there. Killed by whichever twisted individual invented the disgusting creature that prowled outside these walls, almost as much of a monster as the person who created it. 

Why did this have to happen? What did you do, what did any of you do to deserve a fate like this? You were so kind, so sweet. You didn't deserve to die. And it was all his fault. He’s second in command, he should have stopped you. He shouldn’t have let you leave. He knew how dangerous it is, why did he let you go? 

All these thoughts swirled around inside Newts head. Getting louder and louder every second he looked at your lifeless body. They were going to bury you tonight, at the camp fire. It was always you’re favourite time. And now it would be cursed with the memory of you. Haunted by your ghost in his mind. He couldn't do it. He couldn’t live on without you, he had nothing worth staying for now that you were gone. And he had until sunset to do something about it. 

Newt hated reliving these memories. But he didn’t have a choice. He was reminded of them every day. Every time he closed his eyes to go to sleep. Every time he sat at the camp fire. Every time he walked past those blasted doors. Every time he was reminded of you. Of your angelic beauty. He had no idea how someone so beautiful could end up in such an ugly place like this. And you didn’t stay for as long as he had hoped. He could easily lie to Tommy. Say that he doesn’t remember what happened, that he arrived in the box like this. It would be so much easier, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t lie about you, he couldn’t let you down again. So instead Newt closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and let the memories wash over him.

The Glade was quiet, too quiet. No one could truly believe you were gone. It was weird. Unsettling seeing everyone in the Glade so overcome with grief that they didn't have the energy to do anything other than a few basic chores. And even then it was in a solemn silence. It didn't take a lot for Newt to sneak out, no one was paying much attention to the doors anyway. The runners had  taken the day off. So there was no real reason for anyone to bother looking at them. 

Newt paused before he stepped out into the dark corridors. A war was raging inside himself. He was struggling between the instinct inside of him to stay in the Glade where it was safe. And the desperate part of him that knew he didn't deserve to be safe inside these walls. He knew that it was his fault, because he let you go out where he knew it wasn't safe, he knew you could get hurt, but he let you go anyway. And he couldn't forgive himself for it. You were gone. Dead. And it was all his fault. So he deserved to die too, as penance for his disgusting crime. So he stepped out into the dark hall. 

He didn't think about where he was going. He just wondered aimlessly through the maze. It didn’t matter. He had nothing left without you. There was no point in him staying in this godforsaken place if you weren’t there with him. So when he found a length of ivy he deemed long enough he stopped his aimless wondering and began to climb. 

As he climbed he thought about you. About all the little things you did. The way you always laughed at everyone’s jokes, even when they weren’t funny. About the adorable snores that escaped your mouth every night when you slept wrapped up in his arms. About the twinkle you would get in your beautiful eyes after you had drank some of Gally’s  special brew. 

Newt remembered about one night, it seemed ages ago but it seared fresh inside his mind. It was a night of a bonfire, everyone was drinking Gally’s brew and messing about. Just having fun while they could. You came up to him with a devilish smile on your angelic face. Never before had you looked more beautiful in his eyes, then again he thought that every time he looked at you. You grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the other Gladers, but still close enough that you were in the shadow of the flames. Then you did something Newt would never have expected. Soundlessly you grabbed his hands and pulled him into you, and started dancing. There was no music but both of you danced in time, your movements in sync and elegant. Then Newt did something he would never have expected, he leaned in and kissed you. And you didn’t stop him. That had been the beginning of your relationship. The best thing that had ever happened to him.

Then he remembered the first time you arrived in the Glade. You were so confused, just like everyone else, but he hated seeing you so lost. So he helped you more then he had any other Greenie. The more he got to know you, the more he fell in love with you. Yes, you were beautiful on the outside, but you were even more so on the inside. He fell in love with your amazing personality. You were so kind, so loyal, so brave. You didn’t deserve what happened to you. 

Lastly, he remembered the thing that would haunt his dreams for the rest of his life. After you were stung Newt didn’t leave your side. He stayed right next you for three days. For three days he watched you suffer. You didn’t wake, not properly. You would scream from the agonising pain you had to endure. A shrill screech that he would never get to leave his mind. Sweat coated your body as you shivered on the bed. No one knew what was happening. But you just weren’t getting better. And it broke Newt’s heart seeing you like that. He watched you die slowly and painfully for three whole days. Until eventually your heart just stopped. 

Newt couldn’t climb any more. His arms where shaking, so he gave up. He shut his eyes and focused on the memory of you. You smiling and laughing, enjoying your life in the Glade. With you in his thoughts he released his grip on the ivy and began his descent. 

“Newt, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you” Thomas said, glancing down at the older boy. Tears were running down his face and he didn’t even bother to wipe them away. He just let them fall. 

“It’s okay Tommy,” Newt said, standing up. He clapped the Greenie round the shoulder before walking away. Needing a breather. But before he could get too far Thomas called out to him again. 

“Hey Newt, if you…did what you did, how come you didn’t, you know die” He asked, a little awkward with the question he was asking but his curiosity won out over everything else. 

Newt smiled at the question, glancing at Minho and Alby on the other side of the Glade before turning back to Thomas and answering, “I guess I wasn’t as alone as I thought.” 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your writings so if you like the headcannon could you write it for me as I know you would do a far better job than myself! It's that Sirius and Marlene didn't really get on that well to begin with but they join together when they decide to give Lilly and James a small push towards each other to get there relationship started! Thanks a bunch!

A/N: thank you so much dear :) Anyway, here it goes, I hope you like it!

“I will not go out with you even if you were the last person on this planet!” Lily snapped angrily and left the common room fuming.

“You almost have her, mate” Sirius encouraged him.

However, the blonde girl who was working on her charms essay shook her head “no he doesn’t”. Her blue eyes were fixed on her parchment as her long legs were crossed under the table.

“Don’t be so nice, McKinnon” Sirius snorted.

Marlene lifted up her gaze and glared at him “what? It’s the truth… he’s not going anywhere with that strategy”.

“My strategy is perfect, thank you very much” James said rather offended.

Marlene sank the end of her quill in the ink bottle and kept on writing “oh yeah, very perfect… maybe next time, she’ll say that she rather have dragon pox” she mumbled sarcastically and then added “but what should I know? It’s not like I’m one of her best friends or anything”. 

As she spoke, Marlene couldn’t help to press her quill with more strength than usual; she hated when people underestimated her.

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