that blog is a joke

first of all,, how dArE u come into MY HOUSE,,,, into MY LIVING ROOM sitting on THIS COUCH,, come in here and shit on my sweet blueberry muffin boy maxwell beaumont unBELIV omg see urself out plz and THX


since no one seems to be happy with lgbt, mogai, or any other acronym or umbrella term, i came up with a new one that i think is gonna cover all our bases:

mpreg = marginalized people of romantic, erotic and gender


She keeps him on a short leash.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

Origins, Pt. 1


He’s doing the Chat equivalent of grooming his tail and glaring at the hooman who dared touch it xD

Stormy Weather / Climatika

Bonus Bonus:



Akko: Hey mommy, can you pass the salt?

Ursula & Diana: *reaches for the salt*

Ursula: *violent staring*

Diana: *sweats nervously*