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Family (Teamiplier x Reader)

Request: Can I request a teamiplier x platonic friend reader where she is really sad and they keep her company and they all have a movie night.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Platonic, Teamiplier x fem!reader

Summary: The reader has a family member who’s in the hospital, and she’s super sad and worried but the team is there to cheer her up!!

A/N: okay this one was honestly so cute that like i died a bit???? goodness i feel like the team would be so caring and supportive ahhh i need friendships like this in my life smh

You walked around the offices, obviously sad and sulking. As your legs got tired of walking, you sat down on the couch and let your chin rest in your hands as you stared at the wall. It was very comforting but it’s better than having your legs ache as you wait for some sort of motivation to work. You felt guilty for not editing anything in the past few hours that you’d been at work, but it was difficult. It was completely understandable, even if you thought otherwise, you simply had your cousin on your mind. To say at the least, you were extremely worried. Ethan was the first to walk into the room and notice something was wrong.

Walking slowly over to you, without being noticed, he sat down and looked at you concerned. He stared to you, then the wall, then you, then the wall, obviously very confused. Soon he spoke up, “hey Y/N… are you alright? You’re uuhh pretty involved with that wall there heheh..” Ethan laughed a bit and slightly nudged you. When he first spoke you jumped and looked at him alarmed, you relaxed as you processed it was Ethan. You smiled a bit sadly.

“Heh yeah I’m fine, I guess I’m just kinda out of it tonight. Seriously don’t worry about it, I’ll get right back to work!” You quickly stood up, but was pulled back down gently.
“What’s actually wrong Y/N? You know you can talk to me right?” The concern in his eyes made you melt. See, you were closer to Ethan than anyone else in Teamiplier because you’re closer in age and you two clicked with a brother-sister bond almost as soon as you two met.

Of course Amy and Kathryn were your close girlfriends, you three were almost always out to get away from the boys to just go see a movie or chill somewhere.

Mark tried hard to be some protective kind of dad since you were the youngest and felt the need to protect you from everything, it was honestly super funny since he’s so childish.

Tyler and you had a fun connection, sometimes you guys were the trouble makers. Starting prank wars, invading on certain things, hell he even scared off a date you were supposed to have one night by pouring freezing water. He thought it was you, he was deeply sorry but you found it hilarious. 

But none of it could compare to how much Ethan cared, joked around, and helped you. You were so thankful for them all, if you were being honest.

“I know I know, I’m sorry. It’s just I’m really worried about a family member right now,” Ethan gave a questioning stare, “..they have a blood clot in their lungs. My cousin does, and I was really close with them when we were younger. I just.. don’t want to lose them!!” You cried out a bit and tears started to fall. Ethan quickly pulled you into an embrace, telling you comforting words. 

Soon the rest of the team came to the room where you and Ethan were, obviously wanting to know what the commotion was. Amy and Kathryn were first to run over to you. Amy sat next to you grabbing your hand, Kathryn sat on the floor. Mark came and sat next to Ethan while Tyler went to stand behind Kathryn with his arms crossed, looking concerned. 

“Hon what’s wrong?” Amy asked, looking up at Ethan. Everyone else nodded, wanting to know what was up. Ethan quickly explained what was wrong, since you could barely speak through the small hiccups. Everyone gave tiny oh’s and you felt more arms around you along with even more words of comfort.

“Please don’t worry..” 

“I’m sure they’ll be okay!” 

“Aww please don’t cry or else I’ll cry…”

“We’re here to support you Y/N”

“Exactly! You’re a big part of this family, so we’ll care as much as you do!” Soon everyone pulled away and you wiped your tears away, smiling. You couldn’t stop smiling, you loved them all so much you felt so lucky. What could you do without them all? Laughing at how amazing you felt you shook your head slowly.

“Goodness I love you all so freaking much.. I felt alone earlier dealing with the news but you all helped so much. I don’t know how I could survive without such amazing friends like you!” You exclaimed, everyone awed and agreed. Soon Mark jumped up and went over to a cabinet filled with movies. You eyed him and asked what he was doing. 

“Since I am quite bored, and we need a good mood booster, we should watch the BEST movie in all time. Which happens to be your favorite hahah,” Mark pulled down a movie case you couldn’t see, since the room was rather dim-lighted, and stood in front of you grinning, “The one and only… TOY STORYYY!” Mark sat down in front of the Blu-ray and inserted it. You and the others laughed. Kathryn went to go make some popcorn as the previews played as everyone got comfortable. 

Grabbing a pillow you found yourself comfortable on the floor instead, Ethan joined you and you laid your head on his shoulder. Mark and Amy sat in the corner of the couch with Mark’s arm around her as she snuggled into his chest, stretching their legs across the sofa, but left enough room for Tyler to settle in on the opposite side of them. Kathryn came back with three big bowls, one for the three on the couch, one for you and Ethan to share, and one for herself. Kathryn sat in a chair that was next to the couch on Mark and Amy’s side 

You sighed contently, glancing at everyone who was mainly focused on the movie.

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