that bird that doesnt have a name yet

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You mentioned you had a lone wolf character idea floating around? That sounds cool, I hope you can tell us more about it some time :D dude your art is amazing and you are just great at fleshing out the characters personalities in even the really simple sketches, i'd love to see more of your OCs and stuff ^^

im late in a response like always BUT THANKS SO MUCH FRIEND!!! ;v;

here he is btw 

He got kicked out of the clan by selling one of his brothers to the birds of paradise to save his own life I guess? I had a whole idea of him showing up again and Kagome mistakenly giving an act of kindness to him and then he gets attached to her and begs her for food all the time and eventually repeats transgression with her and getting promptly beaten the shit out of for it. Just generally being pretty pathetic. And his pelt is black.