that biitch

I’m so proud of Daniel

Like first look at him when the other rappers were trying to sing

“biitch I’m going to teach you how its done”

And he does

Then its tme to learn the choreo and the teacher asks if someone can lead and

Hell yeah he can, have you seen him dancing? check out his insta if you haven’t @realdefdanik

and the teacher is like “he’s good”

It was not shown when the teachers watched his video but he did went up to class A

So korea better stop sleeping on him and get him on the top 11 for next week

thats right kids i’m doing one of these lmao (i am a Master of graphic design)

hello everyone it’s alice and i hit my first follower goal so here’s my first follow forever lmao ! i remade nearly 2 months ago and now i have all of u beautiful mutuals and i just wanted u to know that i Love and appreciate u all… i sound very soft and honestly i am but enough of me ily all keep up the good work etc etc 💌❤️🌹💫

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astrology is truly powerful. i once did the chart of this new friend but it was.. so not her? so inaccurate? i was like biitch this can't be true. so my scorpio ass did some digging on this person and i discovered that she was faking her birthday and her name, she pretended to be someone else. she said she was jealous of her best friend at her old town and stole her name, birthday and pretended to be her, this was the creepiest thing i've seen. anyway she moved cities again because of me


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fave mutuals for eachmember?

skdhhfgh i love them all but i’ll put these down for now!!

namjoon: @expensivegrl @namjooniewifey 
seokjin: @virjin
yoongi: @yoongissleeve @jiminsa @darkhairsuga @darksuga @yoongihoneys
hoseok: @eatsjins @4hobii @silkhobi @hix-verse @kingshixtape
jimin: @17pjm @jiminsa @lollyhaze @heolseoks @readybredy @recrush
taehyung: …here we go @artistictae @taeboos @taetle @taelents @tae-me-everything @rapgodkth @lovelytaeh @kitaeb @winktaes
jungkook: @poutyguk @ibegin @ayojeon

sry if i didnt get everyone sdjkhf every mutual is automatically my favorite mutual i tried to do this off the top of my head ..basically

luv u all 💗🍯💛💖🌙🌺💘

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Oi, voltei a pouco tempo para o tumblr. Me indica uns tumblr??

@negadurap, @rueirow, @ninhodorap, @badegal, @mascara-da-rua, @desxrientad0, @myrulessk8, @cafetando, @opixaim @srtadoprazer, @umamaloqueira, @sem-mascara, @semheroi, @na-sintonia, @daestrella, @detento-do-rap, @supremecia, @comptontrap, @rap-de-cristo, @donadaviela, @putagoals, @medhusa, @nikes-mami, @gangxpics, @se-oriente-doidao, @rap-nosangue, @rap-on, @rap-orienta, @xarlequinaa, @rap-gold, @mefode, @formada-em-negro, @rapcrl, @minadmadruga, @mentevivaz, @evite-me, @all-tribess, @mamxcita, @ofrap, @rap-d-e-responsa, @rap-gold, @culturadorap, @conexao-da-rua, @oriente-o-mundo, @orapevoz, @ainda-ontem, @atividade-marginal, @atividadenavila, @aprendi-no-rap, @2utrp, @a-hurricane, @traficand0-rap, @universo-sem-lei, @lisergiaaa, @rainhabt, @realidade-cruel, @lei-da-rua, @soldado-da-rua, @5o-niggaz, @roleta-macabra, @rapnega, @guerreiros-leais, @guriaderua, @bem-orientada, @baixadacruel, @aperto-um-ret, @rapsuicida, @arte-do-barulho, @arte-bandida, @artigo-19, @taaaamo-ai-na-atividade, @outralei, @no-sapato, @criado-na-rua, @bbyygiiirll, @privacx, @preciozinha, @bbygirllla, @filhadorap, @rap-maconha-sexo, @coezoiudinha, @dangger, @crlmano, @mina-dpaz, @imperio-dascacheadas, @saudoso-maloca, @o-r-a-p-nacional, @vibe-do-rap, @traficante-da-paz, @jahmaik, @bulletmyhead, @meno-do-rap, @relatei-rap, @fanatica-do-rap, @magrin-das-rimas, @soldado-da-periferia, @arte-da-realidade, @amiga-intima-do-rap, @eorap, @suburbano-vagabundo, @rap-hoje, @ofblck, @rap-de-trincheira, @little-biitch

Weißt du was das Problem mit den Drogen ist.?
Irgendwann nimmst du die Drogen nicht mehr weil es nur Spaß macht. Du nimmst sie, weil du sie brauchst. Du kannst dir dein Leben nicht mehr ohne den Rausch vorstellen.
Es fängt an mit Zigaretten &’ Alkohol, dann fängt man an zu kiffen, zu ziehen &’ irgendwann schmeißt du dir dein erstes Teil.
Doch auch das reicht dir irgendwann nicht mehr. Du suchst dir immer mehr, was du konsumieren kannst, bis du irgendwann komplett abrutschst.
—  drug-biitch

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How do you think stenbrough came out to the other losers? :)

I strongly believe in something along the lines of what I described when that anon asked me to write stenbrough as friends with benefits. I mean, I think they both had a very Let it Be approach to it. They took baby steps, letting it show here and there. Ben was already in a long-distance relationship with Bev (This is my benverly headcanon, by the way), so Ben no longer resented Bill, and Bill had completely realized his brief attraction to Beverly was just a product of his fascination with how much of a free spirit she was.
Like, Bill admired her a lot for her acting skills. He eventually understood she became a sort of celebrity crush of his. But now it was clear that what he felt for Stan was the real deal. The realest.
And they just go with the flow. Mike, for example, thinks it’s funny when Stan and Bill do something couples do and look from side to side wondering if that was noticeable. Being older, it’s all crystal clear to Mike; and he has been so overwhelmingly busy trying to better his grades, do a lot of extra projects as fast as he can. Get into a great college. Mike wishes that kinda of “silly” thing was all he had to worry about… But he only plans on finding himself a girl when he is already at his college dorm.
Sometimes he wants to make little remarks about what he is seeing, but he never actually acts on that impulse ‘cause my boy was raised right! and knows it’s not his place to out anyone.
But Richie and mostly Eddie start to catch him looking at Stenbrough like a proud papa of the puppies in love, and they both hadn’t noticed at the same time as Mike ONLY because they are so obsessed with one another already, LOL

So yeah, one day they just decide to pay attention to what has Mike thinking hanging out with them is so funny, reddie internally goes like “OH! Bill and Stan are in love. OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD, STENBROUGH IS A THING!!! and their brains run in circles screaming and freaking out, but that’s just for like a day, and they never say it aloud either, they talk about it privately and on the next day everyone is just back to being The Losers Club: Papa Mike and his four gay sons, Featuring Uncle Ben.. who BTW is already also starting to worry about college cause Ben is an overachiever and wants an early admission SO BAD, so he can move to Portland faster, he hasn’t yet ‘cause he is so hashtag DONE with moving around all the time, and he is still kinda in disbelief that he is actually with Bev now, so if their relationship lasts until he is accepted to a college where she is, then he will know he can breathe, and it’s real. 

Aaaanyway, sorry for not describing a lot of Stenbrough here, but I just meant to say I feel that Stan and Bill coming out to their friends was just a natural chain of events… When reddie came out they made such a Scene ™, Stan and Bill knew they could never top that, and they are both too soft and shy to want that anyway. So one fine day, when they are leaving the place they all went out for dinner; Richie goes like: “Until next time, love birds.” It’s not a finger pointed at them, it’s just a signal that ~they know~… And Stan is suddenly just kinda like “I guess we might as well…” and he pulls Bill closer by the sleeve of his sweater, puts his own arm around Bill’s shoulders and they walk towards the sunset like that, Stan kisses Bill’s hair, looks back and declares: // I’m walking this one home tonight.// (!!!!!) And they never did that before, they always went different directions before that evening, and in that moment Bill is just the happiest boy alive, and honestly, pardon my FrENch but BIITCH ME TOO!!! the fuuuck <3 <3 heart eyes fireworks lots of rainbows and confetti, like GODS BE GOOD party up people

*broken machine noises*

SO I reached 400 followers.. I wanted to do a follower forever. Please don’t feel left out if you’re not on here! Some of you aren’t on due to the fact we’ve either barely RPed or just started! Some of the people i started RPing with are put under people I admire from afar.

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