that better be ur url

mahal-tuition  asked:

🕛 📚 🎨

i luv ur url lmao

🕛  Do you study better in the morning or at night? – tbh both ??? it doesnt rly matter for me it just rly depends on my mood

📚  Do you prefer to use spiral notebooks or composition books? – omfg depends for which subject ?? but i find it comfy 2 write on composition notebooks bc theres no spiral disturbin ur hand but idk i hav a lot of spiral notebooks too 

🎨  What colors do you like your notes to be? – im leanin more towards b & w notes now ?? but with a bit of color so ya 

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purplesummar  asked:

if u wanna feel better about ur old self.... my first url was mcfuckin 'aspennerdhouse'. wtf does that even mean

This could be a few things

A spen nerd house

As pen nerd house

Aspen nerd house

I do not know which is correct. The only part for certain is nerd house

Nerd house is the only certainty in life

scattered-wings  asked:

Why do people change URLs so much, so constantly? Like, Im super curious as to the reasons why. :0

lol tbh i changed my url a lot bc my interests are changing as well

my url define what im interested in

back then i used to use naruto url but now my interest is changed, i don’t really invest in naruto anymore so thats why

most of the time i feel like i havent have a good url so i always feel unsatisfied with my current url

sometimes i changed it because it’s new anime season, new anime new url smth like that

i know url supposed to be someone’s identity but you know it starts become a habit when people change url a lot and im telling u it’s not good, it’s better if you dont change ur url a lot, but honestly i cant help it

slateport-city  asked:

Umm I can't get that club emoji but...


You’re my: youre a cherished mutual!!!

How I met you: i saw ur url around a lot n decided to follow n im glad i did!!

Why I follow you: you have quality posts and ur a very nice person, you give off Good vibes!!!

Your blog is: REALLY GOOD!!

Your URL is: EVEN BETTER!! this url and ur old one are both so good!!

Your icon is: I LIKE IT!!

A random fact I know about you: you have a tag for may bc you really like her!!

General opinion: you seem super wonderful and i love seeing you around!! i hope things are going great for you!!
ALSO u have a very cute art style!!

A random thought I have: i need to shower but im tired!


anorkie answered: GAMZEE.
Anonymous asked you: Kanaya
rockstarbiologist asked you: JOHN CROCKER
swagicbackstory answered: ?????karkat????
elijahelegia said: Vriska
bleedinginkandsugar answered: Dirk Strider
baconmuffin24 said: Erisolsprite

These were actually so I could force my misery onto all of them, mwahahaha. Drawn in order suggested. This is the worst cold I have ever had and I am a disgusting mess. 

If one more person tries to deny the wage gap between able bodied men and the rest of the population I will throw my university education and sociology textbooks at them.