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from someone who just recently figured this out: positive attitude is key, self love is key. by having these things you attract better people, better situations, and better outcomes. you attract positivity, which can make things much easier and much better for yourself. 💛💛💛

Do you ever just sit there and think about how different Supernatural would be if Sam and Dean were girls?

Something I have learnt is that self-love should be unconditional. It shouldn’t be contingent on simply feeling good, or looking good, or especially what other people think. Love yourself even when you feel ugly, when you messed up that exam, when you’ve spent the whole day in bed doing absolutely nothing, when you relapsed, when you fought with someone you care about etc… Forgive yourself, move on, and carry on in the direction of love.

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AHHHHH okay sorry for sending another one but that anon request made me so happy with those two precious souls like reading your headcanons made my shitty day better. I don’t know if you can do this since it’s like waaaay into the future but can you do married life headcanons with Sheiji? Or how tooru reacts to them dating . Again thank you !

Oh no I’m sorry you’ve been having a shitty day! Mmmm in that case, instead of a headcanon, how about a snippet? :D They’re not married yet, but this is their first day moving in together. (Remember how I said Eiji is just a ball of hormones? That ends up getting flipped on its head as they get older) Also my friend just drew their older selves so go check that out I can’t stop screaming!! Enjoy!

“Ok,” Shinji said with a groan, pushing the last box of books into the corner, “I think that’s the last of them.”

“You own a fuckton of books, Jiji. Have you seriously read all of these?”

“Most of them,” Shinji nodded, wiping his forehead, “Wanna call it a day? I’m starving.”

Eiji let his hands stretch up over his head, letting out a groan of his own. “Yeah. I’ll see if I can whip something up.”

“Ramen is fine, Eiji.”

“Ramen is not fine! Like hell we’re gonna have freaking cup of noodles on our first night together!”

Shinji laughed, sitting down on one of the boxes, opening up his bottled water and taking a sip, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our fridge has nothing in it.”

Eiji sat down next to him, upon which Shinji offered him the bottle. He took it, taking a few sips before handing it back. “Ok, fair enough. We could eat out, though.”

“Do you really think we should be spending money at this point?” He said, capping the bottle.

“Jijiiiii,” the alpha huffed, dropping his head on the omega’s shoulder, grumbling into his neck, “It’s our first night togetherrrr. It’s special!”

Shinji giggled, flinching in an attempt to get the alpha to stop, “Eiji—that tickles—”

The alpha gasped, in a way that was so dramatic Shinji’s first thought was that maybe they forgot to pack something really important.

“Shit! I forgot! Get up get up—”


He was pulled up to his feet, and dragged to the front of their apartment, upon which Shinji was pushed out of their front door, water bottle still in hand and completely shoeless. Panic rose in the omega, because sometimes Eiji got really weird ideas that he didn’t really know how to deal with, despite being together for so long.

“E-Eiji?” he tried, knocking on the door, “This isn’t funny—”

The door opened to reveal Eiji wearing one of the largest grins Shinji had ever seen.

He made a face, “What—”


The omega stiffened, letting the true meaning of those words sink into his skin. Shaking with adrenaline, he burst through the door and kicked it closed, lunging for the alpha and wrapping his arms around Eiji’s neck, water bottle dropping from his grasp.


They fell, Eiji taking most of the blow, Shinji still on top of him, claiming his lips. “Shinji,” he tried, but the way Shinji was tugging at his lips was making it hard to speak, “We’re in the entrance—”


“And we’re sweaty—”

“Mmm…” the omega traced the alpha’s lips, in a way that was innocent, almost, in a way that made Eiji’s heart race like nothing else really could. There was just something about the way Shinji’s eyes sharpened, sometimes. Even behind his glasses, it was a dangerous kind of expression.

“Bed,” he managed between kisses, “Shinji—bed—“

The omega laughed into his neck, tugging at his scent glands with his teeth, “Does what we have even classify as a bed?”

“It’s…a mattress so…close enough?”

Shinji giggled against his skin again, making Eiji’s hairs stand up on end, and from the way the omega was looking at him now, Eiji got the feeling they’d never make it to that makeshift bed of theirs.

But that sort of thing…there wasn’t anything Eiji could really complain about.


ZARD - “Don’t You See”

atm i cant draw anything to my liking but when i get over this stump i will draw more of @iacediai amazing au cause i dont think ive loved an au this much in so long oh man