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I have no words to describe how proud I am of having met Choi Minho, for having discovered (unintentionally) this wonderful person who makes me happier and more in love with him every day.
Minho is a wonderful man in so many different ways that it’s difficult not to fall in love for all his sides, for all sides he lets us see. I know he’s a lot more than we see, from what he shows on concerts and tv shows, and I really wanted to get a chance to get to know him all of him, but I know it’s impossible and I’m realistic enough to know this.
Minho goes far beyond his physical appearance, his beauty that makes people praise him.
Reading his interviews that year, I’m proud of him opening up so much today and saying what he thinks and how he suffered when he debuted. How he still is hard with himself for not being better, how he reads and accepts criticism, even if it hurts him. He is a person who can recognize his own mistakes, learn from it, and try his best to improve, to be better.
Minho is always there when his friends, family, and SHINee members need him. He is always ready to support them, to remind them that they are important, that they are everything to Minho, and that is a quality that few have. I love how Minho likes to take care of everyone and this is a loving way of showing that he cares.
I just want him to be very happy because he deserves to be loved, and I’m sure he is. I wish he had a great day today with the members and fans who will be able to celebrate this special day with him.

Pride of being a fan, pride in be in love, proud to meet such a wonderful person, proud to know that years come and go and Choi Minho will only become a better person with each passing day. Proud to be shawol proud to be a flamer.

Happy birthday, my beautiful baby, my dongsaeng, the man of my dreams, my prince, my king. I love you very much and I will be here by your side, on the other side of the world, forever.


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Towards Better Days


<Main Verse Canon>

The shrieks and cries broke any silence in and around the Underground, for only a moment. A winged beast of shadow and null lurked throughout the land, searching for it’s connection and it’s little light friend. It was hungry and it’s corruption and food supply was almost gone, judging by it’s belly, it was obvious what would be happening to it’s hostage and future offspring.

Fir Fate.

Hearing the shrieks, Cam looked at the special phone once more, pursing her lips in concern before bolting out of the camp and towards Snowdin. Gently she slipped the phone in her pocket as she ran- She was here and the human could tell she was weaker now due to hunger. She needed to find Sans.

That was the thing, though, he could be and could come from anywhere. In her rushed stress, she couldn’t help but mumble to herself. 

“Oh, you better hope that we run into each other before I make it to your house. I will not search for you when she’s right on top of us.”

Although it’s a really simple concept, humans still don’t get it. Always be thankful. Love a little more bravely, hate less intensely. You wouldn’t want your last footprint in this world to be a spiteful thing said to a friend, or an impatient shrug when your family asks how your day has been. You never know when the clock in you stops ticking, so live bravely while it does. 

But rly ya'll

Thank you guys for being so nice to me today for real, I got tagged in brilliant Raúl pictures that made the waiting rooms so much less awful, and got some well wishes from amazing people, and I just love ya’ll. I needed smiles and I got so many.

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