that beltbuckle


My Superhero OCs

Oliva Labs and Tyler Tier

Also known as-

Virtual Reality and Beast

In their necklace and beltbuckle holds a chip to active their power at the fullest with the help of these two creatures

Chip and Wire

(They can use their some of their powers out of costume or turn it off out of costume so nothing bad happens but they don’t know that yet)

They both 18 and in last year of school
They live in the U.K.
Olivia is part Irish and British
Tyler is part German and British
She is a gamer,artist and tech wiz
He is a scientist(in mostly animal
biology)and gymnast
Tyler and Olivia are really good friends
and have a big crush on each other
VR and Beast have a good partnership and act like siblings
That’s all for now this is for my
webcomic that I want to make but for now this is just the start

anonymous asked:

AHH about ur ocs Sofiti and Quinn (who are just SO CUTE i love them) um ok for sofiti how does she feel abt krells sort of reckless sort of plans does she follow them to the T or like kind of try 2 work w the clones to ease it a bit? Does she fight out in the front w them or does krell keep her in the rear? how does she feel abt clone chatter regarding her master (which w obv be kinda negative) also has she ever worked w other padawans/masters (before krell died)

Omg hi thank you so much! o lawdy I hope i can answer all of that haha

this got really long so imma put a cut here lol :,D

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