that belongs in a museum


On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you” happy birthday @amazingphil ! 

reasons not to kiss her

1.) this sort of love is not allowed. you are both too soft, and the world around you is all knives and chipped teeth

2.) no one ever taught you how to love. your war paint and scarred hands could never hold her like she deserves

3.) no one has ever loved you this full surely you would drown in it all

4.) she belongs in a museum, and you are merely here to gaze. look around you, all the signs scream ‘do not touch’

5.) she touches you like youre fragile, and if you break you wont be able put yourself together again

6.) she is all bubblegum skies and chapped stick kisses, and you cannot watch the love run out of another persons eyes

7.) if you jump, she might catch you, and then youd have to watch as she tumbled through the dark

8.) her gaze is too gentle. you will not be the one to tell her that not everything can be fixed with a smile

9.) she is so good. she is so good, and you cannot ruin one more good thing

10.) you will not watch her crumble under the weight of your sins. she is too light, too breathless to be caught up in the dizziness of your heart

reasons to kiss her

1.) she loves you, and her eyes are closed, and didnt your mother ever tell you not to leave a good thing waiting

—  lessons in listening to your heart, and not your head

Peter Scanavino  - A Gifted Man Pt 1 of 100 probably because it took me forever just to do 10 minutes because he’s so good in it and so engaging I just keep watching and forgetting to actually cap the scene. Every second is so good! If you haven’t seen this yet….FIND IT!

okay but….post-destroy liara and javik indianna-jones-style adventures???

liara [to attackers]: it belongs in a MUSEUM!
javik [irritably]: as it is a prothean artefact and I am the only surviving prothean, it belongs to me
liara: ….it belongs either to him or in a MUSEUM!

shep and garrus have to come bail them out a couple times, and liken it to getting their kids from the headmaster’s office…


The Confederate Flag & Other Relics That Belong in a Museum

In a few hours, the Confederate flag that flies on the grounds of the state capitol in South Carolina will be taken off its specially-designed flagpole and moved to a museum. While we’re in a curating mood, I’d like to suggest a few more items to send to a museum with the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia: the use of “girl” to describe anyone over the age of 18,  the Robert E. Lee Memorial anything, the word “tranny,” terms like “man up,” Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill, various sports team logos… 

All of the above may be symbols of larger issues, but symbols matter. They’re a shorthand for what we value or de-value as a culture and when they fly above a state building or hang on a bathroom door, they reinforce beliefs and norms that are best left in the past. 

To those who say that removing a symbol from public view won’t substantively change anything, I would argue that the very act of removal changes something. The act of putting the Confederate flag in a museum says to the world and more importantly to ourselves that we as a culture seek to learn from the ugliest episodes of our past. Moving the Confederate flag to a museum doesn’t mean we’re hiding the symbol of the white supremacy that continues to dog us. It means that we are no longer willing to celebrate it.