that belle

Ogni sofferenza, per quanto possa essere radicata nel nostro corpo e nella nostra mente, prima o poi ci lascia liberi. Più liberi.
—  Susanna Casciani, Meglio soffrire che mettere in un ripostiglio il cuore.

non perché si merita 
la tua grazia
ma perché tu
non meriti di portarti dentro 
i suoi errori.”

Gio Evan

I was thinking…

Belle is often shown wearing ridiculously light outfits throughout the seasons (like her shorts in 3x15, when it was snowing, or her plethora of barely-there dresses during the pregnancy), while Rumple wears a suit basically 24/7. That got me thinking that Belle is the kind of person who can tolerate all kind of cold temperatures, but hates heat and probably starts going around in tshirts and shorts as soon as March comes. Rumple, on the other hand, looks like he can easily tolerate the heat, and is probably very sensitive to the cold. 

Basically, I want a crack fic with Rumple and Belle trying to deal with extreme weathers, and reacting in very different ways.