that being said your girlfriend is nice and letting you wear her clothes because yours are all dirty


aka the Reddie soulmate AU no one asked for but I wrote anyway. Once you turn 16 you get a tattoo of the nickname your soulmate uses for you.

Word Count: 7910

The word etched into his skin just belowhis collarbone seemed like a joke to him. It was his sixteenth birthday and he just checked his whole body for the nickname only to find this. He didn’t expect it to be a nickname he already had, especially not the stupidly annoying nickname Richie used.

What was the chance of another person calling him that sometime in the future? It was probably more likely than Richie being his soulmate, his obnoxious best friend who was ridiculously in love with Amy Cardinal. They had been together for months now and Eddie was sure one of these days he was actually going to barf, if Amy called Richie Trashmouth in that sweet voice one more time. Just because the name was tattooed onto Richie’s bicep didn’t mean, she had to use it all the time. It wasn’t like Richie called her Mouse all that often.

Casting one last look at his own tattoo in the mirror, Eddie turned around and quickly pulled on a red polo shirt, making sure it completely covered the tattoo.

The Losers waited for him in front of the school. To wish him a happy birthday, but Eddie knew they were more eager to learn what his tattoo said. He wasn’t going to tell them though. Out of all of them Richie had been the only one to show them right away, flexing his muscles, grinning. “So which one of you fuckers is in love with me? Is it you, Eds? You know it’ll break your mom’s heart if you take me away from her.”

Bev had tried to hide hers at first, but that had only lasted for a couple of days, because she couldn’t wear scarves or turtlenecks forever and the Losers had all seen the word Embers on her neck. This had caused Ben to turn bright red. Eddie didn’t know what nickname Bev had for him, because Ben refused to show them. Not because it was embarrassing, but because of the position of the tattoo, at least that’s what they told them.

They’d all seen Bill’s tattoo once summer started and Richie hadn’t stopped making fun of the name right above his knee since. Eddie secretly thought it was sweet, that Bill’s soulmate would call him their Rock. But Richie wouldn’t be Richie, if he didn’t have a thing to say about it. “You’re about as tough as a marshmallow, Rocky” or “It’s probably because you’re constantly rock hard for this chick.”

And Stan and Mike had succeeded in keeping their tattoos secret for now, although Eddie had seen a glimpse of Mike’s poking out of his waistband the last time they went swimming in the quarry. They didn’t even have a clue where Stan’s was located, which had led to Richie finding numerous ways to get the other boy out of his clothes. One of these days he would get so frustrated about not knowing, he might just set all of Stan’s clothes on fire.

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Bad Girl, Good Girl

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Pairing: fem!reader x Amber 

Genre: smut, angst, fluffiness (booyah), mommy!amber

A/N: For my little bub of sunshine, C. I’ll keep you a none of the musts! Kinda short considering I’m not too good with mommy!kink stuff yet. So…errr yeah.

You finally took time out of your busy life to go and support your girlfriend at f(x) concert. You guys haven’t been spending time together due to both of your schedules being jammed packed with meeting and flying wherever money calls. It’s in that time that you guys grew closer but also fought a lot due to misunderstandings. All of that was in the back of your mind when you slipped on a tight fitting dress, showing off your curves. Why not look like the baddest bitch in the room?

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Countdown Part 1/5

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, suggestive themes etc. (not actual smut), soulmate au

Soulmate au: Every one has a timer, counting down to the time when they first meet their soulmate

!Do not repost!

Status: Finished  1 2 3 4 5 (Bonus)


You glanced around anxiously. The gentle afternoon heat contributing to the sweat on your neck. It was a rather busy street.


You breathed in deeply, trying to calm yourself down, occasionally glancing at your palm.


Time is running so slowly all of a sudden.


Wild, incoherent thoughts running through your mind, your breathing quickened as your mind blanked with anxiety. ‘What ifs’ filled your mind.


What if he is not here?


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[Translation] Wink Up June 2017 - やまけとの歩み

Wink Up June 2017: やまけとの歩み
Never knew that it will be this long! I take a longer time because of my hectic work. I think I used up all my brain cells to finish this. Anyway I’m trying my best to translate. In case you did found any mistake please tell me so that i can improve my translation. Thank you!


No records on year 2006-2007

Year 2008: Be in the same group and become best friends.

Keito’s goal is “To be able to dance as cool as Yamada”
Okamoto : I received a big mirror as Christmas present. I want to dance as cool as Yamada so I’m going to use this mirror a lot during practice. (March 2008 issue)

Among JUMP member, which one is the father and the mother?
Yamada: The father would be Keito! He is the most calm among the member. Isn’t weird for a junior high school student would be this calm? Everyone are making lots of noise, but he will be quietly reading his English novel alone. This is no other like a father isn’t? But sometimes, there are times where this thing is broken. That time I realised that “Keito is actually a junior high school student” (laugh) (April 2008 issue)

Year 2009: Just notice our same age on 2nd year of group formation.

More stories about Yamada revealed during MC
Nakajima: Because of the tense, there will be separate MC and it’s getting difficult isn’t. In this MC will Keito working hard?
Yamada: But he’ll just talk about useless thing.
Nakajima: So Keito has lots of stories about Yamada. Based on how he looks at Yamada, he is showing the look like “I’m going to tell something about him”. That’s looks interesting (laugh).
Okamoto: “Yamada put his finger in the electric fan” are one of my first stories.
Yamada: Wait, why would you say that here? (Laugh). The fans would be worried. I didn’t injured myself so everyone please do not worry. Everyone please don’t try this at home.
Okamoto: And Yamachan, recently he’s frequently punching me..
Yamada: Keito, he’s recently getting used with my punch so it’s getting boring. So I’ll tell you, I only let out 50% of my energy. And looks like Keito’s level are getting up, so from now I’ll increasing my energy to 60..70% (October 2009 issue)


Yamada: By the way Keito, you are in wich grade now?
Okamoto: High 2
Yamada: Eh, that’s the same as me?! I thought you are one year higher. Are you kidding me~~~
Everyone: Eh, after such long time (laugh)?
Yamada: I thought Keito is the same age as me!
Arioka: Isn’t good? Your knowledge has increased!
Yamada: So it’s ok for me to start judging him? Our age gap is near! And he always touching his arm, summer’s weather must be humid for him (laugh)!
Nakajima: I get it! Keito even with anyone the distance between them are so near! When the staff talk to him, they need to step back behind a bit.
Okamoto: I have low voice , so everytime when I talk to other people, they will say “eh?”, so I thought it would be better if I talk to them more closely… (November 2009 issue)

Year 2010: Begin to spend lots of time together even in private.

Keito crying when he can’t reach the meeting place

From Keito’s no 1 subject….
Yamada: He’s no 1 cry baby.
Okamoto: I’m not!
Yamada: You cried the other day! Me, Daichan, Chinen and Keito had a meeting the other day, but he’s getting lost and he cried.
Okamoto: it’s not like that! If you’re not describing the location to me properly, I will getting lost like a kindergarten child (laugh). I couldn’t find the location you described to me and wondered around in hurry. I have made everyone waiting for me. And i thought that i have trouble everyone.
Nakajima: Keito is surprisingly nice. Look! You can cry now. It’s ok now! So start crying!
Okamoto: I don’t feel like crying. But those kind words you told me, you will make me crying like an elementary school kid so stop it.
Nakajima: AHAHAHA! Is it not good? (Laugh)
Yamada: We are surprised too, so we asked him “why are you crying?”

Year 2011: Surprised at Keito’s new side

Jealousy towards gentleman’s side of Keito?!

Chinen: If everyone had a girlfriend, how would you show your feelings in front of her?
Nakajima: Keito is a gentleman so he seems like will be nice to all the girls (laugh).
Chinen: I get it, he looks like will listen to anything his girlfriend say. Like a butler?
Keito: What did you say a butler (laugh)! It’s like devoted type, this is a better way to say it!
Chinen: And then he will go “I’ll do anything for you, you should do the same thing to me too” and then that relationship happens.
Okamoto: Isn’t such thing is expected at the end?
Yamada: Keito, I will not forgive you if you’re meddling with my girlfriend! Even if you’re just being usually kind, i will not forgive you!
Nakajima: Me too! I will beat you with my drum sticks! (laugh)
Okamoto: Since all of us doesn’t have girlfriend, so that’s not threatening me (laugh). And Yuto, now you are holding your drum sticks for real (laugh). But let me say it, in my eyes, I only see the girl that I like so such things you say wouldn’t happen (March 2011).

Q. In Junior days, being as back dancers in which concerts that was fun?
Chinen: About this, Keito doesn’t have any experience as back dancers.
Yamada: Seriously?!
Okamoto: ah that’s right~ As for me, the very first choreographer I remembered was (Hey! Say!)
Yamada: isn’t rather recent? (Laugh). Being as the Senior’s back dancer, we can take part in the tour and it was fun.
Chinen: Right! It’s a little bit pity if you are not be able to experience that. To be honest I only experienced it once.
Yamada: Eh really?!
Chinen: Yeah, I’m only being as the back dancers for NEWS but for tour only for KAT-TUN
Nakajima: Me and Yamachan have pretty much experience.
Yamada: Yosh Keito! Even now it’s still not too late. You can go being a back dancer!
Okamoto: Eh, for Sexy Zone? (Laugh).
Yamada: AHAHAHA! That’s good! Senpai as Kouhai back dancer! (Laugh). I’m going to watch it
Okamoto: If you say that it would be good there then I would be glad to do it (December 2011 issue)

Year 2012: Keito begin to be in love with Yamada

Yamada showing his tsundere side

Yabu: On『JUMP’s recently』talk’s theme, according to the staff’s information, Inoochan’s team talks about “Recently, Keito is madly in love with Yamada” and the evidence seems increased.
Okamoto: Wait, what’s with that? (Laugh)
Yabu: When Keito talks with Yamada, no matter who calls your name, you won’t hear it…
Yamada & Okamoto: AHAHAHAHA!
Yamada: I’m also aware of that a little. This current Keito, his approach become more great.
Yabu: Even in the other day magazine interview, “Who become more mature? it’s Yamada” he talk about it enthusiastically (laugh). Both of you are really getting along very well
Yamada: That’s right. We hangout quite often.
Okamoto: Also, occasionally we will wear similar clothes. Because we have similar preference in clothes, we tend to buy similar kinds of clothing (June 2012 issue)

Yamada: When we went to watch (PLAYZONE) together, Keito’s tension is too high. He’s become troublesome mode’s person.
Okamoto: It was a continuous holiday, when I know i can meet the members after so long I become too happy.
Nakajima: Ah~ because you love Yamachan right (laugh).
Okamoto: But he’s ignoring me. “Oo Yamachan, it’s been a while” when I said it with the such maximum tension, I’m showing troublesome like face. I’m shock.
Yamada: If it’s for one time I would be happy. But it has been many times over and over again. Normally I won’t say that it’s annoying. I didn’t mean to follow but Keito at the hotel area or in the same room as me, he is actually an easy going person
Okamoto: seriously?! Yess!
(October 2012 issue)

Year 2013: Yamada usual strictness towards Keito (laugh)

Keito is chosen as his member’s mutual affection.
Yamada: I told you before this talk begins. Keito! I’m going to buy that yellow sweater you are wearing for our costume today, so you don’t make it dirty! Even one drop of sweat I won’t forgive you!
Okamoto : Ok.. but with that so much pressure it will cause me to sweat a lot (laugh).
Nakajima: Which part of the sweater is your favourite point?
Yamada: The colour and the texture? Roughly because I feel that I like it.
Okamoto : And the most important reason more than anything else is “because I wear it”.
Yamada: Shut up! I’m going to wash it immediately as soon as I get back home! (laugh) Everyone, did you buy the clothes that you like? Are you are the type who goes shopping and buy it? (June 2013 issue)

Q: Stunned! an episode of mutual affection with members.
Yamada: The other day after we appear in a music program, one of the co-star song keep lingering in my head. I’m humming the song in my head but at the moment we get off from our transport, suddenly I sing that one phrase out loud. And then exactly at the same time Keito also sing that phrase too! That coincidence isn’t amazing? Like we only listen to that song once but it keeps lingering in our head for all day long. As for myself it’s like JUMP’s song BOUNCE. And the part “Everybody、JUMP” is the only part that keep playing over and over again (laugh) (September 2013 issue)

Year 2014: Talking about loving each other on 7’s meeting

Yamada at private revealed!

Okamoto: I usually hangout with Yamachan. The Yamachan I met in private, his character is different from the Yamachan I met in JUMP. With JUMP, as usual everyone will tease me. But in private he didn’t do such things, he’s completely a normal person. He’s not that straight and he will listen to all my stories. He’s totally have different look (laugh) (February 2014 issue)

LOVE message to lovable Okamoto Keito!
Yamada: At 7’s meeting, Keito suddenly said to me [You know, I like Yamachan a lot! At the concert I’m always thinking “Sometimes I want to become aa” while watching you]. I’m almost about to cry (laugh). He is totally honest as he can say such thing straightforwardly. I like that side of Keito! (March 2014 issue)

Year 2015: Yamachine affirmed that Keito always being clumsy

Unintentionally teasing him

If Yamada would spoiled you immediately what you want him to do?
Keito: I would like to change our role for 1 day. Today too, as soon as I enter my workplace he asked , “Did you bring Weekly Shonen Jump today?” and when I told him “I didn’t buy it” he said “Go buy it!”. And then, the manager bought it for me and when I thought i’m going to read it, he said “stop it that’s mine”. I also like to do that but if a person who doesn’t know anything saw this, I’m completely running errand for him. That’s why I want to change our role for only 1 day so that I can try to say “Go buy JUMP” or “taste this thing” (laugh) (June 2015 issue)

Yamada: Keito is basically clueless. (Chinen who is nearby also agreed “He is getting clueless, he looks like he’s off guard). He is easily get punched, kicked or attacked by me (laugh). And his reaction when I hit him was “it hurts~” but he said it with a calm tone. Then I will said “It’s hurt isn’t? Let me make it more hurt” (laugh). The way he did that makes me feel to tease him. He is cute isn’t? Because he’s just cute, I’ll unintentionally teasing him. I had never received any payback from Keito. So if he’s going to do that to me, I’ll pay him back double (laugh) (December 2015 issue)

Year 2016: Good friends story talking about same episodes

Discover Keito through the GPS and play darts at Yamada’s house.

An episode where you realised all over again of the importance of member’s love.
Yamada: on the day I finished filming drama early, there’s something I wanted to do with Keito. So when I look at my GPS, I saw him nearby my house. I thought “This is the chance!”. I told him “Sorry, there is something I want you to do, come over for a moment!”. We sit at the veranda there and had a cup of tea. Then I let him go home (laugh). We played darts at my house, talk about the darts. He’s not choosy about the tea so I bring out cold oolong tea (laugh).

Keito: About 3 days ago, I went to Yamachan house for a while. I happened to be near his house when he suddenly called and ask to have a tea with him. He really served the tea and since he has dart board we played for about 15 minutes and then I went home (laugh). Recently I had not seen him in private so I haven’t go to his house for quite sometime.

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The Bride (H.S One Shot)

~ You and Harry have been best friends since you were little and he’s in love with you. But it’s your wedding day and he’s not the one you’re going to marry ~ (angst/fluff)

I love writing angst. Sue me.

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Harry’s whole world collapsed the moment he got your wedding invitation. He wished it was all in his imagination, but no, it was official. It was happening. You were getting married.

He remembered solidly that he was alone in his hotel room half way across the world from where you were when he got that phone call from you at two in the morning telling him that you were engaged. You sounded so thrilled but he was devastated by that news. He knew you’d been seeing a guy for a while but you had never mentioned that you’d ever considered taking your relationship to the next level. Harry hadn’t talked to you ever since he began his tour and that wasn’t how he wanted the conversation to start, with you telling him you were going to be someone else’s wife.

You and Harry never dated. You were his best friend, but to him you hadn’t been just that for so long. He never attempted to make you his girlfriend because he didn’t think he was ready to be in a relationship and he wasn’t sure if you even felt the same way towards him. So Harry decided not to cross the friendship line, his personal life was already so publicly concerned and the last thing he wanted was to lose you to the drama accompanying his fame. You two grew up together and had been through hell and back together. He thought maybe at one point when the time was right, he could finally confess his feelings for you. But it seemed like that right time could never come.

“Hey, you ready?”

Harry turned away from the mirror to face his sister, who was standing at the door in a bridesmaid dress. He gave her a small smile.

“Yeah. You look great, Gem.”

“Jeez, thanks. Y/N does know how to pick a dress,” she said and Harry chuckled thinking about how you’d always had a great taste in clothing.

“She wants to see you.”



“Okay, I’ll be right there,” Harry said and watched his sister leave as he took a deep breath to calm himself down. He was the best man at your wedding because you wanted him to be there next to your future husband as you walked down the aisle and her fiancé was a really nice guy who was more than happy to let Harry play that important role. 

Harry exhaled sharply and hesitated for a few seconds before he knocked on the door of the room you were in.

“Come in,” you said and he turned the doorknob and entered.

“Wow,” was all he could say when he saw you in that dress. You were always beautiful to him but you were more than perfect wearing your wedding dress. Harry felt a blade going straight through the center of his heart when reality striked and made him realize that less than an hour later, you would become someone else’s wife and he would become a broken mess.

“How do I look?” you asked blushing at Harry’s stare.

“You look beautiful, petal.”

“Thank you,” you said and walked to him. He held his breath when you approached. Why was he still feeling that way about somebody’s else future wife? He felt guilty but he couldn’t stop, not when you were standing that close to him, looking like a princess from a story book.

“You look very handsome, H. I’m so glad you’re here,” you told him and reached up to fix his bow tie. His eyes stayed fixed on you as if to capture every feature on your face in his memory knowing he would officially lose you after you said your vows and kissed the love of your life.

“Gemma said you wanted to see me?”

“Right. I’m having some issues. I needed you here.”

“I’m here,” he said locking his eyes on yours. 

“Remember how we always talked about our big days when we were little kids? It’s actually happening right now. And, to be honest, I…I’m scared.”

Harry furrowed his brows as he looked down at you, his hands now in yours and you needed that to give you some kind of emotional support. 

“Why are you scared?”

“I don’t think I can do this, become someone’s wife.”

For a fleeting second, Harry felt immensely elated and his mind was full of hope, but he was quick to come to his senses that you didn’t truly mean what you had said, it was your anxiety speaking, not you.

“What are you talking about, petal? This is your big day. Don’t say that.”

“I know. But…I also don’t know…” You pinched the bridge of your nose and closed your eyes as you breathed faster. “I’m really scared, H.”

“I love my fiancé.” Just as Harry thought he couldn’t be more broken, you stepped on his feelings unintentionally with those four words. “But it’s frightening, the thought of spending the rest of your life with one person. What if we’re just rushing into things? What if I’m not ready for this?”

“I think this feeling is normal. My mum felt the same way right before her wedding with Robin. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You think I’m making the right choice?”

He could’ve said no and told you that you should have canceled the wedding and run away with him. He could’ve said he had always loved you but Harry knew love shouldn’t be a competition and you weren’t the prize to win. He knew how much you loved this guy and he would never try to sabotage something that brought you happiness, even if it meant he would lose you completely in return.

“Are you happy with him?”

“Very much.”

“Then it’s the right choice. You’ll be fine, love,” he said breaking his own heart. You were already tearing up as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled yourself in for a hug. He hugged you back, his eyes shut tightly. He wanted to scream out loud begging you not to leave and telling you he loved you. But it was too late for that now. Whether you two had been made for each other or not, late was still late.

“Thank you for being my best friend. After all these years.” Your voice broke as you tried not to cry because it’d ruin your make-up. You held onto him tighter and whispered into his ear, “I love you, H.

I love you too,” Harry repeated the exact same words, but with a whole different meaning, which you might never get to find out.

“Y/N, Harry, can’t you stay still for once!” Your mother screamed at the two of you as you tackled Harry, laughing when you two fell down on the grass.

“Y/N, you’re gonna get your dress dirty!” your mom shouted again but you were too carefree to listen to her. After all, you were six years old and it was your aunt’s wedding, you were a little bit too excited. You always had a thing for weddings because it was the only event in one’s life where they get to wear a pretty white gown like a princess and everyone cheers for their happy ending.

The ceremony was about to begin so you and Harry hurried back to your seat so the bride could finally make her big entrance. 

“This outfit is itchy,” Harry told you as he looked irritated. You put a finger to your lips and told him to be quiet. The music started playing and everybody turned their heads to watch the bride slowly strolling down the aisle. It occurred to you that all women looked best on their wedding day. At that very moment your aunt was looking like an angel without wings and you were in awe by her beauty.

“Why is Joe crying?” Harry whispered in your ear while pointing at the groom. You rolled your eyes at your best friend and giggled.

“He’s just too happy, he must really love her. You’ll cry on your wedding day too I’m sure.”

“No, thanks. I’ll never have a wedding. You’ll have to kiss a girl and it’s gross.”

“Kissing isn’t bad.”

“What if the other person doesn’t brush their teeth properly?”

“Then marry one who does.”

“Can you two shut up?” Gemma, who was sitting next to you, said in annoyance as she rolled her eyes and then had her brother sticking out his tongue as a response. You, on the other hand, apologized to Gemma and turned your attention back to the bride and the groom who had almost finished their vows. 

“I now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Harry turned his face to you and gave you a look of disgust and suddenly you pressed your lips against his without a forewarning. It was just a peck which lasted for no longer than two seconds but it really shocked Harry. He immediately wiped his mouth like your kiss was toxic and he pushed you away.

“Why would you do that?!”

The expression on his face was hilarious, you thought.

“See? It wasn’t that bad!”

“Gross! Now I have to marry you!”

“You’re such a child! Two people don’t have to get married because of a kiss. We marry who we love.”

“Don’t love me then!” little Harry said to you so you rolled your eyes and told him, “not in a million years.”

Harry never would have thought the words he said that day would someday turn against him. Many years later, he found himself standing in a church, at your wedding, wishing you had loved him like he loved you. Maybe you had loved him, maybe at that point, you still loved him, but he might never know because he was too late. 

The band started playing a soft ballad and the church doors opened wide. You were there in the most beautiful white gown with your father on your side and all eyes were on you. Harry felt his stomach twist and his heart started aching as you took your first steps down the aisle. Your future husband was crying and so were you but both were smiling for it was everything you had ever dreamt off. Harry’s eyes turned to the floor because he knew he would start crying in front of everyone if he kept watching you. You said your vows to your future husband and he said his.“ ‘Til death do us part’ “. Well, little did you know Harry was already a dead man walking.

“I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

You shared a kiss with your husband and all the guests stood up from their seats to cheer for your happy ending. Everyone’s attention was on the newly weds and nobody noticed how Harry was frozen in one place with tears in his eyes and sorrow filled his heart, for his best friend, his soulmate, the only girl he had ever truly loved, was now married.

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“I’m tired of being your dirty little secret-Nate Maloley

Everyone is always excited about school starting back. The new school supplies, clothes, seeing their friends, football games, parties every friday were all the rage. People see me as one of the ‘popular girls’ but those are my friends, i’m just me. I don’t even really fit in with my friends, I don’t really look like them, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. They’re my rock, and I love them. They’re the only people I have let in. They’re the closest thing to a family that actually wants me. 

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I like highschool, but I don’t love it. Its too much pressure to fit a certain way. Don’t be too fat, or too thin. Don’t be too sexual, bit don’t too chaste. Don’t be too smart or too dumb. Be yourself but make sure you fit in. Girls like my friends get boys left and right because they’re what highschool girls are ‘suppose’ to look like. Flawless skin, perfect shaped bodies, perfect hair, great GPA, amazing families, nice clothes and things. Me on the other hand is totally opposite. Boys look at my friends and fight each other just to breath around them, but not so much me. And its fine, I mean I’m used to it.

I love going to games and watching them get the crowd excited. I also like going to the games to see him. I’ve had a stupid heartthrob on this boy for years now. Number 90, Nate Maloley. He’s never noticed me and I never expect him to. 

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Tonight’s the homecoming game and I arrive early enough to watch the homecoming court be announced. I see my friend Elle walk down with her boyfriend and watch them smile and represent our grade. Then I see Nate and his girlfriend Roselyn walk down. He looked at her like she was the most extravagant thing in sight. You probably think I’d hate her or something, but I didn’t because she was the sweetest girl at school. We grew up together and still are friends today. She’s also one of my bestfriends and I love her. So I can’t be mad at her, its just a stupid crush. I’d rather her be happy then to ever know I like him. The crush will pass and everything will be ok.

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“And this years 2016 Homecoming King and Queen are…..Nate Maloley and Roselyn Smith”,the announcer said. Everyone stood up and cheer.

“Hey (y/n), will you take a picture of Nate and I”,Roselyn asked handing me her phone. “Sure will”,you said taking the phone. They did the famous couple pose with her hand on the stomach and his arms wrapped around her. “Cute”,you said giving her the phone back. “These look awesome, you are seriously getting into that film school”,she said looking at the photos. “Yea, hopefully”,you said quietly. “Film school?”,Nate questioned. “Yea, its nothing though”,you said shrugging and looking around trying not to blush. Whenever he talked to you, you turned another shade of pink and you felt a swarm of butterflies fluttering around in your stomach. He made your knees go weak by the sound of his raspy voice. “Whatever! She took all of our senior pictures, and even got a letter from American Film Institute”,Rose said. “I was looking for someone to take my senior photos, can you do mine?”,Nate said. “S-sure, when is good for you”,you said nervously. “How about tomorrow around 3 right here”,he said. “Works for me”,you said giving him a soft smile. “Awesome, hey I wanna see some cheering for me in the stands tonight. Love you Rose”,he said giving her a forehead kiss and running onto the field. “I’m going to go get changed, i’ll be right back”,Rose said heading toward the gym. 

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It was now the fourth quarter and Rose never came back to sit with you. You sat there and watch as the boys scored another touchdown. The buzzer finally buzzed and the boys were still undefeated. You got up and walked down to bleachers to find Rose hanging out with another group of girls. You saw that it was the girls who made your life a living hell at school. They were laughing at something on the phone screen. “Hey Rose, are we still hanging out tonight?”,you asked. Her head shot up quickly and tried to get rid of the app she was on. You noticed it was some pictures of you someone had photoshopped making you look terrible. “Oh um nevermind maybe another time”,you said. The girls laughed at you as you walked fast to your car. “(y/n) wait, I can explain”,Rose said chasing you. “Its okay, I understand. I have to get home”,you said not turning around. You made it to your car and put your head down on the steering wheel and cried. “(y/n), cmon I wanna explain”,Rose said beating her hands on your window. You rolled down the window and faced her. “Did you make those photos?”,you asked hurt. “I did, but I didn’t do it to hurt you. I did it so those girls would like me”,she said. “Well it still hurt, and I didn’t expect it to come from you. If you were my real friend you would’ve never done that to me. I’m barely holding it together as it is, and you just made it a whole lot worse”,you said shaking your head. You rolled up your window and drove off. 

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The next day you wake up and get ready. You drive to the school field and see Nate is already there. You get all your equipment from your car and walk toward the field. “Here let me help you”,he said taking the tripod. “Thanks”,you said. “Ok, lets start with you wearing your letterman jacket and you holding the football. While he was posing, you got some amazing photos. You gave him three more ideas and got more photos. “I heard what Rose did and she cried all night because of it. I hope you know she is sorry”,Nate said while sitting on the goalpost. You took the picture and completely ignored him. “Okay, lets get you to pretend like you’re throwing the ball”,you said. “Hey, I know what she did hurt you”,he said. “No, no you don’t”,you said giving him a small laugh. “What do you mean”,he said. “You don’t know what its like not being at the top of the food chain here. You have it so easy, highschool lays perfectly in the palm of your hand”,you said. “How is highschool different for you then me”,he said coming closer to you. “Do you ever hear someone laughing behind you everytime you walk down a hallway. Or have boys bark at you or saying your friends are only your friends to make them look prettier. Or you’re bestfriend hurting you just to fit in with the other cheerleaders”,you said putting a piece of hair behind your ear. “Who are those assholes?”,he said getting angry. “Doesn’t matter, lets get these photos done”,you said handing him his jersey. “No, tell me who these guys are”,he said snatching the jersey out of your hand. “Some of the team”,you said looking down. “Why do you let those people get to you”,he asked calming down. “I don’t know, cause what they’re saying or doing is true”,you said quietly. Nate moved closer to you and you gazed up at his soft, brown eyes. “What those assholes are saying isn’t true. You’re the most genuine person I know. You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re brave,and full of light. You’re the strongest person I know for putting up with that everyday. You deserve more”,he said licking his lips.

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“And what’s that?”,you said starring up at him. He slowly moves closer and presses his lips against yours. It felt like magic, but also poison. The warm of this lips pressed against yours. The sensation took over your thoughts and began to kiss back. His hands inspection every inch of your torso and your hands found his hair. He bit your lips aggressively, and you tugged his hair. The image of Rose then popped into your brain. You quickly pulled away from him. He looked at you confused. You touched your lips and noticed they were numb. “I-I can’t do this”,you said collecting your equipment. “Wait, (Y/n)”,he said catching up to you. “Wait up would you”,he said pulling your arm making you face him. “What Nate”,you said embarrassed. “We were just, idk”,he said blushing. “I can’t be that way towards you”,you said adjusting your camera strap on your shoulder. “And why not, I like you. I need a girl like you”,he said. “A girl like me? What kind of girl am I?”,you questioned folding your arms across your chest. “A devoted one. A girl that will always be there for me. A girl who doesn’t care about status quo or highschool ranking. A girl who doesn’t care if i’m popular enough for her”,he said throwing his hands up. “I can’t do that to Rose, she’s still my bestfriend”,you said. “What she did to you, and you’re still trying to make her life better than yours”,he said raising his voice. “I’m sorry okay! I always make sure her happiness is better than mine. She’s the only person that gets me and I’m not losing her”,you said raising your voice too. “Why not, she’s terrible to you”,he said pulling you close. “Let me in and you won’t regret it”,he said. “I can’t do that to her, I’m sorry”,you said running to your car. You got into the car and saw nate running toward you. You quickly started the car and drove off. 

The next day at school you walked to your locker and saw your camera in there with a note: meet me in the janitors closet during 1st peroid -Nate. You took the note and crumbled it up. You walked to Homeroom and sat down. You saw Rose walk in and immediately sit by you. “(y/n), I’m sorry. I know what I did was terrible and I kno-”,she began to explain once again to me. “Its fine”,you said. “No its not, I know I hurt you and”,she began again. “Its fine”,you said interrupting her. You raise your hand. “May I go to the bathroom”,you asked. The teacher handed you a pass and you ran straight to the closet. You opened the door to revealed a boy sitting on the floor. “You came”,he said smiling showing me his cute little dimples. “I’ve decided I wanna be happy for once”,you said. “She came into class apologizing and I just couldn’t accept it and I-”you ranted but got quickly interrupted by Nate’s hot lips on your neck. The bell rand indicating it was 2nd hour. It felt as if time was going extremely fast while you two were in that closet. “We’ve gotta go, Chemistry test”,Nate said. “No, don’t”,you said kissing him again. He got distracted by your lips and dropped his bag. The second bell rang and Nate’s ear perked up. “I’ve seriously got to go”,he said kissing you once more and leaving the closet. You got your stuff and went to your locker. You grab your Chem book and walked into the lab. You noticed Nate was sitting behind Rose. He was leaning close to her, whispering in her ear and kissing her neck. You were disgusted and confused. You put down your book and got Nate’s attention. You were hurt, but for some reason you were expecting it. You felt tears spring to your eyes and you quickly got out of there. You ran to the bathroom and sat in a stall. “I can’t handle feeling like this anymore”,you cried to yourself.

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You dried your tears, fixed your makeup, and put on that fake smile you wear everyday. You held your head up and walked into class taking a seat. “Here’s your test”,the teacher said. You got out a pen and tried to concentrate but Nate kept trying to get your attention. You looked behind you to see he had moved up two seats so he was sitting behind you now. Rose wasn’t in the class room. “Shut up”,you whispered back. “Look i’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to see”,he said putting his hand on your lower back. “Even though we all have the same school schedule”,you said shifting in your desk. “Look I was thinking maybe we could keep us a secret, you know sneaking around. Now don’t get offended, its actually really sexy. You and me being friends in the day, fucking at night”,he whispered in your ear making you shiver. Just then Rose walked back into the room. She noticed Nate switched seats and took the empty seat near us both. “Hey (y/n), we’re going to the movies tonight wanna join”,she said looking at her manicured nails. “No, I to watch my little brother”,you said finishing the test. “You have siblings”,Nate asked. “Yea, three older and two younger”,you said. You turned in your test and went back to your desk. You pulled out your headphones and turn the music up the the loudest setting. You didn’t want to hear about their date plans. You didn’t want to hear them speak to you or each other. You didn’t want to hear her giggle at his jokes. You drowned your sorrows with the graceful words of shawn mendes and gnash. Someone pulls out your earphone and you lift your head up. You noticed it was Nate. “Time to go”,he said smiling. You got up and got your bag. “Think about my propositon babe”,he said in your ear. Everyone was getting up and gathering their stuff. “No Nate, I’m tired of being your dirty little secret”,you said raising your voice. You did a sarcastic chuckle and shoot your head. You pushed past him and walked out of the class. The truth is everyone in that class either thinks theres three things about you right now: 1. you’re a badass’re lying or 3. you’re hurt. And the truth is number 3. Some people may have thought you were being strong but you were broken. You didn’t hate Nate, but then you also did. You still loved him and you began to cry.

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drabble: well, this is new

First Signs | Pink (au!mirsan)

“What you mean, you aren’t dating?”

In which Sango and Miroku have been friends since they were kids and everyone thinks they’re a couple.

A/N: Ah, this is my contribution for day one of Mirsan Week! I haven’t written in a while so excuse me for being rusty. Also, warning - Sango has a potty mouth and I love it.

Sango and Miroku have known each other ever since they were five and six, when Miroku called her chubby cheeks cute and she sat on his chest and made him eat a handful of dirt. They went to the same schools, their families were quite attached, and they had been through thick and thin together - first loves (Miroku had fallen for their fifteen year old babysitter when he was ten), first breakups (Miroku offered to beat up the boy who had broken Sango’s heart just to make her smile through her tears), first booze (that night when they snuck out to Sango’s garage and shared Miroku’s uncle last beer); so, of course, it was only natural they’d spent a lot of time together.

Even though they had been used to being just the two of them for a while (Sango’s brother, Kohaku, didn’t really count, since he was a lot younger and wasn’t allowed outside past 10pm), when they got into college, both attending the same school, their little social circle had expanded - Kagome, Sango’s roommate and female bestie, as Miroku so kindly put it, had nudged her way into their lives with her gorgeous smile and her chocolate chip cookies, and along with Kagome came her grumpy (but big hearted) boyfriend, Inuyasha. Soon, they were all hanging out together, with game nights, pizza parlors fridays and constant teasing. 

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Don't kill me like this- Taemin.

Okay we had 4 fluffy scenarios, time for some smut ;)

You looked around the table you were at. There were all the SHINee members along with their partners all dressed to kill. Minho and Key’s girlfriends chatted up with everyone while you just sat there shy, not knowing what to talk and who to talk with. You looked across and saw your boyfriend Taemin smile brightly at you. He raised his eyebrows and blinked his eyes because that was the way he asked you what was wrong, you shook your head telling him you were alright and took a sip of the champagne in front of you.

“You look nice today Y/N -sshi”, Jonghyun smiled at you.

“Ah yeah kamsahmnida,” you bowed shyly.

Minho’s girlfriend looked over at you at that moment.

“You always look so cute and innocent, look at you looking like a hot model”, she complimented and you blushed.

Taemin who was watching all this carefully seemed lost in his own thoughts.

You looked over at him and he din’t even budge an inch. He just kept staring in front of him. Well, it was normal for you because Taemin constantly zoned out from time to time, but this time he looked like he was focusing on something and you looked at it to see that he was looking at the slight cleavage that your dress showed. You wore a long, golden sequin dressed that had a slit at the thigh and a slightly low v neck. You put your hair in a bun and your toned shoulders and arms were highlighted. You lightly tapped the table with your spoon and he still stood still. You lightly called on him.


That’s when he snapped back to reality and gave you an embarrassed smile. You reckoned him to come sit beside you when the person beside you left the table. The dinner had started and everyone chatted happily. The only ones who weren’t involved in the conversation were you and Taemin. He kept looking at you directly in front of everyone.

Key noticed this and said “Aherrm, so Taeminnie, whatsup?”, he said and everyones attention turned to Taemin and saw that he was staring at your face.

“Ohhh looks like he can’t take his eyes off Y/N”, Onew commented.

“Oh don’t worry Y/N its only in the initial stages of dating, after that they don’t even want to look at you”, Onew’s girlfriend frowned

“Yahh!” Onew looked over at her and everyone laughed.

“Ah, No, I was talking to her”, Taemin blushed.

“Sure”, Key rolled his eyes.

Soon the dinner got over and you got up from your table.

“Taeminah lets go”, you pulled his hand but he saw his jaw drop when he saw your dress at the legs.

“You know what we should get going, Y/N has some work. See you later guys bye!” Taemin said in one breath and pulled you along with him.

Grabbing your hand and pulling you into the hotel room he pushed you against the wall and growled.

“Y/N, why are you doing this to me?”, he looked really scary.

“What did I do..?”, you looked scared.

“This”, he said removing your hair from the bun.


He bought his head closer to yours and your lips were inches away from his you could feel his hot breath against your lips.

“You are always so cute, wearing pigtails and cute clothes and doing aegyo and then suddenly today..”,, he placed a hand on your back and pulled you closer to his chest.

“Today.. you just..looked so hot”, as he said that he pulled you into a tight kiss. You couldnt breathe but kissed him back wrapping your hands around his neck.

His hands travelled from your back to the front and rested on your breasts as he pulled away.

“Were you trying to tease me? wearing low necklines like this?”, He sucked on your neck and you gasped.

“And this”, his hands travelled to your thighs, “your long legs. What does it mean if you show them off like this? Do you know how much I had to control myself in there? What are you trying to kill me?”, he said as he ripped the dress off you and threw it to the side.

You looked at him panting as his hands were on your breasts and his eyes never left yours. His wavy black bangs falling on to his eyes.

“Opp–aa”, you moaned as he fondled your breasts over your bra.

“Shhh don’t say anything”, he traced the lines of your bra with his fingers and slowly removed your bra.

He moved your long hair from behind such that they covered your breasts.

“Ah there. I like this look. Look at you looking so fucking fuckable.”,he lifted you in his arms and threw you on to the bed.

All this dirty talk made you wet. You gasped when you felt a wet kiss on your thigh and felt your panty being taken off.

“Taeminah, I - I -”, you whimpered.

“You you what? ”, he spoke in a raspy voice.

“I want you Taemin”, you barely managed to say as he fingered you.

“What do you want? Tell me what exactly you want?”, he smirked at you.

“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me.”, you said in pants.

“I thought you’d never ask” , he said licking your earlobe.

You felt him enter and the pain it caused but soon it was replaced by the immense pleasure that you felt.

He moved up and down on you while strongly holding on to your thighs.

You moved along with him. You tried to match the rhythm. He smacked your thigh telling you to wait.

“Baby, I am almost there”, he said.

“Me too baby”, you said as you came and saw his ecstasy filled face as he came right after you.

He pulled out and panted trying to catch some breath. He then turned around facing you and kissed your forehead.

“Don’t ever try to tempt me like that again. I don’t know if I can control it in public the next time”, he smirked.

“Nobody is telling you to control here , are they?”, you smiled back naughtily at him.

“Okay”, he said as he jumped on you for round two.

A Secret Victoria Had To Keep.

A Secret Victoria Had To Keep.
Character: DeanxReader (Female)
Word Count: 2703
Warnings: Age difference between Dean and Reader (10 Years), Minimal Language, Smut, Sex, Shopping
Dean take his girlfriend(The reader) out for a surprise day to spoil her. While shopping the reader and Dean have Sex in the dressing room and almost get caught. 

“Dean, where are we going?” I giggled as I whined smiling over at the handsome man driving the Impala.
“Don’t worry doll, you’ll like it, I promise!” Dean looked over at me from the driver’s seat and winked his beautiful green eyes at me.
He was absolutely breath taking. So very few people saw this side of Dean. The relaxed, sweet Dean. Sam and I were probably the only two who were lucky enough anymore. Oh, and Sam had made it clear that Dean I saw he was never going to see, we both laughed, but for more reasons than one, I hoped that was true. I hoped I would always have my own special Dean. I had never met anyone like Dean and I had never loved any one person the way I loved Dean.

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A Secret Victoria Had To Keep.

Character: DeanxReader (Female)

Word Count: 2703

Warnings: Age difference between Dean and Reader (10 Years), Minimal Language, Smut, Sex, Shopping

Dean take his girlfriend(The reader) out for a surprise day to spoil her. While shopping the reader and Dean have Sex in the dressing room and almost get caught.

“Dean, where are we going?” I giggled as I whined smiling over at the handsome man driving the Impala.

“Don’t worry doll, you’ll like it, I promise!” Dean looked over at me from the driver’s seat and winked his beautiful green eyes at me.

He was absolutely breath taking. So very few people saw this side of Dean. The relaxed, sweet Dean. Sam and I were probably the only two who were lucky enough anymore.  Oh, and Sam had made it clear that Dean I saw he was never going to see, we both laughed, but for more reasons than one, I hoped that was true. I hoped I would always have my own special Dean. I had never met anyone like Dean and I had never loved any one person the way I loved Dean.

Right now in the Impala Dean looked so happy and carefree. The windows were down, wind blowing through his perfectly tussled dirty blonde hair, and Pink Floyd was playing lightly through the speakers. Since this trip was rather sprung on me, I hadn’t gotten much time to really take in everything that Dean was wearing. His choice in clothing always intrigued me. Dean was wearing a crisp, actually new looking pair of dark wash jeans, under his best worn grey jacket he wore an olive colored thin sweater. Also something I hadn’t really seen before. The sweater fit perfectly, allowing me to see the ripples of his muscles. I imagined Dean shirtless at that moment. I needed to compose myself. As I looked down hiding my smile, I realized what I was wearing was not in comparison to what Dean had chosen.

“Dean! Oh shit! I look like hell! Where are we going? Turn around, take me back to the bunker! I can’t go anywhere with you, looking like THIS!” I exclaimed in a panic. I was wearing an old pair of skinny jeans with rips in them that were made the old fashioned way, being worn too much. I had it paired with a loose fitting no logo, blue, Hurley shirt. I grabbed one of Dean’s old flannels, out of habit, in case I was cold. I slipped on my dirty white Toms as I was pulled out the door. My hair was in a messy bun and barley brushed. I was in the middle of reading up on my lore. We had all decided to take a day or two to rest after the last few weeks of straight hunting. Sam decided to go visit with Garth and just get away for a while. Promising not to hunt without us.

Dean began to smile. Actually he was smiling like an idiot, trying not to laugh.

“Y/N, do you really think I would take you somewhere and you be out of place. I know how much it would upset you if you were underdressed for anything other than my bed.” He narrowed his eyes giving me the sexy look that went straight to my core. It almost caused me to erupt looking at him too long.

I huffed, unsure of what to do with this information he had presented me. I sat there puzzled, looking out the window. When suddenly I felt Dean’s warm hand embrace mine. “Baby, I promise, you will enjoy this. I will enjoy this. This is something you absolutely deserve. I can’t wait to do this for you.” He smiled at me.

“Trust me love.” He said.

“I do Dean, to the end of the Earth.” I told him, as he squeezed my hand.

I enjoyed the view as we continued our drive. I nodded off for a while. I was awoken with a sweet kiss on my lips. I stretched and opened my eyes, seeing this beautiful man. I looked out the window of the Impala seeing a cute little boutique. It looked like the kind of place I would have shopped before my hunting days. Dean came around to my door, opened it, and grabbed my hand to let me out. We walked into the boutique, it was empty, Dean had arranged for me to have the place to myself.

 “Baby, you can have your choice of ANYTHING in the store. I have some things I personally picked out but first I want you to pick somethings on your own.” He looked rather pleased with himself.

In awe, I walked around the store touching the material, it had been a long time since I had really been shopping, demons and werewolves took the driver’s seat. I was overwhelmed.

Dean stood back observing me rummaging through the racks. The woman who was working, I assume she was the owner, brought Dean a crystal glass of what I could only guess was whiskey. She looked him up and down, hoping desperately to catch Dean’s eye. He saw her and cleared his throat, making it clear he was uncomfortable. Things like this tended to happen occasionally when Dean and I were out because there was an apparent age difference between Dean and me, about ten years. We didn’t care and didn’t really want the opinion of others. Unfortunately this woman saw this as her opportunity, she kept touching his arm, pushing herself against him. His body language was very closed off, he kept trying to move away from her. I attempted not to notice, I never wanted to be “the girlfriend who freaked out.” Suddenly, Dean spoke up, grabbed her hand off of his beautifully sculpted arm, and stepped back.

“Lady, seriously. Give it a rest. I know my girlfriend is younger, you don’t need to be the one to tell me. If you can’t tell though I am trying to do something nice for her, I am paying you a significant amount to be able to do this by the way. If you want to receive the rest of the money we agreed upon, you may want to quit before I snap. I want to enjoy my girlfriend enjoying herself and see what she picks out, not try to fight you off. Now, unless you are going to help Y/N, I believe we do not need any more assistance at this time.”

Dean was annoyed with her, he looked at her with that disapproving look, threw back the rest of the whiskey in the crystal glass, put it down on the table and started my way. He placed his large hands on my upper arms, smiled and said

“So let me see what you’ve picked out!”

We spent the next hour trying on dresses, and when I left I was wearing one of the dresses Dean picked out without me, and of course it was my favorite of the three. It was a tight fitted, deep purple, mid-tigh, lace, off the shoulder dress, one long sleeve. It was deep purple with a tan band around the waist that matched the sparking tan peep toe stilettos Dean picked out as well. We were headed to the car.

“Dean, really, this is too much!” I pleaded, “You didn’t have to do all this.”

“Baby, this is part one of three to our day.” He assured me as he opened the door for me, set the bags in the back seat and got into the driver’s side of the car.

“Wow, Y/N! You look absolutely stunning! Really, just wow!” Dean said making me blush.

Dean ran his hand up my leg, enjoying the much exposed skin. His touch made me squeeze my thighs together.  I had been aroused since he had told that woman to back off. His touch was only intensifying the situation, Dean slid his hands in between my thighs, causing them to separate, and I was sure he could feel the heat spilling from my core. Dean began to slide his hand further up my thigh, and in return I started to squirm.

“What is it Y/N? Is this really teasing you? He said looking at me as he bit his bottom lip all the while continuing to close the space between his fingers and my core. I threw my head back parting my legs allowing Dean’s fingers in. I had completely forgotten that we had been driving until the engine shut off. We were in the parking lot of the mall. Dean slid his fingers inside of me causing me to gasp, he quickly pumped his fingers in and out of me. Curling his fingers up as he pushed in. Oh the sensation was heavenly and then suddenly it stopped.

Dean licked his fingers and kissed me, hard. I whined at the idea that this was over.

“Well baby, I was going to buy you new panties before, but now knowing you aren’t wearing anything I think it is a necessity. I promise not finishing what we just started was harder on me than on you.” He said as he adjusted his pants trying to calm his obvious erection.

Dean came around opening my door and grabbing my hand to let me out. He pushed the sleeves up on his sweater showing those amazing forearms and placed one tightly around my waist. He strolled into the mall and I noticed women looking at Dean, but I smiled because I knew just how little he noticed them. He glared at a few man glancing as they walked past but quickly averted their eyes when they met Dean’s. Dean stopped in front of Victoria’s Secret

“Alright baby, let’s continue shopping for me.” He said smiling. I giggled,

“Dean, unless you are putting on thong, we aren’t shopping for you.”

“Sweetie, you don’t think seeing you in a little outfit is a treat for me? And if you ever say “you in a thong.” In a sentence again, I will lick the side of your face in front of anyone.” Dean said sternly, but couldn’t hold back a smile.

We headed in and picked out a few different things. I mainly just watched for what Dean’s eyes were drawn to. I wanted to have whatever he thought was sexiest. I went back to the dressing room, and made Dean fallow me. It was a rather busy day in the store so no one noticed. I would disappear for a moment and open the door so he could see, first it was a night gown, nothing too special just a red silky night gown, rather revealing, but nothing I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable walking around the bunker in. Dean liked it, and wanted to get it. Next was a white teddy with teal trim. I opened the door and his eye got a little wider,

“Okay, that one isn’t allowed out of my bedroom.” He said sternly. “I can’t let you tease Sammy like that.”

Next was a black panty and bra set, the panties were a thin lace and the bra and minimal glitter on it. I opened the door and allowed Dean to see, turning around so he could see my bare bottom.

“I uhh, umm okay. Yeah so we will get those. We will absolutely get those.” Dean finally managed to get out. I smiled and shut the door.

I then put on one Dean hadn’t seen me pick out. The bra was the same purple as the dress Dean had picked out. It had gem stones, tastefully shooting up the cup. The panties were tan, very, very thin lace practically transparent. There was a bow that made up the back of the thong that was the exact color of the bra. I left the heels on because they matched perfectly

“Sweetheart.” I yelled out to him.

“Yeah babe?” He replied.

“I don’t think you are going to like this one too much. Just to give you fair warning. So don’t think you’ll make me feel bad if you don’t like it.” I said smiling behind the door.

“Well okay, I guess I will keep that in mind.” Dean said, I could tell he was puzzled.

I opened the door and motioned for him to come a little closer. When he could fully see through the door his jaw dropped. He swallowed hard. “I uhh, I don’t know.” He said and his expression began to change.

He came into the dressing room closing the door behind him. “I think maybe you were right about it. I don’t like it. I fucking love it, but honestly. I want it off of you. Now!” Dean growled into my ear as he slid the panties down. Finally. I had been aching for his touch.  I knew I had to be quiet, but I didn’t want to. Dean quickly undid his belt and his pants hit the floor. He pushed me into the wall, facing a way from him.

“See baby, I told you these were for me.” He growled, his face close to my ear.

“Baby, just fuck me already!” I panted

In that instance Dean’s member was inside of me. Filling me. He thrust in me hard, causing me to moan. He placed his hand over my mouth and when he did he began going faster. This was such a turn on, Dean fucking me in the Victoria’s Secret dressing room, while I wore the heels and bra he was buying for me to spoil me. He pushed harder and harder. One hand over my mouth the other hand holding my hips in place. I looked over and saw how delicious he looked fucking me. The mirror was perfectly placed. He looked at me in the mirror. Observing my body and biting his lip. This send me over the edge. My walls began tightening and I could feel Dean’s dick twitching. He dug his nails into my hip and my orgasm hit hard.  Dean held me up as I practically collapsed. He pulled out quickly grabbing tissue paper that had been laying close by to spill into. I tried to regain my breath as he put his pants back on and kissed my forehead. He ripped the tag off of the bra and off of the panties.

“I think this would be appropriate to wear under that dress we just got, don’t you baby?” He smiled at me biting his bottom lip some more. I kissed his lips.

I slid my dress back on and tried to remove the “just fucked by Dean Wincheser” look off my face.

“Grab everything you tried on and bring it out here to the register.” Dean ordered.

“Dean, I don’t need all of this. The one set is expensive and more than enough.” I tried to reason with him.

“I wanted to fuck you in every outfit you came out in, and that is exactly what I intend on doing and there’s some things at the register I intend on doing the very same thing with. So quit arguing and let’s go. We have dinner to get to, then home again so we can keep playing dress up.” He winked at me as he grabbed the clothes we had picked out and started out the door.

I had a stupid smile on my face that much I was sure of. As soon as Dean opened the door a sales associate was walking past. Dean looked like a deer in the head lights as she saw us walking out of the dressing room together. At first the associate winded her eyes at him disapprovingly. I am sure noticing the age difference and being a probably being a little worried but, she then looked at me and I couldn’t hide the immense satisfaction I had felt. I tried to wipe the smile off of my face but it wasn’t working. She winked at me as she smiled and said,

“They don’t call it Victoria’s Secret for nothing.” And strolled back onto the sales floor.

Dean turned around and looked at me, and said, “This store is my new favorite! Do you think the Impala can keep secrets too?” and he kissed me, making me want to start all over again. He smiled while he kissed me and at that moment I wasn’t sure we were ever going to make it out of the store, and that to me was perfectly alright.

historymiss  asked:

If you're still doing hydrocone midnight theatre I'd love to see some more Quinn quire !

I am not super-current on Quentin right now and I don’t know what the eff is going on with Idie and her weird outdoors living room but I had A BRAINSTORM SO

Title: Poor Little Rich Hero Girl Club
Rating: PG
Summary: Quinn is kidnapped by Wasp and Hawkeye. Sort of. 


Quinn Quire is a former terrorist (self-proclaimed), a current punk both self and others-proclaimed (ask Captain America about her attitude — actually don’t, he’d say she’s nice just to spite her), a future vessel of the Phoenix (she will never make the fashion mistakes Jean Grey did), and a billionaire heiress who just turned eighteen (Tony Stark showed up to her birthday costume party dressed as Charles Xavier, which was in such poor taste that she actually likes the guy now).  

She has no idea what she wants to do with her life or what she should do with her life and she broke up with Idie and being Quinn Quire 24/7 is kind of eating her alive.

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one shot Award show mistake

(Y/n)’s P.O.V
I was in Miami visiting my family because I haven’t seen them for the longest. I was there for two months great time but I had to head back to California because my boyfriend Justin missed and I was hosting an award show so I definitely had to go back. My family takes me too the airport and we have our little moments and cried a little. Then I was on the plane and I grab my phone. I was about to call Justin but I change my mind and decide to give him the little surprise. I was so excited to go see Justin I missed him alone and the day of the award show we will make 2 years. Now I’m in airplane on my way to California and drinking my Pepsi to distract my happiness. I start listening to his songs so I can hear his beautiful voice to make me more excited. He has a voice of an angel. 

5 hours later
I make it too the airport and I am in such a hurry to get out and go to his big mansion. I get my suitcases and walk outside to my bodyguard which was already waiting for me. I hug him and greet him and a lot of flashes start striking towards me. Of course the paparazzi start asking me questions about how was Miami and why didn’t Justin go with me and shit which I just smiled and got in the car. I wasn’t letting anything get in my way of my happiness to see Justin. It was a 30 minutes ride to Justin’s mansion. When I see the big mansion with Justin car and some white big Mercedes parked in front. Maybe it’s scooters new car so I walk up to the door. I was about to knock but I remembered I have my own keys. Then I open the door and put my keys on the little table and drop my suit cases quietly. I giggle quietly and walk up the stairs to the room and I hear moans. I shake my head and giggle. “Justin and his porn.” I whisper giggling. Then I slowly open the door and see Selena and Justin in our bed fucking. I feel a tear drop fall down my cheek. Selena was riding Justin and he was encouraging her to go faster. I almost vomited and fainted but I manage my self to lean against the wall and cry some more. I walk downstairs and go in the kitchen and grab a water bottle. I drink it and cry a little more and sit on a stool. The image of Justin and Selena fucking kept on appearing wanting to scream and to let out everything I’m hold. I quickly grab my suitcase and bring it to the kitchen. And look through it and get a picture of him that I took to Miami so I can think of him and have him close to me. I got a lighter and burned it and throw it in the sink. Then I sit back on the stool and sit and start thinking of all cute things we did and all the sweet things he said that made me fall in love with him like a stupid child. Then I heard laughter and footsteps on the stairs. Then I froze and they came in the kitchen Justin in boxers and Selena in his shirt. He widen his eyes and drops his jaw. Selena smirks and walks to the fridge and grabs a coke. “(Y/n)…” He whispers in shock. “I didn’t want interrupt you guys so I waited. Hope you guys had fun.” I say running to his room. Crying and almost tripping. He follows and tries to stop me. But I make it first to the door and get in and lock it. He starts banging on door and lean against door and cry hardly.

I look at the bed all messed up and scrunched up. It makes me weak and feel my legs fail me ass I fall to my knees. “(Y/n) open the door please baby let me explain.” He says with his voice cracking. I ignore him and continue to cry. I get up and go the closet I feel my face turn red and I was burning inside. I grab everything except the things he bought me and I see the pink sparkly dress he bought me and I grab it and throw it on the bed and grab a paper and write “Selena would amazing in this please make sure she wears this gorgeous dress don’t let it go to waste.” I through the note on the pretty pink sparkly dress. “Babe open the door please she means nothing to me your the girl I love.” He says banging on the door. I put my clothes in a suitcase and grab a sweater and sweatpants and undress because I was wearing some clothes he bought me. I call my bodyguard to come and pick me up. Then I walk to the door and wipe all my tears and try to tighten up to not show him weakness. I unlock the door and I see a red face Justin with red blood shot eyes. He tries to hug me but dodge it and walk downstairs and him following me. I see Selena on the couch watching t.v and she sees me. She laughs and covers her mouth because I looked like shit. “I hope you and make it really far as much as I wanted him and I too last. Have a good day.” I say walking outside. Justin grabs my waist and pulls me tight. “Please let me go.” I say trying to let myself go. “I can’t because if I do I would be letting go of my life.” He said in tears. “Such a great actor Justin keep up on the great work baby.” Selena say giggling. I bite my lip, she makes me so angry and push justin roughly off me and run outside. Good thing jake (my bodyguard) was already outside. “Start the car!” I yell at him. He obeys and I jump in the back seat and lock the door. Justin bangs on the door and window. “Drive.” I say wiping tears. We drive and Justin run behind us and he falls to the floor banging the ground in anger. “Where to (y/n)?” Jake asks me. “Take me Miley’s house.” I demand. He obeys and he drives me there.

Justin’s P.O.V
I get up from the floor and run my hand through my hair and walk back home. I was still in boxer but I didn’t care about anything anymore. I punch my face multiple of times for being such retard. I go inside the house. “Finally your back should I order pizza or will you take me somewhere nice huh?” Selena winks at me. I look at her angry and grab her hand and take her upstairs to my room and take off my shirt off her. “Dress in your clothes and leave.” When I look on the bed I see (y/n) dress I bought her with a note. Selena grabbed the note and smirked. “Of course I will wear it is beautiful.” she says smiling and grabbing the dress. “No you won’t!” I say snatching the dress from her hands. “Now dress and leave!” I said to her pointing at the door. “I’m going to that award show with you just letting you know.” She says massaging my back. “I’m not going.” I say sitting on the bed. “ yes we are because your my boyfriend.” She touching my cheek. I grab her hand and stand up. “ I want a slut like as a girlfriend get that into your stupid little head.” I say. She giggles and she takes the dress into the bathroom and I just ignore her. She comes out in the dress she looks pretty but not as flawless (y/n) looked in it. I shake my head and go to the kitchen. “(Y/n) is going to host the award show with Harry. She is going to use that against me. She is going to know that she will drive me crazy.” I think out loud. “And I will be right next to you to drive her crazy.” Selena says hugging my shoulders. I think about and it’s not such a bad idea.

(Y/n) P.O.V
I arrive in front of Miley’s house. I walk to her front door. She opens it and says “Oh my god were you crying?!?” She say worried. “ just a little nothing important.” I say wiping more tears. “Oh my god come in!” She says pulling me in. “Thanks Miles I say.” I say weak. “Put your suit case down there and come in my room with me.” I obey and go upstairs with her. I kick off my shoes and jump on her bed. She sits and starts petting Mary jane her dog. “Justin cheated on me with Selena.” I say cracking my voice. And Mary Jane starts barking. And Miley changes her expression to angry. “He did not just go there.” She says cracking her fingers. “That’s it I’m calling him!” She yells grabbing her phone. “Noooooo!” I say grabbing her phone. “Why not?” She says confused. “He is going to think that I come to you because I can’t stand up for myself. Just please don’t!” I say. “UGH (Y/N)!!” She yells stomping her feet. “Worst of all I have a stupid award show and he is nominated.” I say crossing my arms. “ THE AWARD SHOW!!!!!” She yells. “What about it?” I say wiping my tears. “You are the host so you get a lot of advantage.” She winks. “ what do you mean?” I say confused. “Ugh you’re so innocent!!!” She playfully pushing me. “Who are you hosting it with?” She says smirking. “Harry and oh my god I know what you’re think and absolutely no!” I say standing up and pointing at her. “Ooooo he is cute. He is perfect!” She says rubbing her hands together. “You need to teach Mr. Bieber a lesson to not play with your heart.” She say biting her lip. “Oh no I’m not that type of girl and you know it miles.” I say shaking my hand. “That’s why you got your best friend Miley here. DUHHH!” She yells. “I think I’m scared.” I say stepping back. “So what are you going to wear?” She says. “I don’t know the dress I was going to wear Justin bought it and I refuse to wear it.” I reply looking down. “That’s my girl show him you don’t need anything from his dirty money.” She say clapping. I smile proud. “Well let me call my tailor to come and make you a dress.” She says grabbing her phone from the bed where I left it. “This is why I love you Miles!!!” I say hugging her. “Okay don’t get so mushy!” She says laughing and so do I. “Okay she is coming tomorrow morning at 5.” She says hanging up. “So early!!!” I say whiny. “Yes beautiful!” She says with her hand on her hip. I nod and smile. “Let’s sleep so you can get all the rest you need, tomorrow is a very busy day.” She says going to the bathroom. “Okay let me go get my toothbrush!” I scream going downstairs. I see my phone on the top of my suitcase with 234 missed call from Justin and 175 messages. I was about to call him back but I shake my head and grab my tooth brush. I go upstair and leave my phone back where it was. I brush my teeth and go to sleep.

The next day.
Miley’s alarm goes off and she was already up and she starts pushing me to get up. “5 minutes!” I scream. “No get up big booty!!!” She say shaking me harder. “Ugh okay!” I say getting up. “Time to work out!” She says with a big smile. “Miley it’s 4 o'clock in the morning are you crazy!” I say rubbing my eyes. “Sooooo? Get up!” She says. “ okay okay okay!” I say. We start working out and I felt so good. Then the door ringed. “It’s my tailor!” She says running downstairs. “I’m going to take a quick shower!” I yell as she runs downstairs. I shower and put some of her clothes because mine was down stairs. I run downstairs and see this man and Miley. “Morning!” I say. “She’s perfect I know what I can make her.” He says smiling really big. “What’s in your mind Victor?” Miley says to him. “Something that tight that will show her curvy amazing body and red is going to fab!” He says excited. “Okay stop being so gay Victor!” Miley says. “I can’t hold myself!” He said. We all giggle. “Let me take your measurements you gorgeous human being.” He says taking me to the living room. “Sure.” I say. He starts taking my measurements. “34,25,& 35 nice body you have sweetheart.” He says to me. “She almost perfect!” Miley adds. “Oh my god stop please your making me blush.” I say smiling. “Aren’t you the young lady dating Justin Bieber?” He asks with finger on his chin. “Um I was dating but now I’m single.” I say frowning. “Oh really!” He says surprised. “Yeah enough with the questions Victor!” Miley say. “No it’s fine.” I say. “No excuse me Miss (y/n) that was really unprofessional of me.” He says going to his cloths. “It’s fine guys oh my God!” I said. “Well you girls go do your things!” He say smiling. “Okay (y/n) let’s go to the mall for shoes, jewelry and much more.” She says pulling me out the the house. I laugh. We go to the mall and get bunch of stuff but of course paparazzi were there asking question and started saying they say Justin and Selena together and I just smiled and stayed strong. It was already 6 but I had the time of my life with my bestie miles. We got back to her house the dress was ready and was beautiful it was long but it fit me super tight and butt was big and my boob were too. I looked like a perfect Barbie. Miley did my hair and make up and I had to admit I looked stunning. The door ringed and Miley smiled. “Victor tell him to wait downstairs!” Miley yelled. “Who?” I said confused. “You’re escort.” She smirked. “For what?” I said surprise. “A beautiful young lady can’t be alone at such event!” She said with her hand on her hip. We all pretty and shit Miley looked stunning like always she always kill the cameras! Then we go downstairs and I see Austin Mahone. He open his mouth when he sees me. “Wow you.. Look…. gorgeous.” He whispers and licks his lip and look at me up and down. “She left you speechless didn’t she?” She says smiling at me. I blush and look down. “We should get going we are already late.” Austin says still checking me out. He hooks his arm mine and smiles. “Justin is stupid to leave you for Selena, any guy would be lucky to have you.” He says. “Thank you Austin.” I say smiling. He winks and I smile and look away. We drive for 20 minutes. I go through my twitter and #Jelenaisback was trending and I look through it and Selena was wearing the dress Justin had bought me. I showed it to Miley and she just put me in the home screen.We arrive to the red carpet and Miley goes out of the limo and then Austin and he reaches my hand to pull me out of the white limo. And I see everyone’s expression in shock. And Austin pulls me into a hug and grabs my hand and smirks and winks at me. I smile and look at everywhere obviously looking for Justin and Selena. And every reporter came up to me and Austin and I smiled big pretty sure everyone believed I was happy with Austin. Even the reporter that was with Justin and Selena came running to us. And Justin saw me and he was speechless. “Now you’re dating Mr. Mahone (y/n)?” “What happened to you and Justin?” “Why is Selena back with Justin?” Were question thrown to us. “Yes (y/n) and I currently dating.” He says smiling and kisses me. I was in surprise and stayed in shock and was force to kiss him back. When we break the kiss I see Justin clench his jaw and hands. He was coming toward us and Selena was trying to pull him back but he was too strong. He pushed the reporters aside and roughly grabbed my hand and flashes where going crazy I couldn’t see. And Austin grabs my waist and Justin looks at him and swings a punch at him and Austin falls to the ground with blood on his mouth. And Justin pulls me out of camera. “AUSTIN AUSTIIIIIIIIIIN OH MY GOD SOMEONE HELP HIM PLEASE! LET ME GO JUSTIN! I HATE YOU UGH LET ME GOOOOOOOO!” I scream. Justin grabs my arm and pulls me in front of him and grabs my waist and kisses me roughly. I start punching and kicking but he didn’t care and Austin came out of now where and punched his face and Justin fell to the ground and Austin grabbed me and hugged me. Justin was about to punch again but security grabbed his arms and hold him back. Austin grabs my hands and we walk backstage. “Watch your back Austin!” Justin Screams at him and I look back at him. “And (y/n) please don’t do this to me you are the love of my life!” He yells at me. Austin opens a door and we enter it. “Oh my God Austin your bleeding too much!!!” I say touching his face. “ I know but with you it feels so much better.” I give him weak smile and burst into tear. “This is my fault I should of not come to this look at all the problems I caused.” He caressed my back and Justin came through the door and saw us. And Fredo waved at me and pushed Justin into the arena. “You should go get your seat. I have to go with Harry to practice okay?” I say looking into his eyes. “Okay babe.” He said about to kiss. “Austin I need to clear this to you we are not dating. You’re sweet and a true gentlemen but I’m not ready for relation first I need to recover.” I say sweetly. “I understand (y/n).” He smiles and hugs me. He walks away. I go to Harry and the rest of the people and start rehearsing. Justin was nominated 5 times and Selena 3 times. I was screwed. The award show was going to start in 10 minutes. Then I saw Ariana and I go up to her and we take pictures because I love her and her music. She found out of everything and we chatted. She is just amazing. 

It was time to start the award show. “You look beautiful (y/n)!” Harry says to me. “Thank you, you look handsome yourself.” I say smiling. We walked out on the stage and everyone started screaming and I was smiling. “Welcome to the worlds biggest award show I’m (y/n)” “and I’m Harry.” We say. Then we had present the first award which Selena was nominated. “Hottest album of the year.” I say. Then they give us a envelope with the winner. “And the winner is….” Harry and I say. When I open and see Ariana’s album name the biggest smile on my face appeared. “ YOURS TRULY BY ARIANAAAAAAAAA!” I scream and the crowd went crazy and the background music was the way. She walked and was almost in tears. I hugged for a long time and tightly. She slapped my butt and walk to Harry and hugged him. And everyone was laughing and happy. She gave her speech. She is just to perf I swear.

Then the next award was artist if the year oh lord I was dead because it was obvious Justin was going to win. “And the nominees are…” We said. And Harry comes to my ear and Says “just stay calm I will help you get though it.” He says and smiles. I smile and hug him. They give us the envelope. “And the winner is…” We said trying to sound excited. I opened it and it said Justin Bieber of course he is an amazing artist but I didn’t want him near me. “Justin Bieber.” We say normally through the mic and the crowd went crazy and I clapped and smiled.

Then they put the camera on Justin and Selena was next to him. She kissed him and grabbed his hand and they both went up the stage. He tried to stop her but she just pulled him on the stage. She hugged Harry and she told me Schooch to the side like if I was a dog but I moved anyways. Justin was going to walk toward me but she grabbed his hand and wrapped it around her waist. He spoke and then she grabbed his face and kissed his mouth. I felt like was about to faint good thing Harry was behind and stood me up. Everyone started booing. And Selena stuck out her middle finger and walked away and pulled Justin with her. Tears began to stream down my cheek. Justin let himself free and grabbed my waist and carried me off the stage. The crowd started screaming cheering him. Selena started screaming at him and she really mad.

Then Justin took me outside into his car and paparazzi started flashing their cameras at us. And he drove us to Malibu. I didn’t complain and didn’t say a word. When we got there we got out the car and he was about talk but I attacked his lip and he respond in less than a second. Then I detached our lips and I left him wanting more. “I’m still mad at you but I really needed to feel your lips on my lips.” I said in shame. “(Y/n) I want you to know that I love you and I really regret doing that to you everyone told me I was stupid for doing that and I agree. Please forgive me it’s you I want too continue my life with and I want you to the mother of my children. You are the girl that exist in the world for me. So please don’t torture me by not letting me being by your side through our up and down. I notice you’re my heartbreaker if you leave me. Your all that matters to me but we have to learn to hold tight during the roller coaster we call love. I know you need recovery but it’s not all bad because you have me eating from your hand begging you. Yesterday was just a bad day but if we are confident you can change me. So let me put you down if you don’t want to be alone. Getting to the point please forgive me I love you more than word can explain.” He said. I was already crying river. “Oh my god Justin that was beautiful!” I say hugging. “You deserve more than that it my princess.” He said and I grabbed his faced and kissed him under the moon light.

Secret Santa

The Mikaelsons + their partners + Caroline’s friends experience with Secret Santa. 25 Days of Klaroline - Day 25: klaroline + christmas (the last day, I’m so sad)
A/N: I’m not sure if everyone does Secret Santa like this, but this is the way I’ve always done it, with the guessing thing and all that.
Anyway, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

Caroline loved Klaus.

She truly, honestly did.

But if he didn’t stop ruining Christmas mood soon, they were going to be having a problem.

“Do we really have to do Secret Santa?”

“Yes, Klaus. You’ll just have to buy something nice to one of your siblings. Or me.”

“Or one of your friends.” He reminded her and she rolled her eyes.

“And you can’t buy them gifts?”

“Technically, I can buy pretty much whatever I want, love, but the point is, I don’t want to.”

She gave him an annoyed look. “Well, I’m sorry, Klaus, but the thing is… I want you to.”

Klaus sighed, knowing that she knew he’d do it to make her happy “Fine. But I hope you realize that this is going to end in disaster, Caroline. Too many former enemies in one room and all that.”

“I’ll make everyone behave.” She said, determinately.

Klaus thought that if anyone could make that work, it’d be her.

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#006 Boys With Girlfriends

Obviously inspired by Meiko’s “Boys With Girlfriends” which is a great song. Listen to it while you read. 


“Yeah I knew, she was jealous from the start/Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends.”

“You know, she’s jealous of you.” “Of me? Why?” “She thinks I fancy you.” “Well do you?” “Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think you were stunning and hated hanging out with you.” “You didn’t tell her that, did you Niall?” “What? Was I not suppose to?” You slapped him upside the head. “That’s not exactly gonna soothe her worries.” “Eh, we’re barely even dating. I’ve known you forever. She might as well start realizing you’re not going anywhere.” You weren’t a fan of the girl, but she was making Niall somewhat happy and he deserved that happiness. “You’re a real idiot, Horan.” “You love me.” You watched him stuff the takeaway you had ordered into his mouth. Sometimes you thought you were a bit too fond of this boy. And maybe his girlfriend could see it. “Did you want to come with me and Lily to the pub tonight?” “You want me to come with you and your girlfriend, the one you just told me is jealous, to the pub tonight?” “Yeah,” he spoke mouth full of food. “Alright,” you sighed. “Let me get dressed and we can go straight there.” You walk out of your room, in your usual attire. Casual, but a little dressy. Meaning jeans, heels, and a top that shows just the right amount of cleavage. His mouth popped open a little bit when he saw you. “Shut your mouth Niall, you look like a fish.” He closed his mouth, tongue darting out to lick his lips. His hands grabbing at your waist. “You look sexy.” “Thanks, babes. You ready to go?” He opens the door for you, surely checking out your ass as you walk away. “Stop looking at my ass, Niall.” “Then don’t wear those pants,” came his reply a few seconds too late. When you finally make it to the pub, you and Niall are a few shots in, everyone around you cheering you on. His girlfriend makes her way over and greets him with a kiss on the cheek. “Hey baby, we’re just taking shots. Want one?” “I thought you were gonna cut back.” He shrugs. “I’m Irish.” You giggle at such a Niall thing to say. She shoots daggers over at you. “Oh, hello y/n. Didn’t know you’d be here tonight.” “Yeah, I’m all for shots with my best buddy.” Niall slings his arm around you, already a little intoxicated. “My favorite person to drink with.” She continues to send you dirty looks and you just smirk back. Niall was yours and she knew it… 


“You play the victim and I’ll be the bad guy/I know better than that, I know better.”

You didn’t like Sophia. At all. Her and Liam were just all wrong. You still didn’t know why you continued to let yourself be the other woman. You weren’t that type of girl and Liam wasn’t that type of guy. It was so wrong, but every time you were rolling around with him in your sheets you couldn’t stop. And every time before it happened you were trying to break things off with him. It was so hard to resist though. He just kissed on your neck and promised he would break up with her so you could be together and you were putty in his hands. You lay in your twisted sheets, head resting on Liam’s chest. “Li… This has gotta stop.” “I know, baby.” “I’m serious. Either you break up with her or we have to stop. This is wrong.” “I’m gonna break up with her. She means nothing to me. I want to be with you, y/n.” You both get out of bed, pulling on your clothes. You’re feeling used and upset and the tears won’t stop pouring out as get dressed. “Hey, hey, hey. Baby, why are you crying?” He’s wiping the tears off your face as you continue to stand there sobbing. He pulls you in tight to his body. You knew better than to get trapped up in this love triangle. “Baby, shh, it’s okay. I’m gonna go home and end things. I promise.” You finally stop crying, now just sniffling. “I just can’t do it anymore, Liam.” “I know, love. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” You nodded and he finished pulling on his shoes. With a quick kiss on the lips and nose, he was walking out of your apartment. You didn’t know if he’d really break up with her this time, but you hoped you weren’t being naive…


“Cause what she did to us was tragic/And I had to do what’s right/What we had was really magic.”

Being Harry’s friend was hard. Well that was a pretty big understatement. Being Harry’s head-over-heels in love friend was hard. Especially when he started dating Rita. This was clearly all for publicity, but you only had yourself to blame because you never spoke up about your feelings. Until you got really plastered the other night. You were out with Harry and the other boys clubbing in Miami. Just having a good time and relaxing. Rita was off somewhere touring and it was nice to have Harry all to yourself. And then you started taking shots with Zayn and Harry’s encouragement and got shitty drunk. Harry pulled you out to the dance floor and you pressed your backside against his front, grinding your ass into him. You could feel how hard he was getting, but you couldn’t bring yourself to stop. “Slow down there, kitten,” he slurred. “Don’t wanna do something we regret, now.” You turned your body around, slowly moving your body against his. “Maybe I do,” you stupidly whispered in his ear. “Let’s get out of here,” he mumbles against your ear. You start to leave, Harry in tow, when Zayn grabs you up. “Y/n, I just want to make sure you know what you’re doing. You’re both drunk and he has a girlfriend.” You smile up at his handsome face, grabbing on and squeezing his cheeks. “I know Zaynie, thanks for looking out. I’ll behave.” You kiss him on the cheek before continuing out. Somehow you end up stumbling out and walking to a beach. He lays out his button up for you on the sand. “M'lady…” “Why thank you good sir.” You both plop down and he grabs your hand. “I love you, y/n.” “I love you too, Haz.” “Nah, I love love you. In the way I shouldn’t.” “Me too, Harry.” You both sigh drunkenly and you lay your head in his lap. “Sucks doesn’t it.” “No. I’m glad you know how I feel, kitten.” You frown a little at the name. “I don’t know if you should call me that.” “Why? I like it. You’re cute and you remind of me of a kitten. I want to eat you up.” You’re already blushing because of the alcohol, so you figure he can’t tell how much your face is burning as you blush. He leans down to kiss your forehead and you both know nothing else can happen with another girl in the picture… 


“When I first met you I knew you were the one/Till you took me home and I met her/She had your boxers on/And she was listening to your song.”

You were working at a record store to get by while you attended school. It was a pretty average day, until the most beautiful man you’ve ever laid eyes on walked in. He was browsing along the R&B section, fingers dragging along all the albums. He seemed at peace as he plucked a few out, seeming to know exactly what he was looking for. When he started to walk up the counters, you realized you were the only person working. You were going to have to talk to him. “Hi, did you find everything all right?” You nervously squeaked out. He looked up and smiled, nodding his head. His eyes were much more intense now that he was standing a foot away from you. “Oh, this a really good album.” “I like your shirt.” You both spoke your sentences at the same time, laughing a little at the awkwardness. “Oh thanks, I actually painted it myself.” “That’s amazing. I do art too.” He paused a bit as you bagged up his purchases. “What time do you get off?” You blushed a little before answering, “Actually in 10 minutes.” “Would you want to come over after?” “Uh, yeah. Sure. That sounds good.” He grinned. “I’ll just walk around the aisles until you’re ready.” 15 minutes later, you were on your way with this gorgeous stranger, hoping and praying it would lead to something good. When you stepped into the small apartment, you looked around admiring all the art. It covered every surface. “Perrie, babe, are you home?!” Who was Perrie. Maybe it’s his roommate, you thought to yourself. Until a petite girl with bright blonde hair stepped out of a room, wearing what were clearly his boxers. You tried to swallow the lump down in your throught as you watched him greet her with a kiss. “Perrie, this is y/n. y/n, my girlfriend Perrie.” And there it was. Girlfriend. She turned out to be super sweet, and maybe they would become great friends, but for now you were a little crushed…


“You looked at me and said, "It’s a little too late for bed." We went to the hotel and talked about everything.”

Being Louis’ best friend was one of the greatest parts of your life. Until he started growing into himself and looking a little less boyish and little more fuck me into the bed. It was a problem. Mainly because he’d been dating Eleanor for ages now. And you loved Eleanor, you really did. She’d become a close friend and someone to live out the crazy parts of being around One Direction. She just happened to be dating your best friend. The one you were secretly falling in love with. It was a really big problem. You were laying on his couch with your feet in his lap. “Let’s go get ice cream.” “Alright,” you agreed. “But we have to get it from the best place.” “Louis, we’re not going all the way to Doncaster for ice cream.” He pouted over at you. “But it’s the best.” And next thing you know, you’re was sitting in a car on a 3 hour drive to get ice cream. Eleanor was at home visiting her family for the weekend, so it was just the two of you. It was just a bad idea, overall. By the time you finally made it there and got ice cream, it was getting pretty late. You were on your way back to London, when Louis made an exit. “I’m too tired to drive the rest of the way back. Let’s just get a hotel for the night. It’ll be fun, like a sleepover.” Obviously, you weren’t going to protest. A whole night alone with Louis sounded lovely. As you walk into the room, you realize there’s only one bed. Louis dives onto the bed, immediately calling room service, and flipping on the telly. “Come on, then. Let’s have a chat.” You narrowed your eyes. “A chat about what?” “You’ve been all weird lately. What’s up, buttercup?” You sigh. “Lou, I don’t really think we should have this conversation right now.” “Why not. Because i’ve been feeling all these things for you and I just want to know if you feel them too.” You suck in a breath. He scoots closer to you, mouth almost against yours. “Tell me y/n. Because if you want this too you’ve got to let me know, love.” “I’m scared, Lou,” You squeak out. “I know, babes. I am too. I shouldn’t be feeling like this when I have El at home. I just can’t stop thinking about you. How much I really really want to kiss you right now…” You smashed your lips against his, wanting to feel it too. It was so wrong, but you’d never felt a kiss this right.

Preference #42: Sharing Time

Jack: ‘Come on, mate, you have to tell us!’ 'No! She’d kill me if I did! She’s right in there!’ 'Oh, she’s in the kitchen, and the other girls are chatting away in there, she can’t hear you. Go on! Tell us a little about Y/N!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Oh, I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear all the horny details! That’d be boring conversation!’ The boys chided him playfully, Will and Ben shoving him at the sides while Jacob continuously tapped his knee with a pencil. They asked about his sex life with you, and Jack normally didn’t kiss and tell, but you did things too good to resist. 'Is she kinky?’ 'Is she shy?’ 'Does she like it from the back or front?’ 'Guys! I’m not telling you all that! It’s private!’ 'For once, I’m actually NOT the boring twin,’ Finn teased from his seat on the armchair. Fortunately for you, through all the girl-talk in the kitchen, you heard his reply in between. 'Alright, alright, one question. I’ll answer one question,’ You saw him through the little window between the living room and kitchen, blushing in his foolish grin. They all jumped at him with questions, but Finn simply said: 'I think there’s one thing we all want to know…What are her tits like?’ The boys all agreed with the question, and Jack turned red, hiding his face in a pillow. Finn gave a smug smirk and waited. 'Are they as big as they look or is that a padded bra she wears?’ He asked. 'No, no…they’re…they’re pretty nice.’ 'Just nice? Not amazing or fantastic?’ Finn mocked a yawn. He locked eyes with you and winked. Ugh, the little bugger! He’s only doing it because you’re listening. 'No, they’re gorgeous. I mean, they sort of fit in my hands a bit, but they’re big and soft and…you know…’ 'And? Eh? Don’t leave us hanging!’ Ben prodded his side. 'And I like them.’ 'I think it’s a little bit more than just like when you stare down my top all the time,’ You commented as you set down a fresh bowl of crisps for them. Their jeering fell silent once they saw you; Jack sunk back into the couch as if they were one. You sauntered back into the kitchen where you and the girls began bursting into laughter.

Finn: 'So, where you two going?’ You heard Jack ask his brother in the hallway. All your luggage was packed, but you were making a few last minute preparations and checks before you left for the airport. 'Rome. She’s been begging me to take her since we went, so now that I got some time off, I’m going.’ 'You do realize that you’ve always had time off?’ 'No, I’ve had our channel and the new office and other stuff going on that I couldn’t leave home. Now I can.’ 'Is this one of those 'we’re-actually-going-to-see-stuff-when-we-get-there’ trips or the 'let’s-go-to-a-foreign-country-and-have-loads-of-sex-all-day-long’ kind of trips? Are you actually leaving the room at any point? Emmy will see the pictures and I’d prefer they were of an innocent nature.’ Finn laughed, 'Yes, because you’re so concerned about our little sister’s virgin eyes, right?’ 'I am.’ 'If you must know, we ARE actually doing things when we get there. I planned a whole weekend for just the two of us…one of those days being a sex-driven rampage throughout our hotel room.’ 'I…I don’t need to know-’ ’-We can start on the bed, then move to the floor, then get on a table, then a chair, then against the windows! Fuck, I’ll screw her on the balcony if she let me.’ Your jaw dropped but you also laughed. You saw Jack’s reaction from the doorway, putting hands over his ears and quickly humming 'Mary had a Little Lamb’. Finn followed him up the stairs, detailing more sexual escapades in store for you before Jack shut the door. He came back down them please as ever. 'Nothing makes him run off like putting dirty images of me naked in his head.’ 'Why would he picture you?!’ 'Because in order to picture you, he has to picture me.’ You blushed as he pecked your cheek, let him take your hand as he announced your departure to the rest of the house. 'Would you let me screw you on a balcony?’ He asked hours later on the plane. 'Depends.’ 'On?’ 'What position? Like over the railing? Against the railing? On a table on the balcony? On the balcony floor? Like, what’s the plan there, Finn?’ 'Probably against it or like at the table and just be super discrete the whole time…wait, hold on, you didn’t say 'no’…’ 'Eh, I guess I didn’t. How about that?’

Dan: 'Okay Dan, you ready?’ 'Yes.’ 'Truth or Dare.’ 'Oh gosh…Um…I think I’m gonna go with truth on this one.’ 'Alright…’ You watched Louise pull a paper from the 'truth hat’, and succumb to laughter. 'What? What is it?“ Dan asked nervously. Louise said, 'Tell us about your first time.’ 'Like…Like first time with sex?’ 'Uh huh’. 'Oh my…Um, I…’ He exchanged a glance with you before answering, 'Embarrassingly enough, it was with my girlfriend, Y/N.’ 'Awww! How sweet!’ 'Yeah, uh, we had been dating for a bit before. She said she didn’t want to immediately jump into sex and I didn’t either, so we like didn’t talk about sex much for I’d say….the first six months of our relationship. Like, I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. I didn’t want to like rip off my clothes and be like 'lay with me, fair maiden!’, you know!’ 'Just come dressed as Prince Charming and just-’ She made a ripping motion on her chest, ’-Strip if off.’ 'Yes, I didn’t want to frighten her away with my hideous physique. But then one night, we had gone to this friend’s house for a party and when I dropped her off she invited me in for a bit. We started kissing quite, um, heavily,’ You saw the blush rising in his cheeks, which Louise pointed out. 'And…um, yeah we got down to it. At first I thought like, 'omg, this is it. I’m gonna shag her. What do I do?’, but then everything sort of fell into place. I didn’t feel dirty or completely ashamed of myself afterwards, which I hear is a good thing-’ ’-very good thing. Not to be ashamed. How was he?’ She asked you quickly.Dan instantly laughed into a pillow, looking up at you for an answer. 'Come here, get over here,’ She called you over to the sofa, where you sat beside her to get into the shot, 'If you guys don’t know, this is Dan’s girlfriend, Y/N. You can check her out a quick moment on (your youtube channel) and subscribe,’ 'Appreciate it lots,’ 'Now, Y/N?’ 'Yes, Louise?’ 'I have a question all the Dangirls and I want to know…’ 'Oh god! Why?!’ Dan chuckled into the pillow, though you ignored him. You were blushing enough as it was, 'On a scale of 1 to 10, how was he?’ '11…Definitely an 11.’ 'Woah!’ You winked at him, laughing at his sheepish face.

Phil: You loved coming home with Phil. You loved his parent’s house, him showing all the places he hung out at, meeting his old school friends and generally seeing a different side of Phil. You loved his old bedroom, hearing about his old obsessions and how weird of a child he’d been. His parents were lovely people, and Alan couldn’t be more welcoming when he visited. You spent Christmas Eve helping him mother around the house, setting up for the party while the men were occasionally called in for heavy lifting. His mother taught you all the old dishes Phil loved (you asked, since you wanted to make them for him one day). It made you feel so old-fashioned, but you liked it. Phil did too. 'Hey, Y/N looks great,’ You heard Alan say from outside. He and Phil were making snowmen out of pure boredom, but there weren’t too far for you not to hear them. 'Yeah, she does. I’m surprised she even likes me. She’s too pretty for me.’ 'I second that,’ 'Shut up.’ You laughed watching Phil throw a bit of snow at his brother. You heard a bit of silence, before Alan spoke up again: 'So…What’s she like?’ 'What do you mean 'what’s she like’? You’ve met her.’ 'No, not like that you doofus. I mean…in the bedroom…What’s she like?’ You saw Phil become more concentrated on making the snowman’s head, before Alan began nudging him. 'Come on, Phil.’ 'I’m not going to talk about her like that. She’s a lady, and I respect her.’ 'Don’t be boring, mate. Does she wear sexy underwear? Does she like it rough or are you gentle with her? Come on, don’t hold out.’ 'Alan, I’m not telling you that. It’s private.’ 'What’s her favorite position? She looks like the cowgirl riding type to me.’ 'Alan…’ 'Or maybe missionary. I don’t know. I see her as a traditional position kind of lover. I mean, I could be wrong. Am I wrong?’ 'Well…She does like being on top.’ Alan chuckled, 'Really?’ 'Yeah, she’s amazing too. She like does all these little hip movements, and I just like…I never know what to do except just like, enjoy her.’ 'I’d enjoy her too if it were me.’ 'Oh my God, shut it!’ Phil laughed. You saw his red cheeks, and the embarrassment in them as he threw more snow at Alan. The two then began a miniature snowball fight ended by their mother calling them in for dinner. You couldn’t help yourself. You retired early to bed, going into Phil’s old bedroom and texting him from upstairs: 'When I do those little hip movements…you can just watch ;)’

House of Cards (XI)

Characters: Yoongi and Reader

Genre: love, falling in love, romance

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 , Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12,Chapter 13, Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 (finale)

Summary: You fell in love with Yoongi when you least expected to. He was like a breath of fresh air that you greatly needed after an awful break up. You first thought that the two to you would just have some harmless fun. You didn’t realize that you two would build such a strong feeling for one another. Slowly it came to your attention that your relationship with Yoongi was like a house of cards. You have to be careful while slowly building your relationship with him because with one wrong move, everything will fall into pieces leaving you with nothing more than shattered memories.

Hello! I’m back with chapter 11 :) I’m sorry for not being able to post it yesterday.. I couldn’t finish it on time.. :l I do hope that you have all liked this chapter  :) I think that I’m going to try and finish this series with two more chapters? I’ll try my best to post a new chapter tomorrow, but I’m really not sure. If I can’t tomorrow, it’ll be out by Monday for sure! Like always, remember to like, reblog and share! Happy Reading~

(credits to the photo goes back to the owner)

“Are you okay?” Crystal worriedly asked.

“I’m fine.. why?” You asked as your started wiping the coffee off your pants.

“You said you would call me but you never did. Are you still mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you… anymore. I would just like to know what exactly happened that made you betray me and tell Yoongi where I work?” You calmly asked.

“Well.. the thing is… after that day at the party, he started to stalk me wherever I went. So one day I just confronted him and asked why he’s following me, and he said that he wanted to talk to you since you left that day without saying anything. But I ignored him and left.. The thing is that this.. Yoongi.. guy.. is so persistent when he wants something. He kept following me day after day just to ask where you go to school or where you lived. It was mainly how sad and drained out he seemed that made me answered him.. I didn’t tell him where you lived just in case he was a psycho, so I just told him where you worked, so if something was to happen, there would be people around.. Don’t be mad.. I love you.. with all my heart.” She confessed.

You rewinded your memory to the day at the party. A lot has happened since that day. First, you’re actually dating the guy that you thought you would never see again. Second, you were lucky enough to meet all of his drop dead gorgeous friends. Lastly, you just realized that your coworker, may be a little too friendly with you. You sighed and just when you were about to say something, you felt someone from behind hug you. Turning around, your mouth almost watered at the sight of Yoongi with his messy bed head. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and black lounge pants. He looked irresistible.

“Y/N? You there? Y/N? Earth to Y/N?” You heard your best friend’s voice from your phone, but you were too drawn to Yoongi to say anything.

Taking your phone, Yoongi said in a raspy voice,

“Your best friend is a little too engaged into my presence right now, she’ll call back later.”

And then he hung up.

“I wasn’t done talking to her.” You pouted.

Laughing at you, he said,

“Baby. You couldn’t even stop staring at me, let alone say anything to your friend.”

Maybe it was the way his tousled hair made him look, or maybe it was the way his raspy voice sound that caused your arousal.

“Keep looking at me like that and you’ll cause us trouble.” He smirked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” You mumbled.

“Baby I know you well enough to know what your aroused look is like.” He teased.

You glared at him for being caught. Smiling at your childish gestures, he leaned in and kissed you. Unlike minutes ago when you were with Jungkook and was seconds away form pushing his body away from you, you willing let your lips touch Yoongi’s. Before the kiss could get anymore heated, you heard Hoseok complain,

“Gross guys. The last thing I need to see is my friend full on making out with his girlfriend in my kitchen while I’m still hungover.”

Blushing, you hid yourself in Yoongi’s chest as Yoongi just laughed and ignored Hoseok.

“Let’s all go out and eat breakfast. I’m starving.” Hoseok pouted.

“Go and wake up the other people, we’ll go up and change.” Yoongi said.

“I.. I don’t think I can go. I blew off on Crystal for a couple of days.. I think I’m going to spend the day with her.” You apologized.

“Well invite your friend, let’s all go out and eat breakfast first and then you can leave.” Hoseok suggested.

“Hm.. I’ll call her and get back to you on that.” You said.

You knew your best friend would agree, but you wanted to ask just in case. Your best friend was always happy to meet new friends, especially when all the guys there are so damn good looking.

“By the way… if your friend single?” Hoseok whispered.

“Why….” You wondered.

“All of us are so single.. like really single. Only Yoongi is the lucky one who has a girlfriend right now.” Hoseok pouted.

Laughing at him, you said,

“Well.. yes she’s single… but… I don’t know if she’ll be interested…”

“As long as she’s single, we all have a chance.” He exclaimed a little too excitingly.

“Okay well… we’re going to go and change. Go and wake everyone up already. I’m starving.” Yoongi said.

“They’ll all be up within minutes, don’t do anything. Just change and leave the bedroom. I mean it. If you guys are even one minute late, I will barge into the room and take both of you out in whatever state of clothing you are wearing. Deal?” He warned.

Ignoring Hoseok, Yoongi just took your hand and pulled you into the bedroom. Once you were in the bedroom, you called your best friend and told her that you guys were going out to eat breakfast now, and that the guys invited her to come along.

“I’ll text you where we’re going once I know. Oh by the way can you bring me a pair of pants? Mine are dirty.” You said.

“Okay and don’t bother texting me. I’ll just come meet you guys at the house. I’ll be there in five minutes if I run now. okay. Bye ” She said before she hung up.

You knew why she was so eager to come meet at the house first. Your best friend wanted to properly meet the man in your life, and also meet the six good looking friends that you always told her about.

You heard the door bell ring and you were about to greet your best friend, but you were too late seeing that Jimin answered the door first.

“Uh.. can I help you?” Jimin confusingly asked.

“I uh… I’m Y/N’s friend. You guys invited me for breakfast.” She blushed.

Wow. Did I just see my best friend, Crystal, blush at a Jimin? Sure, from time to time your best friend would get shy at a guy, but never blush at anyone.

“Oh.. Okay. Come on in. Y/N is upstairs.” Jimin said as he gestured her to go inside.

Saving your best friend from her overheating cheeks, you pulled her into a hug, and led her upstairs as you went to change into a clean pair of pants.

“You like him don’t you?” You whispered.

“Shut up.” She said.

Laughing, you brought her into Yoongi’s bedroom, and introduced him to Crystal.  

“I’m Yoongi. Min Yoongi. You must be Crystal.” He offered his hand.

“Yeah. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Crystal said while shaking his hand.

You nudged her to tell her to be quiet, but it was too late, Yoongi was already curious as to what you ever said about him.

“What did she say about me?” He curiously asked.

“Oh you know the usual. She said you were so dreamy, so handsome, so nice.” She smirked.

Your face was beet red at this point, but thankfully the moment was broken by the voice of Hoseok telling everyone that they were going to go eat now. Once everyone gathered, you noticed that Jungkook wasn’t there.

“Where’s Jungkook?” You asked Hoseok.

“Oh. He said he wasn’t feeling well, so he’s skipping out on breakfast. He told me to tell your friend that he’s sorry for not being able to introduce himself to her.” He answered.

That’s strange. He was fine just minutes ago. Oh no.. it can’t possibly be because of what happened when we were alone at the couch…

“Are you okay Y/N?” Yoongi asked as he saw your expression.

“Huh? Yeah. I’m fine.” You assured.

You couldn’t bring yourself to tell Yoongi about what happened between you and Jungkook. He was already not happy about the two of you getting so close. The boys all gave a quick introduction to Crystal, and then you all headed out the door.

“You’re right. They’re all so good looking.” Crystal whispered.

You laughed. Fortunately the way to the restaurant as not too far, because although you were starting to sober up, your head still ached a little.

Once at the restaurant, after you all ordered your food, Yoongi had a phone call that he had to answer, so he excused himself. The phone call seemed to have taken a long time, because when he was back, his food was already cold. Yoongi looked distracted when he came back, and when you asked what happened, he just shook it off and said that it was nothing. What happened? Who called him? Although you wanted to continue and ask him, you were distracted by Crystal who kept telling you how cute she thought Jimin is.

“For the hundredth time, I know. I agree. His eye smile can swoon any girl.” You whispered.

“Is he single?” She asked.

You laughed and said,

“Yeah. They’re all single besides Yoongi. You go girl. I believe in you.” You encouraged.

And just like that, breakfast ended. You and Crystal said your goodbyes before hiding towards her dorm. Once the two of you arrived, she asked,

“What’s wrong? I’ve been meaning to ask you since I saw you this morning. You look so distracted. What happened?”

“Nothing…” You lied.

“Miss. Y/N. You have to have some real balls to try and lie to me. I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re lying. Now spill it all out, and tell me everything that happened. Start from when Yoongi met you at the cafe.” She demanded.

You give in, and told her everything. From how you met Yoongi, to meeting Elizabeth, and then to what happened between you and Jungkook.

“So do you think Jungkook likes you?” She asked.

“Honestly. I don’t know. The thing is that, I’ve never thought of him as more than a friend. Sure he’s good looking, but I love Yoongi. I don’t even know how I’m going to deal with him at work tomorrow.” You moaned.

“Maybe take a break from all this. Say that you want take a break for like a week, I’m sure Amy will understand.” Crystal suggested.

You agreed and texted Amy saying that you were sick and needed some time off. Seeing that you were still distracted about Yoongi and Jungkook, Crystal suggested that the two of you should stay in all day and watch dramas and order pizza delivery. And that’s exactly what you did, until around 5 in the afternoon, when you heard a knock on the door. You went to get the door, only to see that it was Jimin.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

“Oh. Yoongi hyung saw that you left your jacket at our place, so he told me to come and give it to you.” He answered.

Why didn’t Yoongi come instead? Why did he have to send Jimin? As if Jimin knew what you were thinking, he said,

“Hyung is busy at the moment. You know with school and everything. It’s just that he had no choice but to ask someone else to give back your jacket. He didn’t want you getting cold.”

Looking past you, Jimin sweetly smiled at Crystal and said hi. Your best friend walked up to Jimin, and the two started talking, but you were too distracted in your own thoughts to hear what they were talking about. What’s going on with Yoongi? Once Jimin left, Crystal excitingly told you that he asked her on a date tonight.

“That’s great.” You blankly said.

“What’s wrong Y/N? You seem so out of it?” She asked.

“It’s just.. I don’t understand why Yoongi suddenly acted so weird after the phone call, and I don’t get why he didn’t just come and give me my jacket and then go and work. I mean walking here only takes a few minutes.. I tried texting him too, but he didn’t answer me.” You worriedly said.

Oh no.. Everything felt so similar to when you dated Alfred. He had moments when he would talk on the phone and then come back acting completely different, or he would tell you he was busy, when in reality he was just busy banging the life out of your so called best friend Chelsea.

“You don’t think…” You started, but stopped yourself because you were too scared to ask.

Knowing what you were going to say, your best friend quickly stopped you and said,

“Don’t overthink things Y/N. He probably is just really busy with school. Tell you what, how about you go and surprise him tonight. You can burrow some of my clothes.” She said.

“You’re going to play make over with me.. again?” You groaned.

“Yes. Hey. Don’t forget, that’s what got you laid last time.” She teased.

You glared at her before you agreed to the idea. It was about 7:30 when your best friend was done putting the final touches to your make up. You were dressed in a mauve coloured dress that stopped at your knees. Crystal made your makeup natural as compared to that day at the party. Just as you were about to leave, you hugged her and wished her good luck on her date.

On the way to Yoongi’s house, the wind was blowing hard causing you to tightly hug onto your jacket. You were only about half a block away from Yoongi’s house, when you noticed two figures that were embracing each other. Cute. You thought. It wasn’t until you approached closer, that you realized the two figures were Yoongi and Elizabeth, and that they were hugging each other right in front of his house. You froze. You felt your heart stop beating, and cold sweat forming which caused your skin to feel clammy. This is all a lie. It can’t be true. Yoongi would never do this to you. Just as you were trying to convince yourself, you saw Elizabeth reach up and kiss Yoongi. At that point you were done, the feelings that you felt were so similar to when you witnessed Alfred cheating on you. You weren’t overthinking, and just like Alfred, Yoongi doesn’t love you. He never did. He didn’t come give you back your jacket, not because he was busy with school, but because he was busy tending his ex girlfriend. Or maybe now his new girlfriend, while you are demoted to being his ex girlfriend. The logical part of you told you to go and talk it out, but everything felt too familiar. All you wanted to do was run away from the truth. And that is exactly what you did. He caught a glimpse of you, but it was too late, you were already running away, camouflaging in with the night.You didn’t know where you were going, but wherever it was, you were sure it would be better than witnessing yet another boyfriend cheat on you. You blamed yourself for not being beautiful like Elizabeth, you blamed Yoongi for lying to you, you blamed the world for being so cruel. You tried so hard to make everything work. You let him in, you told him the truth. You told him the demons that you were dealing with. He told you that he loved you and that he would always be there for you. He even told you that he would wait for you even if that meant witnessing you love someone else. And then it hit you, your relationship with Yoongi was like a house of cards. No matter how hard working and patient either of you were, with one wrong move, the house will fall, causing both of you to be left with nothing but a mess and shattered memories. The thing is that you could choose to start again, but you were drained out, you were so tired of seeing the same thing happening again and again, so you decided to give up. You decided to leave the mess and walk away. Like always.