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#84 "I'm dying" + andreil please

Neil was asleep, but it was a shit sleep. His bed was more uncomfortable than usual, and he was sore all over. Had practice been rough? He couldn’t remember. And it was loud for some reason. He could hear people yelling, and Andrew was saying his name somewhere far away.

Shit his head hurt.

Someone shook his shoulder and he forced his eyes open, noticing that he was not, in fact, in his bed but on the floor of the court, with a referee, Andrew, and the captain of the other team kneeling around him. He groaned, feeling even worse now that he was awake.

“I’m dying.”

Andrew squeezed the back of his neck, which Neil hadn’t noticed he was gripping tightly. His other hand was holding onto Neil’s bicep.

“You’re not dying.”

“Feels like it. What happened?”

Andrew’s grip tightened on his arm. “You got hit in the chest with a ball and dropped.” He looked as impassive as ever, but Neil could see the stiff set of his shoulders. Over Andrew’s shoulder, he could see the other Foxes on one knee watching nervously. He had seen it happen before occasionally in a game. A hard hit could knock you unconscious. But when one of your players was down, you always feared the worst.

And then of course there was Andrew.

Neil tried to sit up, closing his eyes as the world spun around him. 

“Andrew, I need to get off the court.”

“Go slow, Neil.”

“Andrew I am going to throw up, I’m not doing it in front of ten thousand people.”

The referee tried to stop him but Andrew knocked his hands away, putting his hands under Neil’s armpits and dragging him up. He could hear the crowd and the other players cheering over the fact that he could walk off the court on his own. He made it far enough off that no one could see him and vomited into the nearest garbage can, Andrew keeping a hold on him while he emptied his stomach.

“I feel like shit.”

“Well don’t get knocked unconscious and it won’t happen. That’s bad for your brain, by the way.”

“Well it’s not like I’ve got much to lose in there.” Abby gave him water to rinse his mouth out before insisting that she was not letting him back into the game until she was sure he didn’t have a concussion. He tried to point out that it was his chest that got hit, not his head, but that just got him stripped down from the waist up so she could check his ribs and his breathing. He already had a large bruise forming. Andrew didn’t move once from his side while she checked him over.

He only let go of Neil when he was let back into the court for the next face off, walking slowly to the goal while Neil went back to his mark, who was suddenly much nicer now along with all of the other players. He could feel them pulling back before checking him. The Foxes won, but it didn’t feel as good as it could have knowing they went easy on him every time he went for a goal.

On the bus back, Nicky plopped next to Neil and Andrew, crowding into their seat and pushing his phone under Neil’s nose.

“The clip is already all over the internet. Want to watch?”

Neil guessed he would be seeing it soon enough anyway so he nodded. The video started with the beginning of the play. It was still weird to see himself on television. He saw himself running after his mark, trying to get between him and the other team mate who was trying to pass the ball to him. The member of the other team tried to pass to his mark but he got in the way, meaning to catch it but getting hit instead. They had been right, he had just crumbled after being hit. It was odd to watch. 

He thought it would end there, but the video kept going as all the players immediately dropped to one knee and one small figure came sprinting from the goal over to Neil, pushing the others away and grabbing for him, pulling Neil’s helmet off of him.

Andrew was pointedly looking out the window as the video played, not looking at either of them. When the video ended Neil tried to subtly make it clear that Nicky should get away for his own safety, so he went to sit by Renee, wiggling his eyebrows at the two of them before going..

Neil sat back against the seat, Andrew waiting a moment then patting his shoulder, letting Neil lay his head on his against him. They didn’t talk about it, didn’t talk about Andrew being scared when Neil was hurt, didn’t talk about how Andrew had kept a hold on Neil’s sleeve since they had changed and hadn’t let go. He let Andrew keep a hold on him, knowing it was what he needed to remind himself that Neil was ok. 

“Sorry I scared you.”

“You gone would be one less problem in my life.” He tugged on Neil’s sleeve. “Don’t do it again.”

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Catch Fire pt. 4

Luke Hemmings Soulmate AU

summary: In a world where one can enter the dreams of their soulmate until they finally meet, Nikki soon finds out these aren’t just regular soulmate dreams because Luke has a dark secret that changes everything.

word count: 1.8K

a/n: I know this is so late, I’m sorry!!  I struggled writing this part a lot and I kinda totally hate it but whateverrr.

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 ||

Nikki looked down at her hands in her lap still trying to wrap her head around what happened half an hour prior. Luke was sitting beside her on her bed, their backs using the wall for support. She hadn’t said much since the discovering that the lanky boy beside her was her soulmate. It still didn’t feel real to her.  Until she started having the dreams she barely even thought about the day she’d meet her soulmate. Even though she knew this day would come eventually as it came for everyone.

Only if there was an unfortunate accident, such as a mate dying before meeting their other half would things go awry; in those circumstances the person left without just simply carried on, never experiencing soulmate dreams. They could still find love, but it wouldn’t really ever be enough. It would be lacking that special spark, that feeling of being whole with their soulmate.

She had so many thoughts buzzing around she didn’t know where to start. She had never questioned the whole “soulmate system” before. She didn’t need to. Everyone knew they wouldn’t find theirs until at least the age of eighteen so a silly little high school fling when you’re sixteen with raging hormones wasn’t seen as a big deal. Nikki had a boyfriend when she was a teenager and while her relationship was never anything serious and relatively short lived, barely lasting six months, it definitely was not a good one.

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An anon requested I write a fic where chubby!maru is insecure about his looks and Mondo comforts him a little? (I would have posted the ask here but it was really long.)

So yeah basically Ishimaru having a sleepover at Mondo’s for the first time and getting a little nervous when he gets into pajamas and stuff and Mondo  reassuring him that he’s wonderful? Ih ope this turned out okay,,

Warnings for… swearing. That’s like it. Also chubbymaru since people seem to be pissed about that for some reason. 

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