that bed scene bro


stiles & lydia ± ‘anchors’

“stiles, where are you going? […] let’s just go back to sleep. […] don’t worry about it. […] just go back to sleep stiles. what if who gets in? stiles, just leave it please… come back to bed! stiles, please! don’t stiles! don’t! don’t go in there, please, stiles!”

Whenever I think of kes it’s just this perfect balance of blues and rose-golds
An aesthetic sunset best seen from the shotgun seat of a car
Like all my friends are great but she’s a specific kind of friend
Like a
‘I could ask you to meet me at a grocery store or a thrift store and it would be the best afternoon ever’ person
It isn’t ever a traditional meet up spot
It’s afternoons in honey gold sun with a perfect balance of light and dark and adventures and relaxing at home