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MY BIGGEST HAUL!! A few days ago i taught my friend how to lift so we hit up Hot topic, Petco, five and below, Jo ann, Claire’s, Famous footwear, Staples, Ulta, Sally beauty supply, big lots and B&BW. I was too lazy to list every item perfectly bc honestly the only reason I even made a list was so I wouldn’t lose track of what I’d already counted. 

$18.15 Batman hat

$5 Blackheart Beauty lipstick x2

$10 AOT Necklace

$5 Trio earring and necklace

$2 rilakuma erasers x2

$3 crystal necklace x3

$10 agate

$1 tiny Chapstick

$2 carmex

$16 sugar scrub

$5 aot bracelet  

$1 mini-scissors

$4 paintbrushes

$3.50 tattoo bracelet thing

$3.50 bow x2

$5 setting spray

$2 hair ties

$12.50 tights x2

$3 powder x2

$10 TG mask

$2 glitter glue

$2 nail polish finish

$3 concealer 

$5 concealer (W&W) 

$2 photo frame

$14 perfume

$12.50 earrings

$4 EOS lip balm

$1 spray bottle

$1 tiny red spray

$3 blending sponge x3

$30 boots

$50 vans

$2.49 shoelaces

$7 heel pad

$10 soft socks

$20 nike socks.

$17 cat leash

$10 cat collar x2

$2 dry oil spray x2

$2 staedtler fine liners x2

$7 white eyeliner

$9.57 duct tape

$3 hot glue gun x2

$7.95 face oil

$8 mascara 

$3 mini duct tape x3

$28 urban decay primer

$1 erasers x4

$2 mini canvas x2

$5 copics x3

$3 metallic sharpies

$3 paint brush

$7 catnip toy

$6 measure tape

$7 chalkboard paint

$6 a-z stamps

$2 mini easel

$3 seam ripper

$4 stamp pads x3

$5 hot glue

$0.50 stamp

$12 manic panic x3

$40 too faced brow envy 

$6 nail strengthener 

$4 krazy glue 

$2 oil blotting tissues

$2 fine liner

$6 concealer

$2 pencil sharpener

$0.40 small container

$16 tea tree mask

$9 hair silk

$8.50 no frizz spray

$38 juice beauty eye cream

$21 purina cat treats

$24 bare minerals primer

$6 eyeliner

$6 brow pencil

$7 argan oil  

$10 tuna flake cat treats

$29 stylus pen

$3 tape 

TOTAL: $791.53

Damn am I proud.


Discover Jen’s secret weapon for perfectly tousled hair.

We all often hear the term “effortless” to describe a hairstyle, but rarely does it take a low-level of work to achieve your favorite look. Enter Living Proof Instant Texture Mist.  This weightless mist starts working its magic in just ten seconds, and delivers a range of your textured looks favored by the likes of Jennifer Aniston. We caught up with the actress and Living Proof co-owner to get the lowdown on the product that can help you get the hottest look in hair right now. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Textured hair is usually known for being a summer look, but this year, the trend has extended to fall and winter. What do you love about it?
Oh god, I don’t know if it’s a trend. It’s always been something that I sort of love—easygoing, beachy, hair, you know I just think it’s effortless. It’s easy to maintain. You can go days without washing your hair, which is good for your hair. It’s just a sexy, good look.

So you’re someone who likes that beachy look, no matter the season.
Oh yeah, but I also wear white jeans all through the year. I don’t usually listen to rules, which I probably should.

Tell us what’s amazing about Living Proof Instant Texture Mist
What is great about it is that it’s one of those products that can do no wrong, no matter the way you use it. It’s kind of foolproof. You can use it with damp hair, you can use it on dry hair, you can blow dry it, you can use a curling hair on it—which is actually really great, because most products that are leave-ins you can’t add heat to, because eventually it will just burn or break your hair. And it goes for days. You can use it for second day hair and it’s great. It’s sort of the more texture, the better. We all want it to look effortless, and it is effortless, which is great. And this product just makes it really easy to get that look. And it doesn’t feel sticky or stiff, you can still run your hands through it.  

How do you like to use it on your own?
I’ve been using it when it’s wet, then air dry and run fingers through my hair, then it keeps a nice tousled shape, and I like it. Sometimes I mix it with the Amp Instant Texture Volumizer, which is a cream, and I just scrunch it into my hair when it’s wet. It’s nice to combine the products too.

What other Living Proof products are you obsessed with right now—and why?
I use the Restore Mask Treatment every Sunday and I love how soft it makes my hair feel; it’s kind of my pamper day. If I’ve just worked and been on a movie, and had a lot of wear and tear, or a lot of blow drying, then Restore Instant Protection Spray is really good to use, because it does exactly that—restore. If I’m in a place with humidity, I go right for the No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream, which is another awesome product. I also love the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, because you get kind of everything, all-in-one. 



Meet the instant solution to all your frizz problems.

If you’re a frizz sufferer, humidity has ruined your life. Just kidding—but it has been the culprit behind many a bad hair day. That’s where Living Proof’s new No Frizz Humidity Shield steps up to the plate. Unlike the line’s renowned shampoo, conditioner, and pre-styling products that work with damp and wet hair, the shield works on fully dry hair of any kind as the final touch to your complete routine—yes, that even means after hairspray—while also protecting hair from UV damage.

How is that even possible, you ask? Science! The mist is packed with a powerful molecule, dubbed OFPMA, which prevents moisture from entering hair fibers 70% better than silicone-based alternatives. “The product works by depositing a weightless layer of OFPMA that repels moisture and keeps hair smooth and frizz free,” says Living Proof chemist Yingxia Wang, adding, “The aerosol distribution creates a 360-degree uniform shield on your hair that’s layerable.” Think your climate’s humidity level is too high or low for it to do its job? The shield doesn’t discriminate, and can be reapplied as the moisture levels fluctuate. And since sun and humidity ruin the overall health of your strands, the shield is like your knight in shining armor for the long term, too.

So, are you ready to be freed from wiry hair once and for all, and instead experience a new kind of static shock? The Sephora Glossy linked up with Living Proof’s Manager of Test Salon and Education, Natalie La Face, for her expert shield-applying tips.  JESSICA VELEZ


“First you’re going to want to make sure you’re holding the canister about six to ten inches away from your hair. It’s important that you section hair by dividing it into two sections with a part down the middle. From there, create two subsections and then mist the product from root to end on each section, followed by a final mist all over. Run your hands through or use a brush to evenly distribute the product throughout. That’s the best way to make sure you’re hitting each hair strand for the best protection. The higher the hair density, the more thoroughly you’re going to want to section and vice versa.”


“People with fine hair are concerned with volume so a good tip is to do a general mist by flipping your head over and then spraying the product. That will also give you the protection that your hair needs against humidity.”


“If you have thick, coarse hair, it’s probably best to section thoroughly because you want to make sure you’re hitting every single hair fiber to protect it against changing levels of humidity. Be sure to section and apply from root to end in each area.”


“Target each coily strand and mist it at a close distance, then ravel the curl around your finger to reshape it. That technique will tame frizz, reshape the curl, and refresh the style, all in one application.”


“I recommend using your fingers or a brush to distribute the product after you spray it just to make sure it stays tangle free and that it’s evenly distributed from root to end.”


“Spraying a general mist would be good because it might be difficult to section. If you have a longer fringe area, section it and spray.”




I just wanted to write E and R as Orphan Black-esque clones. Comments and feedback and notes are always very much appreciated–people’s responses are really what keep me writing.


just one, I’m a few

Grantaire has never thought of himself as beautiful. His curly hair frizzes too easily and his complexion is less than perfect, riddled with scars from adolescent acne. His eyes are perpetually red and deeply shadowed, and his body, while strong and tight with muscle from years of dance and boxing, has grown soft in the middle from overindulging in beer and fast food.

To a certain extent, it makes sense that Enjolras is fucking gorgeous. He’s clearly taken care of himself, still does. Judging by the brightness of his eyes, how simply alert he seems, he gets enough sleep at night. Somehow the awkward teenage acne skipped him, too, or maybe his adoptive parents could just afford to take him to a dermatologist. He even manages to pull off the cheap blond dye in his hair, with half an inch of jet black showing right up against his scalp. Grantaire probably couldn’t pull off being blond if it killed him, and he’s never wanted to try. Everything looks better on Enjolras, he suspects.

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Here are a few tips for controlling your frizz!