that bathed each other

some highlights from the stream

-”he gets tourettes when doing live”

-2Ds orange juice

-”I-I made him come… with us” “i wondered where that was going”

-murdoc’s weird gestures

-2d looking off into the camera and smiling when he’s not talking

-”you have to use sounds to tranqualize him” “oooOOOOOoooOOOO

-russel calling and going ‘who dis’

-”did you just call me rissel”

-”crisps have changed”

-”he loves a crinkly one”

-”it’s not murdoc’s world. more like my world- it’s more user friendly”

-”what was it like being in the bath” ”it was very womb-like, like baths are”

-cyborg noodle and 2d texting each other


-murdoc is a “hip” grandpa confirmed

-”i’m down with the kids”

-the best moment of murdoc’s life was totally when he met 2d

-there will be more music!!!

Shaving + Moon Phases

The cool thing about the moon is that it’s always there. For subtle magic, all you have to do is combine a mundane task and the moon phase you’re doing it on. Shaving is perfect for this because it’s already a ritual of its own.

🌒  Waxing

Since the waxing moon precedes the full moon, it’s good for new beginnings and spells to draw something toward you. Shaving during this phase is good for wiping the slate clean to welcome new things into your life. After shaving, follow up with a salt scrub that matches your intent.

Basic Salt Scrub Recipe

  • 1 cup sea or epsom salt
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 5-10 drops essential oil (optional)

Combine the salt and oil in a bowl. Olive oil is a good starter oil that many people already have, but coconut or grapeseed also works. More or less oil may be needed depending on the consistency you prefer.

The essential oils you use change depending on what you want to draw. Lavender is anti-anxiety and helps encourage calm. Patchouli is good for prosperity. Spearmint brings clarity and energizes.

Store in a jar or container of your choice. Unless you add a preservative, and leftovers will need to be refrigerated.

Remember! Bacteria can grow in unpreserved scrubs, even if it looks and smells fine. This makes the scrub less effective and can be bad for your health. If you know you can’t preserve it, lessen wasted product by only making as much as you need for a single use.

🌕 Full Moon

The full moon is, of course, the fullest phase of the moon. This phase is good for major charging and energizing. Because I have issues with chronic pain, I shave during the full moon to draw energy and discourage extremely low spoon days. Now is the time to plan and draw all the good things into your life. Shaving during this phase gets rid of old situations and makes room for new growth.

For a Full Moon Scrub, you can take the previous recipe and add a tablespoon of milk (I use powdered because no one in my house drinks milk) for chemical exfoliation and a few heaping spoonfuls of honey to moisturize and soften your skin. Both are also good for promoting bounty in whatever you wish to fill your life with.

🌖  Waning

The waning moon occurs as the full moon leaves, so it’s good for magic to banish or push things away. Shaving helps cast off whatever is bothering you as you cut through the hair. As you rinse your razor, also rinse away your problems. This is especially good if you haven’t shaved in a while as a result of depression or other issues.

Coffee grounds are a perfect addition to a banishing bath scrub because they banish old situations while also energizing you to move forward. Substitute a portion of the salt in the salt scrub recipe for coffee grounds and add in more salt, coffee, or oil as needed. This is also a good way to recycle grounds from the morning’s coffee.

🌑 New Moon

The new moon is great for when you need a spiritual and emotional deep clean. It’s like shaving during the waning moon, but amplified. You’re not only banishing your problems, but scrubbing the affected area clean of its influence. It’s also good for incurring drastic change in the form of loss. While loss sounds negative, it can include things like getting rid of bad habits or “losing” the funk you’ve been stuck in.

For a Deep Clean scrub, mix a teaspoon of charcoal, a spoonful of lemon juice, and a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger into the salt scrub recipe. Because ginger is warming, you’ll want to add in a small amount at a time and test the mixture on your skin to make sure you don’t go overboard.

IMPORTANT: Some essential oils can interact with medications or physical conditions. Please do you’re own research beforehand to make sure a recipe will give you no reactions. Always do a test patch before applying a new recipe to your body. These recipes are from personal experience, but I’m not a doctor so please don’t assume because it works for me it will be fine for you.

you: man, why aren’t there any out lgbt professional hockey players? wouldn’t that be so cool? also, watching nhl games on tv costs so much money! i can’t afford to buy an expensive cable plan, but i don’t want to watch games illegally… and gosh, the nhl really sucks in terms of racial diversity…. everyone is so white… i wish there was a way i could enjoy hockey without having to deal with all the problematic issues associated with the nhl…

me, an intellectual:

Now that I’ve used memes to get your attention….

1. The NWHL is super gay!!! The NWHL is partnered with You Can Play, Kourtney Kunichika has a fiancée, and Harrison Browne is the first transgender athlete to play in a professional American sports league! And that’s not even all of them!!

2. Every nwhl game is streamed online completely free! no costs!!! legally!!! the NWHL youtube channel live streams all the games!!

3. Blake Bolden and Kaliya Johnson are both African-American women playing in the NWHL. There are also several Asian-Americans (Kourtney Kunichika included) and the top draft pick from the 2016 draft was a woman of color named Kelsey Koelzer.

4. All the players just genuinely seem nice??? Like they’re supportive and kind with each other all the time! They have meals together! They’re good friends! They bake each other cookies and give them to each other in Bath and Body Works bags with handwritten notes!

tl;dr: the national women’s hockey league does not get enough attention from tumblr and frankly i think that needs to change

anonymous asked:

What are some non sexual forms of intimacy?

hugging. hand holding. watching tv/movies together. going on dates. sharing drinks. talking. phone calls. skype/facetime calls. sharing personal details. touching noses. deep talks. sharing smiles. laying your head on their shoulder. linking arms. massages. tickling. sharing smiles. playing with hair. tracing designs on backs/arms. handwritten notes. laying your head on their chest to hear their heartbeat. singing/playing instruments together. dancing. sharing food. brushing their hair. feeding each other. drawing/writing on one another. cooking together. reading together. beauty treatments like makeup or face masks or manicures. taking care of them when they’re sick. head-scratches. sleeping next to each other. butterfly kisses. nuzzling. meditating together. sharing stories. bathing together. seeing each other completely comfortable and relaxed. moral support. crying or being emotionally vulnerable with each other. sleepovers. going on trips together. sharing clothes or other personal items. going with them to appointments. making art together. kissing. talking about the future and what you want in life. play games together. respecting boundaries and communicating. complimenting. inside jokes. going out to eat. just accepting and loving that person completely. 

  • *a taxi*
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Thank you for your help.
  • Molly: *smiles* Anything to stop you murdering Anderson.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Nobody is that stupid by accident.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Not everyone is lucky enough to be a genius consulting detective.
  • Sherlock: True. Still, I value your opinion above anyone else's.
  • Molly: *blushes* Oh. T-thanks.
  • -the cab stops outside 221B-
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone away* Coffee?
  • Molly: *hesitates* Oh, I- err, better not.
  • Sherlock: Why?
  • Molly: *glances at the driver, blushes; lowers her voice* Because you know as well as I do that every time I come into your flat, we end up having sex and we agreed not to do that anymore. Just friends.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Well, we won't have sex. Simple.
  • Molly: *bites her lip* That didn't work last time.
  • Sherlock: We didn't have coffee last time.
  • Molly: *nods* Yeah, okay. Coffee, we can do that *chuckles* I mean...we can control ourselves.
  • Sherlock: *paying the driver* Exactly.
  • Sherlock & Molly: *lying in bed; gasping for air*
  • Molly: *sighs* Fuck 'friends'.
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Is that a statement or an idea?
  • Molly: *laughs* Yes.

In the Feral!Adrien AU, I’m thinking Adrien’s hair isn’t long like the typical Tarzan. He thinks it’s hard enough that his skin color sticks out so much, but the hair on his head does NOT help. At all. Plus, it gets so long, it gets in the way. So he takes to slicing off his hair to a manageable length, using the knife he got that one time he and Plagg scared off a human from their family’s territory. He likes that knife; his claws aren’t sharp like Plaggs, after all, so that could be the substitute.

When Marinette teaches Adrien how humans bathe–“We don’t lick each other, mon chaton. I mean- not for bathing, that is- we do it for- JUST. ANYWAY HERE’S HOW HUMANS CLEAN OURSELVES.”–she also takes the appropriate scissors so she can trim his hair nicely. His chosen hairstyle is fine, she tells him with a wince, albeit horrendously jagged and unevenly chopped.

Adrien doesn’t hate water, unlike most cats, probably due to the fact that Plagg once pushed him into a freshwater spring. Adrien discovered that he liked the feel of water on his skin, and he enjoys having fun with the elephants. But when Marinette sits him down and leans his head back against a water basin, he feels the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. He trusts her, he does, but he has no idea what she’s going to do.

And then Marinette’s fingers gently card through his hair as she carefully pours water onto his hairline, and Adrien feels all tension leave his body. Grooming, even for panthers and apes and everyone in the jungle, is an enjoyable bonding experience. He’s been groomed by his family before, but it wasn’t like this. It didn’t feel like this at all. His eyes close involuntarily as a purr vibrates in his chest at the delicious sensation of Marinette’s fingertips and the water sluicing over his scalp. She giggles above him, telling him that if he’s enjoying this, then he’d probably melt when she brushes his hair. Adrien opens his eyes to look up at her then. And in that moment more than any other, he’s so thankful that he followed the little ladybug into the clearing that day.

Some Favourite Parts of ACOWAR




1. When Feyre takes that moment of greatness from Ianthe with the light thing and Ianthe is just left there.

2. When Feyre shatters that bitch Ianthe’s hand.

3.When Feyre shreds those two Hybern twins after they dared underestimate her abilities.

4.When Feyre has that awesome ‘I am High Lady of the Night Court scene’ and those asshole brothers don’t know what hit them

5. When Feyre and Rhysand see each other again *sigh*

6. The bath scene, and what follows

7. When Feyre realizes that the bone carver is showing her what her and Rhys’s son will look like and then she shows Rhys.

8. Nessian

9. The sweet saved priestesses in the library.

10. How sweet little Bryaxis was offered freedom, but all he wanted was a window and some company.

11. PoC characters that weren’t given a small roll or just killed off.



14. Viviane and Mor’s friendship

15. How Amren is literally the bogeyman of Prythian

16. When Feyre fuckin slayed in the starfall gown and crown.

17. When the Court of Nightmares had to bow before their High Lady.

18. When Nesta agreed to come with them to meet with the High Lords

19. When everyone was placing bets on how long it would take for a fight to erupt and frickity frackin snickity snackin Helion says OUT LOUD that he won a bet.

20. When Mor is revealed as bi with a preference for females like yes you go girl.

21. When Elain is embarassed by the revealing clothes they wear for battle and Viviane comes to the rescue.

22. When Nesta saves Cassian’s life

23. When Amren destroys the entirety of Hybern’s army all by herself.

24. When Amren is pulled out of the cauldron

25. When none of the inner circle die/stay dead.

26. When Rhys is brought back exactly the same way Feyre was back in ACOTAR

27. When Lucien is literally the only fae with a last name

28. When their father redeems himself and finds an entire army to fight for his daughters.

29. When Feyre is the best possible person she could be and sends Tamlin the letter saying she hopes he finds love.

30. When Rhys shuts Tamlin up because he won’t shut his pie hole.


32. When it was revealed that Helion was Lucien’s father

33. When that bitch Ianthe was finally torn apart and eaten by the Weaver.


35. The little thing blooming between Elaine and Lucien

36. When Nesta used her power and showed everyone what a badass she is.


38. When the suriel told Feyre to leave the world a better place than she found it and what was left of my soul shattered and left my body (i would like to clarify that i do not consider the suriel’s death a good thing, in fact, i am planning to burn certain pages of ACOWAR so it doesn’t happen. it’s just this bit was so meaningful and really touched me)

39. When Viviane said “Why can’t I be a High Lady?”

40. When Varian and Amren just start making out in front of everyone

41. Amren’s true form

42. Rhys and Feyre flying off into the sunset

43. Nesta saving Cassian’s life


there are many more but this is all that comes to the top of my mind right now. also i know this is not in order but oh well

Imagine having your own witchy girlfriend.
You guys could share magic tools and do rituals together and put sigils on each other for protection and take witchy love baths together and her familiar would be a grumpy fat cat and she’d only like you guys and you would do kitchen magic together and kiss eachother with enchanted lipstick.
I love the thought

Because I met @purgatoryjar in Hamburg and she is beyond awesome, as is the city. (seriously though guys go give Elena all the love ever because she is fantastic and totally deserves it… she even illustrated this little fic JUST LOOK AT HER AMAZING ART!)

There are two dancers who salsa in front of the Kunstalle. They twist and spin and fall out of their holds like the joyous amateurs they are—always with smiles on their face. They learn together; stopping deliberately to demonstrate a new move or step behind their partner, pressing too close as they move the other’s hips with their hands. Lips brush against earlobes in whispered instruction. Fingers squeeze encouragement. They own an ancient boom box that plays homemade CDs of current pop music.

They dance every Sunday evening, long after the curators have gone home and the tourists have ventured off into pubs and biergartens. It’s only them and the trains, then; the deliberate push and pull of bodies contrasted with sluggishly-moving metal. The soundtrack is a mechanical clunking overlayed with Pitull. This is the only time the green-eyed dancer will ever admit to listening to Pitbull.

The sun sets and bathes everything in gold, and the pair mistakenly crash into each other, dissolving into huffed, out-of-breath laughter. They’re drawn together by tethers no human can see. “Hi,” says one, grinning as he pushes dark, sweat-curled hair behind an ear.

“Hello,” the other answers with a similar smile.

The blue-eyed dancer spins out and they start all over again.

^^once again, this beautiful piece was done by @purgatoryjar​. Go love on her!

evakerlitvet  asked:

hey ITS ME AGAIN SOZ BUT I DISNT ASK AND DISCUSS ONE THING AND JO IS AMAZING TO TALK TO. so what do you think happened in the evening? that was the scene i just realized would be perfect for the end. idk, id love to see at least one more malec talk. imagine them curled up by the fire, or maybe on the balcony, alec resting his head on Magnus' lap and them just.. talking? (and cuddling heheheheheheheh) about the crazy stuff that happened that day. it'd definitely be adorable wouldnt it

NITSA YOU’RE THE BEST OKAY??! That’s totally perfect and I can think of how it goes(in a hundred and one cheesy and sappy ways because I’m me, okay).

So we leave off from here, your previous ask!

By the time they step out of portal into Magnus’ loft, the sun was casting a warm golden glow over the interior of the apartment. Magnus hums and steps toward the side table, hand instinctively reaching out for the scotch when he’s tugged by strong arms around his middle and he stumbles back into Alec. He worries for a moment that the force with which he hit Alec would bring them both to the ground, but Alec stood rooted and he relaxes as he feels a warmth spread from where his back was in contact with Alec’s chest. Magnus felt Alec snake his arms tighter around his ribcage and feels him nosing at his neck, letting loose a shaky breath that sent a jolt through Magnus’ body. 

“What’s wrong?” Magnus placed a comforting hand lightly on Alec’s, which were clasped around him. After a long beat, he felt more than heard the light whisper against his shoulder, “I thought…I thought I lost you.” All Magnus could think of was same here, darling, same here, instead, he slowly laces his fingers with Alec’s and turns around. He looks up into teary eyes, and tries not to focus on how beautiful those hazel eyes shone under the dipping sun, tries not to remember how they almost lost their light that night, tries not to imagine a future without their owner. He forces a smile, feeling a tinge of sourness fight its way up to his own eyes, as he breathes more than says, “We’re here, Alexander. That’s all that matters.” Magnus gently swipes Alec’s moist cheek with the thumb of his free hand, before closing his eyes as Alec bows slightly, forehead leaning on his and they just breathe, like how they did outside the Institute. The only difference now, is that in the quiet loft, they could hear each other’s heart beating steadily, almost loud enough to drown their fears as they echo off the walls of the apartment.

They didn’t know how long they stood there, but the glow from the sky had turned a light indigo when they separated and they stripped each other slowly, almost solely by touch, as all that they could see were faint outlines of each other, lit by the last sliver of the setting sun. There wasn’t any talking, there wasn’t a need to, at least not yet, as they took a warm shower together. Hands glide over soaped bodies, trying to commit every dip of muscle, every edge of bone and every drip of warmth seeping through fingertips to memory. 

Magnus snaps his fingers and the fireplace lit up, soft crackling sounding through the loft as sparks turn to slow flames. He holds out a towel with open arms from where he’s seated on the couch towards Alec, who was tying his bathrobe as he padded across the mahogany floor. Alec looks up and flashes a soft smile as he settles between Magnus’ legs that were elegantly spread along the couch, and lets Magnus dry his hair. It was a comfortable silence and Magnus let the wet towel slip off onto the floor as he feels Alec leaning back towards him, settling his head on his shoulder. Magnus slips one arm around Alec and the other hand through Alec’s slightly damp hair, and Alec tilts his head up to drop a kiss on his jaw, before he whispers, “I love you,” and Magnus is once again, lost for words as he looks into honest, open eyes.

“I love you too.” Magnus continues running his fingers through Alec’s hair, and they fall asleep, warm and safe in each other’s arms. There were more things to be said, but they could always wait till tomorrow. 

Scars, lovers and a bath - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#1 counting each other’s freckles/beauty marks/scars/etc, #17 calling each other by a pet name and #19 taking a bath together. 

Well look at that, two post in the span of a few hours, I felt inspired today…Starting with Bruce, might do Logan later. So I mixed all the prompts together, and here’s the result, warning slightly NSFW and also language yow, I really hope you like it… :

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


You lived for those alone time with your Bruce. It happened so rarely…

Actually, you couldn’t even remember when was the last time you had a bath with him. It must have been at least over three years ago. You had a lot of showers together, every morning in fact…but a relaxing bath ? Didn’t happen in years.

Bruce was caressing your arms ups and down lovingly, and was just enjoying the moment, humming lowly a song you didn’t recognize. 

You grabbed one of his hand and traced a soft line from the tip of his fingers to his bicep, where you laid your palm. His arm was so big and muscular that your hand couldn’t even wrap itself around it.


You took him away from his daydreaming with your word. Raising your head so you could see his face, he just couldn’t help but smile at you.

-What was that sweetheart ?

-Twelve. You have twelve scars on this arm.

You let go of it, putting his right arm back in the water, and then took his left one in your hands. Both your tiny hands could barely wrap around it…You ran a finger on it tenderly, counting his scars.

-One…two…three…oh this one is huge…five….

He shivered under your touch, and you smiled some more. Oh the effect you had on him. He pressed his lips to your neck lightly, his free hand on your thigh.

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Good Morning, love - Chris Evans

Hello internet! First thing first, thank you so much for all the sweet things you said about part II of Bucky’s story [ if you haven’t read it, here’s part 1 and part 2 ] Sooo, while waiting for ispiration for the third part, here’s a little one shot I want to share with you. Enjoy! :) xx

                                        CHRIS EVANS X READER

Summary: you love early mornings with Chris and this is why.

Warnings: okay, none, this is just adorkable fluff

Mornings with Chris were the best thing to exist, especially at the start of his acting hiatus. The feeling of freedom and calm, no rush to do anything, we had time to do every little thing we missed whilst being apart. Mornings were my favourite, no special reason, although there were some perks about it: it was the start of the day, the excitement of doing something new, waking up in his arms and living a normal life with a normal domestic routine for once, no jet-lag or hotel nights, just home. He was my home.

This morning I woke up in a tangle of limbs and sheets, just wearing one of his t-shirts and underwear while Chris was shirtless as always. He was sleeping on his side, facing away from the window and the few rays of sunshine peeking from it. I scooted near him quietly, trying not to wake him in the process, and rested my chin on his bare shoulder, drinking in his amusing appearance and letting my fingers lightly trace circles up and down his arm. He smiled, meaning that he was now fully awake, therefore I moved my arm to surround his torso and pressed my front against his back while bending slightly to whisper in his ear “good morning,love ”.

Chris smiled again, causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach, even after four years, the connection never changed. I then pushed him softly on his back by his shoulders and straddled him, before laying on him, my arms on either side of his head and hands buried in his messy hair.
“Good morning to you, too” he chuckled, letting his hands wander up and down my sides, before settling on my back with a steady hold. I kissed him, slow, meaningful, my fingers stroking the hair at the back of his neck while I tasted his cherry lips. He hummed in the kiss and I pulled away, smirking when he pouted “I want more of that”
“You will get it, love, don’t worry” my laugh made him smile and he reached for my lips to connect them with his again in another long kiss. Oh, how much I loved him. I think I felt so incredibly in love with Chris that sometimes, it ached, and I didn’t know the reason. I just knew that when I stayed with him, I felt at home. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, he was my best friend and my soulmate, I couldn’t even wait to spend the rest of my life with him, no one and nothing else could compare. Although, knowing that he felt just the same, warmed my heart in a way impossible to explain.

“Wanna hop in the tub for a long, lavender scented, hot bath?” he asked after we parted and stared into each others eyes for a while, whilst my hand stroked his cheek, him relaxing into my touch. I nodded excitingly, grinning and giving him a peck on the lips before jumping off of him and going to prepare the bathtub. What I didn’t know was that he was lovingly looking at me, staring at my frame moving in the other room as he watched, laying on his elbow, with a smile plastered on his face. Chris observed me while I did my chores and then proceeded to brush my hair and teeth, following my usual routine. When the water was warm enough, I took all my clothes off and as he looked at my naked frame, hopping in the tub, he felt his heart skip a beat. He felt so lucky and honoured knowing I was only his, but he still needed a while to let me understand that. When he got up, looking in the mirror, he tried to adjust his hair, failing miserably. I was already in the tub when he came up at the bathroom door, leaning on the door frame and looking at me as if I was an angel on earth. I had put my hair in a messy bun, trying not to get them wet with the bathtub’s water, but some strands of hair had fallen on my face, which I repeatedly moved behind my ear. I was surrounded by bubbles, but for him, I looked perfect.
“Care to join, Mister Evans?” I asked, blushing a little when he chuckled, shaking his head.

Chris then proceeded to take off his only piece of clothing and enter in the tub behind me, almost letting the water get out. I then leaned on him, positioning my head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of warmth around me, his strong arms holding me tightly. Chris sighed contently, taking one of my hands in his, looking at them intertwined out of the water.
“You know, I had an amazing plan for us today: a walk in the park, a picnic..” he kissed my neck once “but these moments, God, I would give my life for them.” I smiled and closed my eyes when I felt his lips return in their previous position, peppering kisses all over my skin. I turned my face enough to press my head gently against his, kissing his jaw.
“I’m so in love with you, it hurts” he mumbled and I chuckled, tightening my grip on him as if my life depended on it.
“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, but yet I know that tomorrow I will”

X-Files Fic: But Always Together

For @leiascully‘s X-Files Writing Challenge: “List.”  This is basically a big ol’ “FUCK YOU” to The Field Where I Died.

1. 1890 B.C.

He is a shepherd, the youngest of six sons, tending to one of his father’s many herds.  She is the oldest daughter of a priest, and he sees her fetching water at a well one day and loses all power of speech in the face of her beauty.  He knows who she is- his father and hers are known to each other- and even though she smiles warmly at him, he cannot bring himself to speak to her.  As the youngest of six he has nothing to offer her, and he knows she’ll be married off to some oldest son, some fortunate man who stands to inherit much when his father dies.

One day when he’s out with his flock, he sees her approaching in the distance.  She’s carrying a lamb in her arms- one of his that, it transpires, had managed to wander off without his noticing (he’s been spending more time than he should dreaming about her).  He thanks her profusely, stumbling over his words, expecting her to laugh at him at any moment, but she doesn’t.  She’s sweet and kind and sits with him for hours, talking, until the sun in low on the horizon.

After that, they meet nearly every day, at the well or in the fields.  It takes him months to get up the nerve to ask her if she’s promised to anyone, and in response, she quirks an eyebrow at him and says, “I had assumed you would be asking for my hand, but maybe I was wrong.”

So they approach her father, and of course, he’s against the match, because he has nothing to offer her.  He goes to his father to ask him to intervene, but there’s no help to be had there: his father tells him he’ll find someone more suitable to his station.

They leave, together, that very night.

It’s difficult, far more difficult than either of them could have anticipated, and nearly every waking moment is consumed with ensuring their continuing survival- especially when children start to come- but at the end of every day, there are brief, fleeting moments of peace and love together, and it makes the rest of the hardship worth it.

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anonymous asked:

soft hannigram please!!! I loved your amnesia one!

Days pass slow, then fast, and soon Will and Hannibal have found themselves in the midst of summer. The island is hot and unforgiving, and Will revels in the weight of the heat beating down on his shoulders. They tan and their scars stick out like stark white trenches dug deep into the earth.

Will had been so focused on healing that he hadn’t had a chance to consider that they’d never spent so much time together. Their lives before their fall into the Atlantic were marked by short tangles of friendship and something deeper than friendship and long periods of separation. Now, Will knows when he opens his eyes Hannibal will be there, always there.

At first it is terrifying. Once they’re strong enough to get on with their days without a handful of pills, Will worries they’ll soon grow tired. Of one another. Of the monotony of seclusion. But July comes, and with her heat she brings a revelation: They are, above all else, good together.

Four months on, and they haven’t been intimate. Not really. There have been touches, of course, the great majority of them clinical. Prodding muscles and helping wounds to heal and worrying over infections. Changing bandages and, for several weeks in the immediate aftermath, helping each other bathe through the haze of morphine.

Now, at breakfast, the sun at 8am already making the veranda steam with her rays, Will allows his mind to wander.

“What do you think would happen if we kissed?”

Hannibal pauses, midway through cutting into his sausage, and smiles. “If we kissed we would be kissing.”

Will laughs. “We would. But do you think it would change us?”

Hannibal forks sausage into his mouth, chews, and swallows before giving his answer. “It would certainly change our relationship. It may make us something to each other we’ve never been before.”

“I think we’ve always been everything to each other, regardless of our actions.”

Hannibal’s face goes soft. He drops his fork and knife. “Then it wouldn’t change us. It would only make us more of who we are.”

Will smiles, fighting against the tug of his ever-healing scar. “Come here and kiss me then.”

Hannibal pushes back from the table, the click of his shoes counting down the moments until he arrives at Will’s side. Will turns in his chair to meet Hannibal’s gaze when he kneels beside him. Hannibal’s hand is soft on his cheek. He cups the unmarred side of Will’s face and slots their lips together, and when their tongue meet, Will swears he can taste the force of Hannibal’s pulse. The blood rushing from their veins into one another’s.

Nothing changes when they part. The summer is still unrelenting and sweat trickles down the back of Will’s neck, soaking the collar of his shirt. It’s as if, somewhere, in all the other worlds stretching on for eternity, some version of the two of them have always been kissing. Their lips meet again, and it feels like home.

They kiss away the morning, and the sun shines, and the mercury swells and rises. They kiss, and nothing changes, and Will clings to the taste of the moment, hoping that nothing ever will.

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please stop sending me anons about the gotham rogues discourse. i exist in my own little bubble of this hellsite and I have no intentions of getting involved cause im old enough and wise enough to know that no matter I say my ass is gonna end up getting dragged for something ridiculous lmao

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There was some talk about sex in a relationship and how lack of it affects your partner and it rubbed me the wrong way. If people're incompatible based on their sexual needs that's what they are then. It's not a thing people can pin on asexuals and excuse abuse and slander with it. Sex repulsion, low libido and such are common with allosexuals too but the current attitude towards sex and what is considered normal when it comes to relationships means that those things are often brushed aside. 1/3

With asexuals they have been fused into the orientation as a way to explain this “abnormal behaviour” away. Some relationships won’t survive if the needs are drastically different but plenty of them do. There’s a multitude of non-sexual ways to feel physically connected like massages, caressing, showering/bathing together, brushing each others’ hair, cuddling, dancing, hugging etc that don’t require orgasms and sexual touching that people do in addition to or in lieu of sex. 2/3

Only requirements are that all parties involved are on the same page (open communication, we can’t read minds) and noone is made to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. If a relationship lacks something someone really needs to be content in one, the best solution to all is to part ways. It’s not anyone’s fault and blaming incompatibility on one party is plainly wrong. Nor is it tied only to asexuality, so asexual or allosexual: respect your partners’ sexual needs and boundaries. 3/3

You’re right that relationships are complicated, and that they could prove incompatible for many reasons.

Which is why ‘I don’t date aces’ sentiment is such a problem.

- Fae