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Once upon a time, Allison Church was the undisputed queen of pirates, ruling the seas with an iron fist. There was no move made on open water that Allison did not approve of, and everyone knew and feared her name.

Until that fateful day that her luck ran out, and she was killed.

Since then, the golden age of piracy has dwindled. Her fleet scattered to the winds, they’ve now been hunted on the order of Hargrove, a man who despite claiming to serve the people, has ulterior motives in mind for removing the scourge of piracy from the waters.

Carolina, Allison’s daughter, has now come of age. Raised on her mother’s ship at her mother’s heels, Carolina longs to see the pirates’ reign restored to the seas. She sets out to find as much of her mother’s old crew as she can, determined to use them to reunite the fleet and take down Hargrove once and for all. 

But her mother’s fortune has also dwindled, and so the only crew she can afford to hire to find them are a ragtag bunch of misfits known only as “the Reds and Blues”…

Wyverns, witches and rock ‘n’ roll!

jaytim au where Tim’s a band photgrapher (or whatever that job is) and he ends up staring at the lead singer of Red Hood and The Outlaws all night through his camera lens


@arkhamknignt’s RHATO band AU playlist - listen here

 Art by @11thsense and insp from @stardcsts and @teentitand 

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Klance marching band au where Keith and Lance compete against each other Keith plays the trumpet (because why not) and Lance is on color guard 

They’re also both mutually pining after each other but they don’t know that

OC questions: music edition

Because the world could use more music AUs

(I’ll separate some of these questions into individual posts later. For now, here’s the masterpost!)

  1. If your OC were to play an instrument, what would they play?
  2. Personality wise, are they brass, woodwind, percussion, string, or voice?
  3. What genre of music do they enjoy?
  4. Which OC is the frazzled middle school band director?
  5. Which OC only knows how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder?
  6. Which OC always has a song stuck in their head?
  7. What is your OC’s battle theme?
  8. Which OC is tone deaf?
  9. Which OC is perfect/relative pitch?
  10. What is your OC’s voice part?
  11. Which OC always has their headphones on?
  12. Describe your OC as a musical term (ex: allegro, pesante, forte)
  13. Which OC can learn to play any instrument they are exposed to?
  14. Is your OC a band, orchestra, or choir geek?
  15. Which OC is/would make an awesome DJ?
  16. Does your OC prefer performing solo, or do they like group performances?
  17. Which OC would totally kill it at karaoke?
  18. Which OC is/would make an awesome beatboxer?
  19. Which OC can turn any object into a musical instrument?
  20. Which OC is always humming or whistling a song?
  21. What would your OC’s role in a band be?
  22. What is your OC’s opinion on country music?
  23. Which OC is the best at doing improv?
  24. Which OC sings in the shower?
  25. What song describes your OC’s current situation?

This is meant to be for the band Au, dont be fooled, Tord used to be in their band but left the band to make a gig in the big city, but failed, although he found Paul and Patryk and also has a band with them.

i drew the typo kids because they might appear again, mostly tim because brother, maybe ( if its okay ) belongs to @trashpandaballs​ Tim to @princeofmints​ and Ded to @gooey-draws-shit

I just can’t find the right caption for this one xD I don’t even know why I made it. Enjoy it or not ;D