that baby picture though


Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint through the years.

“Actually, my name was the one that my parents pulled out of the hat. Really. There were other names they put in this hat, and they pulled out ‘Rupert’ first.”


I really love how Winry has a picture of Ed and Al with Nina


“So many things for me are unfortunate in the commercialization of something that is special. It’s like when Led Zeppelin appears in Cadillac commercials. There’s something that is taken away from your love of this thing and your connection to it.”
–Chris Carter

Some padawan Mira sketches. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Can you do headcanons where Yuuri.K, Yuri.P, and Viktor 's female s/o see the boy's baby pictures for the first time and the boys reaction to it.


-It happened on accident, he was showing s/o some old pictures when he flipped to the wrong page

-Isn’t too embarrassed, to be honest

-But he doesn’t have a lot of pictures to show either


-is quite embarrassed, especially when s/o starts commenting on how cute chubby baby Yuuri was

-Gets over it quickly, though

-Probably asks to see s/o’s baby pictures as ‘compensation’ 


-Tries to rip the album out of their hands as soon as possible

-Why did he allows gramps to show s/o pictures from his earlier competitions??

-He should’ve known gramps would switch to baby pictures


For @senator-sprinkles :3 I’m late but here. Take the gay meep morps!

I had a little too much fun with this and ended up making my first Gif ever while I was at it oops ^^” I hope you like it. :3

(Apologies I accidentally made the drawings too big again aaaa)


Made a baby a couple of weeks ago. Here is a picture.

Pretty good baby, all things considered, though I have yet to get more than four hours’ sleep in a row since she was born.

(And four hours is kind of amazing, frankly)

It’s been…an experience. Postpartum hormones are real, yo, and they mess with your head. And there’s a reason sleep deprivation is an effective means of torture.

But she makes lots of funny faces and she’s very cute, so it’s all good.

Welcome to the world, small Bearup. Hope you like it here.