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I really love how Winry has a picture of Ed and Al with Nina


All the tanks right now! A good friend gave me soooo many plants from his tank, and I love the anubias! Unfortunately most of the others require higher light than I have, but make for good silver dollar food.

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“So many things for me are unfortunate in the commercialization of something that is special. It’s like when Led Zeppelin appears in Cadillac commercials. There’s something that is taken away from your love of this thing and your connection to it.”
–Chris Carter


caitriona balfe + 2014 (insp.)


“I’m awake! Don’t do anything to me!” His laughter is infectious, even if it’s still sleepy and a little rough. “Is it my turn to take care of the baby?” he stretches comfortably before slowly sitting up and pulling you to sit next to him on the bed, baby still in your arms. She blinks her eyes slowly and yawns widely, leaning against your chest, just as sleepy as her father. He snickers quietly and brushes his fingertips over her soft, pudgy cheek. “I think there’s a baby picture of me looking exactly like that, though she might be even cuter.” Her eyes open a little wider to watch Baekhyun after hearing the voice that sings her to sleep almost every night.

- Admin J

Ever since I saw your baby pictures,
I see you so differently now.
In a good way though.
Looking at them was like,
finding a piece of a puzzle of your life.
And I finally got it.
When I look at you, it all makes sense now.
Where you come from and why you’re so happy all the time.
There’s still so many puzzle pieces I need to find from you,
but I’m glad I found one today.
—  Let’s Find More Pieces Together
For the Birthday LOSER (ily)

Nico doesn’t really know what date protocol is but he guesses sitting in the living room and watching the clock on the cable box change doesn’t count. To be fair, he is nervous; this is his first date and it looms closer with every change of the number and soon Will is going to be at the front door waiting to take Nico out like he does most Saturdays but it’s suddenly different.

He still doesn’t know how he feels about the different.

He likes Will. Likes him a lot actually, far more than can be explained with a simple “he’s my best friend”. Will makes him happy, makes him laugh and makes him angry and then makes up for making him angry. What he feels with Will is the kind of thing he sees every day between Percy and Annabeth or Jason and Piper or Frank and Hazel. 

This is big. This is their first date.

And it’s happening in ten minutes.

Nico exhales and sinks back against the couch. He’s kind of glad Paul and Sally aren’t there to witness this, mainly because he’s heard horror stories of Percy’s first date with Annabeth and even though Sally realistically shouldn’t have baby pictures of Nico tucked away somewhere, he wouldn’t put it past her to pull out an album the second Will walked in the door.

Instead Percy is here, visiting home for a weekend from college (Annabeth, too swamped in deadlines to join) but he’s kept his distance since Nico started getting ready and has already promised he won’t be pulling out a camera. 

“If you stare at that clock any harder, you might break it.”

Nico glances over as Percy walks into the living room, a tray loaded with very unhealthy and very blue treats. 

“If you keep eating like that, you’ll probably die before you’re forty.”

“Well if anyone would know,” Percy teases, winking exaggeratedly and settling back onto the couch. Nico hands him the remote. “Are you nervous?”

Nico exhales again. “Yes.” He doesn’t see a point in lying and he knows Percy isn’t going to judge him. They’ve come too far in this friendship, worked too hard to have this comfortable layer settle over them where Nico can be here waiting for his first date and Percy can be here in his boxer shorts ready for a night in. 

For all intents and purposes, the Blofis-Jackson family has become his in a way Nico was never expecting and Percy’s role in his life was one his ten year old self never would have chosen but Nico can’t see it happening any other way: Percy is the annoying but caring older brother he never knew he wanted and for that, above all else, Nico is grateful.

“It’s okay to be nervous,” Percy says, “The butterflies in your stomach make it more exciting.”

“Skeletal butterflies,” Nico murmurs, hiding a smile and thinking back to two years ago when Will took his hand for the first time. 

“Do you know where you guys are going?”

Nico grins. “Coney Island. I told Will I’ve never been ages ago and he’s been dying to take me. He finally just asked me like this.”

Percy smiles looking genuinely happy for him and that means more to Nico than any fantasy he may have had in the past.

There’s a sudden knock on the door followed by a quick succession of three knocks and the butterflies in Nico’s stomach suddenly start to revolt.

“Do you want me to get that?” Percy asks. “I can give him a pre-date shake down. I am be intimidating, you know.”

“If you’re holding a glass of water,” Nico says, his voice a little shaky and he rubs his damp palms down his jeans. “Nah, I got it.”

“Okay,” Percy says. “Have a good time, yeah? Also be careful on the hickeys because mom can spot them a mile away and she is a relentless teaser.”

Nico snorts and stands up, knocking his fist against Percy’s when offered. Then he walks over to the door, takes a deep breath and opens it.

Will looks sunny fresh and beautiful as always, grinning at him with bright white teeth and sunkissed skin. Even after two years, he’s still a little taller than Nico but he’s dreamed of kisses on tiptoes enough to not even care.

“Hey,” Will says and Nico realizes that Will’s smile is a little different than usual. 

“Hey,” Nico says back.

“You, um, ready to go?” Will says and he swings his arms at his sides and that’s when Nico realizes he’s nervous

It sends a sudden thrill down his spine and he’s brave enough to reach out and take Will’s hand. 



It’s not that Percy’s waiting up. For one, Nico can’t even be out later than midnight and for two, Percy’s not Jason. Jason would wait up for Nico to get back from his date. Jason would also have probably gone along on the date to spy because Jason is actually an over protective goober and Percy already feels bad for his future kids. 

It’s just that it was Nico’s first date tonight and Percy wants to know how it went. He remembers this, of course he does. The movie date he never had with Annabeth, the fireworks they attended together, every time Rachel called him to hang out the year before his sixteenth birthday.

The first time he went to pick Annabeth up from school.

He remembers the nerves and the excitement and the thrill of it. He still feels it even now when he and Annabeth have date nights over in New Rome. He’s excited for Nico and he wants to be able to share that.

He’s not waiting up. He’s just waiting.

His mom and Paul have already gone to bed and Percy is watching bad horror movies in his boxers because he can (it’s what he does back in New Rome there’s just a downside that Annabeth isn’t here to scream at the stupid people who go off on their own) and if that just happens to last long enough that he’s still here when Nico comes home. Well.

That’s when he hears the key in the door. 

Nico’s footsteps are quiet when he comes in, until he hears the TV. Then he’s walking normally, around the couch to plop down next to Percy and steal some of his popcorn.

“This one sucks,” he says of Percy’s movie choice.

Percy snorts. “That’s the point.”

When he glances over, he can see the tale-tell tug of Nico’s lips that tell him Nico is very much fighting a smile and that makes Percy feel better about everything.

“Did you have fun?”

Nico shrugs but Percy can see the brightness of his eyes. “I mean. Yeah.”

“Did he take you on the Ferris Wheel?” Percy asks. “Did he pay the dude to make it stop?”

“Since we are not a 90′s teen romantic comedy, no he did not.”

Percy doesn’t point out that the only reason Nico knows to make that reference is because Will personally sat him down and gave him a crash course in pop culture.

“Did he get fresh with you? Did you get fresh with him?”

“That is none of your business,” Nico says almost primly and Percy snorts.

“Oh, please, like you are dying to tell someone. I can Iris message Jason right now…”

Nico flicks popcorn at him and Percy laughs. He honestly doesn’t expect an answer but then Nico starts talking, his voice quiet.

“He kept like…touching me all night. A hand to guide me to rides or holding my hand when we were waiting in line or an arm around my shoulders when we were eating food. But he didn’t kiss me.”

“It happens,” Percy says quickly. “You know, first dates-”

“I kissed him.”

Percy’s mouth splits into a wide grin and he says “Nice” holding his hand for a high five that Nico returns with, Percy notices gleefully, pink cheeks.

“You know, this couch is like a supreme making out spot as long as mom doesn’t catch-”

“Shut up, Percy.”

Percy just grins.

I’m still angry that Mystique and Azazel are Nightcrawler’s canon parents.

Chris Claremont originally intended Mystique to be Nightcrawler’s father, because Destiny was her One True Love and shapeshifting gives you a pretty awesome set of options when it comes to things you can do with your girlfriend. Marvel nixed that idea before it could go to print, but it couldn’t stop us on Halloween.