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Make Me Feel Your Love

For the anon who wanted some insecure!dan leading into some good ass lovemaking. (Pun unintended)

Genre: angst, smut, fluff

Word count: 933

Warnings/tags: insecurities, insecure!dan, lovemaking, vanilla, reference to being unwanted or unlovable, goodboyfriend!phil, no condoms but they’ve been together a while and they are consensual and aware, phil cums inside dan hehe, I’m tired of making dan have girly moans sorry it’s unrealistic to me, also phil kinda moans a lot because I feel like he’s a moaner,,,, heheheheh that’s all


“Dan baby, could you hand me-” I see dan on our bed, he’s snuggled into my sweater and his cheeks and red and blotchy, obviously he’s been crying. Rushing over to him, I squat down by the side of the bed, gently pushing his soft hair from his forehead, “Hey, baby, what’s going on right now?”

He sniffles, “Why do you even love me? You could do so much better! I’m all fat and u-ugly.” My heart clenches; this boy.

“Dan, listen to me ok?” He nods, “You are so insanely beautiful sometimes I genuinely can’t stop staring at you. I’m lucky to have you! Not the other way around. You’ve got the most amazing and soft, curly hair that I just want to run my fingers through all the time, the most warm eyes, dark eyelashes I would kill for, and your body is so nice, wanna touch you all the time, all soft and curvy, so much for me to grab, hmm?” Dan’s blushing like mad as I began kissing around his face. “Cutest little button nose,” my lips land on his, “softest lips I’ve ever felt,” I trail down to his neck, “so sensitive for me,” making my way down to his stomach and sucking and nipping at the flesh there, “all squishy and soft.”

“Phiiiillll,” Dan’s breathy whine pushes past his lips, hands reaching to tangle in my hair, “Please please make me feel good.” I hummed, reaching a hand to play with the rosy bud of his left nipple.

“Prettiest little nipples.” My other hand leisurely moves to his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them to push them down along with his underwear until he’s naked hips down, I quickly fix that, pulling the sweater over and off of his head.

“You, want you undressed too,” Dan pleads breathily, lips poured just the tiniest bit. Quickly, I’m shedding off my shirt and standing up to peel off my lounge pants and boxers, my pale, purple veined cock springing hard and free to slap curved up against my taut stomach.

Reaching over, I clumsily open the bedside table drawer, grabbing what felt like- and luckily was- the bottle of half empty strawberry lube, popping it open with urgent, slender fingers. Once I thickly coated my fingers in the slimy substance, my hand traveled down dan warm and slighted pinkened skin, skimming just barely at his leaking cock and over his perineum, swirling teasingly around his tight ring of muscles causing his hips gyrate, pushing back onto my hand. My first finger found itself two knuckles deep in Dan’s warm opening, though not alone for long, quickly joined by another as I begin scissoring them, his velvet walls loosening and thighs shaking.

When he’s stretched to three fingers comfortably, I kiss my way up between his legs, using the excess lube to coat my well endowed length. Landing my lips on his, his legs wrap tightly around me, his arms doing the same around my neck, keeping close, only pulling back to gasp when I slowly push into him, immediately aiming for and hitting his prostate softly.

Mind you Dan and I were anything but vanilla, but I could sense tonight was all about just us, nothing extra necessary. I was steady in my thrusts, hitting his prostate dead on, my own moans mixing with his, breaths washing together in the most enticing way and heat burning our skin where fingers gripping and lips kissed. I looking into Dan’s eyes, “Close,” he whispered, walls clenching and toes curling, face and upper body flushed, skin damp, hair curled all messy just the way that reminds me of it in 2010.

“Fuck, come on Dan, feels so good, gonna cum too, cum with me.” I’m rambling but neither of us note, I’m taking Dan’s slick with precum dick into a loose fist and tugging in time with my strong thrusts.

Dan’s breathing halts for just a moment, muscles tightening - /all/ of them, trust me - before he’s spilling over Phil’s fist, body shaking and spasming, throwing Phil over the edge just after him, their groans loud and rough, “Fuck, Dan,” phil’s croaks, throat tight, he’s spilling into Dan, and he knows Dan can feel it, hot, thick, and deep inside of him, as Dan’s sucks in a breath, clenching around Phil, legs and arms pulling him closer, hands tangling in his hair.

When Phil starts going soft, he pulling out of Dan with a certain lazy gentleness one can only achieve in the haze of post orgasm, body still twitching with the aftershocks. He doesn’t bother to clean them up, and he knows they’ll light heatedly bicker about who let them sleep in such a stick mess, Phil ultimately giving in and kissing Dan in the shower as he washes them up, but that’s a moment for tomorrow.

“Love you more than I can express, Daniel. You must know.”

“I know. Love you just as much, if not more.” A small smile settles onto Dan’s lips, leg thrown over Phil’s hips, and head on his shoulder, arms tucked between them as Phil’s settled onto his back, arms wound tightly around Dan, legs tangled with Dan’s free leg.

“It’s impossible, and I’m sure you’ll argue me over it tomorrow, but right now, I just want to sleep with you.”

Dan hums, kissing softly at phil collarbone, “Don’t let me forget.”

“Never.” And Phil isn’t sure if Dan’s referring to Phil’s irreversible love for him, or the playful argument saved for the early morning glow, but neither will Phil let Dan forget for even a moment.


SORRY! So sorry hat I haven’t been active in the means of writing and putting out my own stuff! There are some things I wasn’t really too sure about and didn’t have any ideas on but I’m working on a sequel for “It Feels Right” if anyone’s interested in that,,, ALSO PLEASE SEND SOME COOL AND CREATIVE PROMPTS :)?))????(((((????!!!!!!! K thanks :):

My Overwatch Ship Children

Bored while waiting to head out, so I'mma make up some kids of my favourite Overwatch ships/heroes

Ship babies

Genji x Mercy -
Ashe “Archangel” Shimada

. Miracle test tube baby
. Lots of trial and error
. Lost function of his arms and legs not long after being born
. Given cybernetic pieces once big enough to handle the surgery
. Zenyatta is the godfather and keeper of the title “honourary best babysitter ever”
. Very sweet kid, obedient at all times
. More partial to his mother’s Angel motif, so he styled himself that way as he grew
. Eventually succeeded in begging his mom to give him wings like hers
. Unleashed his dragon at 5
. Genji was ecstatic, Mercy was floored
. Met Hanzo before, really likes hanging out with his uncle

Junkrat x Mei -
Jeremy Chung Fawkes, Jie Jiao “J-J” Fawkes, Junior Wei Fawkes, Zhihuán Yi Fawkes (aka the Rat Pack)

. First three were triplets, fourth one came a couple years later
. The triplets were an accident. Jamison clearly didn’t understand Roadhog when he said use protection
. Truth be told, he had bombs in the room as that protection thing
. Mei was uncomfortable, but eh
. Zhihuán came along a couple years later on purpose
. Apparently, Jamie likes kids
. The triplets are called the Trouble Triad by anyone who meets them
. Cunning, shifty little buggers
. But they love their momma and papa a LOT
. They’ll show up with random gifts that they may or may not have swiped off of someone else
. Roadhog is the godfather and designated babysitter since he’s the only one that can handle them
. It was Jamie’s idea to give the first three names that start with J just to match his, but Mei insisted on naming the last one and giving the triplets Chinese middle names
. He didn’t mind, but he calls the youngest one Z-Z because it’s easier to say
. First language is English, but they are fluent in Mandarin Chinese
. Roadhog’s stomach is their favourite nap spot

McCree x Sombra -
Carolina Luna McCree

. Styles herself after her dad A LOT
. Even as a little ankle biter running around in big cowboy boots, a red scarf, and a cowboy hat
. Water gun fights were the best
. Knows how to hack, but not as proficient with it as her momma is
. Dances around the house listening to songs like Suavemente and Papito Chocolata
. Very pretty and built like she should be a model, but is really a huge nerd
. Favourite movie is The Magnificent Seven. The original one with Yul Brenner
. Constantly hugs her dad whenever she sees him
. Daddy’s little princess/cowgirl/nerd
. Has an alarm on her phone at 12pm that says “It’s High Noon” as the alarm tone just for giggles
. Prefers Takis over Doritos, but will eat them anyway

Torbjorn x his wife -
Otto Elias Lindholm

. He’s one of the existing 8 (since no canonical names were given, I came up with one)
. He’s the oldest boy, but not the oldest kid
. A tinkerer, loves to mess with his dad’s tools and spare parts
. Geeks out about robots, much to his father’s chagrin
. Retained his oral fixation long into his adult life. Always has a toothpick or or pencil hanging out of his mouth
. Appears lazy and aloof most of the time. But when it comes to building something, fixing something, or handling hot metal, he’s all in it
. Blacksmiths. Has his own workshop and every where he helps keep his friend’s tools and weapons in tip top shape
. Constantly challenges his dad on who can build a better turret. It’s what they do for fun
. Build armour plating for the cat once. Mom was not pleased
. Great friends with Ashe. Known him since he was still a tyke
. Voted most likely to date an omnic girl. Not really complaining because it’d probably be true
. Bastion is his favourite assistant

Tracer x Emily -
Thomas “Sparky” Oxton

. One word: Hyper
. Off the walls kind of hyper. Sugar rush like hyper
. He’s a happy go lucky kinda kid who needs to be kept on a short leash a lot to avoid him getting into trouble
. Winston is best uncle and godfather. But the poor guy has trouble handling such a hyper kid
. Has a high respect for Zenyatta and the Shambali, just like how his mom does
. Listens to Lúcio’s music a lot and, when he can, attends his concerts
. Kinda of a pervy guy, lets his eyes roam a bit too much
. Born using a donor, Emily is the one who gave birth
. Also a tinkerer like Otto, but more with existing machines than scrap metals

Widowmaker x Gerard -
Jean-Paul “Recluse” LaCroix

(I had this idea that, when she killed her husband, Amelie was pregnant. But Talon kept the kid and trained him to be a soldier once he was old enough)

. Like mother, like son
. Merciless, often playing with his targets before actually finishing the job
. Hates Sparky. Gets on his nerves with how peppy and unrefined he is
. Codenamed after the brown recluse spider
. Assassin style of fighting. Prefers to sneak up on you rather than go head to head, but will do so if he has to
. If you’re on the hit list, you’re as good as dead
. Doesn’t have his personality suppressed. He’s just mean
. Has issues with authority, sometimes not listening to the higher ups unless he feels like it or he goes on missions he wasn’t assigned to
. Isn’t actually allowed to interact with his mother, but knows that’s who she is. It’s blatantly obvious
. He has a biiig issue with teasing Reaper. It’s kinda putting him on the “To Kill” list
. Has an interesting way of dealing with his targets. He gives the females quick and painless deaths, while he takes his time with the males. A cut here, a cut there. Maybe a knife in your shoulder. Lets them try to run, and then finished up the job
. He enrolled himself in highschool just to have something to do when he didn’t have work. Straight A student
. Likes to dance. Actually found the old videos of his mother’s ballets and watches them in his quarters

Lúcio and -
Tito and Yuna Correia dos Santos

. Yuna is older than Tito by a 1 year and 9 months
. Like their parents, they love music and games
. Often seen on the set of their dad’s concerts and the loudest ones cheering at their mom’s gaming tournaments
. Modded out their own gaming PC
. Yuna is an excellent singer, inspired by many international artists from the past
. Tito loves making the beats with his dad, even coming up with special ringtones for everybody
. Yuna and Tito stick together like glue. Pretty much inseparable
. They like Reinhardt’s old music as well techno and dubstep
. Learned to speak several languages during their tours of different countries for concerts
. Always wearing promotional gear for their parents because why not ( sweaters, lúcio headphones, phone cases)
. It’s hard being celebrities, but they always find time for family. Even when they’re tired
. Dva taught them how to play videogames early on and they’ve been hooked ever since
. Even made their own little game for themselves
. Orisa is best “momnic”. Efi is best big sis

Non ship babies

Zenyatta -
Kenyatta “Kenya” (yeah, I know. Real original. It’s my mother’s middle name, so get over it…)

. Zenny built her from scratch
. You know how humans start out as babies and then grow up to be adults? Well he translated that into robotics and built her as a baby first. Then, upgraded her into a child. Then, into a teen
. If you’ve ever seen Robots, then you know what it was like
. Her friends call her Kenya or Kenny. She doesn’t mind
. Very sweet and generous, often too sweet for her own good
. Calls Ashe cousin, and vice versa
. The Fawkes kids like her because she gives them snacks everytime she sees them. Junkrat still isn’t a fan
. She’s a therapist, often giving very good advice and helping wherever she can. The Iris embraces you~
. Floats somewhat like Zen does, but she’s still standing upright. Her feet just don’t touch the ground and give off waves of light when she takes a step forward. It looks like Lúcio’s aoe circle
. With some help from Mercy and Winston, she was given the ability to feel physical contact, though it’s a little muted. She can’t feel everything, but she can feel you touch her and can feel being cut or stabbed
. Sparky drools over her and it makes her uncomfortable, often pushing him away slowly with a confused look on her face
. Her face functions a lot like how Snowball’s does but with a twist. Her eyes change colour depending on how she’s feeling emotionally. Like mood rings
. Purple for confusion, red for angry, yellow for docile, blue for sad, pink for love, green for error/repairs need to be made. Kinda like how people turn green when sick

Roadhog/Mako Rutledge -
Warren “Peace” and Te Ao “Chief” Rutledge

. Te Ao is Junkrat’s age, while Warren is’s age
. Backstory time: After the ALF attacked the omniuim and the radiation began to flood out, Mako made sure his kids made it out of there mostly unscathed. Since Mako didn’t come back for them after a couple of years, they hospital that held them thought it best to put them up for adoption. Te Ao, the older sister, wasn’t having that. So she took Warren and ran off to go find him. Took several years, only finding out where he might be after seeing him pop up on TV, eventually hunting him down at Overwatch HQ and telling him who they were
. Te Ao is the strong leader of the duo, but Warren is nothing to scoff at either
. They also have a liking for pigs the way Roadhog does
. Warren doesn’t really like his dad, but gets over it because of Te Ao
. The two get along okay with the omnics around there, but are wary of them because of what they saw on TV about them
. Te Ao finds Junkrat annoying, often hitting him upside his head if Roadhog hadn’t done it already
. Since they didn’t really have a childhood with their dad, they don’t really know how to interact and comes to blows at times over things
. They get over it, though. Usually over food
. No bacon, though. Te Ao doesn’t eat pig, neither does Mako
. Warren doesn’t care what he eats as long as he’s not starving

Shimada Hanzo -
Shimada Tsubaki

. Testy
. She’s a perfectionist, getting irritated when things don’t go the way they should
. For certain things, she has a level of patience. But don’t pass her boundaries. She will cut you
. Has a soft spot for cute things. Has a pachimari keychain attached to each one of her weapons of choice
. Doesn’t just use the bow like her dad. Uses wakizashi and kunai as well
. Released her dragon at 7, somewhat jealous that Ashe had his before her
. Doesn’t hate Ashe or Genji, though. Likes them a lot more than she’ll admit
. When she smiles, it’s always genuine. Otherwise, she doesn’t smile much
. So intent on being the best that she hardly notices when Hanzo praises her for doing very well. Since she’s a perfectionist, she always notices her slip ups
. Hanzo didn’t really want her to become a ninja. He only wanted her to learn how to defend herself, but she pushed herself harder
. Hanzo is supportive of her, but scolds her when she refuses to eat or socialize with friends in favour of training
. If there’s anything he doesn’t want, is for her to miss out on the life she could have

Symmetra/Satya Vaswani -
Lakhi Vaswani

. They tried to put her on the cover of Vogue, but her legs were toooooo long~
. Fashionista. Always has a roll of measuring tape in her pocket and a tablet pad to draw out her ideas
. If she doesn’t like your outfit, she won’t be mean about it. She’ll just be like “Oh! I can make you something better~”
. Peppy, very nice girl
. Kinda sassy at times, though
. Loves to sing and dance
. Oddly enough, she is good friends with Tito and Yuna, Lúcio’s kids. Symmetra isn’t really cool with that, but Lúcio doesn’t mind
. Loves to come up with ideas for Lúcio’s concert outfits, same with Yuna and Tito when they want to join in
. Has a crush on Tito, but isn’t actively demonstrating
. Even though her mom works for Vishkar, she doesn’t. Not her style
. Started a fashion line at 14 years old
. Likes internet memes and says “Here comes dat boi” whenever she sees Lúcio, prompting Tito and Yuna to respond with “Waddup!”

Winston -

. One of the only babies to be born from the gorillas on the moon
. It wasn’t good place for him to be, so Winston adopted him and took him to Earth
. Also wears glasses. Big round glasses
. He was a cute and loveable little fuzz ball as a baby, but sort of grew out of it as he got older
. He’s a bit more like a teenager, but the strong yet nerdy kind
. Doesn’t like being called a nerd. Prefers being called intellectually strong
. Addicted to PB, just like his dad
. Has his own version of Athena, named her Friday. All his friends have a pocket version of her attached to their devices
. Best friend and leash for Sparky. Every extrovert needs a cuddly introvert to balance them out
. Kirby isn’t as socially awkward as Winston is. He’s more or less just uninterested in socializing unless it’s important. He still has friends, though, and they like him
. Appears aloof most of the time. Half lidded, uninterested in things other than technology and working on important things
. Doesn’t like being called Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. Makes him visibly cringe at you and slide his glasses back up his nose
. Don’t try to bs him. He can see through bs like a window
. Not against calling people idiots

Zarya/Aleksandra Zaryanova -
Sacha “Supernova” Zaryanova

. Supernova is just his nickname. He hasn’t come up with a hero name yet
. Big and tall. Very tall
. Smiles a lot. Nice big hearty smiles for everybody
. Cinnamon roll. You can’t really stay mad at him for long because, well, he’s never really mad at anyone or anything
. Momma’s boy. Loves his mom more than anything in the world! Best momma ever!
. Huge appetite, but is willing to eat less of there’s a limited amount of food and his friends still need to eat
. Looks up to Reinhardt as a hero. Wants to be big and strong like him someday
. As sweet as he is, he doesn’t take well to people insulting his friends or his momma. He won’t necessarily get mad, but he will scare the hell outta you by giving you a nice threat with a genuine smile on his face
. “You should be careful how you talk to friends, da? I wouldn’t want to have to break your face! Hahaha!” 😁
. Loves hugs. Will hug you when happy. Like big fuzzy Siberian bear
. Likes Tsubaki, but doesn’t tell her that and treats her the same way he does everyone else, so it doesn’t really show
. Has a huge teddy bear at home. His name is Vladimir

Gonna add Reaper and Pharah later if I feel like it…

anonymous asked:

smut where louis loves being full of harry's baby and harry's cock 😪 truly glorious. also jealous/protective harry over his two babies 🤤

Sorry this took so long. Here’s your warning for lactation kink.

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Another AU b/c I was playing Overwatch and thought too much about Genji :P Also the Vocaloid song “Kokoro” and the Al1 album and bOOM BOOM! This was made!

Originally posted by minghaon

Pretty U long! Under the cut/keep reading due to length!

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promptis + highspecs babiessss~

(anon asked for highspecs + promptis baby playdate. YOU’RE WELCOME.)

There’s a little back courtyard in the citadel. Not very many know about it, and Noct’s pretty sure that’s intentional. There’s a little side hallway with a little stairwell that leads down here, but it’s otherwise inaccessible. He has fond memories of running around back here as a small kid. It’s got high walls – though not too high for an ambitious teenage prince to scale, as he knows from experience – and is shaded heavily by trees. It’s a nice place to waste a lazy afternoon, when you’re an exhausted king.

Noct steps out into the little area. It’s still a bit of a mess of crumbling pathways and tall weeds, but the corner has been shaped into a little garden, sylleblossoms bright and vibrant, dutifully cared for, though normally they refuse to grow here. Noct’s steps hasten and a little smile bubbles up, as he shuffles over to where Prompto’s leaning up against a tree, sitting on a soft blanket he’s spread out.

“See you got stuck with babysitting duty,” Noct says as he lazily settles down, sprawling on his back and laying his head in his husband’s lap. Prompto laughs, a hand drifting, immediately, to work through Noct’s hair. He hasn’t bothered to tie it back today, and it’s long, curling a little at the back of his neck.

“Dunno if I’d say stuck,” Prompto looks down and grins, though he has one eye open still, focused on the two babies flailing on the blanket. Noct turns on his side, sighing as Prompto’s fingers lazily trace over the shell of one ear, tugging a little at the tiny skull earring he’s got – something dumb they all got, a symbolic gesture, of sorts, to mark the end of their journey – and it’s impossible not to smile at the sight.

“You sound tired,” Noctis points out. “Look tired, too.” The two babies, for the moment, are occupied with two plush toys, a fat chocobo and a moogle with a pom that squeaks. Their son is making happy baby noises, a fat fist stuck in his mouth, drooling happily as he waves the chocobo around. The other baby – fair-haired and green-eyed – is offering up her best haughty baby look, and seems to be trying to negotiate in some vague, baby-like way, a trade of toys. It’s entertaining to watch, at the least.

“She’s almost walking, Noct,” Prompto’s voice is a strange mixture of frustration, terror, and sheer wonder. “She’s gonna be a nightmare. It’s crazy how much personality babies have, when they can’t even talk.”

“Takes after her mother,” Noct says with a smile. Their son, all curious smiles and wide-eyes and freckles everywhere, takes after Prompto, Noctis has decided. He’s hoping that eventually he picks up on Noct’s love of sleep though, because they’re existing in a half-dead state of constant exhaustion.

Prompto nods, but he’s shifting out from under Noctis when the baby girl decides she’s bored with whatever little game they’re playing, and rolls over to drag herself to the edge of the blanket. “No, nope, Gloriosa, you get back here… we aren’t playing roll around in the dirt again, Iggy’s already gonna kill me, your clothes are filthy…”

Noctis laughs, and he sits up. True to Prompto’s words, there’s grass stains all over the little girl’s yellow shirt. She’s giving Prompto a solemn, reproachful look, and reaches a hand up to tug at his hair as Prompto scoops her back up and settles back down on the blanket, the baby in his lap.

“He’s gonna be running around soon, too,” Noctis says lazily, reaching over to pick up their son. He’s still holding onto his chocobo plushie with iron fists, cuddling it close against his chest and chewing on its beak now. Noct tries to disentangle it, but he hears the beginning of a wail forming, and gives up. Whatever. It’s a chew toy now, apparently.

“I hope he starts napping around then, too,” Prompto grumbles, but he laughs, head settling happily on Noct’s shoulder, like it belongs there. Because it does belong there.

“Just wait till he starts warping,” Noctis adds, a hint of laughter in his voice, and he’s well aware that he’s going to have a heart attack a million times over, ensured by fond memories of accidentally warping onto the roof, or escaping Ignis for hours on end by leaping right through him in a blur of blue, swirling magic.

“That’s not fair,” Prompto pouts, “I can’t keep up with you stupid Caelums. Two against one.”

Noctis smiles. The matching rings on their fingers are catching the sunlight, through the branches of the trees. Ignis and Aranea’s daughter is restless again, fumbling as she crawls out of Prompto’s lap, and into Noct’s, perching in that swaying, awkward, uncertain way that only a baby can manage, as she goes for the chocobo plushie again, determined.

“Share your toys, Sol,” Noctis lectures idly, as his son’s face scrunches up in the beginnings of a stubborn wail, the two babies both tugging at the toy. Prompto leans forward and snatches up the moogle, and waves it in front of the two babies, and it distracts them for a minute before they’re back to poking at each other with fat little fists.

“You’re a Caelum, too,” Noctis points out, a little belatedly, though he’s now bouncing a sniffling son in his lap as the most cherished chocobo toy changes hands with a good deal of reluctance. “Stuck with us.”

“Guess so,” Prompto says with a laugh, “I kinda signed up for this, falling in love with a king, didn’t I? Don’t think sixteen year old me had any idea what I was in for.”

“Don’t think either of us did,” Noctis laughs too though. “But we figured it out.” Somehow, they did.

CrissColfer Fic-a-Day Advent 2014: Day Six

Pairing: Chris/Darren 
Word Count: 
Prompt: Gingerbread house making, minor disaster made better with TMNT figurines…and kisses.

Read the fic on AO3.

“I’m fucking tired, that’s why. Don’t give me that look, okay? Every fucking holiday he pulls all this creative shit out. I go out of town for two days and I come back and it’s a winter wonderland in here, and it’s my turn, right? I get a turn.”

Brian’s tail twitches.

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