that awkward moment when you suddenly feel bad for ben harmon

Where You Belong - Tate X Reader


Requested by @catalinailandCan I have a imagine I love your blog. I would like Tate I want to move in to the house after Ben’s death and they try to scare me but I don’t get scare and when I meet Tate they try to keep me away from him and constants let’s me see the baby one day and I take it to the house . You can make up the rest thanks


“You know they say this place is haunted.” Violet says as she sits across from me on my new bed.

“I’m not scared of ghosts.” I laugh back and that’s when her expression turns slightly cold.

“Well then I guess we’ll see if this house can change that.” She says quietly, walking out of my line of sight and when I turn to follow her path I find the room empty. No sign of another guest but I just shake it off and go downstairs to get my phone and order take out.

After a few hours of watching television in my new living room and occasionally snacking on a now cold pizza I decide it’s time to get some sleep and slowly head up to bed.

In the middle of the night I wake to creeks on my floorboards and worriedly sit up and turn the lights on only to find a man standing in the corner of the room wearing a latex suit that runs from head to toe.

“Very funny, whoever you are.” I laugh and just sit there un-scared as he moves closer to where I lay, “You actually think a latex suit is going to scare me?”

The man just continues to walk silently in my direction as I notice other people whose faces I can’t see past the man but I’m not fazed by any of it.

“How is this seriously not working?” the man asks as he unzips the mask portion of the suit and throws it to the floor in frustration.

“I’m not easily scared.” I laugh and he just looks at me like I’m crazy.

“You’re not scared of intruders?” the woman behind him asks and I finally get a first look at her. She looks about the same age as the man and has bright auburn hair.

“I would be if you guys were real intruders.” I say and the only response I get is a group of confused stairs, “I did my research before I bought this place, I was expecting some weird shit to go down.”

“Well you need to leave.” I hear Violet say before appearing behind the woman, arms crossed, “If you don’t you’re going to end up like us.”

“I’m seriously not going anywhere Violet so you’re kinda stuck with me.” I say, laughing slightly and the man sighs as if he’s been defeated and shakes his head sadly.

“Well in that case, I’m Ben Harmon and this is my wife Vivian and by the sound of things you’ve already met our daughter.” The man who now had a name to match to his face said as he extended his hand for me to shake which I graciously accepted.

Over the next few days I get to know the Harmon’s as well as a few of the houses nicer spirits quite well. By the end of my first week I still don’t know every little secret about this house but I think I know enough to keep me pretty safe among the houses permanent residents.

One day I walk down the strangely silent corridor to my bedroom and when I open the door I find a man I don’t recognize sitting on the edge of my bed. As he notices my presence his head turns to face me as I realize he’s been looking through my vinyl collection.

“You got any Kurt Cobain?” He asks as he continues sifting through the piles of miscellaneously displayed records.

“Yeah it should be at the top of one of the piles,” I answer and he nods before completely turning away from me to continue looking, “Who are you?”

“I’m Tate,” he smiles and comes to shake my hand, “I live in the neighborhood.”

“Bullshit, I know you’re dead.” I say and he looks at me nervously but as I shrug my shoulders he relaxes his form, “I’m Y/N by the way.”

“Well Y/N, if you’re not scared of ghosts then you’re gonna have a fun time here.” He smirks and stands so our bodies are touching and I smile up at him before pulling away slightly.

“Do you want some dinner or something? Moira’s cooking it should be almost done by now.” I offer and he happily agrees as we walk down to the kitchen together.

“Dinner’s almost done dear when you-“ Moira starts before she glances up and abruptly ends her sentence, “What is he doing here?”

“I invited Tate to sit and eat dinner.” I say and she shakes her head disappointingly, “Is something wrong with that?”

“He’s poison.” I hear Ben say from the doorway behind me and I turn to face him, “You would be disgusted by the things that boy has done.”

“We’re just eating dinner jeez you guys don’t half overreact.”  I laugh slightly as I slide into the booth and Tate hesitantly joins me.

“I can’t watch someone else get screwed over by his sick games,” Ben says to Moira and turns to face the door, “I’m leaving.”

After a few minutes of awkward silence Moira places two plates on the table in front of us before hesitantly walking out of the room and leaving us alone. I quickly get into small talk and end up learning quite a lot about Tate and despite what Ben said I can’t help but think that he doesn’t sound that bad.

“So what do you do for fun around here?” I ask as we finish the last of our delicious meals.

“Well it was actually pretty lonely until you showed up here.” He says looking down nervously and I feel my cheeks turn a prominent shade of red.

“Well now that I’m here what do we do for fun?” I say, my voice eluding to a different meaning than my words.

“This seems pretty fun,” he says leaning in slowly, his words becoming quieter but also more intense, “Right here right now, this is the most fun I’ve had in my entire life.”

He continues to lean closer until I can feel his breath, hot against my skin and I move closer, connecting his lips to mine in the most electrifying kiss I had ever experienced in my life.

I pull away breathless after a few minutes as my eyes flicker in a different direction from nervousness and my eyes land on a female figure standing on the other side of the glass back door.

“It’s open!” I yell as the door is yanked open and a middle aged, blonde woman waltzes through the front door, “Although I can’t see why a ghost can’t just let themselves in.”

“She’s not dead dear,” Moira says coldly as she reappears in the kitchen door and turns her cold stare towards the woman, “What do you want Constance?”

“Nothing more than to welcome the new resident of this lovely house to the neighborhood,” She says sounding too enthusiastic but her vibrant demeanor vanishes when she sees my clearly annoyed expression, “But I see others have already done that very task.”

“Well I’m Y/N,” I say trying to sound polite, “It’s nice to meet you Constance.”

“I see you’re already acquainted with my son.” She says and I turn to Tate in shock.

“So you know about the houses spirits then?” I ask and she turns into a pool of laughter.

“Know about it? Dear, I lived in this shit hole before you were even born.” She laughs before turning to leave, “And the difference between us is that unlike me, I don’t think you’ll be lucky enough to leave this place behind you when the time comes.”

With that she walks out the door and the tense atmosphere immediately diminishes and returns to that of before she arrived.

“Do you mind if I stay with you?” Tate asks as I lay down on my bed after hours upon hours of conversation, “It’s so lonely here I just need to feel something other than emptiness for once.”

“Of course,” I say moving over to allow him to join me which he gratefully does as I lay down once more, facing him, our noses just touching, “I need that too.”

Weeks pass and Tate and I grow increasingly closer to the point where I spend pretty much every waking moment with him. One day as we’re sitting in the backyard he stands up suddenly.

“I’m gonna go get us some more drinks.” He says referring the Dr. Pepper we had been drinking like it was going out of fashion, taking both of our now empty cans and walking out of sight into the other garden areas in the direction of the house.

“You need to stay away from him.” A voice rings through my ears that I hadn’t heard in so long that it was almost unrecognizable.

“I make my own choices Violet.” I say annoyed, “Why are you guys so obsessed with making sure I don’t spend time with him.”

“He’s a bad person Y/N.” she says cautiously, “You shouldn’t trust him.”

“What could he possibly have done to warrant everyone’s hate?” I ask and it seems to hit a nerve because she snaps.

“Do you wanna know what he did?” she yells as tears fill her eyes, “He raped my mom, she died giving birth to his kid! The reason he is dead is because he shot and killed 15 kids at Westfield High he was killed by the police and you know Chad and Patrick? He’s the reason they’re dead too.”

“H-He… that can’t be true.” I stumble on my words as tears find their way to my eyes and fall onto my cheeks, “I need to leave.”

Before she can do anything I turn and run as fast as I can around the side of the house, into the front yard and out of the gate. My feet don’t stop until I reach the only place I know I strangely feel safe going to.

“Tate didn’t really do all those things did he?” I sob as Constance opens her door.

“Come in child.” She says sympathetically and pulls me into a tight hug before showing me into her kitchen.

“I can’t go back to that house.” I say and she stops dead in her tracks.

“You need to,” she snaps and I shake my head, “You’re special, you understand the house. It needs you.”

“I can’t Constance, he killed people, innocent people.” I sob and she rubs my back but I can tell the gesture isn’t heartfelt.

“Come with me.” She whispers and after slight hesitation I reach out and take her hand as she leads me to the second story of her home and down a narrow hallway, ending at the door directly placed at the end of the passage.

She takes a deep sigh before opening the door and I walk in to see a toddler’s room and a four year old boy seated in the corner rocking chair.

“This is Michael,” she says, “He’s Tate’s son.”

“Hi Michael.” I say softly and to my surprise he runs up and wraps his arms around my legs.

“Michael hates everyone.” Constance explains, “He is reason enough to believe you’re special. The only people he’s ever been kind to are you and me.”

“I’m still not going back.” I snap but when I turn to face her I see that her attention has turned to her phone.

“Shit! My nanny just cancelled and I have a hair appointment with an old friend,” she says worriedly, “If I don’t go she’ll come over to see if everything’s okay and she can’t come over, she doesn’t know who Michael really is.”

“I’ll watch him.” I offer and her head snaps up, “I’m not planning on going home any time soon, it’s really no trouble”

“Okay,” she eventually gives in, turning to leave to house, “But you better take good care of him.”

As soon her car leaves the driveway I pick Michael up and carry him downstairs to get something to eat. Whilst he’s happily eating away I walk to the window facing my house and see Vivian, seated at the nearest possible place to the fence, watching Michael before she turns her gaze toward me and her expression is one of pain, and that’s drives my decision in that moment.

“Michael, how about we go on an adventure?” I say with my best childish voice and he nods excitedly as I pick him up from out of his chair.

I quickly find my way out of the house and walk over to mine, locking the gate behind me on the way in. Vivian is standing at the door the second I get there and immediately takes him out of my arms.

“Look who I found.” I say happily as she smiles down at her son.

“You have no idea what this means to me.” She says, smiling wider than I’ve seen her before.

“I do actually,” I say sadly and her expression falls, “I didn’t know what Tate did to you, I never would have been with him if I had known.”

“It’s okay.” She says and I stare at her in shock, “I can tell you’re really sorry. You remind me of Violet, you’re basically family. Family forgives each other.”

“I would really like to put this past us.” I beam and she smiles back, “And being a family sounds amazing.”

“Here goes the Brady Bunch.” Hayden says as she walks in, clapping sarcastically, Tate hot on her heels, “The only problem is that some people get left out of that perfect little family.”

“I tried to be nice Hayden, I don’t know what you want from me.” I say and she chuckles.

“I want that baby.” She says maniacally and I move to stand in front of Vivian.

“You leave them alone.” I say sternly but she just laughs again.

“I’m so scared of the big bad rich girl.” She says sarcastically, “Now move so I can take my baby.”

Before I can register her movements Hayden charges forward in an attempt to get passed me but I step to block her path as I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. Hayden takes a step back and I look down to see the handle of my largest kitchen knife protruding from my abdomen, the blade buried deep in my stomach.

Unable to hold my own weight I fall the ground as my vision becomes blurry.

“I’m so sorry.” Tate sobs as I find his face in the midst of all the blurs around me.

“You’re a liar.” I whisper before everything turns black.

Time passes and I wake up next to a blood pool than came from my now dead body, Moira already scrubbing at the mess.

“Y/N,” I hear a voice that makes my blood curdle, “I really am sorry.”

“You don’t know the definition of the word.” I say turning to Tate, coldness being the only thing I’m now capable of feeling in his presence, “I hate you Tate.”

With that I turn and walk in the direction of my room knowing Violet will be waiting for me and from that moment on, Tate Langdon becomes a distant memory that never returns to my life.