that awkward moment when her


three stages of fangirling over ginny baker (insp)

Amazing Friends

Title: Amazing Friends

 Prompt: @legend-o-zelda: Hii, I love you. Can I get an imagine where the reader gets hurt on a hunt and can’t walk for a few days so the boys and even chuck pamper her. (Then an awkward moment w cas when she needs to go pee and can’t get up) I just wanted some cheering up :p

 Pairing: none

 Summary: Being hurt sucks, especially when it is witch related, but luckily you have a host of people who care about you and are happy to help you on your healing path.  

 Warnings: Mild language.  

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“I hate this.” You growled as Sam carried you down the bunker stairs.  


“I’m sorry, Y/N. Hopefully it’s temporary.”  Sam said.


“I’m sure! I’m sure it will be temporary.” He corrected quickly.  

This was going to be you for a while.  One stupid witch.  One stupid curse…and you couldn’t walk.  Couldn’t wiggle your toes…nothing.

Sam set you down in your bed and helped you get comfortable.  “Do you need anything?”  He asked quickly.

“No, I’m okay…well…maybe a snack?”

Sam chuckled. “Yea, I got it.”

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29. The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when:

Whennnn… my ex was calling her sister into her room to see if a shirt was hers. well after a while, she gave up on getting her sisters attention and my ex decided to eat me out. welllllll in the middle of my orgasm, her sister finally decided to come into her room and see what she wanted. ☠️

Dating Allison Argent Would Include:

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:What would dating Allison Argent include?

A/N: Yeah sure, sweetie. I’m not a big fan of Allison, so I’m going to do my absolute best on these, lovely. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Thank you for requesting!

- Sneaking into Allison’s bedroom window when her parents ground her.

- “Shhh, be quiet! My mom and dad are downstairs!” she’d hiss.

- “Sorry, the lamp was in the way.

- Being there for Allison when she needs it.

- Allison being there for you when you need it.

- Awkward moments at her dinner table when you’re invited over for dinner.

- Allison teaching you how to fight.

- Allison teaching you how to do archery.

- “Hold it like this and then aim, and let go.

- Allison seeming innocent but suddenly whispering dirty things in your ear.

- Skipping school with Allison.

- Movie nights.

- Going shopping with Allison.

- Having to put up with Lydia.

- “Are they coming too?” Lydia would inquire.

- “Yes, yes she is.” Allison would grin.

- “Awesome! More reasons for us to shop!” Lydia would grin.

- Hanging out with Lydia and Allison and watching The Notebook for the billionth time.

- Her dad pulling you to the side to give you a “talk”.

- Allison helping you to study.

- Allison being super protective of you.

- Allison getting jealous a lot.

- The two of you sneaking out to see each other.

- When in danger, Allison will always protect you, no matter what.

- Lot’s of “I love you’s”.

-  Intense cuddles.

- Passionate sex.

- Lot’s of hand holding.

- Sitting in class together or in front/behind each other.

- Allison always kissing your cheek, nose or forehead.

- Comforting Allison when her mom dies.

- Allison respecting and supporting you and your dreams.

- Thinking Allison is a hot heroine.

- Allison always being able to make you smile/ always being able to cheer you up.

- “You’re my everything.

- “You’re my everything too, (Y/N).

- If you’re a girl, you’d always wear Allison’s shirts or hoodie’s because they smell like her.

- If you’re a male/female Allison will “borrow” your sweatshirts, hoodies or tops.

- Having to go shopping with her and Lydia all of the time.

- Movie theatre/pizza dates every Saturday.

- Thinking that Allison has the best smile in the world.

- Being the fiercest and most adorable couple in Beacon Hills High School.

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The awkward moment when you’re watching season three of Orange is The New Black and Flaca does the little girls face paint and says she could go to a My Chemical Romance concert AND YOURE JUST LIKE NO SHE CANT CAUSE THEY BROKE UP *grossly sobs*

steroline 6x14

awkward moment when stefan askes her to get his ringing mobile

digging into stefans pocket, their so awkwardly cute

caroline saying stefans only  there cause her mum asked her

perving on stefan being a handy man

her reaction so cute

caroline telling her hubby he doesnt need to be here, if theres some place else hed rather be 

“I dont” - Stefan

then they just smile at each other ahahah 

stefan senses something is wrong as caroline fidgets with thebooks 

she has a breakdown, stefan says he’ll deal with the books

omggg theyre on the deck [promo moment]

talking, she wanted control

interlocking fingers, “if anyone could control death its you” - stefan

caroline finally talking about her mum asking him to take care of her

but shes okay with it 

“Im not here because your mum asked me to look after you” - stefan 

she askes why hes here, 

stefan starts the line with your my friend but then she moves her head away, he moves it back

eye contact

stefan says it hurt for the first time in a while when caroline said she hated him

she says in a really soft voice “i think we both know i never really hated you"t

he moves his hand 

 look at their faces when stefan steps forward

stefan kisses her

after their first kiss, round two :)

after the kiss

the both take a second

"one of us should probably say something” - caroline

“go for it” stefan ahahah at first i was like he means keep kissing then i realised

“not that” - caroline

look how happy they are

when they get to the hospital, which they filmed amazingly

stefan talks to her, she didnt get to say bye

stefan teaches her how to say goodbye in liz’s memories

when liz passes

his wife just lost her mother,im worried caroline will turn off her humanity or do somehting, i just wish they would let her grieve and stefan to be her side