that awkward moment when her


three stages of fangirling over ginny baker (insp)


that awkward moment when you pay your in-laws a visit and her dad pretty much hates you for “seducing his daughter away from home with your heroics” and “filling her head with strange ideas”

Amazing Friends

Title: Amazing Friends

 Prompt: @legend-o-zelda: Hii, I love you. Can I get an imagine where the reader gets hurt on a hunt and can’t walk for a few days so the boys and even chuck pamper her. (Then an awkward moment w cas when she needs to go pee and can’t get up) I just wanted some cheering up :p

 Pairing: none

 Summary: Being hurt sucks, especially when it is witch related, but luckily you have a host of people who care about you and are happy to help you on your healing path.  

 Warnings: Mild language.  

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“I hate this.” You growled as Sam carried you down the bunker stairs.  


“I’m sorry, Y/N. Hopefully it’s temporary.”  Sam said.


“I’m sure! I’m sure it will be temporary.” He corrected quickly.  

This was going to be you for a while.  One stupid witch.  One stupid curse…and you couldn’t walk.  Couldn’t wiggle your toes…nothing.

Sam set you down in your bed and helped you get comfortable.  “Do you need anything?”  He asked quickly.

“No, I’m okay…well…maybe a snack?”

Sam chuckled. “Yea, I got it.”

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that awkward moment when carolina realized her beautiful, 6'5 amazonian girlfriend was pretty much an insurrectionist and doing the hand scale thing
“my duty? or my love of my gf?”
after an intense 30 seconds of mental debate carolina’s love of kimball wins because at that point? fuck the unsc

(Above: Chootsavitna rests at home, recovering from yesterday’s surgery, while receiving IV fluids.)

St Patrick’s Day was…weird. And not in a good way.

There’s a kind of mix between superstition and a joke in vet clinics that you are going to get a Friday Foreign Body. It happens a lot.

So picture this: The awkward moment when a surgery tech walks in with her own dog and announces “Well guys, I think I’ve got our Friday Foreign Body.”



I was looking forward to what I assumed would be a fun Friday and weekend but things took a turn on Thursday night when I got home from work.

My routine when I get home from work in the evenings is to let the dogs out of their kennels for social time and exercise and just general fun. It looked to be a normal evening and I was relishing the extra hour of daylight we have now. One of my dogs, Choot, was being a little more clingy than typical which probably should have tipped me off that something was a little abnormal but I didn’t think much of it at the time because sometimes my dogs are just oddball goofs.

Choot, short for Chootsavitna, is a working-line Siberian husky originally from Shjegge Mann Kennel. She and several of her siblings and relatives came to Manitou Crossing years back and I enjoyed getting to know them when I was there that Summer. 

It was when I came back a couple of years later that I really bonded with Chootsavitna. She was bouncy, loud and obnoxious but I loved her anyway. The more I worked with her and ran her, the more enthusiastic and hard-working she was for me.

Choot trained and raced with me over the seasons and even ran the UP 200 with me when I ran the second MCK team in that race. I knew I wanted her and ended up buying her shortly thereafter and she came to live with me and my little team when I moved to my own place.

She’s always a core member of my team, a cheerleader who never loses enthusiasm for pulling. After our 40-mile runs earlier this season she was still bouncing and cheering in her own trademark Choot voice.

She is a happy dog, always wants to be in the thick of things and eats food so voraciously I sometimes think she’s going to inhale her food bowl.

On Thursday night, while we were out playing in the yard, she puked epically - a mess of liquid and straw. Again, I didn’t think much of it - dogs sometimes puke and I had put fresh straw in the houses this week. Choot, for some bizarre reason, really likes munching on said straw.

But I did watch her afterwards and her posture and body language told me something bothersome - she was painful in her abdomen. I began to worry like only a dog-owner can.

A half hour or so later, she vomited again and gave me an absolutely miserable look, before slinking back to her house. She loves to retire early to her house sometimes but she never did it looking like that.

My heart sank.

The warning signs were all there and it’s added up to something I’ve seen a hundred times at work: Intestinal Foreign Body.

I knew I could be wrong, of course. In fact, I hoped I was and that Choot’s stomach had just been upset from eating the straw or something. However the evidence was mounting up when she did not immediately come out of her house when I brought her food. I coaxed her out and she picked at it.

This was not the Choot who normally just chows down and bites the bottom of the bowl.

Hence my announcement when I walked into work yesterday. 

We took a radiograph and sure enough, although no particular objects showed up on the film, the stomach was weirdly fluid-filled and distended and the gas patterns in the intestines were suspicious. The doctors confirmed my suspicions - Choot had most likely eaten something that was now stuck somewhere in her GI tract.

We put an IV catheter in and spent the morning running fluids to improve her hydration. We went into surgery in the afternoon.

I’d begun to formulate a theory since I first suspected the foreign body. The melting snow had revealed one of our plastic water buckets in the kennel and the dogs had been chewing on it.

“I think what we’re going to find is a big wad of straw and yellow plastic.” I theorized.

I was wrong.

Not about the foreign body or the fact that Choot had straw in her gastrointestinal tract. I was wrong about the plastic from the water bowl. What we found wadded in her small intestine was, in fact, a dish towel.

Whether she snagged it from the kitchen or from the laundry room I do not know but I suspect the odors and taste of food had permeated the fabric and it was just to tempting for Choot to gulp down while I wasn’t looking.

Dish towels. Those seemingly-innocent household items will forevermore seem to me like a potentially-deadly threat.

So today I am sitting on the couch beside a sick dog whom I hope is on her way to recovery and continuing to run fluids through her catheter. She still hasn’t eaten, although I have offered her canned Recovery and smeared some Nutrical on the roof of her mouth this morning (so at least she’s had something). Still, I can’t help but be a worried mother hen (or would this be worried mother vet tech?).

I have to admit that this has put me in a very strange headspace and not one I’m really enjoying. I’ve worked hundreds of surgeries from routine to life-and-death situations. Teching any emergency surgery can be an intense experience and sometimes I need to decompress. For me, that decompression often comes from arriving home and working and playing with my dogs.

Teching for emergency surgery on my own dog was a different experience all together, although I’m glad it was me. I wanted to be there. It was strange at the time, for sure, but it’s even stranger in hindsight. I feel that I was able to put off reacting to it when it was happening but that I’m getting all the delayed reaction now. My way of dealing with it at the moment is just diligently taking care of my beloved dog and…writing about it.

My dogs are working sled dogs but they are also my friends who deserve everything I can give them, and right now my concern is the friend curled up next to me while I write this. My beautiful piebald, blue-eyed friend who has become such a fixture in my life. She’s a creature who helps me remember to be happy about little things and right now I just want to see her return to being that happy, goofy obnoxious furry friend.

Dating Allison Argent Would Include:

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:What would dating Allison Argent include?

A/N: Yeah sure, sweetie. I’m not a big fan of Allison, so I’m going to do my absolute best on these, lovely. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Thank you for requesting!

- Sneaking into Allison’s bedroom window when her parents ground her.

- “Shhh, be quiet! My mom and dad are downstairs!” she’d hiss.

- “Sorry, the lamp was in the way.

- Being there for Allison when she needs it.

- Allison being there for you when you need it.

- Awkward moments at her dinner table when you’re invited over for dinner.

- Allison teaching you how to fight.

- Allison teaching you how to do archery.

- “Hold it like this and then aim, and let go.

- Allison seeming innocent but suddenly whispering dirty things in your ear.

- Skipping school with Allison.

- Movie nights.

- Going shopping with Allison.

- Having to put up with Lydia.

- “Are they coming too?” Lydia would inquire.

- “Yes, yes she is.” Allison would grin.

- “Awesome! More reasons for us to shop!” Lydia would grin.

- Hanging out with Lydia and Allison and watching The Notebook for the billionth time.

- Her dad pulling you to the side to give you a “talk”.

- Allison helping you to study.

- Allison being super protective of you.

- Allison getting jealous a lot.

- The two of you sneaking out to see each other.

- When in danger, Allison will always protect you, no matter what.

- Lot’s of “I love you’s”.

-  Intense cuddles.

- Passionate sex.

- Lot’s of hand holding.

- Sitting in class together or in front/behind each other.

- Allison always kissing your cheek, nose or forehead.

- Comforting Allison when her mom dies.

- Allison respecting and supporting you and your dreams.

- Thinking Allison is a hot heroine.

- Allison always being able to make you smile/ always being able to cheer you up.

- “You’re my everything.

- “You’re my everything too, (Y/N).

- If you’re a girl, you’d always wear Allison’s shirts or hoodie’s because they smell like her.

- If you’re a male/female Allison will “borrow” your sweatshirts, hoodies or tops.

- Having to go shopping with her and Lydia all of the time.

- Movie theatre/pizza dates every Saturday.

- Thinking that Allison has the best smile in the world.

- Being the fiercest and most adorable couple in Beacon Hills High School.

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That awkward moment when that straight actress from riverdale who puts her foot in her mouth every other sentence is more sensitive to LGBT issues than bi blarkes. (don't come for me. I love lili)

lili’s a lesbian she watched blue is the warmest color 10 times i haven’t watched it once
Memory of Younger Days - chapter 6
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That awkward moment when you remember smooching your girlfriend while hanging out with her cute brother and cranky former teacher.