I went to the mall to day with queensydzilla and some white lady asked me for my ig and to be friends with her daughter and I was really flustered and confused for some reason so I just giggled and walked away…idk what’s wrong with me I feel so horrible now 😫😫😫

The Signs as Awkward Moments

Aries - talking shit about someone who’s right behind them
Taurus - getting caught trying to stealthily steal food
Gemini - farting loudly
Cancer - when friends make plans in front of them and don’t invite them
Leo - making an offensive joke
Virgo - making an unfunny joke that no one laughs at
Libra - waving at someone when that person is actually waving at someone else
Scorpio - accidentally spitting while talking
Sagittarius - getting caught masturbating
Capricorn - correcting the teacher but actually being wrong
Aquarius - accidentally bumping into or tripping people
Pisces - awkward silences


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