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rucas meme [½] seasons 

season one ▹ “what’s your name?” “riley” “what’s his name?” “lucas” “you like a good story riley? then start at the beginning.” 


Marcus Rashford | UEFA Europa League | Manchester United x Anderlecht | 20.04.2017

  • Ishida: OMG I spend the whole week drawing smut Kaneki and touka... well, I will start the chapter tomorrow *leaves the drawing in his desk*
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Editor: Hey, is the chapter 125 ready?
  • Assistant: I think it´s in his desk.
  • Editor: *looks at Ishida´s fan art* Emmm... excuse me, is this supposed to happen?
  • Assitant: *Looks at all the draawings* Wha..what? this is not what we...damnn Touka!
  • Editor: I like it tho
  • Assistant: We should ask him...
  • Editor: ...
  • Editor: I wanted this since I started to work with Ishida, I´m sending it

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How is Genji hacked? Can he move? Speak? Be in pain as his body attacks innocent people against his will?

He can move sort of independently most of the time ? but during missions he’s kinda on autopilot. She has control over everything his prosthesis assist tho; his senses and mobility and voice and the function of his organs. :’^) all that.

@the-crystal-doctor spotted a crystal ( continuation from here x ).

Subdued generosity; a gratuitous act befitting of anyone other than himself. Cynicism absent, he takes the budding array of roses to the lady in waiting; unsuspecting to the gift exchange that would thus place an odd air about the intent.

Flowers, red roses bound together in a harmonious bunch. Red, be it of crimson silk as it lay against each petal. A color known for it’s varied meanings. In one interpretation, such a color in the language of flowers could pertain to emotions of passion, care, romance. The red rose, sweet in it’s nature, would most commonly be interpreted as the symbol of one’s love for another; a deep set feeling so profound, no spoken word could match the unconditional adoration the red rose depicts from it’s simple dainty symbolic meaning.

But alas, alongside such interpretation comes one of a different tone. Red, the symbol of atonement. The eye’s interpretation of redemption, of fight, of determination, of war. Luck, in the heat of a madman’s longing for triumph.

                ——- Red, the color of sacrifice for the greater cause.

A color befitting of the intent behind the gift exchange, the scientist holds the bouquet toward his young assistant. Indeed he put trust in her, as her work had been of great benefit to his cause. Though bewilderment encompassed her features over such a gesture, a genuine smirk grows.

➥ ❝ Indeed so. I must say, despite the many failures and idiocy my henchmen have sustained over the years, you my dear have always had a different way about you. You never personally have failed me; you do as I instruct, efficiently keep to productivity, produce well rounded work. Quite honestly, you set yourself apart from the others in the most—positive way possible. 

As she hesitantly takes the bouquet from his hands, the madman continues.

➥ ❝ I am not a man of many compliments; I do not care to ‘boost morale’ among employees by handing out praises to those I recruit. However, this time is an exception. You– are the exception. You’re a valuable asset to my ploy, my dear; the luck to my efforts. And as such, there needn’t be any thanks from you now. For I am the one needing to thank you for all you have contributed thus far.  

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Do you have any blackhill head canons?

Thank you anon I have been waiting for this question my whole life

(Alright, some Headcanons are a “classic”, as in they’re pretty much accepted by the whole BlackHill fandom, but still:)

  • Natasha and Maria started dating shortly after Natasha joined SHIELD and they’ve been basically married before Natasha’s first scene in the mcu. Yes, that’s a long time. Yes, this is partly because she is written only as a love interest in the mcu, so we all decided the only explanation was if she was playing her love interests into following SHIELD’s orders and was just acting through the whole thing instead of admitting to the butchering of her character, welcome in Denial, we have wine and cookies
  • Natasha has a Demon Cat named Liho (only Black Widow can name a cat “the embodiment of evil fate and misfortune”). Legend has it Liho has something to do with Fury’s missing eye.
  • Natasha likes to climb Maria (a lot). That book is too high? No problem, Natasha’s just going to quickly jump on Maria’s back, climb her until she’s sitting on her shoulders, take the book and jump down. Maria has a stict training routing because the first time Natasha attempted this she reacted a moment to late, wobbled, and they both fell down disastrously. Clnt, the bastard, still laughs about that. Maria worked out her core muscles so much she could probably carry Steve Rogers on her shoulders, she is always prepared at all times now for any climbing.
  • Maria is unweavering. Some see Hill as either really anger-ridden or impulsive, but imo she’s the most cold and calculating person. As an abused kid she must have learned rather quickly that reacting impulsively doesn’t get you too far, she thinks through every move she has to make and anger doesn’t drive her. (As I said, there are two currents of thoughts, this is only how I see it :p)

(Now some HC that aren’t maybe as popoular:)

  • Maria likes to cook. She says it’s all in the name of efficency, but Natasha can she she enjoyes it, and she’s also rather good. Not, renouned chef good, but my-grandma-taught-me-how-to-cook-so-I-could-stay-at-her-place-longer-instead-of-going-back-to-my-abusive-father’s-house good. Natasha is very cool with that because she eats like a super soldier (literally, she can almost match up Steve).
  • Undercover jobs are hard for both of them. They have missions abroad, sure, but they can all and text and skype each other. The first time they’re apart for a very long time is when Natasha goes undercover as Natalia at Stark Industries. (Clint tease Maria because he thinks she’s going to get jealous of Stark, but she isn’t. When Pepper starts to like Natasha as an assistant, tho…”she’s your type. Older, wears suits, is in charge”, Natasha wants to laugh but she knows better) They Do Not Handle It Well. The distance is hard and their story starts as purely phisical (granted that lasts about two months but still), they don’t know what to make of the absence after spending so much time on the same giant-flying-plane-parking-lot together, seeing each other everyday. The first time Deputy Director Maria Hill disobeys an order is to sneak around with her wife to get to see her at least on their anniversary. No regrets.
  • Natasha is a nerd. She makes silly jokes and smirks a lot. Lots of innuendos. Lots of nerd stuff references. She hacked into the CIA for fun once. Also, Maria thinks the cutests thing ever is Natasha Romanoff eating junk food on their couch and watching The Princess Diaries for the third time. (She’s the friend that every time Anne Hathaway says something, goes “This is why she’s the queen of Genovia”). There’s this one time Maria almost cries because she remembers very well how things were when Natasha first got out of the Red Room and now she’s free and she laughs and hacks federal agencies when she’s bored and snuggles up to her on their couch and their life just seems like some kind of miracle.
  • Maria is softer outside of work. Slightly. She’s soft with Natasha, and at first Natasha feels like it might be because Maria is afraid of breaking her. Maria tells her Natasha is the strongest woman in the world, especially to her, her softness isn’t out of fear, but out of love. Natasha at the time isn’t ready to say it back and Maria understands that, because she loves her. (”Are you just going to keep saying that?” “Well, it’s out there now, isn’t it?”, yes, Maria is forward like that). She’s still hard and sometimes cold and closed off, but so is Natasha, and still they make it work. It’s a process. Almost everything in life is.
  • Natasha is the one to propose. I am ready to fight anyone on this. Maria tells her exactly one (1) time that yes, under the right circumstances, with the right person, at the right time, she would like to get married. Maria also knows Natasha has been married before and it was a disaster, it was an handler, she was forced to marry him and when they started to develop a friendship he was taken from her. So, Maria knows she’s never going to suggest they do get married. It’s not a necessity, they’re happy, they trust each other by that point with their lives and hearts and there’s no need for a piece of paper. They don’t need it, but they want it. Not the ceremony, but the marriage. The stability. They both have been always kind of scattered around waiting for the next bad thing to happen, but in each other they found an anchor. So, Natasha proposes, because she knew Maria would have never would have pressured her into it and she’s all too aware. It’s all but traditional. They’re sitting on their couch, Natasha planned the perfect date but Maria (Maria Hill, the one who gets sick once a decade) has the flu. Her nose is sticky, her eyes are heavy and there are dark circles around them, she’s wrapped up in a blanket and she’s sweating. And Natasha can’t get sick, but even if she could, she wouldn’t give up hugging Maria to comfort her. She knows Maria is in pain and she would give anything to ease it and she knows it’s the worst timing and she knows - she knows all that, but still it comes out of her mouth like she’s not been thinking about how to say it for a month: “So, I was thinking we should get married.” Maria is half asleep by the time she muster the courage. “Yeah, we should do that,” she is asleep and drooling on Natasha’s shoulder a moment later. “I- well, I kinda had a speech and a ring and-” Maria is snoring. It’s all good.

I’m so super sorry this got too long please forgive me my kind, beautiful anon!!!

the moral of this story is that the only thing I’m bad at as Lucio is not dying, but I take this with a grain of salt bc I primarily play him on control maps

@thecosmosflower “Is this really necessary?” He groaned, acutely aware of the girls grip on his wrist. She’d likely twist his arm if he tried to budge.
His anxiety had started when she dumped the contents of her make up bag on to the counter- just how much of that stuff could a girl possibly fit on her face?
He didn’t think much of it at the moment. She already looked fine, but that would never be enough for her. Than he saw that look on her face, and he knew he was in trouble.
So thats why she locked the door…
“You know, when you called me here I thought it was important…” his eyes scan the room for escape already. Something would have to be done about her hand around his wrist first of course, but it never hurt to plan ahead.


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i love assistant tho. what a cutie

sweats i messed up lots heck and the lines are so messy;; but one of them is transparent! it’s super messy i dont recommend

Gloomverse by @loverofpiggies! A fantastic comic. I love it so much.