that are still producing music that i like

Yuzuru’s exhibition performances (my favorite)

My previous post about his competitive performances:

Yuzuru is very versatile. He can perform to USUK pop, rock, lyrical, classical, jazz, Broadway, Japanese traditional music… and still makes it works. Below are some of his performances in ice shows and galas that I like.

1) Hana wa saku (Flowers Will Bloom):
NHK produced the song “Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Will Bloom) to build public support for the “March 11 2011 disaster” recovery efforts. The disaster happened in Yuzuru’s hometown and it affected him and so many people. Yuzuru performed to this song with so emotionally and got a standing ovation for it:

2) Change
This performance shows the cool and energetic side of Yuzuru. The song was performed by his favorite rock band. Yuzuru is actually a young man who loves rock and fast/strong music. He loves dancing and making cool movements. This is the childlike and energetic side of Yuzuru:

3) Hana ni nare (Become a Flower):
This amazing song also has a connection to the “March 11, 2011 disaster”. This performance shows the naturally delicate and elegant side of Yuzuru. He is like a fairy in this performance:

4) Swan
It was the legendary coach Ms. Tatiana Tarasova who suggested Yuzuru the song “Notte Stellata (The Swan)” by Il Volo and sent a CD to him. She sent him a CD with this song as a present. Yuzuru accepted this request and had David Wilson to choreograph for him. For this performance, Yuzuru wants to express “the feeling of embracing everything gently and moving forward”:

5) Hello I love you
This exhibition program was choreographed by Kurt Browning, 4 time World Champion, the legendary Canadian who adores Yuzuru a lot. He really loves the cool and manly side of Yuzuru. Kurt said he loved choreographing for Yuzuru as Yuzuru hit exactly the music notes and the choreographic movements he’d like Yuzuru to do. This is a very manly Yuzuru:

6) Story
This was the exhibition Yuzuru did when he won his first GPF title in 2013. Everything bigger started from this competition. This was the beginning of the journey. The British commentators said “he was destined for great things”:

7) Time traveler
This song was originally written in Japanese. The singer later rewrote it in English so Yuzuru can skate to it in international galas. Please notice that Yuzuru never skates to Japanese lyrics outside of Japan. He looks really like a prince here in this performance. He did 4T and 3A in this ice show in a very small rink. Usually, skaters do not do such difficult jumps in ice shows. But Yuzuru is Yuzuru after all, he always likes showing off:

8) Requiem of Heaven and Earth
This exhibition performance Yuzuru did at the gala of World Championship 2016 at Boston. The music was also dedicated to the Earthquake victims. Yuzuru was badly injured at this point. His left foot was swollen badly and he was forced to rest from training for the whole summer. No ice show, no practice, no skating, no jump at all for several months. When he resumed his training again, it was incredibly hard as he had to relearn technique from the single jumps. This is a very emotional skate:

9) Somebody to love
This is Yuzuru at age 16 when he won his first GP title - Rostelecom Cup in Russia 2011. This Yuzuru was an energetic kid and the pressure did not get to him at this point:

10) Sometimes skaters reuse their competitive programs as exhibition programs. For example, Yuzuru reused a part of his Romeo and Juliet 1.0 free skate at World Championship 2014 gala. This performance did not a supernova like what happened in Nice in 2012 but it was nostalgic and beautiful nevertheless:

11) Yuzuru skated to White Legend short program at Sochi Olympic Gala after winning the gold. This music is actually an arrangement of Swan Lake, maybe that’s why he thought Russian audience would appreciate it. It was also the first program Yuzuru performed after the big earthquake so it has much meaning to him:

12) Parisienne Walkway at World Team Trophy 2015 gala. This was the ending of a crazy season in which Yuzuru had to suffer a back injury before Finlandia which resulted in a withdrawal, a collision at CoC 2014, surgery right after National, bad ankle injury right before World Championship. It was like a promise that he would reborn and become stronger:

Photos were collected over the years so I do not know the source, sorry.

Ps: some videos run on desktop interface only. If you’re using mobile, please switch to laptop or desktop. 

i honestly hate how everyone is reacting to the fact that minzy was upset over the fact that 2ne1 made a song without her. you guys are acting like she left just because she wanted to and that she wanted more than what yg generously gave her. what you don’t seem to understand was that everyone was given the opportunity and chance, except her. everyone had a solo, everyone had promotions, everyone was on reality shows and photo shoots, except minzy. she hasn’t even done a single collab with anyone, for crying out loud! you guys are acting like she was ungrateful when yg literally gave her nothing. i don’t care that she left 2ne1 because it showed that she was finally standing up for herself and putting her foot down and putting herself first. she’s finally being happy and producing her own music and doing photo shoots and being in variety shows by herself, she’s finally doing what she wants. but, what you have to remember is, she was in 2ne1 as well. she was still in the group just as much as everyone else. and to say ‘she left the group why does she care?’ is like saying to your child 'oh you left the house ages ago, why should you care what happens here?’ no matter what 2ne1 was her home and it’s where she came from and although she isn’t there anymore, she still deserved to be on that track just as much as anyone else. bom left the company and she was still featured on the song, so to say that since she left yg she shouldn’t be featured in the song is complete and utter bullshit. i absolutely hate the fact that people are saying she shouldn’t care about her home. yg treated her like shit and she’s the bad guy for standing up and walking out when she knew it was time for her to spread her wings and do what she deserved all along. anyone who says she shouldn’t care about 2ne1 at all after all the time and effort she put into it, is just as insensitive as yg. and yg was just as shitty to not even notify her about the song as well. minzy deserved better.

Your typical shounen: No/little/ambiguous development in hundreds of chapter, no focus on mutual feelings and respect, beating around the bush with gags for 600+ chapters/400+ episodes still no canon, pull a random ass poorly developed pairing as “canon” in last minute and produce a “trophy child” as justification. Endless fillers, plot holes, lukewarm intensity. subpar animation.

People: Shounen x/y/z is the greatest anime ever.

I now present you Yuri on Ice everyone: Fluid top notch animation, beautiful music, versatile characters, high intensity, original plot. Main characters show mutual feelings and respect from episode one, fucking CANON IN EPISODE SEVEN. No beating around bush, no shipbait/queerbait. No treating fans like shit. RESPECT TO THESE CREATORS. 

ME: keep your shounen guys, I don’t need it. I have found something 1000x better. 

A kiss to all the haters. Please take exit to the right and close the door behind you. :>

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I Take It Back

Reader + Shin Hoseok (Wonho) 


  • Genre: Married Life!AU, Angst, Drama, Fluff
  • Request
    • could you do a angst scenario with fluff end where hoseok asks for divorce bit after some time still living together with you he regrets it? thnk you very much!!!
    • oh im sorry! i forgot to say which one, is hoseok from monsta x, is that alright?
  • Word Count: 3,036
  • A/N: Here you go anonie! I hope you like it! I almost cried while writing this. :’)

Hoseok stumbled in through the door of the house half-asleep, glancing down briefly to notice that your shoes were missing from the floor. He sighed as he squinted up at the clock. It was 3am and you still weren’t home yet. If others thought he worked super late into the night in the studio as a professional music producer, you had nothing on him as you worked until it was practically sunrise on most nights as a doctor who was always on call.

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bts as canadian(s)/cities

pls don’t take offense to these, as they’re just my personal opinions/what i imagine, enjoy

kim seokjin - vancouver, british columbia

  • tbh i see jin living in british columbia
  • because he loves the city but it’s less intense than toronto 
  • he’s super chill like his city
  • probably studies communication design @ eucad 
  • v nice but can get rude when he needs to be 
  • probably has a bae
  • someone who he’s been with since like high school
  • also works part time @ retail 
  • and i bet he has an internship waiting for him
  • v aesthetic
  • he knows how to work hard and how to get what he wants

min yoongi - mississauga, ontario 

  • yoongi belongs in one of those cities that surround toronto but aren’t toronto
  • cause i feel like toronto would completely drain his energy 
  • he’d only make trips down there for business purposes 
  • he would def still be a rapper
  • or still be producing music maybe?
  • but he’d be super good (as he is) 
  • you know his soundcloud page would be lit
  • he’d be super lowkey
  • has nO time for a bae
  • but lowkey still wants one

jung hoseok - montreal, quebec 

  • hobi would have so much pride being from montreal
  • i feel like he’d be a busy man 
  • he’d be working retail
  • while studying like economics @ mcgill or somethin
  • as well as keeping up with his dancing
  • but he manages everything so well, it’s unbelievable 
  • also he’d be trilingual - english, french, korean 
  • !!!!

kim namjoon - toronto, ontario 

  • 6ix goD
  • he would have sO many friends 
  • tbh the whole city
  • he’d be working retail to pay for his education 
  • he’d still be making music (lowkey trying to collab w/ drake)
  • but also would be studying like fashion @ ryerson, or english @ uoft
  • has an apartment in the heart of the city
  • probably has a bae 
  • i bet he’s super popular on social media
  • basically super aesthetic 

park jimin - calgary, alberta 

  • works part time @ fast food
  • he could never handle stress well 
  • especially with uni applications
  • this boy would be dying to move out of his city 
  • so he applies to every school in toronto/montreal
  • and lets be real his smart ass gets accepted everywhere
  • but he also applies to his local uni, just in case
  • in the process of him planning his escape to the city
  • he realizes he has no reason to leave
  • he’d be a home body
  • ofc he’d enjoy the city but he’d get homesick after a while
  • and so he stays in his hometown and stays there for the rest of his life
  • after he finds his bae during 3rd year or somethin
  • overall he’d be a calm lil boy who loves his life 

kim taehyung - london, ontario 

  • tae is bae
  • i imagine him living in a small city in ontario
  • not too small but not too huge
  • he would have family all over the province
  • actually, the whole country
  • lowkey jin’s his cousin
  • and hoseok is his mom’s cousin’s uncle’s niece’s kid
  • anyway
  • he’s literally always out and about with his homies
  • they’re either at their fav pizza parlour grabbin some food
  • or causing trouble elsewhere
  • regardless of all the shit they do
  • he’d pass school with straight a’s 
  • a psych major maybe??
  • always turnin up on friday/saturday nights too

jeon jungkook - ottawa, ontario 

  • ok 1st of all he is mr. popular
  • like he’s tight w/ namjoon who lives in toronto
  • anyway
  • he loves ottawa since he grew up there
  • he enjoys the calmness of it
  • but he’d be travelling all over the world
  • making frequent trips to toronto
  • in fact, he’d get accepted to ryerson for nursing or business????
  • he’d be super excited to move out to the city
  • bc he’s all about new experiences 
  • his secret talent would be singing
  • like only his closest homies would know
  • and his s/o (who he’d have to leave back in ottawa)
  • but everything would be all good and 100 with jungkook 


bts as canadians: tinder profiles - hyung line - maknae line

Hired by BigHit: Bittersweet- Part 3

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Summary: You’ve always had respect for Min Yoongi’s musical talent. As one of BigHit’s new producers, you now get to experience both the bitter and sweet sides of him.

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // ?

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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idk i just really wanted to appreciate wonho
  • has plushies of bunnies hanging off his louis vuitton bag and walked around in eevee slippers x
  • gets sulky when someone (changkyun) tries to crush said plushies on his bag x
  • has unconventional ideas about marriage compared to what you usually hear from idols
  • once said as long as someone can cook ramen well gender doesnt matter to him x
  • exposed mbc on vlive for being shitty to monsta x 
  • deals with inner conflict and still act like everything is okay
  • thankfully isnt afraid to show his sensitivity
  • he likes scented candles and taking baths x
  • has a two tone hair colour thing and still makes it work like damn
  • there’s multiple pictures of him chilling in his mum’s cafe x
  • designed the signboard for said cafe x
  • took a cookie monster toy on a date to said cafe
  • fashion icon and king tbh
  • constantly tries to feed stuffed animals he gets at fansigns
  • has the loudest shriek you will ever hear in your life it’s amazing really
  • works really hard to produce and make music and i’m just hoping for his songs on their next album
  • compliments everyone, like literally everyone
  • pointed at hyungwon’s dick due to frustration at hyungwon not getting what he was describing x
  • king of miming tbh x
  • his smile is for real the most heavenly thing you will ever witness it’s true i say so
Undertale the Musical Stills

Aaaand that’s a wrap! (OR IS IT?!)

So, it looks like I have now drawn every UTM voice actor who has appeared in the @manontheinternet skits. But I do recall them mentioning that there would be more of the same in future. So if and when they are released, expect to see me draw them too!

In the meantime, I’m going to be producing more Undertale art, so please consider following if you would like to support me.


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anonymous asked:

Just wondering how do you feel about the number of female producers in the industry

Was just talking about something similar. And i think its crazy that there arent many women producers / beat makers, considering how many women love music. like painting or photography or anything else, women are killing it n there are famous female painters n designers and everything except film and music it seems taboo or something like a club of old white guys that are stuck in 1920 and wont let anyone in.

 its only happening now but still  there arent many female directors  producers really and its totally systemic, and movies is a whole nother story bc how expensive it is to make a movie,  but with producing music theres no excuse its so cheap anyone can do it. 

Just have to encourage more girls to produce music and support those that do bc it is really sad that women arent represented just because theyve burned the idea of music producers being men behind a mixer or mpc in our heads. were missing out on lots of beautiful music  

Me (Layered)
The 1975
Me (Layered)

use headphones

slightly slowed down for copyright reasons

all rights go to The 1975 and their producers, i own absolutely nothing!

“I find people who’re quite artistic and creative crawl from dreadful conditions, while people who’re cushioned in life tend not to produce anything dramatically artistic. To me popular music is still the voice of the working class, collective rage in a way, though not angst-ridden. But it does really seem like the one sole opportunity for someone from a working class background to step forward and have their say. It’s really the last refuge for the articulate but penniless humans.” - Morrissey, 1984 


I don’t think Freddie would have liked to be 70. He would have said I’m seventy years young darling I can never get old! He would have hated getting old and slow. But then again maybe he would have liked it. He could have retired and lived with his cats and maybe a very special guy. Visit with Mary and be an extremely cool uncle. He would still tour with the boys though I bet. Imagine a world where Queen was still producing music and Freddie Mercury was still alive and as flamboyant as ever. That would be bliss.

watching the westallen proposal without watching the musical fuckery beforehand has changed my opinion on the romantic nature of the proposal. however, depending on how the song came to be in universe, i still like the first one better.

but now, i must know, as the song is an original song written just for them, in the show, is it a song barry wrote and produced himself or a song he just so happened to stumble upon, memorize the words, and serenade iris with? or is it still that good ol’ fashioned musical magic business? or did music meister give it to him and magic the words and timing into his head?

a bitch wants answers


‘’The little boy who loved his grandfathers sweet beans wished to make sweat beans and the little boy who watched the news his grandfather loved watching was awakened to unreasonable issues in society. ‘’

People often call you an angel. I know you have flaws, just like we all do. You make mistakes, just like we all do. But, you’re still my angel. You’re my strenght and inspiration. But you’re also my biggest weakness. I love so many things about you. But let me just count some: standing up for your members and going trough the hardest moments in your life together, AS ONE. Being their biggest support, their role-model, their ‘father’. Being the most hardworking man i’ve ever met, without even thinking about yourself. Being a great producer who’s constantly trying to find a way to make better music, to explore everything about it and bring the best product to your fans. Being a great and thoughtful brother, son and grandson.  I want you to find yourself. I want you to ask for help when you need it, don’t carry your burden all by yourself. I want nothing but happiness for you. Eat more, laugh more, dance more.  Make lots of great music, be a great leader to your group and be the best idol for your fans.  I love you, my baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

He never wanted to be the star of anything. But, that’s the place fate left him. He thought he was best as a team player. But we all know there was just too much great music in him to be contained by modesty.

When the Beatles ended all he had held inside came flowing out, manifesting itself in the 1970 album All Things Must Pass - a landmark LP that is still stunning by the quality of the songs and its complete originality. Like it or not, he was now the frontman of the band and more and more great music would flow from him the rest of his life.

It would take volumes to even list his musical achievements and I’m not going to try. His love of Indian music also produced volumes of lovely music, as well as creating a lasting influence on popular music. George truly was the peace and love guy. It wasn’t a fad for him. He walked the walk. He dropped some beautiful wisdom on us without preaching, and always keeping a sense of humor, he was forever mindful that we are all so, so human.

It’s my guess that he’s the only artist on tonight’s program who actually changed the world.

Hare Krishna.

—  Tom Petty on George Harrison, “2015 Lifetime Achievement Award: George Harrison - Tom Petty Pays Tribute To His Fellow Traveling Wilburys Bandmate and Touches On Harrison’s Lasting Influence On Popular Music,”, 6 February 2015
(Trans) Haru Hana Vol. 30 - BTS Interview

*Japanese original single has a theme of long-distance relationship*

In Korea you won #1 on music programs as BTS is gaining momentum. You will also be releasing your 4th Japanese single ‘For You’ on 6/27. This is the first time you’re releasing an original Japanese song as a single.
J-Hope: We, BTS, is challenging a new genre that we’ve never tried before.
Rap Monster: Since it’s a very Japanese-style song, I really like it. It’s impossible to use such a song in Korea as a title song. Even though it’s not my choice of music style, I thought I would still try it once.
Suga: When I was producing this song and in order to fully understand the views of the song, the members and I watched a Japanese movie with a long-distance relationship theme. After watching the movie, we were able to express even all the Japanese lyrics that we couldn’t clearly understand before.

As usual, the rap lyrics this time is also written by the members!
J-Hope: Yes. In addition to everyday life, we also got a lot of insirpirations from different Japanese works.
Rap Monster: I write my lyrics based on actual feelings I’ve experienced. I tend to feel very happy during the weekends but will turn depressed on the weekdays. I use those feelings as the theme. There’s no one lying next to me on the narrow bed so it feels spacious. Because I long for love, I feel lonely - it’s that type of content.
Suga: It was really difficult for me this time around. I’m usually the type to write [lyrics] according to my own experiences. This time even all of my indirect experiences are incorporated in this. Next time when I produce new songs, I want to be able to go travel and think while organizing my thoughts. I really want to go to new York but even if I can’t go to that side, it’s okay even if I just bring all my equipment to Jeju-do.

Since the theme (of the song) is long-distance relationships, which members can accept long-distance relationships?
Jimin: Long-distance relationship… It feels painful just thinking about it. But I don’t think Suga hyung would think it’s painful.
Jin: I think Suga should be OK with it since he’s kind of colder/cooler. But on the contrary, it seems like Jimin is the type that wouldn’t be able to stand the pain. I think I’m the type that wants to see the other party so bad that I’ll cry (laughs).
Rap Monster: Because Jimin has not had any real love experience, isn’t it good to start with long-distance relationships? If you’re always stuck with that person, it would be even more painful when you break up later. I think V is the one that is unable to do long-distance relationships.
V: Because I’ll want to see the person all the time. I think I’ll go crazy even if I don’t see the person for just one day. If I have a girlfriend, I just want to watch her all the time. (In Japanese) Only you!
Jungkook: I think Suga hyung’s the one that can’t do long-distance relationships. Not sure why but I’ve never seen him use Kakaotalk and seems like he doesn’t use SMS either. I think Rap Monster hyung would be able to do long-distance relationships?
Rap Monster: I’ve had a similar experience… Even though it was very painful, I think I would still accept it if there’s another situation like that.
J-Hope: I think Suga hyung would accept it. Jungkook probably won’t accept it. He wouldn’t even know where he’s flying to. The girl would be chased away [by someone else] any time.

There are many members that think Suga can be in long-distance relationships!
Suga: I also think so myself. I perhaps would like the other person even more if I’m in a relationship with a person on the other side. I can’t stand meeting every day. I think it’s enough to meet once a month. But it’s probably because I haven’t thought about love since work is still my priority.

*1 year annivesary in Japan! What changes do you have in your impressions of Japan?*

You released a new Korean album in April. You also held a concert in Seoul in March.J-Hope: Jimin and I had our own dance stage. I think it let the fans see all of our charms. There was almost no MC talk and just us performing our songs.
Rap Monster: We also performed songs we produced during our trainee period. It feels like our “first chapter” is ending.
Jungkook: I cried during the last day of our concert. During the last MC Talk, my tears just fell when I saw what my parents said to me.
V: Because Jungkook is a crybaby. I didn’t cry. Besides in front of family or the members, I won’t cry! I think it’s embarassing so I hold it in.
Jimin: I also didn’t cry! But when we were singing 'Born Singer’ as it’s a very meaningful song to us, I didn’t even know when my eyes turned red. Jin hyung was bawling too.
Jin: Because many fans came to see us… As to why I cried, I think you’ll understand once you step on the stage.
Rap Monster: Even Suga hyung cried! Don’t say “I’m not going to cry” ever again (laughs). Suga: Huh? Who cried? I don’t know what’s gong on. I’m cherishing my tears so I can cry at the Gymnastics Arena (a large venue in Seoul).

You ate barbecued meat for celebration?Jin: Of course! But for our comeback, we started dieting three months before… It’s so depressing to not being able to eat whatever you want. I’m the type to eat to eliminate stress. I used to eat almost 7 meals a day.

Speaking of live, the DVD for the concert tour you held in Japan in February is also released.
V: First, I was standing in the middle for the opening. Just please pay a lot of attention to me (laughs).
Jungkook: I hope everyone will notice the song 'Blanket Kick’. I fooled everyone. I will emerge on the stage from an unexpected place! Also the videos played during the live were very interesting and I had a fun time filming it so everyone must watch it.
Jin: Whether it’s those who came to our concert or those who couldn’t come, I still really hope you can watch our performances.
Jimin: I would be very excited if you watch the DVD and then even more people want to come to our concerts.

What happened at the venues?
J-Hope: ARMYs helped celebrate my birthday in Nagoya! If I knew this would happen, I would prepare in advance my thank you speech in Japanese. I was so surprised that I almost cried. Thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday. I’m really happy.
Jungkook: It feels like the cheers there are very loud.
Jimin: I know everyone has been waiting for us. From now on we will learn more Japanese so we can convey ourselves to everyone. While I can’t do other things, I do think Japanese is very interesting.

It’s almost your 1st anniversary in Japan. How have your impressions of Japan and the Japanese fans changed?
V: Everyone became even prettier.
Rap Monster: I don’t think much has changed. No matter where we go, Japanese fans are very polite. But it’s just that I feel a bit stressed about speaking Japanese when I go to Japan. There should be at least one person in the group that can converse but right now it’s still impossible… Other than that, I still feel very relaxed and happy.
Jimin: When we initially had activities in Japan, I was able to feel everyone enthusiastically supporting us. I also think nothing has changed. Food is still very delicious. In fact, I want to travel in Japan.
Jungkook: I’m happy as long as I’m going to Japan. (Using Japanese) I really like it~. Also I really like Japanese anime, but I’m really surprised that there are girls in real life that can emit the high-pitched voices like in animes.
J-Hope: Even though we initially performed at small venues, the venues got bigger and bigger afterwards. Although I do feel stressed, the activities are more fun than expected. That’s how my desire to perform started. I don’t know how long I have to wait but I really want to perform at the Domes. I have established that goal.“

This was not translated directly from Japanese so I apologize in advance if there are mistakes.
Thank you to BTS Taiwan!

Hey Jude

From TV Pia 2011 3/2 issue:

On how Jun would like to produce Arashi members,

M: Sho-kun is doing various things but… I want to hear him play the piano. He’s probably reluctant and won’t do it, though (laughs). In a magazine photoshoot before, I listened to Sho-kun play “Hey Jude” on the pipe organ, but because I said that on various occasions, after that he’s closed his heart a bit (laughs). He’s cautious of me.

From Music Station 2010 7/9:

Sho talks about being a perverted pianist because he played the piano right after taking a shower, still shirtless. Then he gets asked what song he played.

S: … I wonder if it’s okay…

M: Please tell us~

N: He guarded it! That person guarded it!

A: Please tell us~

M: Please tell us what you played.

A: It’s important, you know.

S: It’s “Hey Jude”.

M: While naked.

From Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014 4/12:

Jun is trailing behind Miura Asami when playing The Beatles song intro quiz, so he’s given a chance to guess the next song and if he gets it right he’ll be given 5 points. His guess,

M: Hey Jude.

S: Ah! Wrong…!!

M: Ah wrong…!!


It’s been a rather wild month, what with SXSW and everything else going on all around the same time. As a result, I’m still tripping all over the place trying to be fastidious in making sure I don’t let jewels like this tune slip by your ears. JOME’s Mountains has been making the rounds since its release earlier this month, moving hearts and misting up eyes with its beautiful ambiance and dewy melody. Los Angeles based songwriter Jesse Marc and New Orleans based writer/producer Christoph Andersson (an IHM favorite who has worked with the likes of G-Eazy, Devon Baldwin, Monopol, and more) team back up on this gently sprawling aria, melding alt pop with indie electronica to take us up breathtaking sonic peaks. We tower over clouds as golden cities glow in the distance. We suddenly find ourselves exultantly musing over the meaning of life and the secrets of our hearts. Re-visit JOME’s prior gems on Soundcloud. You can also stream Mountains via Soundcloud below.