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necrojade  asked:

On a happy note, what are some of your favorite things about Lance? :3

oh boy 

  • he loves mermaids
  • “i dont need pants. im a mermaid”
  • he’s an amazing sniper and, as an archer, i have a soft spot for long-distance weapons and characters using them
  • he has pretty pretty blue eyes and they’re so expressive
  • sound effects
  • flirts with aliens at any given time, at all, like, me too??????
  • “hasta la later, keith” *dances aggressively*
  • helped pidge find money so she could buy a game she was excited about and also turned into a dolphin-human hybrid to do so. he loves her so much i want to die 
  • related: he’s probably the best older brother i bet he took his younger siblings to the beach and stayed w them all day and played with them and made sand castles and sand mermaids with them
  • literally puts his life in danger regularly to save people ???  the explosion and air vacuum thingie scenes come to mind. god he’s so good
  • that being said he can be kinda selfish (literally manipulated hunk into leaving his lion and coming w him to investigate mermaids just bc he likes mermaids) and i love that about him, i love that he’s not a perfect good boy, i wish the fandom would stop ignoring this tbh tbh
  • the entire scene in s2 where he was talking abt their plan and like, did amazing imitations. shook his butt. dabbed. literally morphed into a strange galra-humanoid thing for the sake of The Drama™
  • “that’s the tagline from like six of my favourite movies” lance is a big nerd confirmed
  • his fucking pickup lines are so funny? they’re so bad they’re good. i’d fall for them lance. i’d fall for them
  • takes the time to explain stuff when keith doesnt understand, like, they could have easily just made him make fun of keith for not getting the “vol” “tron” thing but he instead explains it 
  • also good at diffusing situations and thinking things thru *insert that god i wish that were me meme*
  • *talks fondly about his team and then immediately shits on himself* relatable tbh (but i wish he wouldnt)
  • god, his insecurities are so real they’re palpable. i think a lot of people can see themselves in him bc of them and that’s really cool
  • “is…that a cow” “mmhmmm” 
  • arguably the only paladin with any semblance of fashion sense
  • AND ON THAT NOTE HE’S A MALE CHARACTER WHO’S SHOWN TO LOVE SKINCARE UNABASHEDLY and that’s not something you ever see in media and as a cosmetician IT’S REALLY COOL BECAUSE NOW LITTLE BOYS WILL WATCH THIS AND SAY “hey lance is cool and he takes care of his skin maybe i should too!!!” like YES LANCE THANK YOU FOR DESTROYING TOXIC MASCULINITY 
  • the scene w coran and keith outside his door, when he cuts keith off with the buhububbUHBUHUHGBUHG >A< !!!!!
  • his little “yup” after shiro says the sharpshooter thing
  • *beautifully emerges from a coma to shoot someone, smirks, falls back into a coma beautifully*
  • also flirts w allura to hide the fact that he’s genuinely concerned about their situation that’s a big mood
  • flirts the moment he emerges from a fucking coma
  • flirts. so much. he’s always flirting i love that boy
  • when he had a squid on his head and just rolled w it
  • “this castle has gone apples and bananas!”
  • this:

edit: i forgot where i snagged this pic from but it was from one of @planced‘s gifsets :)

i coudl go on but for your sake i will stop


Summary: The reader has fun pushing Dean’s buttons.

Drabble Prompt: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

“Hey, Y/N.” Sam marches into the kitchen with a smile, glistening in sweat as he winds down from his late night run.

“Sup, Sammy.” You gracefully mumble with your mouth full of warm apple pie. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy now that the air is changing and you’re overjoyed that you snagged the last piece.

“Woah.” Sam pauses as his eyes land on your plate. “What are you doing? Did you forget who that belongs to?”

“Oh, relax. Dean freaking Winchester is a big boy.” You snort before shoveling in another delicious forkful.

“Right. I’m outta here, Y/N. I’m not sticking around for when Dean finds out.”

“When Dean finds out what?” The older hunter strolls in while finishing the last sip of his beer.

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pda || b.b

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: a view of Bucky and his struggle with PDA.

Warnings: fluffy fluff !!

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: thank you to whoever requested this and y’all i uploaded this in front of people yikes yikes

Bucky had never been big on public display’s of affection, preferring to keep himself to himself. Not only that, but he never got a chance to see why people around him seemed to constantly rub their PDA in his face as he jogged in central park or grabbed a coffee from his coffee shop down the street. 

That was, until he met you. 

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A quick little blurb about biting bum’s and scorching heat and whiplash that leaves you breathless. Hope you all enjoy it!


Originally posted by bestharrypics


It’s hot and you swear your brain has just about turned to mush with the sweltering heat that comes from the bright sun up in the Hawaiian sky.

Your skin is glowy from all the vitamin D but you feel hot and sticky and uncomfortable and desperate to get rid of the sweat and the suncream and the sand that cling to your body.

Your body drowns in immediate relief when, after waiting for your boyfriend to shower, you finally get your turn to slide under the almost cold spray. It’s refreshing and so satisfying to feel and watch everything that was making you feel sticky and gross slide away down the drain, your head immediately clearer once your head feels the fresh water soak up your hair.

You and Harry had been out all day long and now, when the sun had gone down a bit but enough to cool the room you both had booked, you two had decided a night inside was all you needed. Room service and Netflix and a good cuddle - three things you’ve been craving ever since he’d dragged you out early in the morning for a workout and then a day at the beach.

When you finish, renewed and smelling fresh, you stalk into the bedroom only to find Harry at the brink of consciousness. His hair is wet and flopping all over the place and his long legs are spread wide as he clutches the pillow on your side of the bed, his nose burrowed into it, eyes closed as he enjoys a peaceful nap.

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Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes, the winter soldier, a ghost story, deadly assassin and- “Mommy! Daddy can’t open my apple slices!”

Your eyes flickered up from your phone, your fingers stopping the typing you were doing to tell Sam: No, you we’re not going to bring back a happy meal for him, to see your baby girl bouncing in her seat.

Her little legs were swinging back and forth as she shook the small plastic bag filled with apple slices in your face. It had came with her happy meal you got her and your lips curved into a sly grin.

You moved your attention from your daughter to your husband to see him giving your daughter a quick glare, which she didn’t notice, before meeting your gaze and turning red with embarrassment. He knew you were going to tease him.

I mean, how could you not? Big strong man with a fucking (excuse your language) metal arm, could not open the small bag of apple slices? Your amusement clearly showed.

“Give it to me baby,” you smirked and softly grabbed the apples from your daughter, and with no effort you peeled the wrapper (right where it said peel here )

Your daughter gave you a big toothy grin before munching into her apples ignoring you as you rested your head in your hand and batted your eyelashes at Bucky.

“Don’t say it,” he grumbled, his metal arm hanging off your daughter’s seat as he gave you a pout that had your grin growing.

“Bucky Barnes, the Winter soldier-”

“I said-”

“-a ghost story, deadly assassin,” you continued with an evil glint in your eyes as you watched the red in his cheeks burn on the top of his ears.

“Baby!” He whined and before you could continue, your baby interrupted.

“Yes Daddy?” Oblivious of your teasing as she gave him big eyes that had both of you cooing on the inside.

“Nothing Baby, just wondering if I can have a slice.” He easily changed topics as she gave him a nod and said okay with a smile before giving him one.

He met your gaze as he took a bite and you simply wiggled your eyebrows with your own smile that had him rolling his eyes looking away so you couldn’t see him smile too.

But you saw it anyway before getting distracted when your phone chimed.

From Icarus:Cheeseburger Happy Meal, extra pickles, apple slices, small fries, and a sprite. 😘🍔🍟😍

- - -

@bucky-plums-barnes @writemarvelousthings

A wise decision

Synopsis: A lot has changed on Earth since King Loki’s reign fell upon its people. Humans lost their beloved ones to the war, they lost their homes to chaos and now, they are forced to plunder and cheat to keep themselves alive. Being among those hopeless citizens of New York, you fight for your food and survival every day anew. That is until one day, you act too unwary and get caught, wrangling you an audience with the God of Mischief himself, who then comes up with a rather… unique punishment for your iniquity.

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (OneShot)
Words: 4731
smut, theft, blackmailing, submission, prostitution… kind of

Read it on AO3!

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The Tenth Floor pt7

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

“Wait, right now?” You asked, trialing after Yoongi out of his office. He wound his scarf around his neck as he walked, and you grabbed your jacket from the back of your chair. You had picked the wrong day to wear a pencil skirt, you realized; as soon as the sun went down, you were going to freeze. 

“No better time than the present.” Yoongi replied. 

Seokjin was walking the other way when he saw the two of you, and caught your elbow gently. “Where are you going?” He asked, looking from you, to Yoongi, and back to you again.

“To the carnival, I think.” You said. Seokjin looked even more confused at this, but didn’t have time to press you for questions. 

“Hurry up.” Yoongi snapped, standing in the elevator impatiently. “We don’t have all day.” 

You left Seokjin standing there to join your boss, and as the doors closed, you realized just how strange all this was. 

“What happened to those reports you said you needed to review?” You asked, your voice echoing slightly in the small space. 

“They can wait.” Yoongi shrugged. 

“But didn’t you tell Taehyung they were important?” You asked.

“I lied.” Yoongi gave you a rare smile. “We’re taking my car, by the way.” 

You weren’t sure if you should be offended by this or not, but you weren’t about to argue; your car might have gotten you to work, but that didn’t mean it would get you and Yoongi to and from the other side of town. 

“Yoongi?” You said carefully. “You know the carnival is open on the weekend, right? Why do you want to go today?” 

Yoongi shrugged. “Why? You don’t want to go? You’re getting paid either way, if that’s what you’re concerned about.” 

You frowned. Yoongi was definitely acting weird, and you suspected that, given his noncommittal answer, he didn’t know why he was going, either. But you supposed it didn’t really matter; if your crazy boss wanted a day out, you didn’t see the harm in it. As long as he wasn’t yelling, you could follow him around the carnival until he figured it out. 

To say Yoongi’s car was nice when you saw it would be an understatement. The hard-top convertible Audi looked as though it had just been driven off the car lot, and while the brand suited Yoongi, the baby-blue color didn’t quite. 

It made your car look like a piece of crap, and you made a face as you slid into your seat. 

“You don’t like it?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow as he started the car. 

“No, it’s… Very nice.” You settled. 

“I know.” Yoongi said. “So why do you look so uncomfortable?” 

“I’m not.” You lied. How were you supposed to explain that sitting in such a fancy-ass car made your second-hand skirt feel shabby, or that you were terrified you were going to break something because you couldn’t afford to fix it. “I always look like this.” 

Yoongi didn’t respond to that, and drove in silence for a while. There was something about sitting in the car, someone else driving and paying attention to the road, that reminded you of Taehyung. You thought you might have preferred his slightly beaten up taxi over this. 

But Taehyung-the-taxi-driver wasn’t just a taxi driver, and you were sure you’d never call him again, so you tried to keep your mind off of him. You were working (kind of), and needed to focus on the job at hand.

“Yoongi, why am I here?” You asked after a while, when you knew you were getting close to the fairground. 

“On earth, or in my car?” He asked, sounding slightly distracted by the traffic. 

“Why did you want me to come along?” You clarified, though you were curious what he would say if you asked him what your purpose in the universe was. That would have to wait for another day. 

“You’ve been there before, right?” He didn’t wait for you to answer. “I want to know what normal people do for fun, so you’re going to be like my tour guide.”

“Am I the only ‘normal’ person you know?” You didn’t think you wanted to know the answer, but you asked anyway. 

Yoongi thought about it a moment. “Yes.” 

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Fine Amnesty

Check, Please! 14 Days of Love, Day 1: FOOIINNE  (Read on AO3)


“Oh my, Jack, you should have seen it,” Bitty said. “I swear they were counting down to the very second.” He held his phone against his ear with his shoulder and took the pie crust from the fridge where it had been chilling. “As soon as it hit midnight, Chowder and Caitlin were all over each other, kissing like nobody’s business. I haven’t seen such a display since, goodness, last Winter Screw. Only with less alcohol involved.”

Bitty laughed. “Yes, Lardo had the score cards all ready to go. Perfect 10s from everyone but Holster, but I think that was because,” Bitty stopped, looked around, then whispered, “Ransom and March were cuddling and being cute on the couch right next to him.

“Hmm, what else? Oh! Nursey and Dex were holding hands all day. Dex’s face was all pink and he was glaring something fierce, but that boy would not let go of Nursey’s hand for love nor money. Nursey was just as pleased as punch. He forgot all about being ‘chill’ for almost a whole hour.”

Holster walked into the kitchen carrying a cellophane-wrapped basket. “Special delivery,” he sang. “From your sugar daddy, Bitty.”

“You hush, Holster. Sweetheart, you didn’t have to send me anything. You know I’m coming up this weekend.” Bitty unwrapped the basket and began to take out the contents. “Apples… is this a fruit basket? Butter, flour… Jack Zimmerman, did you send me a pie baking basket?”

Holster groaned. “Here we go.”

Bitty looked Holster dead in the eye and said into his phone, “Jack honey, you are the sweetest, most thoughtful, loveliest boyfriend I could hope for. I wish you were here with me right now so I could give you a big ol’ kiss. Thank you so much.”

Holster shook his head and turned to leave.

Bitty raised his voice. “And I wish your butt was here, too, so I could give it a big ol’ squeeze.”

“Enjoy this while you can,” Holster said from the hallway. “The Valentine’s Day fine amnesty ends in a few hours, and tomorrow it’s double fines for all PDA and pet names so we can snap up all that sweet discount chocolate. Tell Jack to send his wallet; we both know you won’t be able to knock it off with the pet names and I need to stock up on Reese’s peanut butter hearts.”

“Oh, ha ha. We aren’t that bad,” Bitty called after him. “And you hush too, Mr. Zimmermann.” He sighed. “I really do wish you were here. I sure am looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

“Well, you know if it was up to me, we’d talk for hours, but if you have to go… Anyway, I was in the middle of baking a pie before I got all distracted, so I’ll let you go. See you soon, honey. Love you, good bye.”

Bitty hung up his phone and got back to work on his pie. He was just pulling it out of the oven when there a knock on the front door. Someone answered it and there was a round of enthusiastic greetings – obviously somebody they knew. He didn’t think anything more of it until someone stepped through the kitchen door.

“Hey, Bits.”

Bitty spun around. “Jack? What on earth?”

Jack walked over to him and took him in his arms. “It’s Valentine’s Day. I wanted to see you.”

Bitty pulled him down into a deep kiss. “I’m so happy to see you sweetheart, but you didn’t have to come all this way. I mean, with your schedule… And you sent me that adorable basket…”

“I didn’t want to miss fine amnesty,” Jack said and Bitty had to kiss him again.

Sleeping Passenger (Seth Rollins)

prompt: “You left your underwear back at my place.”

Should I continue this one? Let me know! I feel like I could expand this piece!

Originally posted by ohmyziamness

You arrived at the arena about three hours before normal, knowing that you needed to find him before too many other wrestlers started to show up. He always arrived early, wanting to work out, get pumped up or even wanting to film with Xavier for UpUpDownDown. Seth had always been someone that you had admired when you came to the WWE and being a costume designer, you enjoyed his creativity and ideas for new gear.    

           You spotted him right away, chatting with Big E and Xavier. You moved quickly over to him and waved hello as they caught your eye. “Hey Seth,” you greeted him as you reached into your bag.

           “Hey Y/N, how are you feeling?  Well rested, I hope,” Seth replied which made you smile. You were grateful that he cared about you.

           “I’m much more rested, you left this morning so early, you left your underwear back at my place,” you told him and handed them over. Seth laughed and grabbed them, not noticing the looks Big E and Xavier gave the two of them. “I’ll see you later?”’

           Seth nodded and grabbed his briefs from her hand before turning to look at his two coworkers. “Listen, it’s not what you think.”


Monday night, after RAW as you were packing up the costuming department to move to the next town when he appeared behind you, asking what you were doing once you arrived at the next hotel.

           “I’m taking a nice shower and then going straight to bed,” you told him as you zipped your last suitcase and smiled at him. He quickly grabbed your bags for you, leaving you only with the suitcase to carry and motioned for you to lead the way.

           “You can’t just go to bed, we’re headed to New York. No one sleeps in the Big Apple,” Seth insisted.

           “This woman does, I’m exhausted,” you told him as you made it out to your car. He helped you place your bags into the car and close the trunk.

           “Want me to drive you? That way you can sleep,” he offered and pushed a stray hair away from his face.

           “Oh Seth, you’re probably exhausted,” you tried but he just shook his head. He wore a gentle smile.

           “No way, I just ran around a ring all night. You had to deal with all the gear disasters in the locker rooms,” he said as he grabbed the keys from your fingertips and moved to the front seat. You sighed and headed to the passenger side. You slid into the car and snuggled up against the black leather. You hugged your arms tightly as the quiet music played on the radio. “Are you cold?” Seth asked and you nodded lightly as he reached behind him, keeping his eyes on the road and pulling his sweatshirt from the backseat.

           He stopped at a red light and draped it over your upper body, which you accepted immediately. “Thank you,” you whispered and nodded off immediately as Seth turned onto the highway. Seth turned to glance at your sleeping figure and smiled at your peaceful face.

           When Seth pulled into the hotel parking space, three hours later, he shut the car off and glanced over at your sleeping figure. He didn’t want to wake you, he knew how tired you were after a long and stressful day in the office.

           He moved to the passenger side and reached inside to unbuckle your seatbelt but your eyes fluttered open at the same time. “Seth?”

           “Hey, you’re awake,” he helped you out of the car and followed you inside. As you were checking in, you were falling asleep again on his shoulder. The receptionist placed the cards down in front of him. He told the woman he would be right back for the bags as he picked you up and moved to the elevator. You snuggled into his neck and sighed contently.

           He walked down the hallway and swiped the door open, moving to the bed. He pulled the covers down and slid them down to place you under them before moving back out of the room. You caught his wrist lazily, “Don’t leave, stay please,” you whispered and he bit his lip.

           “I’m just gonna go grab our bags, I’ll be right back,” he leaned down, taking the opportunity to peck your cheek. Seth hit the lobby again to grab the bags from the front counter.

           “You and your girlfriend are a very sweet couple,” the receptionist said, “You look like your made for one another.” He thanked her, not bothering to correct her. When he got back to the room, he shed his clothes quickly and changed into a pair of shorts. He noticed that you’d changed into PJs, pulling down some of the covers for him to crawl in with you. Seth climbed into the bed, smiled lightly as you snuggled up to his chest and fell asleep.

Aizawa Shouta x daughter!reader (Bring your child to work day)

Summary: Aizawa brings his five year old daughter to UA.
Everyone cant handle the cuteness


“(Name), stop spinning the chair.”
Your fun came to a halt as your father, Aizawa, stop the office chair from spinning.
He bend down to your level and adjust your cute pink dress and fix your (hair color) hair.
Your mother was away to attend a meeting for 3 days and there was no one to take care of you while your father is away, so he brought you to Yuuei with him.

“She’s so cute!~” Midnight cooed as she oogle at you from the other side, her own cubicle.

A skeleton man, Toshinori, who’s cubicle is right next to Aizawa’s, handed you a lolipop. You eye the sweet swirl of yellow and orange in delight. Squealing, you took the sweet treat gladly and pop it in your mouth. Your father’s coworkers sure like to pamper you. On your father’s desk are more treats all his coworkers gave you. A granola bar from Blood King, a small cupcake from Midnight (who ran all the way to the cafeteria just to buy something to give you), an apple from Sniper, a strawberry juice box from Cementoss, and a big chocolate bunny from your uncle Hizashi.
You hum a tune while you wiggle your dangling legs as Aizawa now stood stacking papers neatly on his desk. You watch him ready his things like everyone else, them glancing at the wall clock or their watches every few minutes.
The school bell rang and one by one, the teachers walk out of the office, holding the books and papers they need.

Aizawa kiss the top of your head and lightly pinch your cheeks “I’ll be gone in an hour. Just stay here, play some games i installed in the computer for you, and if you need anything-” he points at the blonde cockatoo hair like man “-just ask Present Mic.”
You nod your head, cheeks puffed from all the sucking on the lolipop in your mouth “okay.”
He left along with the other teachers, leaving you alone with uncle Mic.

Silence fill the room, spare the sound of Mic typing rapidly on his computer. You turned to your father’s computer, already open for you, and look at the games he placed.
Solitare, Miku Dress Up Game, Little Bratz Fish Pet Shop, Cake Mania, and Jewel Blitz.

“Ey, watcha doin’?” Mic went over to you. He pull a chair to him and sat beside you.
“I’m gonna play games.”
“Hmm? Which one?”
“I dunno.”
“How about this one?” He points at the Cake Mania. “Let’s see how many cakes you can get it right.”
Mic cheered you on as you play, using his radio host attitude and pretending as if he is on his radio show right now, talking about your gaming skill.
You suddenly came to a stop, missing a cake.
“Ey, (Name)? What’s wrong?”
You face him, legs crossed tight “I gotta pee!”
His mouth formed an ‘o’ shape. He returned to his signature grin and stood up “Okay then.” He place his hands under your pits and hoist you up, carrying you with your arms on his shoulder while his right arm serve as a seat for you and support and his left supporting your back.
He carried you all the way to the restrooms, telling you a short story about one of his students mocking a fellow class and ended up embarassing himself by tripping over nothing and falling face first on the floor infront of everyone.
“All right, here we are” he place you down in front of the girl’s rest room “go on in and do your business. I’ll be waiting here outside.”
You went in and he waited, back against the wall and arms tuck in his pockets. At the corner of his eye he spot two familiar figures walking up the stairs. He grin and went to them, waving his arms “Hey Ectoplasm! Midnight! Wazzup!?”

“I’m telling you, she’s SO cute!— oh! Hi Mic!” Midnight paused her conversation with Ectoplasm as Mic aproached “I was just telling Ecto here about Eraserhead’s little angel.”

Mic hook his arm around Ectoplasm’s shoulders “We have already gave offerings to the little goddess. You will be smite with if you fail to give a gift.”

Ectoplasm shook his head “I’m afraid i will scare the little one. I’m not good with children and my looks aren’t child friendly either.”

“Naaaaw~ you!? Don’t be silly~ you toothed handsome de–”

“Mic. Please stop. You’re making me uncomfortable.”

You walk out of the girl’s restroom and saw that Uncle Mic is busy chatting. You twist your hips back and forth as you glance around, looking for something interesting. You spot a door at the right hallway, a white sign hung above it '1-E’.
You remember your father pointing you the room he teaches in when he showed you around the campus '1-A’.
You then walk along the hallway, small feet stumbling a bit from time to time until you found the room you were looking for '1-A’.
You can hear the faint sound of people talking inside. You opened the sliding door enough for you to get in. Silence fill the room as everyone stare at you.

Aizawa could feel the stress building in as yet another bicker between Bakugo and Midoriya insues during class.
He just wants to get it over with and plea for the lunch bell to ring. Hair floating, he activated his quirk and aim it at the blond boy “Bakugo. Sit down before I send you to Principal Nedzu. Midoriya, don’t provoke him.”

The green haired boy sputtered “b-but I d-didn’t even do anything!”

The door slide open a bit and everyone turn their attention to the person at the door.
A litte girl, about five years old, wearing a pink dress and black doll shoes stood there, her eyes scanning them and stop at their sensei.

Iida stood up, arms flailing “what’s a child doing here!? Are you lost!? Sir! Please give me permission to send her to Principal Nedzu to assist in finding her parent or guardian!”

Your face lit up at the dishelved man “daddy!”


The whole class gawk as you run towards the stressed man, your arms outstreached for a hug.
Aizawa bend down and scoop you up into his arms “(Name), what are doing here? You’re supposed to stay in the teacher’s office while I teach.”
You burried you face on his chest “But I miss you already!”

The class turned an uproar. Kaminari hung his jaw “You a daddy!?”

You turn your head to them and gave out a cute smile “hello!~”

The entire class 'awwed’ except from Takoyami, Todoroki, and Bakugo.

Uraraka stretch her arms out at your direction, making grabby hands “May I hold her? Please, sensei!”

“No.” He said flatly, still cradling you on his arms.

The class continues to bombard him with questions.

“Are you married?”

“How old is she?”

“What’s her quirk? Is it the same as yours?”

“Is it Bring Your Brat to Work Day?”

“Why did you bring her to work, sensei?”

He sighs and gave in to their questions “Yes, I’m married. This is my daughter, (Name), she is only five years old and she got my quirk. No, i brought her here to work with me because my wife is away and i don’t have anyone to look after her while i’m gone.”

The class calmed down after having their questions answered.

He look down at you “Mic is suppose to look after you. Where is he?”

“OH MY GOD! (NAME)! WHERE ARE YOU!?” a inhumanely loud voice boomed across the hallways and into the room, windows crack at the harsh sound wave.

'That idiot.’

Mic came skidding into the room looking frantic “Eraserhead! I lost–oh.” He sigh in relief in seeing you cradled by your father.

Midnight’s head popped in “You found her yet, Mic?”
She let out a squeal and strode in the classroom to you, pushing Mic out of the way “Oh (Name)~ Don’t go wandering around like that, you had us worried~” she lightly pinch your cheeks as she cooed at you.

Mic pick you up from Aizawa’s arms and brought you to his “heheh…sorry about that.”

Aizawa pinch the bridge of his nose “Bring her back to the teachers office and keep a closer eye out for her. She’s fast.”

“Right. Will do.” With you in his arms, Mic and Midnight exit the room.
“Bye daddy.” You waved at him before the close shut.

Silence once again filled the room. Kaminari leaned his head back to Kirishima and whispered “90% of that must come from the mother.”

“Kaminari, be quiet. Everyone, open your books to page 35.”


Mic held you out to Ectoplasm, your face just inches away from his “Do you have time to spare to our lord and savior (Name)?”

10 Years (The Reunion III)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: swearing, kissing, lol, fluff, heartache, and this is not proof read sorry

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 (you are here) / Part 5

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The cold water covered Stiles’ face as he took a deep breath, closing his eyes to splash another handful of water over his hot skin. He was shaking, he thought he was ready to see you but he really wasn’t. He stared into mirror, watching his brown eyes falter and his once happy smile disappear. “Fuck.” He groaned, anger building inside his veins. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Stiles recalled the last time he was in this position, the heat rising onto his cheeks, remembering the time he failed himself.

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Single - Part 3 (Final)

Summary: Dean tries to plan a camping trip for his son and the reader doesn’t make it easy for him.

Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,929

Part 1 Part 2

Dean sets his sparkling hazel eyes on your curvaceous form as you move across the grass in his backyard. He watches you interrupt Mikey and Drew’s game of catch to see if the boys want something to drink.

Even though it’s a totally mundane task, the older Winchester can’t help but be mesmerized by it. How do you manage to make even the simplest things look sexy as hell?

“Dude.” Sam’s amused tone catches his brother’s attention. “If you keep drooling like that you’ll need a bib.”

“What?” Dean immediately wipes his mouth with his forearm, now feeling self conscious and it makes Sam howl.

“Get it together, man. Y/N’s a good one. Don’t close the door before you even open it, ya know?”

“Huh?” Dean unwillingly peels his eyes away from you.

“Don’t fuck it up.” Sam stresses resisting the urge to slap some sense into him.

“Obviously. This will be a piece of pie.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I hope your day is going well so far. Can I request something for Damian sneaking into his older batsis' room when he can't sleep?

It’s been alright so far! Thank you! I hope your day is going well / will go well! Thank you for requesting! Hope this is alright for you! 

Damian has tried counting sheep and even reading through a couple of historical journals to try and lull himself to sleep but to no avail, he laid on the bed, eyes still wide awake. He had tossed and turned for a good few minutes before promptly throwing the covers off of his body.

“TT.” He sat up and looked around the bedroom. Damian does not even know how long he had been trying to fall asleep but he also knows that it’s probably nearing 3AM right about now.

He briefly contemplated the decision he is about to make before getting off the bed. He padded to the door and quietly closed the bedroom door behind him. Walking through the hallways at night used to be something he looked forward to because of the lack of people but nowadays, it just seemed rather empty, lonely even. He frowned as he took the familiar walk to his sister’s bedroom.

Damian isn’t sure you are still awake at this moment. Normally you would be, Damian supposes, but considering the fact that lately it seemed as if you had been putting in a lot of hours at work, you probably wouldn’t be awake either. He shifted. “TT.” Maybe he should just go back to his own bedroom?

The moment he reached your door, he lets his hand rest on the doorknob, questioning whether or not he should disturb you. He could just sneak in, stay beside you and leave right before you wake up for your morning shift. Damian is torn between wanting to sneak in and leaving – you did seem a little bit worn out earlier when he went to talk to you before he had left for patrol with father.

Damian dropped his hand from the doorknob and is about to turn away to head downstairs when the door opened. You stood there, looking at him sleepily. “Hey Damian.” Your voice is heavy, laced with sleep. You let out a small yawn. “I figured it would be you.” You open the door wider. “Come on.”

Damian frowns. He was sure he had been quiet enough and he knew he barely made any noise when he had approached your door earlier.

Seeing the confused look on Damian’s face, you let out a soft chuckle, pulling him inside. “You tend to forget that I live with a bunch of detectives and trained vigilantes. I have come to pick up some tricks for myself too.” You were not about to tell Damian that you are aware of how he would sometimes sneak in to your bedroom – you knew your little brother would just be super embarrassed afterwards. That shall be a secret you will carry to your grave.

“TT.” Damian walks over to the unoccupied side of your bed before making himself very comfortable.

“How was your patrol?” You ask, padding back to your bed. You got under the covers and threw them over Damian too. He turns to his side so that he can face you. “Alfred did not wake me up so I assumed none of you came home too injured.”

Damian shakes his head. “TT.” He is starting to feel his eyelids getting heavier. “Todd got grazed by a bullet but it was nothing too life threatening.” His voice is getting softer and heavier. “What about you? How was your day, big sister?”

You smile, turning to properly look at your little brother. You could see him struggling to keep his eyes open so you decided to entertain his question. “It was super tiring but I managed to help a lot of people today. A little girl even shared her apple juice with me because I fixed up her hand. Poor girl broke it when she fell off a trampoline.”

Your explanation fell upon deaf ears and instead is greeted with a light snore. You giggle to yourself when Damian twitches slightly before moving closer to you. You tuck the covers up to his chin before pressing your lips on his forehead.

“Sleep well, my little brother.”

200 Big Ones

A/N: This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad ’s big celebration challenge! Happy birthday lovelie!

Pairings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Word Count: 729

Reader Age: ~18

Gif from 10x17, but I made it :)

You smirked as you watched the black ball disappear into the pocket straight ahead. The drunken man threw the stick he was using onto the table, followed by a string of curses.

“You hustled me!” he yelled, approaching you with balled fists. You stood upright and raised your eyebrows.

“I believe you owe me some cash,” you said, holding out one hand and using the other to push onto the man’s chest, preventing him from coming any closer. He shoved your open hand away.

“You little –!”

“Whoa whoa whoa, take it easy there, big guy,” you patted his chest. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll just go.”

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Raise A Glass To A Blowjob {Jung Hoseok} ~Ceasefire~

Prompt:  Request! Hoseok’s first time receiving a bj and it’s with reader ^.^ tysm

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warning: oral sex, drinks, peeping Taehyung

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okay but like

Imagine waking up on a sunny morning with the buttery, orange-pinkish light streaming in through the new creme-colored silk curtains Harry had bought for you when he was in France shooting the movie. Everything is quite except for the faint sound of the vents humming and muffled birds chirping away outside. Harry has his face glued to the pillow, his bare back facing you since you had volunteered to be the big spoon the night before.

His short hair is in messy tuffs, sticking up at odd angles and you get whiffs of his Orchid Apple and Mandarines shampoo as you shift slightly, pulling one arm out from under his body and it’s warm from the heat he’s reflecting. You push your face into the back of his head, inhaling the scent of his hair even deeper and smiling against his scalp, your heart dripping with the warm syrup of familiarity and endearment.

You take spastic little sniffs, trailing them down the back and sides of his neck playfully, tickling the dip behind his ear bc you know he’s sensitive there. The proof is in how his shoulders shutter lightly, his head moving away from you a few inches and a soft, grumbly, throaty warning hum of, “Stop it…” fills the cool air around you.

And you roll your eyes, doing it even more, along with grabbing his broad shoulders and pressing him onto his back against the undone sheets, the upper half of your body on top of his. You watch with a small, loving smile as his whole face pinches, his nose scrunching up and wiggling in distaste at how you rose him so abruptly. His left cheek and jawline area is imprinted with tiny tick marks from the pillow and you laugh softly at how weird he looks.

Harry finally flutters his eyes open, squinting to take a few seconds to adjust to the bright lighting. He then focuses on you, face immediately dropping into a grimace. “Did y'havta wake me up right now? I was sleeping so good.”

“I can tell,” you agree, index finger tracing the marks on his face. “But I don’t want to be lonely.”

“And I don’t want to be tired.” He deadpans, yanking the covers back over his shoulders and snuggling into the mattress deeper, set on going back to sleep.

You snatch the covers from him, exposing his chest to the cold air. He gives a watery whine, kicking his feet like a child and pouting. “’M tired!”

“Too bad!” you snap jestingly, hugging him to your body tighter, one hand under his shoulders while the other lays on his chest, playing with the faint, sparse chest hairs.

It’s quiet for a few seconds and then harry sighs deeply, stretching his arms over his head and working out a kink in his neck. “I’ll stay awake if you make breakfast this time.”

You scowl. “It’s your turn.”

Harry shrugs, eyebrows raising and dropping dismissively as if saying, “Alright, then.” He starts to settle into bed again.

“No, no! Fine. I’ll make breakfast.” You give in, reaching up and using your fingers to pry his eyelids open. He looks rather scary like that.

“Too late,” his voice is faint and wispy, his breathing already going back to a relaxed rhythm.

You sigh dramatically, hand coasting down to land right over the limp bulge in his boxer briefs. You cup it, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Mmph!” Harry jolts, but his eyes remain closed, traces of a smirk hinting at the corners of his lips.

You massage up and down slowly, fondling his balls through the cotton cloth. His breathing catches faintly, but his eyelids don’t budge.

“I’ll add in a lazy morning fuck, too…” You whisper in a sing-song voice, rubbing faster, looking up at him from where your cheek is pressed against his left pec.

One of his eyes opens drowsily, peeking down at you with new-found interest. “Upside down, over edge?”

Harry is referring to a position he had recently become fond of. He fancies laying the upper half of his body over the edge of the bed so that he’s upside down, all whilst you ride him. He liked it because the feeling of the blood rushing to his head increased the intensity of his orgasm by adding little shots of pain throughout his brain and body. You weren’t very fond of it merely because when you would be riding him, you would always start tilting forward and come a hair short of face-planting the ground. But you still did it because the way his cock twitched inside you and the way his eyes would slowly roll back into his head made up for the near-death experience.

“Deal.” You say, already getting up onto your knees to wait for him to assume the position.

Energy seems to inflate his body and he scurries across the king-size bed to get comfortable. In seconds, you’re scooping him out of his briefs, his pretty cock already sporting a moderate case of morning wood– slightly hard with the tip leaking scarcely. You give him a few absentminded strokes as you work on kicking off your panties, feeling him grow thick and veiny beneath your fingertips.

You plant the palms of your hands against his chest for support, digging your nails into the supple muscles and hearing him hiss through his teethe. “Y'ready?”

Harry let’s his head fall back, jaw and neck veins on full display. “Fuck me until I’m as limp as one of those pancakes you’re gonna make me.”

“You’re stupid and I hate you.”

“I’m hilarious and you love me. Now make this worth my while, chef.”

Teach Me

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1496

Warnings: stupid fluff and smut. Yay.

**This one was kind of fun to write. Just saying. Anyway, enjoy. ;)

(Not my GIF)

“And how is Cas doing?” you looked up from your coffee as you leaned back into your chair. Sam and Dean sat across from you at the library room table.

Dean chuckled as he chewed his burger, dripping grease onto the plate in front of him. “It’s like having a toddler roaming free around the bunker. It’s actually kind of hilarious,” Dean mumbled with his mouth full.

Sam smirked up at you. “Yeah, it is pretty hilarious. He tried to use the toaster this morning…” Sam chuckled with Dean.

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caddy shack

in face melting heat, jean and eren discuss many things of extreme importance while ogling their supervisor levi. ererijean. this is just self indulgent sillies

“You know what I like?” Eren asked.

“Suckin’ dick?” Jean teased, but his heart was only half in it, he was too busy fanning himself on the bench in the caddy shack. The oppressive heat had sap leaching out of the wooden boards giving the place a sickly sweet smell. It was only slightly better inside, in the shade, than out on the course.

“Yes, but also…” Eren struggled upright, which was difficult with Jean draped over him. “Watching Levi drive around in the carts.”

“Mm,” Jean agreed.

The humidity was so overwhelming, Eren’s hair was curling around the brim of his baseball cap, which was unfair Jean thought. And Jean’s eyes looked very honey colored in the bright light thought Eren as he stuck a blade of grass in Jean’s ear only to have him slap it away. Out in the distance, the groan of Levi’s golf cart drew nearer.

“The wind tousling his silken locks.”


“The sound of the shocks crying out in pain as he speeds over the hills,” Eren continued wistfully.

“He likes speed that one,” Jean said, putting his hat over his eyes.

“The grinding noise the cart makes because he has no idea how to use the clutch,” Eren said as they heard the telltale sound of their boss swearing at the cart.

“He doesn’t need it, the carts simply obey. All bend to his will. I’ve seen him break a nine iron over his knee.”

“The way he squeals to a halt in front of the caddy shack,” Eren sighed as Levi hit the curb with some vehemence.

“It’s like peals of laughter,” Jean chorused.

“The way he says—“

“What are you little cock gobblers doing?” Levi snapped, kicking the bottom of the bench where they were thrown across.

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bammiesmysoulmate  asked:

5,8 and 19 smut game with Bambam plz! The last 1 was just 2 perfect 😍

Title: Playtime 

Pairing: BamBam X Reader Rating: NC-17 

Summary: After your wild three orgasm night with Bam Bam you woke up sore the next morning, annoyed with your boyfriend for how hard he was going last night. Bam Bam on the other hand found this funny and so decided to treat you to a nice day in and relaxing. But as the pain stayed Bam Bam decided to help you find some relief. 

Prompts: ❝That better be your toothbrush I hear princess.❞ |❝Give me a look.❞ 

A/N: This is Part Two of Playtime which is linked here if you want to read that first. In a way, you sort of need to read it to be able to get some of maybe the jokes and all but….you don’t have to. Also I forgot to add in the third one sorry I hope this will do though. Enjoy reading.  

Smut Game Post: here    

You awoke the next morning, straight away feeling a sharp throbbing pain in your centre but choosing to ignore it. Turning your body around while BamBam still held you close to him, his pouty lips still looked glossy from what you can guess from last night.

You were glad he was back now, holding you in his arms and by your side when you would wake up. Trying not to wake him you went to turn around and slip out of bed only causing him to pull your body so it was now pressed up against his own.

His hot butterfly kisses were placed on your neck and shoulder, his smile burnt into your skin as you ran your fingers through his hair. You missed mornings like this where you both could relax and just stay in.

“Good morning princess.” His hoarse voice hummed as he pulled back and opened his eyes to scan over your face.

“Morning baby.” You said smiling slightly before leaning in and giving him a quick kiss.

“What do you want to do today?” You asked and BamBam shrugged, his body not wanting to leave the bed at all.

“Can’t we just stay in? I would prefer to do that. Plus, we still have some home stuff to get done. Like re-painting the playroom.” He said and you nodded, the last word rolling off his tongue with ease and causing you to shiver and that intense feeling to come back.

“Okay.” Was all you said before getting up, a small smirk on BamBam’s face when he saw your thighs clenched together as you waddled to the bathroom.

“Aww, is my princess sore?” He cooed, still laying in the bed propped up on his arm to watch you struggle while walking.

“I’m fine.” You snapped straight away before turning on the shower and waiting for it to warm up, turning back around to the sink and turning on the faucet and washing over your face quickly. You began undressing yourself before you saw BamBam staring at you.

You didn’t know why but you felt a little…self-conscious so you closed the door and locked it before continuing to peel your clothes from your body and getting into the shower. Drowning out BamBam’s singing as he probably made his way downstairs to make you breakfast.

You honestly were finding it hard to stand, you had to lean against the tiles wall to hold yourself up. You just wanted to sit back down so you grabbed the body wash, squirting a few pumps onto your hand before running it all over your body.

Starting with your back and shoulders before moving over your breasts and down to your stomach, not wanting to travel any lower due to the pain. But you needed to wash down there, as soon as your soapy fingers ran over your folds though you yelled in pain.

It hurt, it was stinging like it had been burnt. You know when you get carpet burn on your leg or arm and a layer of skin comes off and it’s sore for hours? That’s what it felt like.

You washed yourself off and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around your body before stepping out of the bathroom and as soon as you did BamBam was there with a worried look on his face.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He asked, turning your body as if looking for blood or something that could have caused you to tell out like that.

“N-no. I-I mean. Yeah but…it’s nothing.” You said trying to not talk about it, even though he was your ‘daddy’ it felt embarrassing to say it out loud. He would only smirk and feel proud of what he did.

“No, love tell me okay? If you’re hurting then it’s serious.” He cooed, tilting your chin to look at him, he could see your eyes slightly watering.

Your cheeks bright red and tears threatening to fall at any given moment.

“M-my clit. It hurts.” You admitted, waiting for him to smirk or say some stupid comment about how he ‘did you well.’ But instead he cupped your face and kissed your forehead.

“Okay, lay down.” He said and like the good girl you are you sat down on the bed. Letting the towel go as it unfolded and you now laid naked.

“Give me a look.” He said hands on your knees and slowly pushing them apart. Leaning forward more and eyes scanning over your slightly wet and swollen folds. Parting them and exposing your clit to the cold air causing your back to arch. He could see how red and sore it was, he tapped it lightly and you let out a small cry of pain.

“Aww, my little princess.” He said with a slightly pout seeing he tears stinging your eyes once again. He quickly grabbed some ointment and squeezed some onto his fingers.

“This will help ease the pain a bit.” He said before placing his fingers to your clit. You hissed as the cold clear paste touched your clit. It did help with the pain, causing it to go away slightly. He stopped rubbing and wiped his hand on your towel before sitting up and allowing you to close your legs. He leaned forward and connected his lips with your pouty ones.

“I’m sorry Daddy. If I hadn’t have been a bad girl and waited then you wouldn’t of had to punish me like that and I wouldn’t be sore.” You said hanging your head low. He tilted your head up once again.

“Princess…I should be the one sorry. I went too hard on you last night thinking you can take it. If I had known you’d be in this much pain I wouldn’t have thought about it.” He said and you smiled before kissing him once again.

“I’ve…made…breakfast.” He said between hot sloppy kisses, you nodded your head and smiled while pulling back.

“Daddy…” You said with doe eyes, knowing the effect of had on him whenever you did it.

“Yes kitten?” He asked and you leaned forward to place a kiss on his jaw lightly.

“I want to eat you for breakfast.” You whispered into his ear while running your hand over his hardening member that was being restricted by his sweats currently.

“Are you sure kitten? You know Daddy like to fuck your throat. I don’t want you to hurt your other pretty lips.” He said but you just kissed him hard, palming him with more force now that he was dying for a release.

You moved off the bed and onto your knees, butt flat against your calves as you waited for him to stand up and once he did you pulled his boxers straight down. Pooling at his ankles while you grabbed him by the base.

“F-fuck. No teasing this morning kitten.” He growled, your thumb running over his tip and spreading the precum before leaning and licking his slit. Sucking on it often which had his sighing before tangling his fingers in your hair.

His way of telling you to take him all in, you had to obey Daddy and prove you were still a good little girl for him. You opened your mouth and allowed him to enter, his cock almost touching the back of your throat.

“Suck kitten.” He said, eyes burning into your own orbs and you began sucking like a vacuum, bobbing your head back and forth while running your tongue flat over the areas you knew he was sensitive. One hand reached up and began playing with his balls, rolling the heavy sack between your palm and fingers lightly while the other gripped his thigh to help steady your pace.

He tried his best to contain himself and let you enjoy your treat but his dominant side took over and he began thrusting into your mouth. His tip hitting the back of your throat with each thrust.

It hurt slightly but you moaned, loving the sight of his face scrunched up as he chased his high. His thighs tensing as he got closer and so to help him reach that satisfaction you began doing one of his favourite things. Swallowing around him, making your throat envelope around the tip of his cock which had his head thrown back and his Adam’s apple moving up and down.

“S-shit. I’m going to cum. Be a good girl and swallow all of daddy’s cum kitten.” And with a few more thrusts he was releasing his seed in your mouth, the sticky warm substance running down your throat. Maintaining eye contact as you swallowed every last drop, licking the corners of your lips for the bits that slipped out of your mouth. You stood up and he embraced you in a big hug.

Did you enjoy your breakfast kitten?” He asked and you nodded, moving your face into the crook of his neck and breathing in his scent. Lavender, the scent of your body wash in the shower.

Days passed and you healed up nicely, taking a break from playtime. You two stayed together like glue majority of the time but not right now. No BamBam had gone to do grocery shopping, yesterday he asked if you were ready to start playtime again but you simply told him you still were slightly sore and you might need two more days.

That was a slight lie, you were fine now and there was no pain. But in a way, you kind of enjoyed it, you enjoyed the time you two had when it wasn’t playtime. You both had serious conversations about the future and plans.

You liked it a lot, but you felt like BamBam was only sticking around because you’re the only person he’s expressed his kinky side to. Even the other members don’t know of his kinky side, he hides himself from people and you felt like if you asked to know more of him he’ll hide away from you too.

You had always said ‘I love you’ to him but it was only for the whole daddy and princess relationship you had going. You, y/n, had never said ‘I love you’ to BamBam. You know it’s dumb and cliché but there was no other way to put it that didn’t sound cliché.

You walked into your play room, grabbing the familiar pink bullet tool and turning it on full blast. Feeling the vibrations in your hand, this is all you were to him. A toy, and once you ran out of juice he would either find new batteries for you or simply buy something else. A better upgrade with more settings to offer, more things it can do. You sighed, lost in thought you didn’t even hear the front door slam shut and the sound of BamBam’s boots stomping around.

He could hear the familiar sound in the silence, knowing exactly what you must be doing. Making his way up the stairs.

That better be your toothbrush I hear princess.” He called out, you didn’t have time to put the toy away and instead just let yourself be caught breaking the rules once again. You sighed, turning around and BamBam was surprised to not see you playing with yourself.

And instead this time just holding it, he held a confused expression. Until he saw your teary eyes and made his way over to you quicker than a flash of a camera.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He asked and you nodded, turning it off and putting it back where it belongs before walking around him and downstairs.

“Y/n, do you want to tell me what’s going on?” He asked following you. And you turned around, finally admitting to him how you felt.

“I love you.” You said and he smiled, stepping closer so he was now right in front of you. Cupping your cheek and smiling.

“I love you too kitten.” He said softly, leaning down to kiss you but you pushed him away.

“No BamBam, I love you. I love my daddy but…I also am madly in love with Kunpimook Bhuwakul.” He looked shocked, he had never heard you say his name before. And each syllable that rolled off your tongue when you said it made him realise that he was feeling mutual.

But you took his silence as him being scared and so you ran past him crying, locking yourself in his room. Not wanting to leave as you cried hard into the pillows, you wanted this to end. It has to end now, it was fucked up.

BamBam didn’t do anything that night, he didn’t try to get you to open up and he didn’t even say anything. But once he heard your crying stop he came in and checked on you, he had his own key to his room. You had fallen asleep in the foetal position, curled around a pillow and clutching it tight.

He felt a sharp pain in his chest at your tear stained cheeks, he hated seeing you cry and he hated himself even more when he was the one who made you cry.

Days passed and you didn’t say anything to BamBam and he hadn’t said anything to you, the tension was thick in the air every time one of you would enter the room while the other was in there.

You missed him, you missed his kisses, his touch, his scent. Everything. Playtime was on hiatus for now until you both worked out what you really want which would require talking to each other. BamBam had left you a note when you got back from the gym saying he’d be at the studio practicing and to not bother making him dinner because he’d eat there.

You felt your heart clench, you wish this would stop. You wanted it to stop but you feel that if you were to sit down and talk you’d end up leaving heartbroken. You showered quickly before heading back downstairs in one of his shirts and some black lace panties.

Sitting yourself on the couch while going through Netflix and figuring out what to watch, you stayed away from any romance or relationship movies so three quarters of your list was gone. Instead searching for a comedy and coming across ‘Scary Movie.’ Which wasn’t so bad.

You clicked play and curled up, eyes glued to the screen and watching the movie. You didn’t hear the door close but you did hear the loud thudding of boots walk down the hallway. BamBam knew you were on the couch and could see the light of the TV.

Had timed passed by that quickly? You glanced at the clock to see it was only 15 minutes into the movie and you thought he’d be there until early hours like usual. You didn’t press it though, instead keeping your lips sealed and hearing his footsteps get heavier and closer as he entered into the living room and sat himself down on the couch next to you.

“I love you, y/n.” You turned your head to see BamBam slightly sweaty, probably from practicing. You were stunned by his words thought.

“I love you my princess and I love you as a person. You’ve been in my life for a whole year and you understand me in ways that others would think is weird or disgusting. I’ve never felt this way about a girl in my life, I’m surprised you’ve stuck around this long and put up with me. I know I’ve been strict and harsh but I don’t know how to show true feelings towards someone I really love—“ You shut him up with smashing your lips against his.

Sliding onto his lap with ease, his hands resting on your ass to push you into him more. You both have been craving one another’s touch these past few days and it’s been killing you both. The lack of touch has made you both sensitive and wanting each even more.

“I love you…y/n.” He said against your lips, your fingers tangling in his hair and pulling harshly at his roots. Just how he likes it.

“Shut up and touch me.” You growled against his lips, grinding your hips down into him.

Things were getting heated fast and you needed him desperately now, you felt like if you didn’t have him you would die. You continued to pry his mouth open with your tongue before exploring when he finally grabbed access.

Your tongue dancing with his own, finding a way to win the small ‘battle of dominance’ you two were having. Something about tonight made you want to just get right into it, pulling away while heavy breaths left your lips.

You pulled his sweats down so they sat just above his knees along with his boxers while pushing your underwear to the side. Tonight you weren’t have sex with Daddy and He wasn’t having sex with Kitten or Princess.

You were having sex with BamBam and He was having sex with you. No pet names, no toys, no rules. Just two people, sharing their bodies to show their love for one another. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face before positioning his red angry tip at your entrance.

Sinking down on him slowly, feeling him pulsate against your walls.

“Fuck.” He gripped your hips as you began bouncing up and down. The room being filled with moans and the sound of skin slapping. One of your all time favourite things was riding BamBam, enjoying the way he would roll his head back like he has now.

It gave you the perfect opportunity to mark him, which you had no problem doing. You loved coating his fair skin with your purple flowers. And even though he’d never admit it, BamBam loved it even more. BamBam was now thrusting up into you while meeting your thrusts of your own, your stomach twisting as it searched for your orgasm. Finally finding that spot and pounding hard into it, BamBam knew how much louder you got.

His name and other profanities rolling off your tongue while you threw your head back. Soon tucking it into the crook of his neck while clenching around him and letting your orgasm take over and your legs shaking. BamBam continued to chase his own high, soon finding it and his hips stuttering as he spilled his seed into you. His beautiful white cum coating your walls like art. You say there, his softening member still inside you.

You wanted to just stay like this forever. It was so intimate and it reminded you of your first time together. The first time you two had sex, it was…special.

“Y/n, will you officially be my girlfriend?” He asked and you nodded meeting his lips and smiling into the kiss.  

“I love it when I’m kissing you and I can feel you smiling.”