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Sleep tight (Christian Yu Scenario)

Request: Christian Yu scenario where you end up falling asleep in his work room while he’s editing a video. Please make it super fluffy - Anon 

A/N: Hi Hi!! My first Christian Scenario whaaat!! lol I hope it turned out alright! I tried to make it really really fluffy! Hope you like it dear anon and yay for first christian scenario!! :D (it turned out kinda short, forgive me please?) ~ Red

Genre: Fluff~

Word Count: 1,334

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Fallout 4 Companions’ Blogs

Hancock - super political, Feel the Bern, lots of quotes. pro-feminism and LBGT+ rights, anti-racism and general reddit fuckery. always getting into fights with anti-sjw types. refuses to take anon hate seriously. only posts about drug usage when giving advice on how to use safely or start a healthy recovery. gets a ton of messages about “wow I didn’t know u did drugs, ur so ~smart~!” and it really pisses him off

Nick - reblogs some of Hancock’s feminism and LGBT posts, but doesn’t really center his blog around it. will still drag anyone saying dumb shit though, snark lord master. mostly reblogs audio posts of 40s and 50s songs. makes his own posts that are reviews of noir / mystery / true crime books. fairly popular. his reviews of romance novels are wildly popular, much to his chagrin. secretly follows much more hardcore kink blogs but never reblogs anything because Ellie follows him and she can never know

Curie - lots of medical facts and helpful PSAs. has posts like “have you taken your medicine today” and “straighten your back. breathe deep. drink some water.” on queue. posts pictures of the cool plants and animals she sees out in the field. very late to memes. reblogs the oldest, most outdated ones and tags literally all of her friends to make sure they’ve “seen this adorable green frog!”

MacCready - couldn’t give less of a shit about all that political stuff. blogs about gaming, mostly first person shooters. lots of comic book stuff too. reblogs a few cosplay pics, secretly follows fitness blogs because he wants to cosplay as Grognak but thinks he’s too scrawny. also envy-follows Danse to try to figure out how the fuck he does that with like … his entire body. how. does he consist solely on raw eggs and protein shakes?? (*cough*thirsty*cough*)

Danse - all fitness, all the time. super pro-military. anti-sjw. and he’s only following all those buff muscle men for like, fitness reasons. the sweaty shirtless pics he reblogs are just for … motivation. to stay in shape. doesn’t realize he’s been reblogging from a gay porn blog until he sincerely reblogs a daddy kink post thinking it’s literally praising fathers. he suddenly gets 47 asks in his inbox about it, most of them filth from thirsty anons desperate to be “Topped” (he googles this and nearly deletes his blog when he realizes what he’s done)

Piper - shipper, unironic social justice warrior, makes a ton of callout posts. her blog is always filled with #drama. she ships people in real life and refuses to stop. runs a side blog dedicated to Valencock. reviews ALL the new media – tv shows, movies, books, everything and rates it based on number / treatment of PoC, women, LGBT+, and other minority characters. ultimately deems just about everything problematic, but a pretty good resource for figuring out if you want to watch that show or not

Deacon - nihilist meme shitlord. lots of spongebob memes. all of the audio posts are rickrolls until you click on one you’re expecting to be a rickroll and then it isn’t. reblogs lots of hilarious and #relatable posts about mental illness and college students wanting to Die™ but also posts about coping techniques too. how much is him just being funny and ironic? how much is sincere? how much is a cry for help? sometimes he gets concerned asks and just replies with *makes finger guns and changes the subject*

Cait - actually follows both Hancock and Danse. reblogs the stuff about using safely from Hancock and the fitness stuff from Danse. uploads lots of real life street fight videos. stars in most of them. secretly follows Steven Universe blogs. self-identifies with Jasper and hopes for a redemption arc. sends angry anons to people who write or draw porn of Steven x any gem. posts her locations with “meet me in x location for an ass kicking” and @’s Brony blogs

Preston - baby animals, positive suggestions, helpful life advice. a little too addicted to hack my life actually, but posts adorable pictures of him being blushy and cute with his big beautiful smile so no one minds. lots of nerdy history posts, frequently cosplays. very proud of his Minutemen uniform that he made himself. sometimes reblogs Deacon’s coping techniques and Curie’s daily reminders to take care of yourself. not actually as happy as his blog seems, but he’s trying hard and doing a lot better.

X6-88 - surprisingly, it’s almost entirely aesthetics. favors dark, neutral colors. landscapes, especially forest that look like some faerie shit is going on in there. no selfies on his blog anywhere. the only posts he makes himself read like facebook statuses and google searches. I don’t need a “bit” to tell me how fit I am. holy shit this is great. how to sync my tracker. how much sodium is recommended per day. how many murders is too many

Strong - fitness instructor who refuses to use technology. has a Nokia from the nineties with Snake on it. if he ever relents and gets an email address, it will be an aol account. thinks tumblr is a type of gymnastics.

A Soft Echo

A/N: This request was made by anon who asked: Idk if you believe in the headcanon, but there is a theory Spencer is autistic. could you write a fic where the reader helps him through an autistic attack on their first date, and just kind of how that goes? 

I really enjoy this headcannon, I actually am an aspie which is difficult for me to say, but it makes me happy at the same time since now there’s a broader range of characters coming out in media and books expanding from body images and mental challenges and I just love it. It makes me feel less, I don’t know, incapable, alone, and seeing Spencer develop along to the show I do like to believe he has Asperger’s as well. And before people say it, though probably not many will but there are still haters: but it is NOT a handicap sure social situations are hell but look at what he can do besides his eidetic memory I think his focus on tasks and his interests and just many mannerisms are through Asperger’s.

But also, please, I feel like I’m having a panic attack from this. I don’t want anyone to interpret this the wrong way, I don’t think this will be offensive. But I don’t want people to think I’m doing something wrong writing this. I’m only following what I think would happen and how Spencer would react in his way. So if you found something offensive in this then I am sorry.


You had absolutely nothing to wear. No, scratch that. You had plenty to wear, the evidence of this being strewn from your drawers and closet onto your bed. But you had nothing for tonight. Your clothes either went from work, to workout, to lazy couch potato. Nothing of which stated cute, or sexy, or take me I’m yours. But, then again, it was one date; the first date and you didn’t necessarily need to send out flirty vibes when you were just going for dinner. You hadn’t been on a date since you moved to D.C., something that your coworkers had obviously noticed. Your superior, Detective LaMontagne, had took it upon himself to make you feel at home, but long after his wife had stepped in as well, claiming from what she heard from Will, had the perfect guy for you.

You didn’t really see how that was possible but taking a look at her phone you had become enamored by a pair of brown eyes. Despite the small frame these were eyes that were gentle, expressive, that had so much to say, and you blushed, holding the phone back out realizing you wanted to hear everything and anything this man had to say. But you were intimidated Will’s wife; you couldn’t help but laugh when calling him by his first name, but his wife was in the FBI which meant, that since she worked with him, he was in the FBI too.

Though it shouldn’t bother you, you were only a secretary working your way through the ranks until you graduated with a degree in forensics. That was a ways away, and you had no idea what you’d talk to this man about. You could listen, sure. But was there anything in common? You chose forensics so you could aid with saving lives, but the branch you were hoping for, though it was still gory in its own way kept you from the complete chaos of actually interacting with bodies and killers.

Deciding on the dress you wore to your college interview you admitted you didn’t too bad. It was flowing, puffing around the knees, but you’d throw on some leggings since it was damn cold outside. Rushing through your hair, and makeup you got out the door to make it to the restaurant on time. Why do women have to worry about such trivial things? You wanted to look good, yes, but would he care? Most guys in your experience never really noticed such things as hair or clothes and now you were running late, and this guy probably hadn’t been concerned about what he was going to look like. Remembering the picture of bedraggled curls and crooked smile you figured he would be at ease with his element.

You tipped the driver, gulping for air as you adjusted your outfit, the place was getting crowded, overly so by the looks of things. Body heat, and various perfumes and colognes filling up every crevice of the restaurant. You were surprised they hadn’t given your table to someone else. Being pointed the way you saw your date already seated, and you noted right away his foot tapping, his leg every now and again jumping up and down, as his finger kept in time to his foot. Oh, he was angry. He was probably someone who didn’t like waiting, and you contemplated sneaking back out. Wouldn’t be too hard to blend in with somebody, but then you remembered Will’s wife saying what a good guy he was and you decided to take the chance.

“H-hi, um, I’m sorry I’m late. I’m Y/N.”

He stood up his knee hitting the corner of the table, you grimaced at his wince. Holding a hand out, you watched as he looked down at it, and you realized…

“Oh, I forgot, I’m sorry, again.”

He didn’t like to be touched, you remembered now; only someone he was close to could he tolerate being touched by. That was fine; you had many quirks as well. His smile was slow, pulling up into corner before forming on the other side, the corners of his eyes crinkled and his eyes came to life. Dear God, that picture did no justice to this.

“I’m Reid…I mean Spencer, Spencer Reid, you can call me either one.”

You smiled. Oh. He wasn’t angry, he was nervous too. It made it a lot easier. “I’ll stick with Spencer for now, if that’s all right.”

“Oh, yes, that’d be good, wonderful, do you want to sit?”

“Yes, please, it’s good to finally meet you. Will and his wife had so many good things to say. I was a little worried I wouldn’t measure up to be honest.”

Spencer’s nose twitched, his smile ambling for something to say. “If I may say, there were many good things said about you as well and I was more than terrified that –“

It was then a platter crashed and plates shattered to the floor, a patron standing as a waiter passed. Turning back to your date you saw him clutching his eyes between his thumb and index finger.

“A-are you okay, Spencer?”

His shoulders straightened but he didn’t look up. “I’m fine, really, it’s just…quite a lot of noise.”

Your lips parted, uncertain. “Yes, it is. Do you want to leave?”

“No! I mean no, it’s alright, I promise. Where were we?”

You licked your lips, smiling. “I think we were stating we were both scared to meet, but I’m glad I’m here. I hope you don’t think I’m forward or crazy but it was your eyes that brought me here.”

You saw a flush come in his cheeks. “My eyes?”

“You have gorgeous eyes, Spencer.”

He looked breathless at that those same eyes searching your face for insincerity. “I’m kind of captivated by your eyes as well, Y/N.”

You blushed, leaning forward. It was then a party of ten came in, toting a few rambunctious kids with them. Their shrieks, crying, and tantrums bouncing off the archways. You noticed Spencer’s head almost touching the table. Worried, you scooted closer to him in the booth.

“Are you all right?”

Gif by dailymgg

He then shook his head, and you saw his leg jumping again as well as his hands fidgeting rapidly.

“What’s wrong?”

He shook his head again, his jaw working back and forth. “I’m s-s-so sorry, Y/N.”

“Don’t be sorry, just tell me what’s wrong.”

One of the children at the nearby table decided it was time to pull a napkin from the table, sending the enclosed silverware tumbling to the floor. Spencer whimpered.

“Too much.”

It was the noise. The noise was getting to him, and from the way he was starting to rock it was getting worse. Turning to your bag you dug through your things before pulling out some ear buds and your phone. Also getting a squirt of hand sanitizer you wiped the buds down before turning back to Spencer. You lightly touched his shoulder and he shrunk away.

“Could you look at me Spencer I’ll try not to touch you but I wanted to see if this would help.”

As he turned you saw his chest rising and falling in large gusts and you were crossing your fingers this would work. Putting in the buds as carefully as you could you turned on your phone, pressing a few buttons for a microphone.

You smile at him assuredly, holding the receiver to your mouth. “Can you hear me, Spencer?”

He looked at you stunned for a moment before nodded.

“Only me?”

He blushed, eyes downcasting as he nodded again.

“Good, I can turn on some music to help calm you, and then we can leave when you do.”


The word came out abrupt and high pitched, it was pitiful and you couldn’t help but smile at this man.

“Yes, together though, find somewhere a little more quiet. Instead of some food I can’t pronounce maybe we could get a cinnamon roll and some coffee, if you like, maybe a walk in the park.”

He nodded again, steadier this time, the noise cancelling software helping his body calm down and adjust.

“I’d like that, Y/N.”

“Good. Would you like to listen to some music until then?”

He licked his lips his eyes softening and you couldn’t help but feel your own body quickening as the gaze was aimed at you.

“If it’s okay, I’d like to listen to you for a while.”

You smiled, sitting a little straighter and closer. “Um, okay, wow…well, I’m a secretary but I’m going to school in forensics and hoping to get into audio analysis …”

Lost and Found (Her Way To Him)

This post is so scary to me, you really can’t imagine.

Why? Because this is gonna be a giant rant about Bellarke and if that does not terrifies you, than you are not fangirling right.

Just so we are clear: I’m a Bellarke shipper, yes. Am I interested in non-shipper opinions on why my ship is wrong, non existent, dumb, etc.?


Don’t come in this post and attack me because of the ship, it’s really not needed, if you want to discuss it (with respect for each other, thank you very much) you can either send me an ask or wait for the post I’m preparing about all the reasons why, to me, shipping Bellarke is not only comprehensible but also makes sense.

Yeah, I know, I’m gonna get anons if anyone ever reads that, but I’m ready for it.

I tag: gusenitsagirl and divinginalake because you wonderful creatures were interested (I hope it doesn’t bother you that I did, it’s just because I would feel rude to not but sorry anyway!)

Ok, I’m done with the warnings, let’s jump into it!

In another post I said about Bellamy that for Clarke he is her compass, the one person she relies on to give her direction, to not be alone, to make her feel strong, her anchor” .

This is something that I always thought and yet never saw being addressed in the fandom.

So, here I am.

It’s kind of easy to just focus on how Bellamy is positively influenced by Clarke. We are never tired to remember that she is the one that pushed him to face his mistakes, that gave him forgiveness, trust and credits for all the good he did.

Bellamy was so clearly lost when he landed on the Ground that we all followed easily his journey to find himself back again.

But what about Clarke?

I remember the girl who exited the dropship: she was full of resentment for her best friend (Wells I fucking miss you, my beautiful angel), grief for his father and so full of herself, so ready to call all The Hundred “criminals”.

She would go almost alone in the woods, with only the poor Wells stubbornly following to help, she let herself be so easily charmed by Finn (despite her first reaction of being enough to herself). 

She was not a leader, she was a spoiled child of the upper classes that felt better and more that any other of the Hundred and wouldn’t stop a second to think that maybe there was another way but her own.

I loved Clarke, because she was such an interesting character but being on the Ground I would have probably hated her just a bit, you know.

Than, there was a moment when she started to change that. A moment when she finally saw it: she was not always right, sometime she didn’t knew better.

When was that? One word.


(Did I pick this gifs on porpose? Of course I did. Now, I’m gonna let you crash and cry over cuteness and Bellamy for a second. Thank me later.)

This little girl that destroyed a lot of our ingenuity about this show was the breaking point for Clarke (in my opinion of course).

After she killed Wells, when Murphy’s knife was found and Clarke immediately -you could say understandably- condamned him, we have the moment when what I tried to explain about Clarke was portrayed in the show.

Clarke wants to accuse Murphy in pubblic because “people deserve to know”. 

She has her own idea of justice (this is something I always rant about, justice, just ignore me) and right & wrong in general and has no doubt that this idea is the one. The rest of the world’s ideas? Well, if it’s different from hers, must be wrong, end of the story.

Diplomacy, at his purest, right?

What happens, though, except for Clarke being stubburn? 

Bellamy tries to stop, he asks her to think about this: people are dangerous, they are a force to be feared when they turn into Crowd, a mass of rage and fear that is easy to act brutally to protect themselves.

He knows this, because the fear of this kids, the rage, tha thirst for power -even the power to destroy one of them- is his own. He shared it, growing up and still feels it.

He needs the crowd to protect his sister (at this point of the show she is his only priority) and he knows that to use it he has to distract it: that’s why he makes them work on the camp. 

Does Clarke listen to him?

Of course not: she is Clarke Griffin, her parents are educated and respected scientists, she has values that some criminals cannot understand, and the criminal-chief? He is the last person she would ever listen to: does he have principles? Does he even know what justice is? He is just using this people for his benefits -who cares that what he is trying to do will actually save everybody in the camp.

Do I need to tell you what happens after this?

Yea, don’t think so.

But in this moment Clarke is starting to crack: she sees what she has done and she turns to Bellamy, desperate, almost crying because of the frustation and the fear the situation inspires in her and she screams: “Do something, They’ll listen to you!

Better late than never, but in this moment Bellamy is not yet a full leader and he needs to feed the Crowd’s hunger for chaos and power…so he just lets it happen but not without telling Clarke the fucking true: he may be the one that let it happen but she is the one that put it all in motion.

She started it because she couldn’t listen.

We always think about how Bellamy let Murphy alone to die but who is the one who set him to be sacrificed? Clarke did.

She was just as lost as all of them.

And when you are lost, a compass can be useful, I’m told.

Clarke doesn’t undestand why her morality, her mind-set it’s not shared by the kids because she was so used to be at the top of the chain she can’t imagine how the bottom makes you. 

If I can find a flaw to this show is how they did not explain the structure of the ark, both physical and social structure. In fact we cannot forget that Clarke was really a Princess on the ark.

She had the best food, cloathing and quarters. She was practically royalty.

She fucking watched TV with the chancellor.

Now, she comes on the Ground and finds hereself surrounded by lower classes kids, criminals too. She judges them -deep down even if rationally she may thinks they are all equals- she wants to take the lead because she gives for granted that she can do better than them.

She knows nothing about hunger, not like Octavia does, nothing like fear, not like Bellamy does, nothing like loneliness, not like Murphy does.

She was quick to push away even Wells (and yes, I agree she had reasons, but she was not only cold or angry, she was cruel to him…and sorry guys, but cruelty has no justification. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have done the same, but I will not justify Clarke as I would not ask for justification if I ever did something like that).

To conclude: Clarke wasn’t listening to Bellamy not because she was thinking of the best for the Hundred, she didn’t bother listening because not even for a second she considered that the person in front of her was worth a second of her time when speaking of justice, opportunity and greater good.

She gave him no credit both morally and intellectually.

He asked her to be smart. She didn’t think he knew a thing about it.

[Of course I say this well aweare that we have had the “Atom scene” and there was already a start of respect for each other but we can’t be naive: Clarke understood that Bellamy’s was not an heartless killer and Bellamy that Clarke was strong when it was needed. That’s it, for now.]

[Bob puppy-look doesn’t help my case, but you know I’m right!]

We know what happens next, Charlotte confesses and the situation spirals down (I will not stop and talk about how cruel Clarke is to the girl, despite everything. Do you remember Finn’s words? She is just a child. Clarke won’t consider this, blinded by her pain and her principles).

At the end, Charlotte, to protect Clarke [fangirl moment because Bellamy’s look when Murphy had Clarke was IT, he was screaming don’t you dare touch her with his whole body and I’m trash] jumps down the cliff.

This little girl took a life and saved another. Killer and victim. Powerful message.

But except for this, this is the moment Clarke breaks down.

She lost: her ways, all her words were not enough.

She stops Bellamy from beating up Murphy and after that, when Bellamy’s rage explodes again she screams, in tears:

“We make the rules, for now”

Do you see it?


A couple houres before she was “Get the hell out of my way, Bellamy” and now they are standing side by side, in front of the fire and explaining to their people the first decision they took togheter for the good of the camp.

It’s also the first time everybody really listens to Clarke, because for the first time she is looking at them as equals and she is standing next to Bellamy with respect.

They, Bellamy and Clarke, feel close now, because they are both grieving.

(But don’t fool yourself: the one that really is in pain it’s Bellamy. He cared for the girl, and Clarke did too but…yea, you know what I mean.)

Back at Clarke…

This is the moment she accepts that she can’t do this on her own, because she doesn’t undestand this kids. The reason she didn’t forcast their reaction is because they think in a way that is unknown to her, because their life till now have been nothing alike.

This is the moment Bellamy becames her compass: he is somewhere in the middle.

She doesn’t undestand why but they have an undestanding, despite the fact that they belong to two different worlds, they get to each other and they get each other.

Sometimes it happens, you meet a spirit akin to yours and a connection is created inspite of the circumstances.

From now on we have multiple situations in which Clarke uses Bellamy’s view to widen her picture. His words, his opinion are now important and she cannot ignore him. She reaches to him and wants to find a middle path between her pricipals and Bellamy’s realism.

(Honestly this is the moment I was sold to the ship for good. Game over, I lost. Bellarke won.)

We have countless of this moments and some of them are my favourites in the whole show.

What I mean:The (first) time Lincoln gets tortured.

The whole episode is a perfect example of what I mean: Bellamy is making a difficult decision that pushes him over a border that he will not be able to uncross. Clarke is hesitant for many reasons but in the end she caves. 

Now, regardless of the whole torture thing (guys, I study law, I despise torture, just to be clear) the point is: Clarke does it Bellamy’s way. 

Better: she is starting to see as he does.

This is not who we are.

It is now.

That moment when Bellamy is whipping Lincoln and she stops him touching his arm?

And after she fails to make him talk Bellamy calls her up touching her arm, this time.

You see my point.

But the moment that closes this all?

Who we are and who we nee to be to survive are very different things.

It’s not easy being in charge, is it?

Do I need to remind you that Clarke said practically the same thing in season 2?

Do I need to remind you that 2-3 episodes from this moment we have Clarke flat out admitting that she needs Bellamy, an ass and all the rest he is, she still needs him.

Glorious episode 8

Do I need to remind you that in the same episodes she stated clear as the sun [to Finn. let me giggle a little at this] that she trusted him.

Do I need to remind you that she brought Bellamy [not teeling Finn…again] with guns at the meetings with Anya.

Do I need to remind you that she refused to leave without Bellamy in the finale?

Do I need to remind you how she is the one that never fails to show Bellamy the good he does? She gives him credits for the leader he was and is, she is the one the fought and WON Jaha to assure him pardon.

She calls him “one of us”

In one gif?

A long way from “Get the hell out of my way, Bellamy” don’t you think?

I could go on and on, really, just think at 1x13: what did I open with? Charlotte. I started talking about how Bellamy knows how dangerous crowd can be, how Clarke doesn’t now it in that moment.

Clarke is not less indipendent than she was in the beginning, she just sees both the sides of the moon, we could say. She undestands Bellamy, she relies on him, she trust him BUT she makes her own decision.

She has a compass but she is the one that sets her route.

That’s why I love her.

Bellamy is not just a follower but he is loyal and he decided to be loyal to Clarke (whatever guys, Jason said it: he is the knight. It is spoken. I cannot express how much I love this) so in the end, he trusts her, because their leadership goes both ways and when the situation changes he gives her the choice -Looking at you, Princess- because he relies on her judgement now, because she changed and he knows it. He was there.

And what does Clarke do? She gives the situation in Bellamy’s hands. 

[This is what I call a well balanced relationship, an healthy one in which they are equals and loyal to each other. But that is just me, so.]

This was S1, of course, when they hesitated to reach to each other, when they had to be as close and physically possible when they where talking, exanging looks that, honestly, burn.

Talk about intensity.

Now, though, we are in S2 and we have this:

I could keep bothering you, with another endless rant because this season has been just a confrimation for me of what I told…but I won’t.

I will just say just this:

Have you ever seen a compass? The way the needle spins to the north? Instoppable, fast.

It rushes, can’t stop.

Doesn’t this look something alike that needle, with Clarke rushing towards Bellamy and then…staying there, finally at rest?

Becasue it seems to me.

(Also, I would like to see you escape those arms. They seem kind of strong and…securely wrapped around her. I’m just saying.)

Another example? Fine.

When he looks at her, she knows.

They are draw to each other.

Like a compass to the north.

I didn’t talk about other amazing moments like this one:

(When she yet again refuses to leave him alone and, well, look at his face. Just look.)

…or this moment:

(When they don’t need words, to understand each other, to know that one of them needs the other.)



I don’t know it, everything could happen. BUT I will say that IF they are endgame this is an amazing build up for something that one day we could call Epic.

I hope you enjoyed this thing I did. I’m sure it’s full of horrible mistakes of grammar and syntaxis (sorry, I am always italian and always ignorant…I’ll keep studing I promise) and Typos of all kind (sorry again).


I will leave here the link to my other post, where the whole Compass Thing happend, titled You Are Gonna Be Fine, Princess.

You can blame it all on it.

So, my Bellarke-shipper friends and also you, The 100 fan that read this even if you don’t ship this two, THANK YOU, I hope this show gets a S3 and we can see what happens next, till that beautiful day just let me know what you think of this, please be nice in doing so, and I’ll see you in my next (Bellarke related) post.


ignorethenormal  asked:

How does one get lots of followers?

i feel like answering this honestly for once so here you go

When i started my blog in 2009 i didn’t really understand tumblr at first and like pretty much everyone ever i wanted a lot of followers. At the time I’d reblog whatever I thought was pretty and post stuff from weheartit (don’t do that) but basically I got my first 1000 or so followers by following every single blog I could find. I ended up following i think about 5000 people and lots of them followed me back. I don’t think it works that way anymore really and if it does it’s not worth it, they won’t care for the stuff you post anyway.

I think it depends on what you want your blog to be. Right from the beginning strictly reblogging other people’s posts wasn’t what I wanted to do and while I did start out posting stuff from weheartit which you should never ever ever do (I don’t care who you are don’t do it), after a few people on anon explaining to me why sourcing photography is important I switched to flickr and then later added content from behance as well, and I’m still doing that today.

If you’re into the just reblogging stuff thing instead of finding your own content then I can’t really tell you how it works. It just depends. I have a personal blog where all I do is reblog stuff and lots of it is kinda educational/social justice-y but there’s funny stuff and cute stuff and sometimes naked people and just idk stuff and photography/art I like and it works.

If your blog is just stuff you reblog I’d say make sure your theme fits. That’s so important, like seriously important. Don’t make it too colorful unless you know what you’re doing, if you’re here for the followers don’t have autoplay on your theme, if you want people to be interested in your blog when they’re on it for the first time don’t have a theme with 12353462 columns (maybe that’s just personal preference but those are the worst in my opinion)

What I did is I always went on blogs I liked and kind of just paid attention to what they made their blog look like. I always based the theme I used on other people’s themes until I figured it out myself. Maybe see who made the theme your favorite blog uses and look at the other themes that person has released.

Don’t be a dick to people. Don’t be a dick to people. Don’t. Seriously. Unless they deserve it. Otherwise, no. And talk to as many people as you can. Message them, say hi. Introduce yourself. I’ve made so many friends on here and it’s so worth it. They help with people finding your blog, too. But that’s not what you should make friends here for. And don’t ask everyone to “have a look at your blog” unless they state somewhere that they’re okay with it.

I don’t really think there’s much else you can do besides corresponding with people and making sure your blog looks good. Sometimes you just have to be lucky. Oh and please don’t be one of those people that remove sources/captions when they reblog something. That’s so disrespectful I don’t even.

If you post content you find on websites such as flickr/deviantart/behance/500px and don’t reblog other people’s posts from your dashboard much, always always always a l w a y s make sure your posts are sourced right. I’m so tired of people putting their urls in the click-through/the source link. I don’t care that you found the photo, it’s not yours. Nobody cares. Stop.

Let’s say you want to strictly post landscape photography, or design, or art, or portraits, anything that falls under a category in the featured tags. There are editors like myself for those and we are willing to feature your stuff if you come to us with links. Personally, I’m always happy to have people submit their posts to me, especially when they’re not very well-known blogs. Let’s be honest, we’re all too lazy to find them ourselves so you’re making our “work” a lot easier like that. Just don’t over-do it. If the person you send something to doesn’t respond/lets you know they’re not interested, don’t be rude.

I don’t know. I think it’s way more important for you to just enjoy the blogging experience instead of worrying about followers and all that. Make friends, find out what you want your blog to be like. Everything else will come to you. This isn’t really supposed to be serious. Unless you post your own work or you’re trying to make money off your blog. But that’s a different story, I can’t really help with that. Blah.

anonymous asked:

I really dig the idea of Courfeyrac being adopted? His parents are always adopting new kids and they always have at least eight kids living with them at all times. His family's big and full of people of every gender, race, body type, sexuality, you name it, there's a de Courfeyrac that is it. He adores everyone and always drops by to help bc no matter how well his parents can handle kids everyone needs a break. He gives them groceries sometimes or cleans or cooks or amuses the kids.

Oh this is adorable

This would be such good fuel for Courfeyrac’s dive into social justice though.  Because while Enjolras comes at it from a more theoretical angle (he totally, 100% believes in it, don’t get me wrong, but he’s a rich white boy, his exposure to oppression was much more “in theory” when he started out) and Combeferre’s is based on compassion, Courf’s initial interest is intensely personal.

Whoa, the fuck did you just say about Asian girls?? My sister’s fucking Vietnamese if you ever said that to her she’d kick your ass and I’d hold you down

Ummm, literally no one cares that you don’t like fat people?  Fortunately gorgeous people like them probably don’t have any fucking time for creeps like you either.

Hey!  Sis!  Did you realize that being pansexual means you’re attracted to pans?  How could you not tell me!  I know a lovely kitchen set I can introduce you to– Oh you mean he’s an asshole who was making a joke?  Hey man, you should probably work on it if you’re trying to actually be, you know, funny.  Or even just “not a dick” is probably a good goal for you right now. 

Fascinating.  And you truly believe there are only two genders?  Weird, I can’t wait to tell my sibling I’m sure xe’ll be shocked!

Plus, just imagine the de Courfeyrac pack moving en masse to defend one of their own.  Just this mix-matched cluster of kids going from furious five-year-olds to looming 6′5″ grown adults that remember all their years with Mom and Dad Courfeyrac and will end you if you talk shit about their family or their baby siblings.

Imagine Combeferre being brought home to meet the family for the first time.  Courf leaves to help his mom in the kitchen (because while she may be a miracle worker there’s only so much one person can do when preparing a meal for twelve people) and Combeferre’s left alone with eight very different people who mercilessly give him the third degree.  Heck, one of them is too new in the family to even know Courf as anyone other than this awesome guy that visits and helps out sometimes, but dammit Courf helped him by his first binder and he’s been through some shit foster homes before settling here and he is not going to let this new “boyfriend” hurt one of their own.