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Akagami no Shirayukihime is NOT getting 2 seasons

For those of you who have watched Sword Art Online, you should be able to understand this. A single season is made up of around 24 episodes. And seasons are often split into arcs. Akagami no Shirayukihime is only getting 1 season, but it will be split into 2 arcs. Those who follow the manga, including myself, believe that the second arc will be the Tanburan arc. AnS is not expected to be any longer than 24 - 26 episodes.

I can’t believe we survived a hundred years just to slaughter each other.

 –Clarke Griffin

So Barnes and Noble is having their manga mania or whatever they are calling it, where their sale is buy two get one free. I really like manga, but I don’t often buy physical copies since it’s just a bit more than I want to pay, but a 33% off sale is pretty enticing. They were also offering a bunch of free posters and a sample reader of some other stuff which was cool. Really unexpected tbh. 

I went hoping to be able to pick up railgun 5-10, but of course in typical I’m going to the store to buy manga fashion I ended up with none of them lol. It is seriously hard to find complete series at bookstores. 

Anyways, here’s the haul!

Yaaaa I bought a vol of danmachi.. I wanted to pick up vol 1 of the LN but they only had vol 2, so the manga will do. I read through it a bit and it’s actually a decent manga. Already a bit different from the anime. 

And of course the free posters!

I really like the Miku and Akame ones. I haven’t watched/read anything from SaO but it’s a good poster. The Drrr!! poster isn’t my favorite, but it’s nice to have some Drrr!! merch since it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Don’t know much about the FF poster but it’s nice. 

I think they really did a good job with this promotional sale. I’ve never gone to anything but a con and walked out with anime/manga merch. It honestly felt like I was coming home from a con, and that was a sweet feeling. I really hope they do something like this in the future again. 

It really is a great time to be an anime/manga fan. So many things are getting official translations/simulcasts these days and it just seems like more and more IPs are getting brought over. I love me some scanlations as much as the next guy, but I find it really satisfying to hold a physical copy of the manga. 


Hello yes I am back with an updated commission chart! Nothing much has changed, but I thought it would be nice to update the art I’ve done over the past several months since I first opened commissions. <3


  • I’m pretty flexible with payment, but payment in advanced would be preferred!
  • Payment through Paypal only please!
  • I’m very willing to keep you updated on your order and send you previews if you’d like, just ask me!
  • Please let me know if there’s a certain date you want your order by! Then I can work around my schedule so I have time to get it done ASAP~
  • I will turn down a commission if the requested order is something I’m uninterested in or not comfortable with. I want to put my effort towards something I enjoy for the most part otherwise the commish might not turn out as nicely as it could be- ;; w ;;
  • I enjoy anime and cartoons, so I’m pretty open when it comes to fandom stuff! If you’re interested in knowing what kind of fandoms I’m into, you can ask me or take a look at my tags on my main blog!
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!!! <3

Prices are up above and also below the cut! There are background prices below the cut as well and also my contact info for those interested! 

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Hello everyone! :D I’m Emily, and I’m phan/weeb trash ;w; Last Saturday I went to Manchester, and I went to Affleck’s Palace (where Dan and Phil used to go all the time) with leah-minnie-2000 and some other lovely people! It was so frickin’ good, I also went to Comic Con that day as well, and I bought a load of nerd shit :’D

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