that animal is not a wombat

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1. What’s one thing you love about Star Wars fandom?

I truly love all of the people I’ve met through this fandom, and all the content we’ve created together. This has been one of the most creative periods of my life, and while I owe some of it to Kylo Ren, I owe so much more to the brilliant and wonderful friends I’ve made.

2. Favourite animal?

Wombat. Bat. Perfect animals.

3. Do you personally believe Captain Phasma could bench press General Hux without working up a sweat?

Oh, hell yeah. He weighs, what, a buck forty?

4. The one thing that can get you out of a funk on a bad day?

Hm. Laughter, for one. Get me laughing, I’m good.

5. Favourite meme?

Embarrassingly, right now, it’s fre sha voca do? Hahahaha fuck.

6. Favourite AU in fanfic?

Haha, uh, I don’t know. I haven’t read in so long. Triplet AU is one of my faves @faestae‘s Aggressive Coffee Shop Universe is one I want to live in, for real!

7. Most crack ship/ridiculous plot in fanfic you’ve ever read?

Ahh I’m going to be so bad at these next few because I just don’t fucking READ anymore!! I don’t rememberrrrrr.

8. Absolute favourite fanfic writer or fanfic?

Well, in an honest and totally unbiased response, my favorite writers are my friends. Because I loved their work and forced them to like me. Now they’ll never escape.

9. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I used to deny it, but I’ve come to terms–I’m a morning person. For shame.

10. How long have you been on this hell site?

A long time, but only active since 2013, maybe?

11. Most embarassing thing you’ve done that you’re willing to share?

During a Hunger Games competition in my undergrad, I defended a friend from a rival team by tackling a bunch of people while wearing a cocktail dress and thong, flashing them my big, white ass.

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My 11 Questions:

1. What do you find yourself online window-shopping for most frequently?

2. When will my fucks return from the war?

3. Favorite kind of fanfic to read? 

4. Why does the sun always run from the moon, daddy?

5. Do you have any OTPs? What are they–Star Wars especially!

6. How do you like to cool off when you’re mad?

7. Will we ever know how much wood a woodchuck can chuck?

8. Kylo Ren has just arrived in your bedroom, wyd?

9. Now Hux is here, too. Fuck. What now?

10. Can you tell me how to make a great date-night meal?

11. Holy fuck! Fuck! The Last Fucking Jedi comes out in eight months! We’re all gonna fucking die! How fucking excited are you!?


Wattle the wombat, Australian zoo

cute animal facts to cheer you up:
  • cats “headbutt” people because they make them feel safe, or they trust them.
  • when puppies play fight, boy puppies will often let girl puppies win.
  • the grizzly bear’s name comes from the word “grizzled” which means ‘streaked with gray hair’.
  • wombat poo is cube-shaped to stop it from rolling away…
  • dogs will sneeze to tell other dogs that they’re playing, so when they’re playing rough it doesn’t turn into a fight.
  • gray squirrels bury nuts all over the place, and often forget them, growing new trees. this makes them more ecologically friendly than red squirrels, who store nuts in piles on the ground which don’t take root.
  • infant pygmy marmosets babble to develop their language skills, similarly to the way human babies babble.
  • two-toed sloths cannot shiver to stay warm like other mammals due to their low metabolic rates and little muscle tissue.
  • yawning is infectious because it supplies a method for the most sleepy to forcefully communicate their need for rest and thus ensures that the group rests/sleeps together.
  • baby dolphins have spines on the sides of their tongue. the spines zip up to make a straw so that they can drink the mother’s milk without getting salt water in it.
  • when a rabbit is happy it will sometimes jump in the air twist it’s body. this is called a binky.
  • the red panda uses its long bushy tail not only for balance, but also as a blanket during chilly winter nights.
  • baby japanese macaques make snowballs. they do not use them for any survival purposes, they just like to have fun.
  • manatee calves nurse underwater from teats under their mothers flippers.
  • baby elephants will suck their own trunks for comfort. 
songs I've been listening to a lot lately old and new

good songs I’ve been listening to :
get away - yuck
thinking about you - the big scary
chamber of reflection - Mac demarco
dissolve me - alt j
cobwebs- animal collective
street flash - animal collective
the purple bottle - animal collective
raspberry cane - youth lagoon
mute - youth lagoon
everything is happening so fast - mgmt
tiny dancer ( never gets old ) - Elton John
band on the run - Paul McCartney and wings
advanced falconry - mutual benefit
I just wanna die - FIDLAR
unfucktheworld- angel Olsen
post production - over the Atlantic
walkabout - atlas sound
oh Louie - Shannon and the clams
beetles - warpaint
liar - built to spill
Crimson and clover - tommy James and the shondells
I think it’s beautiful that you are 256 colors too - black moth super rainbow
skeleton key - Margot and the nuclear so sos
float forever - peace
jump into the fog - the wombats
what’s a girl to do - bat for lashes
last night at the jetty - panda bear
how can you really - foxygen
anemone - their satanic majesties second request
heartbreaker - girls
all die young - smith westerns
horse race - colormusic
the city in the sea - crystal stilts
Nancy from now on - father john misty
nightmare of you - I want to be buried in your backyard
tell me ( what’s on your mind ) - Allah-las
Bisou magique- melodys echo chamber
the sun was high - best coast
the hours - beach house
other people - beach house
sad girl - lana del rey
you and me - disclosure
she’s a rainbow - the Rolling Stones
im gonna crawl - led zep
punching in a dream - the naked and famous
Simeon’s dilemma - why
election - don dilego
never known love - thieves like us
bad kids- black lips
Billie holiday - warpaint
snow days - real estate
stop crying your eyes out - oasis
Caesar - Ty segall
one million lovers - the growlers
golden age - beach fossils
sleeping lessons - the shins
curse of curves - cute is what we aim for
ice hotels - dinosaur bones
daughters and empty space - the story so far
song for zula - phosphorescent
and many many many more

batsythesoupcan  asked:

Have you ever worked with a wombat bc they seem like assed.

I have worked with a few wombats. Most of them have been young, because they have an unfortunate tendency to end up as roadkill with joeys in the pouch, but a few adult rescues too.

Pictures like this make them look cute. To be fair, they are pretty cute, they’re basically ground dwelling koalas. They are also 50% ass.

They are powerfully built, with strong limbs and strong claws. They also don’t have any ‘extra’ bits for handlers to hold onto, making them difficult to restrain and maneuver. This isn’t too bad when they’re young, but considering these animals can reach 35kg, which is bigger than most labradors, only without the height, this results in them being built like furry tanks.

They grow bigger than they look.

They’re also wild. They can be friendly if bottle reared, but don’t really care about human rules and will generally do whatever it was they wanted to do in the first place. This can result in a 30kg bullet shaped ball of muscle barreling around a corner and into your knees.

Unfortunately, most of the wombats who weren’t orphaned joeys looked like this.

Sarcoptic mange, from dog or fox contact, devastates wombats and many of them die because of it. This accidentally introduced parasite is difficult to control, because it’s difficult to regularly treat the population.

I like them though. You gotta love an animal with spunk.

New outfits for our Bouei Bu!! More Better~ ✨💖✨

The All Star event was absolutely incredible and fun!

I have two heart penlights and two regular penlights. The girl next to me was at her first event so I let her borrow a heart and a normal one 😊😊😊.

Everyone came out in their school uniforms and introduced themselves. The twins’ voice actors, Kousuke and Yoshiki, rubbed Hiroki’s (Dadacha) chin until he let out a small “ahh~”.

Then Hiroki chose random names from a box to do one on one skits!

Yoshiki/Kazutomi talked about games and turns out that Kazutomi really likes board games!

Kousuke/Wombat were in the “onsen” and Kousuke had to give him mofu mofu rubs 😂.
Massun/Umehara: Ume-chan washed Massun’s back and even washed his chest from behind, but it was when he reached Massun’s thighs that moans were heard. Very loud Massun moans 😲.

Shirai/Koutarou: you know what, I don’t even know what they talked about. It’s what they DID that stuck lol. Shirai took the spotlight by whipping his belt off so fast I barely saw it. He proceeded to sit very spread-legged and very intimidating lol.

Afterward, Bouei Bu quiz was up! They asked three questions and the answers were projected on the ground. The seiyuu had to stand on the answers they thought were right.

One question was what type of university would Yumoto go to. That’s the only one I remember because it was simple but I couldn’t understand the answer 😢. Gora’s voice actor gave the next question in a video. And so many screams were made when Hiroshi Kamiya came in a video for the last question!

By the way, Shirai is a really petty winner haha. He would dance around stage and laugh at the rest who were wrong 😂.

Another challenge was who could make the cutest animal impression?

Kazutomi was a penguin who gathered things for a home and would wave to the audience with his little “wings”.

Shirai…. I don’t know what he was but he crawled on the floor and had the weirdest expression that everyone called not cute lol.

Wombat squatted in the middle of the stage and said “puru puru puru!!”

Yoshiki crawled around acting like a cat by licking himself and sticking his head under his coat on the ground.

And Koutarou was an otter! Super cute haha. He pretended to dive in the water and juggle his rock, and break shells open. But then the camera zoomed on his face and he looked at the camera with a sexy look, took off his glasses and played with them with his mouth 😳.

There was also a mosaic challenge with a pixelated photo and the seiyuu had to guess what it was before it cleared up enough. First photo was the bouei bu playing twister! Ryu was on top of a blushing Io, Atsushi was over En, and Yumoto was laying over them all lol. Second photo was a birthday party for Ryu! He looked so precious and happy!!! He was all blushes and smiles 😍😍😍. Last photo challenge was Atsushi and Kinshiro on a planetarium date. You could tell from all the screams that there are many KinAtsu fans~

Next challenge was Ikemen Pose!

Umehara drew first blood by taking out his tie from his pocket and straddling it and um… Pelvic thrusting while rubbing his tie between his legs. Shirai promptly ran and stopped him haha.

Massun dragged Shirai on stage to pose him on his hands and knees, then Massun put his foot on Shirai’s back triumphantly.

Kousuke used Yoshiki to gently guide him to lay down in bed, then he took off his jacket and put it on Yoshiki like a blanket and lay next to him. Very gentlemanly and sweet 😚.

They also did a skit where the twins eavesdropped on the bouei bu in the onsen. They overheard Yumoto say Gora likes making and eating pudding. The twins went to France and learned how to make it, but something happened and they never got to give him anything. I think that’s what the skit was about but my Japanese is limited.

White Day messages from the characters were also given! The twins said to the audience things like “precious evening”, “heavenly kiss”, “make love” 😳.

Shirai talked about money of course and ended it with “Love is… Money”.

Koutarou asked the audience what En’s favorite curry is. It’s chicken.

Kazutomi didn’t quite know what to say but he did say thank you for the love.

Massun went to each side of the audience saying “hey let’s hang out”, “I’ll be your boyfriend”, and on my side, he said “Marry me” 😳😳😳😳😳.

I can’t remember at the moment what Umehara said but it was good!!! If I remember, I’ll edit this post.

We saw the beautiful magical transformation scenes and Kousuke and Yoshiki came out in their magical outfits and sang Star The Vepper and Junjou Kakumei D.F.G. 

Bouei Bu came out in their new More Better outfits (even their shoes are different from each other this time!!). They performed Zettai Muteki Fallin’ Love and Futten Toppa LOVE IS POWER.

At the end, they announced the OVA release along with the visual AND, there will be a CG Live concert in May, June and July!! They showed a trailer and it looks awesome!!! The actual characters singing the songs!!!!!!!

Well, that’s all I have for now. It was a really super amazing event!! Saikoooooo!!

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1. Hogwarts house given on pottermore and is it the one you wanted? (If you haven’t done it just say the one you’d want to be in)


2. Books or movies?


3. What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Buy all the comics

4. Any hidden talents?

I can sew

5. Favorite animal?


6. Which Greek God do you most identify with?


7. Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

Nether, I’m afraid of heights

8. What’s a song you listen to and never get tired of?

Fuck You by Lily Allen

9. Ever gotten drunk?


10. What’s a random fact about you?

I’m going to Rose City Comic Con in September and I’m going to cosplay Molly Hayes and Charlie Gage-Radcliff 

New Questions:

  1. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
  2. What are some of your favorite headcanons?
  3. What is the best fanfic you’ve ever read?
  4. Ideal team of characters from 5-10 different fandoms?
  5. What is your Camp Half-Blood cabin?
  6. What is your favorite crappy action movie?
  7. Do you have any nicknames?
  8. What is your favorite TV show?
  9. What is the last book you read?
  10. Do you have any pets?

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Since it’s practically a rite-of-passage for most superheroes, Damain has made extensive plans for the day when he or anyone in his family is transformed into an animal. He’s prepared a collar for every member, complete with their name, colors, and costume symbol.

He even made one for Tim- except he used an electric collar for his.

(Submitted by @kid-apocalypse)

But now the real question is, what kind of animals would they be? And has Damian chosen the right size collars for them all? What if he was expecting Bruce to be a bat, but he’s actually a wombat? Now he’s got to get a whole new collar.

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: elsa
nickname: else, on occasion
zodiac sign: sagittarius
height: 5′9 :(
orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (lol. queer. bi-ish? a-spec? demi? who the hell knows)
nationality: aussie
favourite fruit: HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE. …mangoes, probably
favourite flower: jasmine
favourite scent: my dog’s toe beans lol
favourite animal: again, HOW DARE YOU. dogs. sea turtles. tigers. wombats.
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee in the morning and early afternoon. caffeinated tea on lazy mornings in the late afternoon. herbal tea at night. hot chocolate when i’m sad and cold.
average hours of sleep: 8
cat or dog: doggos!
favourite fictional character: calliope torres <3
number of blankets you sleep with: one
dream trip: back to costa rica or around australia, especially to the great barrier reef (before its gone! :/ )
blog created: 2011?
number of followers: just under 500, yeah..

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