that and tools of destruction



How would you like a method to prevent anyone from putting hands on you? Enter the Kali limb destruction, an invaluable tool to keep or close distance and frustrate an assailant. 

The limb destruction works in tandem with follow up attacks and combinations. It’s part of the flow of range, often used as a setup, and can also establish or break rhythm as part of a combination. Originally from Kali as all of these initial basics can be done with tools like a leatherman, flash light, tactical pen, or a knife for example. 

Targeting the limb is seldom discussed but it appears in sports like Muay Thai and Western Boxing as well. Jack Dempsey was known to target the arms of his opponent when he couldn’t get cleanly to his man. Bruce Lee makes plenty of mention to the concept on his book the Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Finally even in modern Muay Thai fighters are encouraged to attack the limbs to wear down their opponent and make way for a clean target. 

Both offensively and defensively the limb destruction adds another layer to your arsenal. Once you develop the skill it can make for a very capable option to prevent someone from closing the distance and putting their hands on you. Thanks for checking out the video and for more Kali and JKD instruction you can find us training right here at RCW in Tigard all week long. 

  The crescent staff didn’t always belong to Soraka. It was a relic passed down to the Enforcers, a weapon for eradicating forces that oppose the Order. The most recent Enforcer, late Sri Shakti, made a modification to the bottom part of the staff, incorporating a spade to it.

  Soraka has adapted the polearm over time to be a conduit for excess cosmic energy, leading to its current most well-known use as a healing staff. However, it still retains its original property as a destructive tool. Though her use of it in such a way is reserved, Soraka will turn to it should her own physical prowess prove to be insufficient for the situation.

Serial killer voices
  • Serial killer voices

Some more audio clips of serial killers. Part 1

Ordered by date of apprehension: Rodney Alcala (joking on The Dating Game in 1978), Dennis Nilsen (about dismembering corpses to avoid the bad smell that would emerge in summer), Ottis Toole (about his love for fire, power and destruction + his creepy laugh), Henry Lee Lucas (about his methods of killing), Paul Bernardo (rapping), Karla Homolka (about giving in to Paul’s wish to kill), Gary Ridgway (about one victim, who he picked up and murdered while his son was in the car).

yknow it’s really weird falling out of one of your interests, not because of lack of interest, but because of the actual inability to continue on with it – say you lack the book, game, or dvd

and then you finally get ahold of those missing pieces years after the fact, and you get to catch up on everything you’ve been missing


Loki is a very complex and interesting god in the Norse mythology who is connected to lots of symbolism.
He is mostly known as a trickster with a sinister nature, dubious, though smart, handsome and graceful looking. Besides this, he is the god of fire, heat and lightning.
His name comes from the icelandic word “loki” which means raging flames, fire. His name origin also explains his double nature: sometimes benevolent, sometimes evil.
Fire as a controlled, helpful power and tool and on the other hand uncontrolled, chaotic and destructive.

“Beneficial is the might of flame,
when through human hand guarded, tamed…
but dreadful is heavens force and strength,
when teared and ripped from its chains.”

(Sorry for bad translation here, couldn’t find anything really fitting)

The symbolism continues with Lokis origin, though there are different versions of his race.
Most suggest that his parents were giants and that Loki gained entrance to Asgard by winning Odin’s friendship by becoming blood-brothers. Some sources also call Loki the evil half of Odin.
His father’s name is Farbauti (the dangerous beater) which would be the lightning.
His mother is named Nol or Laufey (the needle from a tree/ dry leaf).
When the lighning hits the dry leaf of a tree, fire is born. This origin also explains that Thor and Loki are often depicted as companions: Thunder and lighning.
Loki has excellent magical powers of shape shifting; not only into any beast but he is also able to change genders.
A giant demanded the sun, the moon and the beautiful goddess Freya for building a wall around Asgard. So Loki took shape of a mare to distract the giant’s stallion Swadilfari who carried his supplies, to prevent the wall to be ready at the deadline. Thereafter Loki, still being the mare, bore Odin’s swift steed Sleipnir.

Other children of Loki have a more evil nature. The giantess Angrboda (bringer of sorrow) bore him Hel - the Queen of the Dead, the Midgard serpent Jormungand and the wolf Fenrir.
In the final battle, Ragnarök, Loki reveals his true nature, which is chaotic and evil and he and his enemy Heimdall kill each other.
There is no direct proof of the worship of Loki, though - after Odin and Thor - most of the songs and poets deal with Loki.

Since Loki is such a complex figure I left out a good deal about him, if you want to know more about him, just go ahead and ask.

Fave Bleach female characters

Yoruichi Shihoin

“Having a little trouble? Girls these days are all talk and no muscle.“

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Rukia Kuchiki

"I know the loneliness of being a prisoner. I know the joy you feel when your friends come to rescue you and the fear of them being injured and defeated.”

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Sode no Shirayuki

“Truth is, we Zanpakutō are nothing but weapons meant for fighting. Maybe, beneath it all, we do lack heart. Without your heart to guide me, I’m just a simple tool of destruction."’

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Orihime Inoue

“Maybe it’s impossible to feel exactly the same way as another person, but it’s possible for people to care about one another and to place their hearts as close together as they can manage. I’m sure that’s what it means to make your hearts as one.”

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Karin Kurosaki

“From now on, it’s my turn to protect my brother.“

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Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

"One who possesses reason should require a reason to fight.”

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Tier Harribel

“I don’t want to become stronger through the power I gain by killing and sacrificing another. If I can’t win alone, then I’ll win as a group.”

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Rangiku Matsumoto

“You always disappear without telling me where you’re going. It seems you haven’t changed one bit.”

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Yachiru Kusajishi

“Of course! No matter who the opponent is, Ken-chan won’t ever lose!”

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Kukaku Shiba

"Been a while since we’ve talked like this, my friend. Lucky for you, I enjoy danger.”

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TBH the only true Ghiralink feelings I have is the fact Link is the only person Ghirahim has ever felt safe talking about his true feelings and can vent to without fear of punishment. He was trained to keep his feelings bottled up because of the way Hylia or Demise thaught him how a warrior and a civil man should act (which cuts into his character a lot.) To them, his feelings don’t matter because he’s a sword- a tool of destruction.

He’s trained to obey orders and have no opinions. The fact that he’s so Loyal not to talk behind his master’s back takes a lot of mental strength. Also being alone in solitude as long as he did before Link came around would make any human’s sanity wither. I admire him for that!

The other reason I like this pairing is because Link was such a worthy opponent that their swordsman skills were so evenly matched. He was able to vent this way in a manner that would make him feel important for once in his life; even if he was doing it for the wrong reason. He got to BE HIMSELF and not act well behaved like he would around his master.

At first I thought Danse likes you entering power armor because it represents the Brotherhood of Steel and he just likes power armor because it is a tool of destruction. Maybe the reason that he is so enthusiastic is not because the power armor is a tool of destruction but because it keeps you safe. Danse has lost a lot of his companions over the years including a lot of his team which came to the commonwealth as well as his closest friend. He cares about you and does not want to see you die.