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Why do I think about Yeo Wool when I first saw this video? Maybe it’s because of the fans and how Yeo Wool always carry a fan around… Yeah, it’s the fan… In all seriousness, this video is so amazing and aesthetically pleasing. Support VIXX!

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For whatever reason, I just can’t get over the brilliant absurdity of neural-network-generated Wikipedia titles. So here are 16 more entries taken from a recent run:

  • Tech Go Monster (footballer)
  • Mart of the last names
  • Anderson You? (You)
  • Sharon Johnson (basketbage)
  • Grant Public Republic of War
  • Humanitors for Medicines Historic Phantom
  • Wheel for Soundtrack Championship
  • Electoral carrows
  • Glen Stablergers Thompson (video game)
  • Water Bootleg Pro
  • Star Ratware
  • Christian phoost
  • Water Problem Central Conception (computing)
  • Children of the Consortion (disambiguation)
  • Spirit records and video game parliamentary election, 1980
  • Wool Controversington’s transport

Step-by-step video for how to knit the hexagon stitch by Wool and the Gang! They describe the stitch as “a dense, richly textured fabric that is great for sweaters and accessories. The fabric is created by knitting into the stitch below on one row, then knitting stitches and the loops together on the next row. It is a similar stitch to a honeycomb brioche.”


No Sweat!

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hey, what's a good way of learning how to knit? i can't do it 😭😭😭😭 any recommendations

Honestly the wool and the gang videos on YouTube are how I learned to knit. I had to replay certain parts over and over for it to sink in but once you knit your first row it all makes sense.
Also! I recommend you start with a bulkier yarn and thicker needles so you can really see the stitches and the bulkier yarn is also harder to split. Good luck!


The Wool Industry EXPOSED (What They Don’t Want You To Know) - Erin Janus

Please share this video with anyone and everyone who doesn’t know what’s wrong with the wool industry

If you haven’t already, check out Erin’s other videos

  • Vikk: Guys! Look what I have to put in the arena. This was the best bit! (starts placing colored wool everywhere) This is the best bit of the video!
  • Look! We have colored rainbow.
  • Everyone 'Oh!'s in amazement
  • Woof: This so pretty, man. I can add to it! (places dirt everywhere)
  • Vikk: And..! And, we have a bat!
  • Bajan: and cake! (places cake)
  • Lachlan: Oh! We have a bat and cake!
  • Vikk: And! And we have a wolf! And! And, we have a cow!
  • Bodil: And I think we uh-- (places rails and TNT minecart)
  • Vikk: --And you know what else? We have a horse!!